My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 66

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Episode 66: Dream in the game becomes reality

20. Only I feel peaceful (1)

-Magic Century November 10, 2019.

The Brigham Empire has declared war on the Prius Republic.

The conflict grew over Archduke Lucas’s fate, and it appears that the Brigham Empire eventually drew its sword.

Looking at the situation, it appears that even the Brigham Empire is not sure if the plan that the Republic of Prius has taken over is real, but it seems they had no choice but to act anyway.

Thanks to this, the Republic of Prius, which had been giving its neck as much strength as possible, went into an uproar like a puppy with its tail on fire at the Brigham Empire’s declaration of war.

[Has the Emperor of the Brigham Empire finally become senile, using the power of the nation for robbery?]

[The Brigham Empire is a country that has abandoned common sense. They do not deserve to be called an empire.]

The actions of the Brigham Empire are clearly an act of robbery.

Whatever the reason, the war was started to take away what others had obtained.

However, funny enough, most countries, except for neighboring countries where the Prius Republic had strong influence, did not take their side.

In fact, there are even countries that support the Brigham Empire, which started the war for inappropriate reasons.

This can be said to be the price of the behavior that the government of the Republic of Prius has cultivated.

‘But what’s funny is that the Prius Republic government also knows how they are being treated.’

Apart from making a fuss by criticizing the Brigham Empire, it appears that the Prius Republic also predicted war, as it is preparing step by step for war.

However, the reason they were so passionate about media play, expressing their injustice and publicizing the legitimacy of the government’s ownership, was to arouse the public’s emotions.

“How much?”

Among them, I clicked my tongue after checking the speech of ‘fake actor Louis Fairmont’, who was at the forefront of inciting the people.

[Please give your strength for our country. You are the hope and light of this country.]

At the same time, what he is saying is ‘request for donation of war support funds’.

In other words, they intend to rip off the costs of war from the people by packaging them with patriotism.

Some enlightened citizens refuted the plan, asking how on earth the budget had been spent and collecting money from the people as soon as an emergency situation occurred, but these were only the voices of a minority.

Rather than questioning the use of the budget in this situation, most of the people of the Republic were aflame with antipathy towards the Brigham Empire, which was waging a war of aggression.

During the protest, they burned the flag of the Brigham Empire, carried out a terrorist attack on the Brigham Empire embassy, ​​and destroyed the products made by the Brigham Empire, a symbol of wealth.

In addition, I had to shake my head as I saw people willingly donating what they didn’t have to the government to protect the country.

‘In fact, rich businessmen and politicians are keeping their mouths shut.’

Whenever I look at the Republic of Prius, I can’t help but think of a dictatorship from my past life.

If the people only united, they would be able to oust the dictatorship, but instead, a country supported the dictator even when life was difficult.

In order for that country to change, enlightenment of the people seemed essential.

‘This is an unprecedented opportunity for the revolutionary army. No matter how many Aura Masters and Archmages we have, there is no hope in confronting the government head-on.’

To be honest, perhaps because I am from South Korea, I hope that the Prius Republic, which advocates a democratic society, will do well.

Isn’t it unthinkable for anyone from Earth to have a democratic republic that is ridiculed by feudal countries?

“Marquis, how do you think the direction of the war will go?”

As I was hurriedly gathering information through online diaries (SNS) following the Brigham Empire’s declaration of war, I belatedly remembered that this was the Crown Prince’s Womb.

When I looked away from the terminal, the Crown Prince, Count Acres, Lady Otis, and Arcia were all looking at me.

“I guess the odds of winning are about 6:4?”

“Of course 6 would be the Brigham Empire.”

“That’s right.”

“It seems like you don’t like the Prius Republic, but the evaluation is surprisingly generous?”

Brigham Empire, Elysian Federation, Prius Republic, Croesen Empire.

These four countries are considered Rondel’s four great empires, and among them, the Bringham Empire is another level.

It was a country that could wage war against the remaining three empires on its own.

Since the difference in military power between the Brigham Empire and the Prius Republic was almost five times, my prediction had to be outside of common sense.

Nevertheless, the reason for this decision is simple.

“For the Brigham Empire to invade the Republic of Prius, there are problems in that they have to cross the ocean and enter closed terrain.”

“In the end, the defensive position has no choice but to have an advantage, right?”

“Yes, and the Prius Republic, the only nation on the Tetatron continent, can mobilize all its might for defense, but the Brigham Empire cannot.”

The Prius Republic is the only country on the Tetatron continent.

To put it simply, it can be considered a country like Australia that occupies a continent all by itself.

Moreover, the relationship was quite good with Lyses Island, an island nation in the southern part of the Republic, and the countries on the adjacent continent of Triton.

If you make a mistake, you could end up in a war between the Brigham Empire vs. the Tetatron Continent and the Triton Continent.

“It’s scary that we might have to deal with two continents. But you still think that the Brigham Empire has an advantage… … .”

“Yes, it is the Brigham Empire.”

There is no need for any other reason.

No matter how advantageous the terrain was and how the Brigham Empire, which had to go on a long-distance expedition, could not properly mobilize its forces, it could not have had a lower victory rate than the Prius Republic.

Isn’t the opponent the Brigham Empire?

“And direct military support from the countries on the Triton continent is unlikely to be feasible.”

“Of course, to be hostile to the Brigham Empire is crazy, no matter who sees it. It will probably take the form of supporting various things behind the scenes. Of course, we can’t ignore that either.”

There is nothing the Kingdom of Reinharts can do in this war right now.

