My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 65

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Episode 65: Dreams in games become reality

19. Candidate for sainthood (4)

‘Copy of research material.’

It’s quite possible.

I logged on to the IBRE, but wouldn’t it be too naive to just look around the inside?

Lady Otis’s guardian, Count Acres, looked at her with a surprised expression, as if he had never thought of this.

As everyone’s eyes focused on her, Lady Otis broke into a cold sweat, and anyone could see that she looked like a child who had been caught stealing.

The commander of the Israeli Revolutionary Army of the Prius Republic raised the corners of his mouth as if he thought he had won, and I took a moment to gather my thoughts.

‘What data is there that could be of benefit to them?’

In the fake story I gave, I hid some pretty believable things to make it look real.

But the question of whether she acquired them is bound to be questionable.

This is because even the fake actor, Louis Fairmont, cannot view the materials.

The reason is simple.

This is because the skill I gave him was made so that he could acquire it step by step, just like I did.

As he builds up circles, opportunities open one by one.

Chester, an investment manager who can be said to be the memory of Archduke Lucas, has volunteered to be his teacher, so his growth is fast, but he is still only at the 2nd circle level.

The research materials he obtained at this stage were ones that could be sufficiently covered with current technology.

‘The weapon blueprints are the only things that can be used there.’

However, the performance of those weapons was not much different from those produced in major countries.

“If you don’t mind, could you share some of your research with us? Of course, I will pay a sufficient price.”

“The training was in a form that could be learned step by step. I couldn’t peruse the skills that Louis Fairmont couldn’t master. “He did copy, but most of the material he could access now was already commercially available technology.”

“No problem.”


“This means that the current level of technology will not be a problem.”

Is current technology worthless?

Absolutely not.

If it is at the level of weapons produced in each country, it means that it is a weapon for the active generation.

Although it is nothing new, it means that it is a core technology that all countries thoroughly hide and protect.

Just because the U.S. F-22 fighter jet is a current technology that has already been commercialized, doesn’t that mean its blueprint is worthless?

“It would have been better if we had been able to obtain equipment blueprints for the current generation or higher, but it can’t be helped. “We don’t even have that.”

“ah… … .”

“What I want is materials for making Vanguard Force equipment. “I think this data is at a basic level even within the industry. Am I wrong?”

For those who did not have the ability to create their own Vanguard, this was a genius opportunity to acquire that ability.

‘You guessed it correctly.’

If Lady Otis had copied the materials properly, it would also contain blueprints for the Sky Fortress and Vanguard.

His targeting was accurate.

“hmm… … .”

“Judging by the look on your face, you have it.”

The mood of the revolutionary army, including the Israeli commander, brightened.

But, on the contrary, Lady Otis showed a troubled look.

This is because there was hesitation as to whether it would be possible to hand over blueprints for strategic weapons to those volunteering to join the revolutionary army.

Of course.

Her actions could have sparked a war.

“As the Marquis of Lawrence revealed my identity, I am a descendant of the old royal family. “I think you know how much blood was shed in disputes with nobles until our royal family established the political system of republicanism in this country.”

“… … .”

Lady Otis expressed her doubts about the unexpected story.

“There is only one reason why our royal family gave up power, even at the cost of shedding so much blood. Because I thought it was a choice for the people. The owner of the country should be the absolute majority of the people, not the minority. “That was the will of our late King, who created the republic.”

The republic of Prius was not built by the people.

It was introduced by an enlightened young king who loved his people.

He is truly a person who deserves to be praised as a saint.

“But what is the state of this country now? The country is sick from corruption and the people are starving. Thanks to this, feudal countries are laughing at His Majesty’s sacrifice. “The future that His Majesty the late King envisioned is absolutely not like this.”

A democratization that was not achieved by the people, but was literally achieved unilaterally.

Thanks to the backward consciousness of the people, this country’s political system became a dictatorship worse than that of feudal countries.

“So, you, a descendant of the royal family, have decided to correct the mistake.”

“That’s right. “We will enlighten the people of the Prius Republic and establish a correct foundation for the country by introducing an undistorted democratic republican system.”

“There are probably a lot of institutional areas that need to be fixed.”

“I know.”

They certainly seem to be more established than the current regime.

The problem is that it will not be easy for their beliefs to reach Lady Otis and Count Acres, who are nobles to their core.

“Is that so?”

Lady Otis still hesitated under my gaze.

The Israeli commander’s general speech seemed to be of no use.

“It looks like Lady Otis has no intention of making a deal.”

Lady Otis nodded at my assertion and made an apologetic expression.

Even if they were her benefactors, this matter was too big for her to decide.

“Lady Otis, please reconsider.”

Israel’s expression turned cold.

For them, it was information they needed to obtain in some way.


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“S-sorry. I am.”

“It’s difficult.”

In the end, if this situation continues, there is a high possibility of a transaction bordering on extortion combined with threats… … .

As a citizen of the Republic of Korea in a past life, I wanted to help them.

“If you don’t mind if it’s not Archduke Lucas’s talent, then make a deal with me.”

An unexpected suggestion.

Everyone was puzzled by my words, which no one here could have imagined.

“What we want is the Vanguard Force equipment blueprint… … .”

“I was already planning on making and selling force equipment.”

“What do you mean?”

