My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 68

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Episode 68: Dream in the game becomes reality

20. Only I feel peaceful (3)

‘Vanguard’ refers to a knight armed with force equipment.

Force equipment refers to armament that converts a knight’s aura into radiant energy called force. Force equipment usually consists of a set of two force swords and force armor.

The Force Sword uses the released energy in an offensive manner, and the Force Armor uses the released energy in a defensive manner.

The maximum discharge distance of the Force Sword is 1.2 km, and its power is similar to that of the Laser Cannon, a 6-circle attack magic.

Force Armor is known to have a defense power of Circle 6, but since the Force itself has a great effect on magic defense, it is difficult to say that it is at the normal Circle 6 level, and is evaluated to be around Circle 7.

There is one limitation to Force equipment: no matter how much aura you pour into it, it can only produce a certain amount of output.

The power of the force emitted is the same regardless of Aura Master, Aura Expert, or Aura User.

However, this does not mean that the combat abilities of the Auror Master Vanguard and the Auror User Vanguard are the same.

This is because when the Force is released while the Force Sword is covered with an Aura Blade, the two energies mix to create a more powerful blow.

‘Is it some kind of aura force?’

Although the Aura Blade mixed with the Force begins to discharge rapidly when the discharge distance exceeds 30m, only the general Force remains, but within 30m, it exerts a power comparable to that of the 7th Circle Great Magic, which is completed through long casting. .

Aura Master Vanguard is a being that fires such attacks without casting.

Therefore, my confident actions had no choice but to appear reckless to the experts and cast members.

“Wouldn’t it be better to first unpack the force equipment and compete? “It’s like a knight fighting with magic equipment, and a wizard fighting with his bare body.”

National MC Jimmy Baron asked if I was really okay.

It may be their plan, but they are worried that if I go ahead and go against the schedule and lose, it will look so ridiculous that it will be difficult to shield.

“Well, I don’t mind that. “If the Marquis wishes, I will deal with you with regular weapons.”

And to Baron Jimmy’s question, Count Felix responded as if he had already won.

At that, I smiled and waved my hand.

“Would you mind losing to a new Auror Master?”

“But aren’t you also a new archmage?”

“Are I and Count Felix the same?”

“It’s arrogance that burns out motivation. very good.”

Just like that, Count Felix and I moved to the center of the duel arena.

Then the audience was buzzing and people were paying attention.

“Kyaaaah! Adrian!”

The most impressive part of all was the fans cheering and calling my name.

I waved to them and showed a relaxed appearance, and after a while, one of the people invited as experts, a tactical commander from the Jordi National Guard who was in charge of today’s referee, approached me.

“I thought a lot about how to spar. “Considering the general battlefield environment, we should use magic that disrupts space movement, but I was worried whether we should really restrict magicians even in sparring.”

The knight has been strengthened with vanguard equipment, but the magician’s combat power is nerfed by blocking spatial movement, which may seem unfair to the general public.

But if you think about it in terms of the battlefield, you have to accept all of this.

There would be no need to look after the wizard’s situation on the battlefield.

In the end, isn’t sparring something that is done with actual combat in mind?

“So, we will hold the first match with space travel magic enabled, and if Marquis Lawrence wins, we plan to use space travel disruption magic like a normal battlefield.”

They were very considerate of me.

Count Felix laughed heartily at this policy without any sign of offense.

“There’s no way we’ll have to go to the second game anyway.”

He is a person with too much confidence.

Well, I understand that he was overconfident about his own strength as he was an Aura Master, but he seemed to be unaware of how great it was for a wizard to use Blink (short-distance spatial movement) magic.

If the articles these days had as much experience with Blink as the articles of the past, it might not be the case.

“Let’s start slowly.”

“Are you both ready?”



“All right. Then let’s start the countdown.”

The referee quickly left the duel arena and headed to the safe area.

And then the countdown began, with time starting to decrease at 30 seconds.

“Fighting, Adrian!”

“Brother, win!”

For the first 10 seconds, the audience cheered loudly.

But that was only for a moment, and as if everyone was paying attention, the noise slowly began to decrease, and after half of the 15 seconds had passed, the duel arena became as quiet as a mouse.

With 10 seconds left, Count Felix put on Vanguard equipment.

I also twisted my neck and stretched, and with 5 seconds remaining, I took out the magic staff from subspace.





