My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 67

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Episode 67: Dream in the game becomes reality

20. Only I feel peaceful (2)

Although Ivril’s level of recognition was almost non-existent compared to other candidates for sainthood, it was judged that the gap was not so great that it could not be bridged.

Since ancient times, a saint is a being who serves God.

In addition, the god uses the faith of believers as nourishment.

In the first place, the recognition of existing candidates is only high in the aristocratic world because sponsors come from behind.

So we decided to target the commoners, who make up the vast majority of believers.

‘I know Eric is promising. Still, he has grown a lot to ask his master to act like a clown for his own purposes.

Is this what it feels like to be a celebrity being manipulated by an evil producer?

I could only laugh at the current situation.

Still, I accepted this job anyway because I thought Eric’s suggestion was valid, so I plan to do my best.

“Well, I’m back today too. ‘Anthony’ is a comparative entertainment show that answers viewers’ questions! Today, as a special project for the 10th anniversary, we are going to answer that question that is almost like a taboo!”

‘Anthony’ is the hottest entertainment program in the Kingdom of Jordi. It is a program that is popular around the world due to its topics that stimulate curiosity and its high level of crossing the line and then crossing the line.

The program is being created with the support of Count Territory, a famous eccentric in the Kingdom of Jordi, so the level of participation is high, and sometimes unexpected guests appear.

“Previously! “We have an unexpected guest today, right?”

“Yes, that’s right! Those who saw the trailer must have been surprised! 10th anniversary special project! Wizard and Knight! A 20-year-old genius archmage who is causing an uproar in the world as the representative wizard! “We have invited you, Adrian Lawrence!”

And today I am participating as an unexpected guest.

Baron Jimmy, famous as the national MC of the Kingdom of Jordi, and Baron Park, the second-highest-ranking figure in the entertainment industry, are entertainment industry giants who are former entertainers and even received the title of Baron.

However, even those people stuck out their tongues, saying that this casting made no sense.

Well, what kind of person would appear on a variety show as a marquis?

Maybe that’s why even the two veteran MCs seemed to have a slightly stiff expression.

“Nice to meet you. Anthony, viewers. “I am Marquis Adrian Lawrence, a saint of the Kingdom of Reinharts.”

So I smiled and greeted him with as friendly an expression as possible.

In response, national MC Jimmy Baron greeted him with a more calm expression.

“Haha, that’s a pleasant greeting. “When you think of a high-ranking noble like the Kingdom of Reinharts, a stiff image comes to mind, but it seems you are much different from what I thought.”

“Because I’m still 20 years old. And it may be because I communicate with many people through online diaries.”

“You’re as flexible as you are young.”

Is it because of my cooperative attitude?

The atmosphere on set was quite friendly.

“I can understand why so many people claim to be fans of the Marquis Lawrence and follow him around.”

Meanwhile, the camera captured images of female fans cheering at me.

And Baron Park, the second-in-command for many years, asked an informal question with a playful expression.

“Marquis, you know you’re handsome, right?”

Honestly, if my shell was ugly, I wouldn’t have been able to attract so many fans no matter how close I am.

I can’t help but notice that this is a result of my status and intimacy plus my good looks.

I nodded obediently and answered without appearing arrogant.

“sure. “I can only thank my mother.”

“Eh? Are you not grateful to your father?”

“My father is not very good. “If he wasn’t an aristocrat, he wouldn’t have been able to marry someone like my mother, right?”

“ha ha ha!”

The two MCs expressed deep interest in my remarks.

It seems like they think they’ve casted the right person.

“Today’s topic, as I mentioned earlier, is treated as a taboo in society. A comparative experiment between wizards and knights will follow. “Marquis, what do you think about today’s topic?”

“I think it’s very interesting.”

“However, many experts have assessed that today’s topic is bound to be unfavorable to the Marquis, who is a wizard. “Even if the Marquis does well in the comparison test of military force, it will be worth it, and if he does not, his reputation may be damaged, so we have no choice but to be careful.”

“You don’t have to worry. “By winning, we want to eliminate misconceptions about wizards, so please proceed without pressure.”