“Yes, I have one too. Design for manufacturing force equipment.”

In a situation where it would not be strange for an armed conflict to break out at any time, my words were enough to change the atmosphere.

Count Acres was embarrassed, and Lady Otis looked at me with her eyes wide open.

“You are truly beyond common sense.”

“Thank you for the favorable review.”

“What is the performance level?”

“I can confidently say that it is not inferior to other Force equipment produced in our kingdom.”

“Oh, the Force equipment of the Kingdom of Reinharts is quite excellent. “Do you have a prototype?”

“It’s just a force shifter, but here it is.”

A sudden transaction atmosphere.

I took out a prototype of a force converter created through the magic tower I had previously acquired in subspace and handed it to Israel.

The Force Converter, as its name suggests, was the core of the Vanguard that converted Aurors into Force.

“The design is unique.”

“Performance is important, but you also need to look good.”

Force converters are items that are nearly impossible to disassemble, so they cannot be analyzed by looking at them.

Therefore, the only way to check if it was normal was to blow the aura directly.

When the Revolutionary Army’s Aura Master infused the Aura, the Force Converter emitted a bright blue light, and the Force was released.

A smile spread across the face of the Israeli commander.

“There is no doubt about it. “You are truly amazing.”

Although the plan went awry, they had no reason to reject my offer since all they had to do was achieve their goal one way or another.

“But, that’s surprising. “Why do you want to help us by revealing the secret you have been hiding?”

“I like you guys.”

Is it because my answer was surprising?

Commander Israel looked surprised for a moment, but then burst into laughter.

“It is an unexpected income to receive the attention of the Marquis.”

“So please pay the price well.”


As if it was so good, the Israeli commander kept smiling.

But at that time, Count Acres, who had been silent, intervened and expressed concern.

“By the way, do you mind? “Technology trading is absolutely illegal.”

“This problem can be solved if everyone here washes their mouths.”


“We know each other’s secrets, so let’s behave ourselves. The identity of these people who are treated as rebels by the Republic government, the daughter of Count Otis, who has acquired treasures that are not unusual even when attacked by the Brigham Empire, and even my illegal transactions. “It’s already complicated.”

To put it simply, it is a threat.

A threat that if you speak carelessly, the Lady of Count Otis may be in danger.

Thanks to this, Count Acres became completely dumb and kept his mouth shut.

It seems like I need to talk to this person separately.

“So are we sharing secrets?”

However, Lady Otis’ interest was directed in the wrong direction, as if to prove that she was not an ordinary person.

“That’s how it goes.”

“Wow, great. “I will definitely keep this secret.”

Actually, it doesn’t matter if it’s known.

If you just turn away, that’s it.

“Then shall we talk about the transaction price?”

“It’s kind of scary.”

Oh, by the way, the reason I was willing to do business with them was because I liked them, but… … .

It also makes me feel sick to my stomach that the wrong people are making money off of my talent.

A funding gap was created after spending 10 trillion won on the operation to make Ivril a saint, but it worked out well.

* * *

Count Acres and Count Otis, who had been summoned to the Crown Prince’s palace, bowed their heads deeply at Prince Michael’s angry appearance.

“Do you know that your actions could have posed a great threat to our camp?”


“I am devastated.”

Afterwards, the two suffered from the Crown Prince’s admonitions for a long time.

The crown prince showed me what it means to be a fan in words, but it seemed like I couldn’t follow it.

“Behave properly from now on.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

The lecture that lasted 30 minutes came to an end, and Count Aerkus, looking exhausted, finally asked the question he had been holding back.

“But aren’t Marquis Lawrence and Count Klein part of the two princes camp? “Why are they here?”

The gaze is directed at me and Arcia, who are sitting in a seat in the Crown Prince’s palace and calmly sipping tea.

‘This is it, Won, because I’m so clueless.’

I shook my head and asked the crown prince for an explanation.

He took a deep breath and said.

“That’s right, he’s from our camp.”


From the looks of it, Lady Otis has already noticed.

She looked pitifully at her elder relative, the Earl of Acres, and said,

“It means that they set up a smoke screen to make it look like the Second Prince’s camp. Don’t you think you would have noticed it the moment you found out that it was you two who rescued us? “The second prince must be wishing for his uncle to die.”

“Oh, is that so?”

Did he just swing a sword his entire life?

He has a very naive brain.

Lady Otis seemed to think that they had become closer through this incident and winked at me.

Arcia, who was quietly watching the situation next to him, said.

“I think it would be neat to kill him.”

It felt good to earn an unexpected amount of money, but the presence of Lady Otis was bound to be a burden.

I think we need to seriously consider Arsia’s suggestion as well.

Count Acres, who had come to understand the situation, innocently applauded and enjoyed it, as if he was not offended after being scolded by Lady Otis, who was his daughter’s age, or if he was simply glad that I was in the same camp.

“His Royal Highness the Crown Prince. “I think you should watch the news.”

I wanted to go back to the estate, but the Count of Acres wouldn’t let me go, so I had no choice but to join him for tea. One of his lieutenants, whom I had seen several times at the Crown Prince’s palace, hurriedly entered the office and said so.


We all tilted our heads and operated the terminal, and soon we realized what he wanted to tell us and our expressions hardened.

[Declaration of war against the Brigham Empire and Prius Republic!]


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