And soon the countdown number pointed to 0, signaling the start of the sparring.

– Taaat!

It is common knowledge that wizards are weak at close range combat.

Is that why?

As soon as it started, Count Felix rushed towards me with a triumphant expression.

The speed is literally like a lightning battle.

I felt the spirit of a tiger.


“This is Dalian. “You can’t kill him.”


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However, no matter how fast he has, he cannot be faster than moving through space.

When I used Blink, a 5-circle short-distance space movement that does not require casting, the surrounding scenery changed in an instant, and Count Felix appeared at my feet.

I lightly used the 5th circle Explosion spell.


It was a spell aimed at Count Felix’s head, but it also failed to penetrate the Force Armor’s defense.

However, just because it did not inflict a fatal blow does not mean that it was not shocking.

Because the 5th circle magic that exploded from almost zero distance was different from the normal 5th circle magic.



Count Felix, whose head was bent back as if he had been hit by a fist, came excitedly swinging the Force Sword.

The Aura Blade, with its terrifying destructive power, combined with the Aura Master’s formidable physical ability, was swung at a speed almost comparable to that of a bullet.

‘If you see it and attack, it will be too late. ‘You idiot.’

However, when you clearly know that the enemy will attack, you have no obligation to wait patiently.

I had already moved to Blink immediately after the attack, and Count Felix’s attack only split the air.


And then he used Explosion again towards the back of Count Felix’s clearly exposed head.

I continued to repeat the same actions until Count Felix changed his response.

“You cowardly!”

“You know what? “If it weren’t for the Force Armor, the Count would have died several times already.”

“Don’t be funny!”

Blink, Explosion, Blink, Explosion.

Since the 5th circle magic that does not require casting is performed using only the starter word, the prejudice that magicians are slow was not widely used.

Count Felix, embarrassed by the speed that was difficult to capture on camera, screamed and fought back, but nothing could reach him, so he was left struggling.

He had no practical experience with wizards.

So, not knowing the fear of Blink is a failure.


However, as if he was not very smart, his attack pattern changed after the above behavior was repeated a dozen times.

Rather than following it with his eyes, he began to follow the path of magical power with the Aura Master’s sense of spirit.

Still, is an Aura Master an Aura Master?

‘Laser Cannon’

However, as I don’t have a very good personality, I played around with him to my heart’s content, and then Count Felix tried to adapt to the battle.

It immediately appeared behind him and used Laser Cannon, a 6-circle magic that had never been used before.

The power of magic decreases as the distance from the caster increases.

However, if the magic explodes at almost zero distance, it creates a more powerful blow than is generally known.


An ordinary Vanguard’s head would have been blown off here, but the Auror Master’s enhanced defense of the Force Armor protected the user without any damage.


But didn’t we show earlier that it doesn’t completely cover the shock?

If the Explosion of the 5th circle gave the impact of being hit with a fist, the laser cannon of the 6th circle gave the impact of a car accident.

An Auror Master might be able to survive a car accident with his bare body, but what would happen if he was hit in the back of the head?


Count Felix fell to the floor with a groan and fainted.

I put my foot on his back and struck a victory pose for the camera and the cast members who were still in shock.

“You should declare victory.”

“Ah, the first round is the victory of His Excellency the Marquis Lawrence.”

I took the Force Sword from Count Felix’s hand and threw it away.

Then, one by one, the cast members came up and poured out questions and compliments.

“You’ve never used 7th circle magic, have you?”

“Yes, 5th circle magic is also very threatening if you fire it without casting. “7th circle magic is great, but I think being able to use 5th circle magic without casting is a big advantage of being an archmage.”

“You can use Blink at will, so the battles are very spectacular. “The assessment that wizards are slow appears to be nothing more than a rumor.”

“But it’s hard to fight like this on the battlefield. “Because magic that hinders space movement is basic.”

“The last spell is a 6-circle laser cannon, right? “Did you memorize it in advance?”

“No, I just cast it while fighting.”

“What you’re saying is that while firing off 5-circle magic, you also cast 6-circle magic?”

“Double casting is a basic skill.”

“You are truly amazing.”

“It’s so cool!”

Among the cast members, a female celebrity who had been giving me a particularly intimate look from earlier looked at me even more persistently, but I completely ignored it and shouted, pointing at Count Felix, who was left out in a half-corpse state.

“Miss Ivril! “Please treat this person!”