“I feel relieved to hear you say that.”

Anthony’s topic today is Rondel’s two axes, ‘Comparative experiments between wizards and knights.’

The highlight is the comparison of the strength of the wizard and the knight.

Of course, what would be the easiest comparison of force?

It’s sparring.

That’s why they have a dual attitude of thinking that today’s shooting is a great success, but also being worried.

Next, they introduced the person who will lead the program topic with me today.

“Today, if Marquis Lawrence is the representative of the wizards, we have invited him as the representative of the knights!”

“This is Count Felix, the new Auror Master that the Kingdom of Lucias is proud of!”

“Nice to meet you. “Count Odwell Felix.”

And the one who appeared was my priest, the Auror Master of the Kingdom of Lucias, the country of the Duke of Riverdale.

Recruiting an Aura Master and an Archmage is, even in my opinion, a crazy program.

“What happened to our recruiting power? “After the Archmage, you are the Auror Master!”

The MC and cast clapped and cheered.

Count Odwell Felix was a person who became an Auror Master at the age of 30.

This time, he reached the level almost at the same time as me, and although I was too young, becoming an Auror Master at the age of 30 was an achievement worthy of being called a genius among geniuses.

But for some reason I didn’t like him.

“In today’s filming, you will be compared to Marquis Laurence in many ways. How did Count Felix feel about participating in the filming?”

“I accepted the invitation with the thought of having a little fun.”

“Are you relaxed even though Marquis Lawrence is your opponent?”

“Well, I heard praise for him from the Duke of Riverdale. From what I heard, they might be able to deal with even an Auror Master-level Vanguard.”

“Lee, you mean the Duke of Riverdale? “Isn’t that amazing!?”


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“Yes, the Duke of Riverdale, who is famous for his coldness, praised me so much, so I was curious. But when I meet the Marquis Lawrence in person, I get the feeling that his love for his priest is very special.”

He has a bear-like size and an arrogant attitude that seems to look down on people from above.

This is because the interest in Arcia watching the filming from afar reminded me of the 2nd Prince.

‘How can he resemble the second prince so much?’

If Arcia had a personality that was at all suitable for broadcasting, she would have appeared together to eliminate this situation, but in many ways, it was disappointing.

But on the other hand, I felt like I could fight without hesitation if this person were my opponent.

The two MCs and cast members broke into a cold sweat at his remark, which clearly belittled me.

“Well, this statement feels like a declaration of war. “What do you think, Marquis Lawrence?”

Still, the experienced MC turned the topic to me in order to somehow capture this situation on camera.

I answered him with a grin.

“Did you say Count Odwell Felix? “It was my first time hearing this name, so I didn’t know who it was, but it turns out that an interesting person has become the Auror Master.”

As a result of being treated like a nobody, thick vein marks appeared between Count Felix’s eyebrows and the MCs’ complexions turned pale.

I looked at the production crew wondering if a fight would break out like this, but the PD kept sending OK signs, wondering what was so good about it.

“It was a heated battle of nerves from the beginning. “Then, let’s move locations for a full-scale comparison.”

* * *

After a while, the place we arrived was a famous lake in the Kingdom of Jordi.

There is a huge island in the center of the lake. A huge building reminiscent of the Colosseum rises above the island, so people called it Duel Island or Duel Lake.

Although it looks very classic, it boasts state-of-the-art facilities, with a self-restoring function and a 7th circle level defense shield installed.

Today’s program, Anthony, celebrated the 10th anniversary special and chartered Duel Island.

However, even though it was a charter, there were quite a few people in the audience and VIP seats, raising questions.

“Kaaaa! brother!”


Even my fan club was sitting in a corner.

“What are these people?”

“These are the loyal listeners who won the 10th anniversary event. “Just 1,000 people.”

Come to think of it, I briefly heard that the audience was joining in, but I had no idea it would be like this.

Suddenly, we end up fighting in front of an audience.

“Why, do you feel uncomfortable when there are spectators?”

In response to my reluctant response, Count Felix approached me and provoked me.

It’s a pity, but he won’t know.

