My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 73

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Episode 73: Dream in the game becomes reality

21. Saint Contest (4)


In response to the question expressed by the knight, the attention of the standby team members focused on Damian.

Damian, who was talking crazy, curled up the corner of his mouth and smiled like a bad boy, wondering what was good.

“Oops, I forgot your name for a moment.”

The knight’s expression hardened as he sensed something foreign about that unusual appearance.

Unless you were a fool, you couldn’t have known.

The person in front of him is not the Damian he used to know.


The knight who had spoken to Damian hurriedly retreated and placed his hand on his sword.


However, he could not draw the sword.

At some point, a knight named Farman snatched his arm from the side.

“Lord Farman?”

The knight’s puzzled question echoed throughout the waiting room, and his fellow knights, feeling that they could no longer watch the situation, took a fighting stance, keeping a lookout for Damian and Farman.

“Don’t play around. Do you want to mess things up?”

“Hey, people can make mistakes.”

“If mistakes are made often, I think it’s intentional?”

“okay. okay. Just erase it. Anyway, that old guy’s temperament.”

Unlike the atmosphere around them, where the sense of crisis was growing, the conversation between Damian and Farman was calm.

“You guys are disguised! “Reveal your identity!”

“What happened to Damian and Farman!”

The knights of the waiting group surrounded the two men, drawing their swords as if to put pressure on them.

The moment his identity is discovered in secret, the mission is as good as failed.

However, the knights in the waiting group were never reassured by the unusual reaction of the two people.



That too for a moment.


The knights who had drawn their swords all put their swords back into their scabbards and returned to their positions in silence.

Then everyone shook their heads left and right.

“Did you doze off for a moment? “I feel dizzy.”

“You too? Me too. “I guess I’m tired.”

Somehow, they couldn’t remember what had just happened.

Although the crisis was avoided with an incomprehensible situation, Farman glared at Damian and spoke bitterly.

“You tend to have too much faith in your own abilities.”

“I can trust you blindly at this level, right? “No matter what you do, if you turn people’s memories upside down like this, it will be like nothing that ever happened.”

Even though Damian was clapping and laughing, no one paid any attention to him anymore.

It’s as if they don’t know that these two people are here.

And Farman, who felt something caressing his cheek, glared at Damian with murderous eyes.

Those eyes were a warning.

“okay. okay.”

Damian wiped the smile from his face and clicked his tongue.

I decided that there was no benefit in provoking him any further.

“Geist has no attack ability anyway. “Aren’t you overreacting?”

Farman snorted at Damian’s scolding and took the seat in front of him.

[This castle is a place where archmages, auror masters, and archbishop-level priests frequently come and go. No matter how secret a Geist is a spiritual spirit, there are quite a few people who have the ability to sense it.]

A voice that resonates directly in your head, not in your eardrums.

Just in case, he used a telepathy artifact to convey his intentions.

Damien waved his hand, saying he was tired of Farman’s behavior, using telepathy to monitor the people around him and pointing out his carelessness.

[Anyway, we can annihilate all human beings if we decide, so what’s the problem?]

But no matter what he said, Damian was questioning him telepathically.

[The problem is that it doesn’t seem that easy.]


Farman quickly turned his head and looked around.

As expected, no one paid attention to the two due to Geist, Damian’s spirit spirit.

[You have infiltrated many places so far, but has it ever been this difficult to approach the target?]

[There are none.]

[No, it didn’t go to this extent.]

[is it?]

[Yes, Marquis Lawrence is a meticulous person. In fact, he does not let anyone except designated people into his residence, and his workers personally inspect him at designated times even if they are acquaintances. Are you sure you won’t get caught if we get checked by him?]

“hmm… … .”

Whether it is caught or not will depend on how it is checked.

However, Damian responded that he didn’t mind getting caught.

[If you get caught, just reverse the memory. If that doesn’t work, kill them.]

Although it was radical, it was the most effective method.

But Farman could not agree with that method.


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[do not forget. Our target is not Marquis Lawrence, but a girl named Ivril. There is no need to increase risk. There is still more to the Marquis Lawrence than is known on the outside.]

[Why are you so worried today?]

Farman shook his head in response to Damien’s taunts.

He eventually brought up an unexpected story to raise Damian’s alertness.

[Before I went into hiding in the castle, I watched the Marquis Lawrence from afar.]

[so? Did you feel something extraordinary?]

[No, it’s not like that.]


[Our eyes met.]


Damian wondered if there was some great reason, but he had to express his absurdity that it was because they barely made eye contact.

[I also make eye contact with hundreds of people a day?]

[It’s not like that.]

However, Damian had to frown as Farman continued to talk.

[The look in his eyes as if he had found what he was looking for. A sincere smile directed at me. You won’t know unless you experience it.]

[…] … Isn’t it just a coincidence?]

[I wish so. I can never forget the look in his eyes.]

Only then did Damian understand Farman’s reaction.

Of course, it’s likely an overreaction, but when you work in this industry, you can’t just ignore intuition.

[No, forget it. I think I overreacted too much.]

[Still, I will do as you said and be as careful as possible.]

Thanks to this, Damian became a little more cautious, so it can be said that Farman’s plan worked.

They tried to shake off unnecessary emotions and bided their time.


“It’s a situation!”

And after a while.

The time you’ve been waiting for has come.

* * *

-An intruder appears in the east building!

“We’re heading out right away!”

With the notification of an intruder starting from the living room, the standby team leader ordered dispatch, and 20 drivers, including Damian and Farman, quickly left the waiting room.

