My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 64

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Episode 64: Dream in the game becomes reality

19. Candidate for sainthood (3)

Louis Fairmont, son of the President of the Prius Republic.

When the revolutionary army asked whether the luck he had acquired was real, Arcia and I also focused our attention on Lady Otis.

Lady Otis hesitated as if she was worried, and then honestly expressed her thoughts when asked by the revolutionary army whether it was a reward for her survival.

“The form of the plan was plausible. However, after taking a quick look around, the interior of the facility seemed to be poorer than I expected.”

The assessment was so accurate that my wariness towards the Lady of Count Otis soared.

Is there perhaps a side path in the world that I don’t know about?

I’m sure Kiyeon’s body won’t be penetrated by her either.

Thanks to this, Arcia’s suggestion to kill Lady Otis the other day lingered in my mind.

“There’s a good chance it’s real, but I’m not sure. “In that case, the commander’s guess that it may be a fake story created by a real actor may be correct.”

But the problem is not just Lady Otis.

Even the revolutionary army, which seemed half-baked, made quite accurate inferences, didn’t it?

‘Shall I kill them all?’

I was seriously concerned about the lines of those who were urging people to follow their names without even knowing that the person who had actually acquired the opportunity was in front of them.

But soon I shook off the feeling of guilt.

It was a dangerous thing to do anything without knowing how big the revolutionary army was or who was behind it.

If you mess with them for no reason and a situation arises that cannot be properly resolved, it is as bad as not messing with them.

‘It’s better to keep your mouth shut for now. ‘Because no one knows I’m an actor yet.’

And if you think about it calmly, the chances of Lady Otis actually breaking through the firewall of Giyeon are very low.

Even if it were a hastily made fake plan, there was no way that the plan created by Archduke Lucas was that poor.

“By the way, how did you approach the foundation? “You probably didn’t break into the presidential palace, did you?”

“Oh, that’s it.”

While everyone was wary of us wearing clown masks and black robes, Lady Otis recognized who I was and answered the question without hesitation.

“I accessed it online. I thought there was a high probability that Giyeon was hidden in the virtual world, not in reality. “That idea worked this time.”

“… … .”

“When I remotely accessed Louis Fairmont’s terminal, I was able to confirm that it had frequently accessed a certain domain, and I thought it was the government’s entrance.”

It’s also not ordinary.

I can’t believe there was someone who dug into this level.

If I hadn’t taken over, she might have become the owner of Giyeon.

And there was something in her words that caught my attention, and it was this.

“You must have an unusual talent for remotely accessing Louis Fairmont’s terminal.”

It’s remote access, isn’t it just hacking?

Although I had briefly heard that such a thing was possible in Hollywood and magical communications, it was the first time I saw someone using it in person.

“There is a tool that I obtained through an acquaintance. “I had no choice but to find out if Louis Fairmont’s story was real.”

This means that there are actual hackers.

This is a talent you definitely want to recruit if possible.

After gaining a rough understanding of the situation, I spoke to the Auror Master, who seemed to be the leader of the Revolutionary Army.

“I have to leave now. The chase will come soon. “We will take these people.”

The Auror Master spoke with a troubled expression upon hearing my words.

“wait a minute. “The business isn’t over yet.”

“What do you mean?”

“Our commander invited these two.”

I frowned, but this wasn’t my decision.

When I clicked my tongue and looked at Lady Otis and Count Acres, they hesitated.

Although I don’t feel like it, it seems that I don’t want to flatly refuse the offer of my benefactors.

In the end, when the two couldn’t answer easily, I made another suggestion.

“First of all, move to a safe place. “We’ll discuss the rest later.”

Everyone nodded as if there was no disagreement about this.

“Then she and I will go together.”

The Revolutionary Army’s Aura Master and a female Vanguard who appeared to have the next highest rank approached.

I had no choice but to lead them and try to move through space.

* * *

After a while, we arrived at the glacier area in the northern part of the Republic of Prius.

In a place where a snowstorm raged, only the people who had traveled with me stood in a circle, unaffected by the weather.

Among them, I stared at the Aura Master of the Revolutionary Army.

[Harry Elricson / Auror Master]

Race: Human

Age: 35

Affiliation: Prius Republic Revolutionary Army / Revolutionary Army Command 2nd Mobile Strike Commander

Talents: Auror (best), physical ability (high), learning ability (high), intellectual ability (medium), command ability (medium), administrative ability (medium)

Traits: Faithfulness, Loyalty

Relationship: Interested/Neutral

Status: Observation / Nervous

He is 35 years old, and when it comes to being an Auror Master, he can easily be called a genius.