I just hope that the war will proceed without any major casualties and will eventually end with the Brigham Empire judging the regime of the Republic of Prius.

As a bonus, it would be best if the revolutionary army, which has gained experience this time, takes advantage of the opportunity and blows up the current regime.

“why? Well, is there anything you want to say?”

However, there was someone staring at me while I was talking with the Crown Prince, and that person was the Earl of Acres.

“I don’t think Marquis Laurence knew about this and made such a choice… … .”

It seems like this guy has a misunderstanding.

They raised suspicions that the reason I supported the revolutionary army was because I knew about this situation in advance.

Naturally, the Crown Prince, who did not know the situation, questioned what I meant, and with a smiling face, I sent a warning look to Count Acres telling him not to talk nonsense.


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It doesn’t matter if he’s mistaken, but I don’t know what he’s thinking when he brags about something involving an illegal act in front of the crown prince.

I thought we had unified opinions on confidentiality.

“What do you mean?”

It was only then that Count Acres realized his mistake and kept his mouth shut.

If we were to ask which of the secrets I and they had would cause a greater division, it would of course be Lady Otis, who had acquired some of Archduke Lucas’s skills.

My actions can be suppressed somehow, but they can bring in the Brigham Empire.

I answered the crown prince’s question while rubbing my hand with the corner of my eye twitching.

“Actually, in the process of rescuing you two, we borrowed the power of the Prius Republic Revolutionary Army.”

“Huh, did something like that happen?”

“Because we needed a local information network. “I happened to have a connection there.”

“Are you related?”

“It’s a match for the leader of the revolutionary army.”

“Haha, really? “It’s fun.”

“Thanks to this, I had to spend a considerable amount of money. “I was surprised to learn that their scale was bigger than I expected.”

“In some ways, this situation could act as an opportunity for the revolutionary army.”

“I think so too.”

I don’t think the crown prince, who has a hidden snake inside him, believes what I say.

But for now, he’s showing signs of trust, so I think I can overlook it.

I quickly changed my mind.

“For now, it seems better not to make any statement about this war.”

“I guess so.”

The crown prince closed his eyes as if thinking for a moment.

Meanwhile, Count Acres shrugged his shoulders at the glares from me and Lady Otis.

He’s an auror master and a man in his 40s, and in many ways he’s a simple guy.

That’s a little annoying… … .

“For now, let’s leave this position. Count Acres and Lady Otis must keep their mouths shut about Marquis Lawrence and Count Klein. These two are great weapons in the upcoming battle for the throne. “You know, right?”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

“All right.”

“No, Count Acres, please stay in the castle and not meet other people. “I feel like I’m going to blurt it out by mistake.”


This is the correct response.

It seemed to me that it would be better for Earl Acres to manage it himself.

“Oh, I understand.”

“Then should I stay here too, just in case?”

“I would be relieved if Lady Otis said the same thing.”

“Yes, I will too. “For some reason, I think I will be able to see Marquis Laurence and Count Klein often if I stay here.”

I laughed out loud at the story of Count Otis’s daughter, and Arcia expressed regret, saying that it had become difficult to kill her.

Thus ended a day of various events, starting with an outing to the Republic of Prius, meeting the revolutionary army, making an unexpected deal, and the declaration of war by the Briam Empire.

* * *

The war between the Brigham Empire and the Prius Republic is progressing rapidly.

At the same time as the declaration of war, the Brigham Empire’s expeditionary force deployed at a frightening speed as if to surround the Prius Republic.

In response, Prius Republic took advantage of its home ground and formed a solid defensive line.

There is no direct conflict yet, but right now at the earliest.

Experts predicted that it would not last longer than three days at the latest.

The Prius Republic’s response to the war is consistent.

[We will fight back. I will definitely judge the empire for justice.]

Something like this.

Many people laughed at the Republic’s response, saying they were overconfident.

It is impossible to know what kind of unexpected situation will occur in a war, but even with all the variables in mind, the defeat of the Brigham Empire was unthinkable.

It’s surprising, but I think they did a good job of hiding Giyeon’s ownership and diverting attention elsewhere.

If the Brigham Empire’s suspicions were focused on me, the battlefield would have been our Kingdom of Reinharts.

The Republic of Prius, one of the major powers representing Rondel, is also in turmoil, so the Kingdom of Reinharts must have been in a terrible state.

“Marquis Lawrence, are you ready?”


When the war between the Brigham Empire and the Prius Republic was heating up the world.

I ended up in an unexpected situation.

“Okay, let’s start filming!”

Appearing on a broadcast is a very embarrassing situation.

-Adrian Lawrence, the young hero of the Kingdom of Reinharts!

-Welcome Marquis Lawrence to the Kingdom of Jordi!



“for a moment! for a moment! Fans there! Because filming starts now! “Please be quiet!”

It was also a broadcast appearance in another country, not a Korean broadcast.

It’s chaos, my schedule is going crazy.

“Our Marquis, you are very popular and very handsome. Would you like to have a drink later?”

With a deep sigh, I pushed away the female celebrity who kept clinging to me and looked at the dozens of cameras and the nearly 100 filming crew members.

How did things come to this?

‘What Miss Ivril lacks compared to other candidates in this contest for sainthood is recognition. The two of you will need the strength to resolve it.’

That was the plan proposed a few days ago by Eric Jones, a key staff member of the Camp to Create Saint Ivril and a gifted person with political talent.

In other words, the reason I went out to film was not to play celebrity, but as part of a plan to turn Ivril into a saint.


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