My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 7

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Episode 7: Dreams in games become reality

3. Battlefield (1)

Last time the treasure chest gifted me money and circles.

Will it be the same this time?

I approached the box with an expectant expression.

And then he put his hand on the ‘tuk’ box.

[30 billion routes have been obtained. Please enter the account you wish to receive the deposit from.]

Following the 5 billion route last time, this time I obtained 30 billion.

5 billion is a huge amount, but since I am the child of a lord, it is also an amount that I can make if I push myself too hard.

But 30 billion is difficult to obtain, no matter how country you are.

‘I only achieved the 2nd circle, but it’s 30 billion won.’

At this pace, it could increase to 100 billion in the 3rd circle.

Then, no matter where you go, you will be able to lead a comfortable life without your father’s help.

Of course, I had no intention of running away after coming all the way here, but such a large amount of money was bound to be of great help to me as I had no support base.

I don’t know how much cash assets I will ultimately obtain, but I feel reassured that I have a large amount of money that I can use right away.

In treasure box number 1 on the second floor, a circle was created immediately after turning.

But this time, there was one new reward included.

[A space is granted.]

[Subspace is being transplanted into the synchronized body (reality).]

[Do not quit the game.]

The reward is none other than subspace.

It is a very precious treasure even to nobles, to the extent that even in our territory, only my father has a subspace artifact that has been passed down through the family.

It is inevitable that subspace can only be created when you reach the 7th circle, and to make it into an artifact, you need the power of an 8th circle wizard.

However, the highest-ranking wizard in the Kingdom of Reinharts was the 7th Circle, and there were only eight 8th Circle wizards in the world.

Naturally, the value of subspace artifacts was bound to be exorbitant, and it was difficult to obtain them even if one had money.

“Oh oh.”

Because of this, exclamations of exclamation naturally flowed out.

[Subspace transplantation has been completed.]

[Subspace can only be used in reality.]

[The subspace area is 20m*20m*20m, and there is no limit to the loading weight.]

Moreover, the value of subspace varies depending on the load capacity, and if it was a cube with a side of 20 meters, it was 10 times larger than my father’s subspace.

It’s like having your own treasure trove where you can hide the things you need, so if you’re smart enough, you can use it for other purposes other than simple storage.

[2 circles are created.]

After the subspace transplant, which was such a pleasant gift, was completed, Circle 2 was created as scheduled.

* * *

“her… … . “Your physical strength has improved dramatically over the past few days.”

When I’m not online playing games, I’m resting and continuing to practice swordsmanship.

Weiss, who was in charge of teaching me, expressed regret at my rapidly improving athletic ability and physical strength, saying that I would have succeeded if I had learned sword skills from my teens.

‘If I, who had to stop acting as a genius to survive, had distinguished myself in swordsmanship, I would probably have been more dangerous.’

Weiss probably knew, but his over-the-top reaction was also to avoid making the knights look at me funny.

Of course, as the training time went on, his reactions became more than just overkill.

Perhaps because the person being taught followed along well, Weiss taught me with a very excited look on her face.

“Haha, good.”

The great thing about Archduke Lucas’s talent is not just that it improves his magical abilities.

The fact that the abilities in the game are reflected in reality also means that, depending on your efforts, you can have physical abilities comparable to those of a knight while still being a wizard.

If I were to fully absorb the power, I might become a monster even greater than Archduke Lucas, who perfectly complemented the wizard’s shortcomings.

Thanks to this, the sword training session was quite fun even though I was a bit sleep deprived.

* * *

-Lawrence Viscounty Permanent Castle.

Rayford Lawrence, owner of the Lawrence family, stood at the window of the study and looked at the splendid scenery of the estate at a glance.

The disk-shaped sky fortress that monitors the intrusion of flying monsters and enemy troops overlooks the territory, and looking at the splendid appearance of the neatly lined up high-rise buildings makes you feel full even without eating.

However, Viscount Laurence’s expression as he looked at the estate was stiff, because of the unexpected news that had been delivered to him.

“What are you thinking like that?”

Then, a woman in a red dress that clearly revealed her body approached him and crossed her arms as if seductively.

Her name is Anna Lawrence.

She was the mistress of the Lawrence family and the biological mother of Cedric, who was confirmed as the heir to the estate.

The Viscount looked down at Anna, let out a long sigh, and handed her a document.

[Order to summon local forces]

-As the possibility of a war with the Croesian Empire increases, the troops from each territory are summoned and a local army is formed.

Viscount Lawrence joins the Western Command with 5 Vanguards, 50 Knights, and 1,000 Soldiers.

It didn’t take long for Anna’s expression to harden as she mindlessly read the paper her husband handed her.

“What is the scale of the war?”

“I’m not sure. There will be war or not. But the problem is that the Croissen guys are concentrating their forces on the border.”

“You’re not planning on sending Cedric to battle, are you?”