In many ways, including age, his specifications are similar to or slightly higher than those of the 2nd prince of the Kingdom of Reinharts.

However, his characteristics are humane, unlike the second prince, who is at the edge of arrogance.

If you just look at the information Man-kyung displays, you get the feeling that he is a trustworthy person.


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However, we cannot evaluate this as an ally based on this alone.

Because I haven’t figured out their purpose yet.

“We can’t send these two people to a place where their safety can’t be confirmed. “I have a duty to return these people safely home.”

One of the two members of the Revolutionary Army, the female Vanguard, spoke as if protesting my blunt remark.

“Are we going to save two people and put them in danger?”

“Common sense says so, but we don’t know each other yet, do we? “You can’t blindly trust it.”

You should not be mistaken as having fought the same enemy. We are not on the same side as them.


However, Count Acres looked at me intently with an expression that said that even you, who is hiding your identity, cannot be trusted.

Of course, the quick-witted Lady Otis stopped her from saying unnecessary things and did not utter lines that would encourage division.

“You’re not wrong.”

Fortunately, the Revolutionary Army Aurormaster named Harry Elricson was someone he could communicate with.

He looked worried for a moment, and then made a phone call to someone as if he had no choice.

“Yes, it is me. You were told roughly what happened, right? Yes, that’s right. yes yes. What should I do?”

He then continued the conversation with a person presumed to be his superior, and before long, he came to a conclusion.

“It is said that if you are uncomfortable with the space we have prepared, the commander will come here in person. Would it be okay?”

“What about the number of escorts?”

“Except for the commander, two more people will come.”

I feel like they are being considerate in many ways.

I looked at Lady Otis and Count Acres with an expression that seemed to indicate that this was okay.

“I guess I should thank you for saving me.”

Count Acres also nodded at Lady Otis’ story.

A moment after the two people gave permission, three people appeared as promised with the light of teleportation.

2 men and 1 woman.

But after looking at their information, I couldn’t help but narrow my eyes.

[Ian Jeremy / Auror Master]

Age: 49

Affiliation: Prius Republic Revolutionary Army / Revolutionary Army Command 1st Mobile Strike Captain

[Grace Dicklen / Auror Master]

Age: 38

Affiliation: Prius Republic Revolutionary Army / Revolutionary Army Command 3rd Mobile Strike Commander

The escorts are all Auror Masters.

In other words, there are only three Auror Masters I have seen in the group called the Revolutionary Army.

Considering that many countries had two or less Auror Masters, the power of the revolutionary army was excessive for a shadowy force.

But that wasn’t everything.

[Israel Oscar Prius / 7th Circle Grand Wizard]

Race: Human

Age: 27

Affiliation: Prius Republic Revolutionary Army / Revolutionary Army Commander / Heir to the (old) Prius royal family

Talents: Magic power (best), intellectual ability (best), learning ability (best), political power (high), administrative power (high), command ability (medium)

Traits: Justice Schemer, Artifact Craftsman

Relationship: Interested/Neutral

Status: Observation / Interested

Aside from Arcia, the person who is considered the most monster among the people examined through the lens is Prince Michael of the Reinharts royal family.

However, the person in front of me was a monster who was not at all inferior to Prince Michael.

At the age of 27, he is an archmage and the commander of a revolutionary army that includes three Auror Masters.

Not forgetting to be relaxed, I narrowed my brows and raised my guard.

He approached us escorted by Auror Masters.

“Hey, I’m a Prius guy, but this is my first time coming to the northern glacier area. Unfortunately, the Aurora didn’t appear, right? “I was curious because I heard that the aurora that can be seen in the northern part of the Republic of Prius is rainbow-colored, but it’s a shame.”

His appearance was nothing special.

I can’t say he was handsome, but he wasn’t ugly either.

Rather than a good feeling, the impression is a sharp image that would suit a bully.

Considering that he has black hair and black eyes, doesn’t he have blood from the Triton Continent?

He approached with playful eyes and a kind-looking smile.

However, looking at his smile, rather than feeling reassured, I felt wary.

He is an amazing person in many ways.

“Nice to meet you. Count Acres, Lady Count Otis.”