The east wing of Marquis Lawrence’s Castle was where the lord’s office and bedroom were located, so the knights running down the hallway looked very urgent.

However, only Farman and Damian had different thoughts.

‘It’s just as planned.’

The current intruder outbreak is an operation to infiltrate the standby team that the two belong to deep into Yeongju Castle.

“The intruders are five expert-level assassins armed with force daggers! They say the lord and his guards are fighting them!”

“shit! “Force dagger!?”

Force dagger refers to a force sword developed for assassins.

Unlike the Force Sword, it is a cheap equipment that cannot attack from a distance, but it is a weapon favored by high-ranking assassins because it exerts power equivalent to the Force Sword at close range.

Of course, it was bound to be difficult for regular knights, not Vanguards, to deal with it.

“The standby team from the east wing will probably arrive first! “We support the East Wing standby team and block the assassins’ retreat!”

When all the attention of the support knights was focused on the lord.

‘The target is staying in the end room of the east building near the lord’s office.’

Only Damien and Parr escaped from the group.

However, the knights who treated the two as non-existent due to the spirit of the spirit world did not care about this.

And the soldiers guarding the guard duty station tilted their heads at the sudden behavior of these two men.

However, since the other standby knights remained silent, the soldiers thought it was just an operation and did not pay much attention to it.

Damian curled the corners of his mouth in satisfaction, and Farman was greatly relieved that the situation progressed without any problems.

-Quaaang! Quang!

Next, they passed the lord’s office where the intruders were fighting loudly and arrived at their destination.


Ivril Barnet, a girl whose name is being mentioned here and there as a candidate for sainthood thanks to the popularity of Marquis Adrian Lawrence.

She stood in a corner of the room with only two female escorts, looking terrified.

“what? Sir Damien, Sir Farman. Aren’t you on standby? “Why did the people who were supposed to protect the lord come here?”

“I heard that the Paladins have retreated and that there are not enough guards here. That’s why I came to support you.”

However, Ivril’s escorts did not believe Farman’s words.

They raised their aurors and put on vanguard equipment.

“Within the castle, no one can contact Ivril except those designated by the lord. Ivril’s escort troops will arrive soon. You can go back.”

They were quite excellent escorts.

He must have been out of his mind, but he showed such judgment even in an emergency situation.

In the end, Farman sighed and drew his sword.

Next, the Aura Blade formed on Farman’s sword.

“Auror Blade?”

“Yes, you guys are assassins!”

The two Vanguards in charge of protecting Ivril swallowed their dry saliva.

No matter how excellent the Vanguard’s equipment was, it was impossible for the two of them to defeat the Auror Master alone.

In addition, the presence of Damian, who was smiling eerily behind Farman, could not be ignored.

Farman, who had taken out his Auror Blade, launched himself, and the two guards hurriedly swung their Force Swords.


However, I was suddenly overcome by a huge headache and my knees were exhausted.

The two men’s attack ended in vain as they were forced to their knees by an unknown force.


Thanks to this, Everil was exposed to Auror Blade.



The Force Armor helped block the spirit’s mental attack, but it was too late to block Auror Blade.


“W-what is it?”

But what followed was unexpected.


Everil, who until recently was an ordinary girl, is a candidate for sainthood… … .

Not only did he avoid the Aura Master’s sword, but he also delivered a body blow to the enemy’s side with his slender fist.

Everyone looked dumbfounded.

Damian and Ivril’s two escorts.

However, Farman, who was actually attacked, gritted his teeth and shouted.

“It was a trap! This is a different bitch!”

At the same time as Farman shouted, Ivril took out a long sword from the hem of her rich skirt.

“ah… … .”

And as a pure white auror blade was formed on the long sword, Ivril’s appearance became blurred as if erased with an eraser.

“Your Excellency Count Klein!”

A name that the escorts shout out with joy.

Adrian’s partner and the 6th Aura Master of this country.

It was Count Arsia Klein.

“Are you saying the operation was leaked?”

“I guess I should say I noticed it rather than it leaked.”

Then, the door to the balcony connected to the room opened and another person appeared.

It was Adrian who was supposed to be under attack by the intruders.

“We made eye contact, right?”

“… … .”

As Adrian flicked his glasses and smiled, Farman and Damien bit their lips.

However, it wasn’t long before Damian’s expression cracked and he burst into laughter.

“I guess they thought they had completely won.”

Then, just like Arcia, the two intruders’ appearances changed.

“I can’t help it. Let’s go inside the second time. Gregory.”

“I guess so. Auguste.”

A man who appears to be black in human form and a clown with long, torn corners of his mouth and eyes that give off a sense of madness from his appearance.

That was Farman and Damian’s true appearance.

“None of the enemies survived after seeing our true colors. “It’s a pity, but hell will descend here today.”

A line that is like a declaration from a dark man.

In addition, an explosive force that was incomparable to before erupted, and the man dressed as Damian summoned a blood-red spirit like a ghost.

Adrian and Arcia might be embarrassed by the changes in their enemies… … .

“Wow, that’s so cool. “What do you think, Arcia?”

“Second year of middle school.”

The two people expressed interest with expressions as if they were watching a movie.

Is this the leisure of the strong?

Sadly, of all the people who have looked like that, not a single one has survived their clutches.

“Gregory Hayden, Auguste Knox.”


“I didn’t know that the organization that only appeared in fairy tales existed. Isn’t that right, Blue Moon?”

“… … .”

However, Adrian’s next words startled the two people who were in high spirits.


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