My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 69

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Episode 69: Dream in the game becomes reality

20. Only I feel peaceful (4)

‘Still, he’s an Auror Master, so he’s not dead, right? Because the magic staff was not used, the power would have decreased.’

The entire cast and crew were frozen by the merciless attack.

The power of magic was so strong that the shield created to protect the duel was instantly destroyed and then restored.

Each 7th circle magic has the power to destroy a castle.

Since he was in charge of the main gun of the Sky Fortress, it was natural to be worried about Count Felix, who was beaten repeatedly.

“Okay, medic! Everil! Come on!”

The MCs hurriedly visited the medical staff and Ivril, a candidate for sainthood.

A group of people, including Ivril, came rushing in.

“You don’t have to worry.”

I waved my hand and said that there was no need to worry about the chaos on set.

“If I relaxed enough, I wouldn’t have died.”

“Is this a moderate amount of strength?”

“You saw that I didn’t use the magic staff.”

“ah… … .”

After examining Count Felix through the magnifying glass, I confirmed that he was not dead.

As I cleared the battlefield full of flames and smoke with magic, the charred figure of the Vanguard with the Force Sword stuck in the ground came into view at the center of it.


Next, the Force equipment worn by Count Felix shattered and shattered like glass.

“Nah, cowardly… … .”

And Count Felix recited that line in a puff of white smoke and collapsed again.

The Force equipment, which cost over 50 billion won per unit, was ultimately destroyed as it could not withstand the shock.

However, if I had used the magic staff, I would have actually died, not just destroyed the equipment.

My magic staff made by Archduke Lucas is highly efficient, so its power increases by about 50%.

Everil used Heal and the medical staff quickly sprayed a potion to treat him.

Perhaps because the Force equipment sacrificed itself, the wearer’s trauma did not seem that serious.

Wouldn’t that happen quickly?

“Well, this battle is Marquis Lawrence’s victory… … . “This is a bit much.”

The referee looked at me and said he was in trouble.

The response is that it is questionable whether this is sparring.

I answered him simply.

“This is something that can happen in real life.”

What I originally argued was that wizards can use a wider variety of magic in battle.

However, since I have only seen four types of magic so far, the persuasiveness was not very high.

However, what is clear is that Count Felix fainted twice, so the formula that wizards are weak in battle seemed to have collapsed to some extent.

Thanks to the one-sided magical assault that could be considered harassment, even people who sympathized with Count Felix, who had a bad image, appeared.

“If Count Felix wants to fight again, I will make sure he doesn’t repeat the same spell with Memorise this time. If possible, I will try using magic in various ways.”

“Ugh! Do you think this method will be accepted? “We will have to fight properly again.”

“Ah, you’re awake.”

Count Felix gritted his teeth and stood up.

The Force equipment he was wearing was destroyed and his clothes had become rags, but his eyes were still alive.

I couldn’t help but praise that will.

“Count Felix, are you sure you’ll be okay?”

Now people were worried about Count Felix, not me.

Count Felix, who could not imagine such a reaction, gritted his teeth and questioned MC’s question.

“Are you talking to me now?”

“Oh, no. “I think it would be better to change your clothes first.”

“Tsk, sure.”

Count Felix, who realized his situation at Baron Jimmy’s suggestion, withdrew with an expression that there was nothing he could do.

I spoke to his back.

“Please contact the Marquis of Lawrence to pay for the destroyed Force equipment.”

“There’s no need!”

He screamed and left the filming set.

If you calmly accept that guy’s pride, you will make 50 billion won.

Due to Count Felix’s departure, filming took a short break.

I approached Ivril, patted her on the back for her hard work, and sat down next to Arcia, who was eating popcorn with an excited expression on her face.

“No matter how much it is, is it okay? Count Felix was so excited.”

Then the MC, Baron Jimmy, approached me and expressed his concerns.

I guess he realized that I was making fun of Count Felix.

“The more excited you are, the less likely you are to win a fight.”

“is that so? Huh, this is it… … . “Even though it’s a broadcast, I feel trembled.”

I wanted to talk to him once, but he came to visit me like this.

I asked him, saying everything was going well.

“I heard that Baron Jimmy is famous for his wide feet in the entertainment industry, both at home and abroad.”

“Well, there are a lot of people I’m friendly with.”

“Can’t I take advantage of those connections?”



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He looked dumbfounded at the sudden story, and I smiled, saying it was a suggestion and not a threat.

“I’m planning to appear on TV to raise Ivril’s awareness, but I don’t have enough connections in this field. “I may say this myself, but isn’t that a pretty good deal for me?”

“Well, Marquis Lawrence is certainly a nobleman with a very good image among commoners. Moreover, since you have a good sense of broadcasting, good looks, and talent, I think there will be a lot of places that want you.”

He seemed to think about it for a moment, but then decided that it wasn’t a bad story for him either.

If I use myself well, it will be possible to impose debt on my acquaintances.

“great. Let me try to be a manager. “I will give you a lot of work.”

“Haha, thank you. “We will not reduce the number of cases.”

“Hey, it’s a case. “I think establishing a relationship with Marquis Lawrence is a greater benefit than any material reward.”