Only then did a medical staff member rush over.

However, everyone was suspicious because the medical staff member was Everil, who only looked like a girl.

In fact, in exchange for my appearance here, I brought Ivril to the medical staff through consultation with the production team.

If the injury was serious, other professionals would have come forward, but since Count Felix’s injury was not serious, Ivril was brought in.

Everyone expressed their doubts and numerous cameras turned to Ivril, who was examining Count Felix.


And she used the sacred magic taught to her by Archbishop Fred.

Magic is a basic healing magic heal.


Heal, which was created by combining the qualities of a saint and the highest level of divine power, produced an effect beyond common sense.


“Angel’s feather?”

As the healing magic unfolded from her fingertips, pure white feathers like cherry blossom petals fluttered around her.

It was an enhanced sacred magic effect, ‘Angel’s Feather’, that can only be seen on priests of bishop level or higher.

Naturally, surprise appeared on people’s faces, and the MCs, Baron Jimmy and Baron Park, made a fuss.

“Now that I think about it, I heard that today’s medical team was personally appointed by the Marquis Lawrence. But I never thought she would be such a young girl.”

“I think it would be better to use someone you can trust.”

“Are you a bishop-level priest at such a young age? “It’s amazing.”

“No, she has only been baptized and has not joined the church yet. So, she is only named as a vassal of the writer after us.”

“yes? However, I heard that the effects of divine magic and angel feathers can only be seen in bishop-level priests of the church.”

“I learned sacred magic personally from Archbishop Fred, who resides in our Kingdom of Reinharts. “Her angelic feather effect is said to be because her qualities are so outstanding.”


“Yes, Miss Ivril is planning to participate in this saintess contest.”


“Wow, awesome.”

This was agreed upon in advance.

These were the lines and reactions that were decided as soon as my appearance was confirmed.

Thanks to this, people’s attention suddenly turned to Everil, contrary to the direction of the program, and I brought her in and made her say hello in front of the camera.

“Well, nice to meet you. This is Everil Barnett, who will be in charge of medical support today. I will do my best. But don’t get hurt too much.”

Not only is she pretty, but she also has a very kind look and a soft voice.

Is this a being that perfectly matches the image of a saint that I had imagined?

Even if it is only exposed on broadcast for such a short time, the impact will be considerable.

“Ugh! Damn it!”

Ivril’s commercial time ended with Count Felix waking up.

The cast members also took a step back in shock, like people on fire.

“I was getting used to fighting little by little. “Maybe if a little more time had passed, I would have won.”

It looks like the honorific has already been forgotten upon fainting.

I responded calmly to Count Felix, who was extremely angry.

“I think I’ll hear that line again.”

On the battlefield, space movement magic does not work.

Therefore, if it is a real-life sparring, it is correct not to use spatial movement.

That’s probably why the referee divided the round into two in the first place.

However, even the organizers would not have thought that the first round would end so poorly.

I picked up the Force Sword that had been taken from his hand and threw it to him.

He grabbed it, gritted his teeth and spoke to the referee.

“Start the countdown.”

“Oh, I understand.”

No matter how angry you are, have you forgotten that the cameras are rolling right now?

I shook my head in awe at his attitude that seemed to threaten the referee.

I don’t think you need to worry about your image from broadcasting.

There is someone who so kindly volunteers to play the villain.

And so the countdown to sparring began again.

The distance from him is about 10 meters.

I think the starting distance was about 20 meters in the first game, but the distance soon decreased to about half.

It was a distance that an Aura Master could reach in one step.

However, I calmly watched the holographic countdown as if it didn’t matter.





Then, a signal signaling the start of sparring rings out.


“They said you shouldn’t kill them.”

The guy flew out like a moon.

With a faster and more threatening momentum than the first game.

It seemed that he would no longer let his guard down.

So I pointed my index finger at him.

‘Flame Blast. Flame Blast. Flame Blast… … ‘Flame Blast.’

Mi Memorize 10 7th circle magic spells that had been memorized were emptied at once.


Count Felix hurriedly swung his Auror Blade and tried to cancel out the magic.

However, it is not easy to completely offset the 7th circle’s great magic, which flies in almost like a single magic.



A tremor shook the world with an unprecedented explosion of energy, and the pitiful screams of Count Felix, who was swept away by the explosion, faded away in a flash of blinding light.


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