Of course, it is rare for a lord to directly lead troops and join the battlefield.

When this situation arose, most lords sent their successors as commanders.

It was a difficult expression to see considering Anna’s arrogant and self-indulgent personality, but the Viscount did not have time to look at his wife’s complexion.

“hmm… … .”


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Even if a war breaks out, it is very unlikely that a noble will die as long as they take care of themselves.

But the problem is Cedric’s tendency.

This is because it was nice to see him being greedy for public achievements and throwing himself into a fire without being able to distinguish between heaven and earth.

Of course, since Cedric is not a child, he will exercise some restraint, but the battlefield is a place where it is very difficult to maintain one’s reason.

It was a place full of irritating elements such as unreasonable orders, surprise attacks, and provocations.

Cedric may be brave, but it is difficult for him to be a good commander.

A good commander on the battlefield is someone who saves his subordinates without killing them.

“Send Adrian. Anyway, we just play games every day at the mansion. “Shouldn’t you sometimes show responsibility as a member of the Lawrence family?”

Honestly, the Viscount thought that it would be better in many ways to send Adrian rather than Cedric.

At least Adrian had a clear sense of right and wrong.

And since I knew full well that the reason Adrian lived in the corner of his room playing games was because of Anna and Cedric, I never assumed that he was incompetent.

In a sense, it was worth evaluating that he knew his life was precious and took good care of his body from a young age.

“Are we going to leave it alone until now and call it in and use it only when necessary?”

“Did we want to leave it alone? That’s what he wanted. And there’s nothing special you couldn’t do just because you became a monk, right? “I live enjoying the rights of nobility to the fullest.”

However, although it may be Anna and Cedric who stole Adrian’s future, it is the Viscount himself who has turned a blind eye despite knowing all about it.

That’s why he couldn’t easily get angry at Anna’s proposal, even though it was unpleasant.

“Do you really think that?”

“What do you want to say?”

At Anna’s sharp reaction, Viscount Laurence stared at her in silence.

Anna must have felt burdened by the look in the Viscount’s eyes, so she couldn’t keep looking and eventually turned her head away.

“This is enough. “Now let’s give Adrian his freedom.”

“If anyone hears it, they will know that you have spent some time in confinement.”

“That’s not really wrong either.”

The Viscount spoke seriously as he saw Anna chewing her lips.

“The heir to the territory is Cedric. And in the future, I will make sure that nothing happens that will make you and my father-in-law uncomfortable. “I hope you follow my decision this time.”

“… … .”

Anna can’t answer easily.

Viscount Lawrence concluded with an expression of understanding.

“I will send Adrian to the battlefield as you say. Instead, when he returns, we will make him completely independent. I hope that Adrian and Sylvia will not be threatened in the future. “Including surveillance and background investigations.”

That was the utmost consideration that the current Viscount Lawrence could give.

* * *

An unexpected call from my father.

And then, having suddenly received orders to go to war, I pointed to Cedric, who was blushing heavily next to me.

“I think you are better suited than me for this kind of job.”

“you’re right! Why is such a bean sprout going into battle as the representative of the family!”

It is absurd that he cannot think of himself as a bear and describes normal people as bean sprouts.

But I waited for my father’s next words without much change in my expression.

“Cedric is the heir to a precious family. That’s why he can’t be sent out into dangerous battlefields.”

Thanks to this, Cedric’s simple expression eased, but my mother, who was quietly listening to the story from behind, asked with a shocked look.

“Does this mean Adrian is not your precious child?”

A moment of confusion flashed across my father’s face, but he then answered calmly.

“There is bound to be a difference in weight compared to the heir of the family.”

You may say something nice to hear, but it seems a pity that you don’t do it.

His attitude was that he would gladly accept any complaints.

I answered while comforting my mother, who was pale.

“All right. Then, I will participate in the war as the person in charge of the family.”

“Thank you.”

My mother seemed very surprised, and my father, who urged me to join the war, also seemed uncomfortable, but honestly, I didn’t think this situation was necessarily bad.

It’s a game anyway, you only need headgear, you can access it through a portable terminal, and no matter how much of a battlefield it is, there won’t be much interference if you participate as an agent of the lord.

Of course, if you play the game on the battlefield, you will get some attention, but when nobles who lived like kings in their fiefdom are dragged out, all sorts of things happen.

I can confidently predict that there will be more than one person worse than me.

‘Gapjil and disorderly conduct are the basic options, and there may also be people who use drugs.’

But what’s the big deal if the game is a little off?

Rather, it is a healthy hobby.

‘And one more important fact than anything else. From the moment you leave the territory, a hole appears in Anna’s surveillance.’

It seems that Anna is satisfied with the fact that I am going to the battlefield in Cedric’s place.

Even though this decision meant I was out of her sight.

Well, I understand.

She must have thought me very funny, so it wasn’t surprising that she let down her guard at this point.


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