I’m glad he’s a cool person with whom I can communicate well.

However, I sighed inwardly at the fact that I had to appear on multiple broadcasts, even though I had personally asked for it.

It appears that Eric, the brain of the camp to make Ivril a saint, will do it according to his wishes.

“I’m ready!”

It was Count Felix, who changed the way he called me depending on his mood: politely, informally, semi-respectfully.

He was now neat and tidy, even his hair was set perfectly.

“Luckily, I guess you had spare force equipment?”

“Do you need to talk longer?”

His nerves were so high that he looked at the referee again, and the referee gave me a look asking me if I wanted to continue.

I gave him an OK sign.

The referee had no choice but to start counting down.

“There will be no surprise attack this time, so attack at ease.”

“If you are thinking of losing your power against me, I will make you regret it.”

Regardless of whether I lose strength or not, while he is wearing Vanguard weapons, I am constantly receiving nerfs during sparring.

Wouldn’t viewers who watched Anthony’s 10th anniversary special think this?

In reality, a knight is no match for a wizard.

Without losing my composure, I warmed up my body by twirling the magic staff.

His actions were reminiscent of a spearman rather than a wizard.





And then the final sparring began.

* * *

“huh? Count Elfrid?”

“uh? “His Royal Highness the Duke of Riverdale?”

Olivia, the Duke of Riverdale, met the head of intelligence of the Brigham Empire, who was currently busy with the war, in an unexpected place and made an expression of bewilderment.

But the problem was that the other person’s expression was not much different.

About a month ago, two people who had been together in the process of exploring Adrian’s permanent exhibition met again with a common theme: Adrian.

The Duke of Riverdale and Count Elfrid are located on the famous duel island in the Kingdom of Jordi.

Adrian was filming a broadcast on the island today, and we ran into him in the VIP room of the duel hall where he was going to spar with the Auror Master.

The Duke of Riverdale was with his colleague, the Earl of Preston, and Count Elfrid was with his intelligence lieutenant and protégé, Baron Joseph.

The companions had to tilt their heads at the sight of the two women staring at each other.

“I thought you were busy with the war these days?”

“What is the Republic of Prius in front of the might of our empire? “This isn’t much different from usual.”

“I don’t know why you keep showing interest in our priest.”

“I’m just interested as a fellow wizard. So I brought my student to watch his battles.”

“is it so? hmm.”

Seeing the sparks flying between the two women, the two men, who were colleagues but were lower in rank, kept their mouths shut.

In addition to the two people, the VIP room was filled with numerous people, including the royal family of the Kingdom of Jordi.

A head-to-head match between an archmage and an auror master was an entertainment that was hard to see unless it was a battlefield.

“Master, it looks like you’re about to get started.”

Baron Josef intervened between the two women who were looking at each other disapprovingly.

The Duke of Riverdale and Count Elfrid took their seats very quickly.

What’s ironic here is that the two people were assigned seats next to each other?

“Ho… … .”

“Count Felix. “You idiot.”

Everyone except the Duke of Riverdale and Count Elfrid’s party responded that the result was not obvious, but when the first round began, exclamations of exclamation came from all over.

I thought that Adrian would definitely win if the space movement magic was available, but I never expected that he would be toyed with so one-sidedly.

Thanks to this, the Duke of Riverdale covered his forehead with his palm.

Although I support Adrian, the priest, I also did not want Count Felix, who belongs to the same kingdom, to be broken too easily.

“The opponent looked down on the wizard too much.”

“Maybe the next round will be a little different. “Count Felix won’t let down his guard, and Priest Lawrence can’t use space-transportation magic.”

However, the second round was more serious than the first round, not less so.





The VIP room far away from the duel arena shook loudly as if it would collapse at any moment.

However, the Duke of Riverdale, who knew that this facility would not collapse easily, had to sigh more at the foolish appearance of Count Felix than at the aftermath of the explosion.

“Is evasive movement not in your dictionary?”

Running head-on towards the opponent who had 7th circle magic stored in the memorize magic was the worst choice.

“In fact, it is easy to judge by looking at it from a distance, but in practice, it is not easy to move as much as you think. Count Felix’s charge was too simple, but Marquis Lawrence’s strike, aimed at the unavoidable distance and timing, was excellent.”

“That’s true, but… … .”

“This fight will be a big opportunity for him. At least you won’t have to die like that stupidly on the battlefield, right?”

The Duke of Riverdale had to click his tongue at the sight of Count Elfrid going back and forth between mocking and shielding.

However, the Count of Preston and Baron Joseph, who were accompanying them separately, were so absorbed in Adrian’s extravagant appearance that they could not pay attention to the conversation.

And so the third round begins.

When a fierce battle unlike any before began, everyone was beyond amazed and shocked.

“What wizard?”

“Do you mean something like that is possible?”

“There are people out there who can.”

This is because Adrian was engaged in a close combat against an Auror Master-level Vanguard.

The Duke of Riverdale and Count Elfrid curled up the corners of their mouths, saying they wanted to see this.

‘I can already hear the sounds of wizards’ perceptions changing.’


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