The fact that the reason I don’t want to be in this situation is for his sake.

As he shrugged his shoulders and went up to the stage in front of the electronic display board, a blood vessel mark appeared again on the ignored Count Felix’s forehead.

A discussion is scheduled to take place before a full-scale comparison of military force, and perhaps to lighten the mood, a discussion of the current situation has begun.

But it wasn’t long before Count Felix’s expression hardened.

The reason is that the cast members’ questions were only formal to him, but to me they also included many mischievous questions, including about my personal life.

This is because Count Felix is ​​very arrogant and gives off a difficult atmosphere, but he seems to have felt that his interest in me was discrimination.

‘He is just like the second prince who is arrogant and narrow-minded.’

Fortunately, Baron Jimmy, the quick-witted national MC, appropriately dismissed the questions pouring in on me and tried to maintain a balance so that Count Felix would not be uncomfortable.

However, Count Felix was still not satisfied with his attitude, so he stopped the talk and brought up today’s topic to turn it into a discussion.

“Of course, everyone knows about the wizard’s research and development abilities, so I will skip this point and focus on the military power of wizards and knights today.”

“As the basic unit of war has become the vanguard, the military power of knights is well known and systematically quantified. However, it is true that today’s wizards are more commonly perceived as researchers rather than combatants, so there is little related data. That’s why people don’t really know what level of magician’s power is. “What do you think about this, Marquis Lawrence?”

“To put it simply, the past perception of wizards and knights was like this.”

Wizard: High long-distance combat ability / Slow attack speed / Wide attack range

Knight: High close-range combat ability / Fast attack speed / Narrow attack range

“It was common knowledge that if fought from close range, the knight would win, and if fought from a distance, the wizard would win. However, in modern times, this has changed as the knights’ armament has been strengthened and the Vanguard’s force equipment has appeared.”

Wizard: High long-distance combat ability / Slow attack speed / Wide attack range

Knight: High close-range and long-distance combat ability / Fast attack speed / Wide attack range

A clear comparison.

It was a simple reason why wizards were no longer seen on the battlefield after the emergence of Vanguard.

“Ironically, the equipment made by the wizard has made it difficult for the wizard himself to be active on the battlefield.”

“That’s right. This is a fact that cannot be overturned unless a device is developed that converts the wizard’s magic power into force like the knight. So the formula that war is a knight and technological advancement is a wizard has become common.”

Is it because I pointed out the facts clearly and without distortion?

Count Felix, who was sitting with them, chuckled.

“Then there’s no need for comparison, right? “At the same level, as long as Vanguard equipment exists, a wizard will never be able to defeat a knight in battle.”

But I shook my head and said no.

“Looking at the two tables, a knight wearing Vanguard equipment appears to be superior to a wizard. However, this is only an advantage in combat style, and does not mean that it is stronger.”

“I don’t know what kind of pun that is.”

“It’s simple. The knight’s attacks are so monotonous. “There are only three patterns: stabbing, cutting, and releasing force.”

No matter how many anomalous movements you mix in to confuse it, the form of this attack will not change.

“But wizards have numerous attack methods. Stabbing, cutting, crushing, freezing, electrocuting, exploding, poisoning, trapping, etc.”

“Ah, what Marquis Lawrence said means that in the end, victory or defeat will depend on how you fight?”

“That’s right.”

However, as if they could not accept my words, Count Felix and several experts came in to tackle me.

“No matter how many small attacks are made, they cannot penetrate the force armor’s defense. “It would be more realistic to take the force equipment off the knight and fight him.”

“Because there is a magic that prevents space movement on the battlefield, the wizard cannot stop the Vanguard charging in on a hoverboard.”

Among the experts, no one understood my argument.

I clicked my tongue and suggested it to the MC.

“We can’t have a proper discussion in this situation. Let’s change the order.”


“I think I should start by sparring to show that I can speak.”

At my suggestion, the MC looked at the PD and he responded that it wouldn’t matter as long as it was okay with Count Felix.

“Kkkkkk! Yes, there is no reason to refuse. “I will show you, Marquis, that reality is not as easy as you imagine.”


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