He came up alone, talking hesitantly, and said hello to Count Otis and Count Acres.

Identifying the identities of the two people and even dispatching a rescue unit when they were in crisis means that they have the ability to collect sufficient information.

“Thank you for saving me. “I will never forget this grace for the rest of my life.”

“Thank you so much.”

It was Arcia and I who ultimately drove out the enemies, but if they hadn’t helped us, we would have died a long time ago.

It was natural to say thank you like this.

“Well, isn’t it the right thing to do as a human being?”

It’s probably not because of ethics, but because of hidden intentions.

And then the gaze of the revolutionary army commander named Israel turned to Arsia and me.

“These days, I see a very famous person in a place like this. Marquis Adrian Lawrence, Countess Arsia Klein.”

“her… … .”

“Oh, sorry to startle you. For your information, Marquis Lawrence and I are friends. haha!”

I never thought my name would come out of his mouth.

I can only think that there is something beyond the level of intelligence in this.

“Huh? Marquis Lawrence and Count Arcia? really?”

Count Acres, who was more surprised than anyone else in the room at our identity, asked Lady Otis if it was real, and she had to let out an awkward laugh as she saw the Count behaving in an awkward manner befitting his age.

“Uncle, hush.”

I shrugged and took off the mask and robe I was wearing.

What can you do if you are hiding your face when everything is exposed anyway?

“Why is someone from the Second Prince faction here?”

“Uncle, is that important now?”

Count Acres, who was reciting a line without any tact, was eventually pinched in the side by Lady Otis.

This meant that my identity was revealed, so Arcia took off the mask and robe she was wearing.

Perhaps because of Arcia’s overly pretty appearance that you only see on TV, small exclamations of exclamation flowed from the mouths of Revolutionary Army Commander Israel and his subordinate male Auror Masters.

“How did you notice?”

“It’s a trade secret.”

The playful look was like the clown mask I was wearing just now.

This means that his speech and facial expressions all appear to be an act to hide his true appearance.

This person also took off his mask, but it doesn’t make sense that he’s still wearing it.

So I chanted a spell to remove his mask.

“His Majesty Oscar Prius of Israel is a mischievous man.”

-I flinch.

An expression that changes in an instant.

The playfulness disappeared from his face, and the corners of his eyes rose sharply.

He was the legitimate son of the old royal family that only maintained its name.

“I was very surprised. How do you know me?”

“It’s a trade secret.”

Give back what you received.

He laughed, and when I revealed my identity, the embarrassed guards belatedly drew their swords.

It’s as if he can’t be saved anymore than he knows his true identity.

But there is no problem with this either.

Arcia drew her sword, and Count Acres also drew his sword at the revolutionary army, saying that he should support me first.

It’s a truly meaningless standoff.

If the battle continues like this, both forces will gain nothing and will only suffer losses.

“Go to sleep, calm down.”

The Israeli commander calmed his men and settled the situation.

Then, with a deep sigh, he pulled out several chairs from subspace.

“Please sit down first.”

Having become the guardian of Count Acres and Lady Otis, I became curious about this gentleman’s business.

So we sat across from each other without saying a word, and the others took their seats without notice.

“Recognizing the identities of the two people was purely based on intuition. A pair of male archmage and female auror master. “It’s nothing more than a guess based on young voices.”

Does that mean I was a fool and fell for it?

I laughed out loud at the absurdity.

“Then can you tell me how you figured out my identity?”

“I was very interested in the Republic of Prius from the beginning. “To your revolutionary army.”

They have never declared themselves to be a revolutionary army.

So what I mean is that I understand them completely.

‘Of course, you’re bluffing.’

But the bravado paid off, and the revolutionary soldiers swallowed their saliva and stared at me as if I were a dangerous person.

“Then let’s stop being nervous and get to the point.”

There is no obligation to try to convince them.

So I completely ignored their curiosity.

The commander of the Israeli Revolutionary Army shrugged his shoulders with a defeated expression.

“I can’t grasp the depth of the Marquis’ hand. “He is someone I would never want to make an enemy of.”

“If you haven’t done anything wrong to me, there’s no reason for you to be my enemy.”

“Yes, let’s be careful.”

Next, the Israeli commander revealed the real purpose of requesting this position.

“Lady Otis.”

“Yes, Commander.”

He asked Lady Otis with an extremely serious expression.

“You copied Archduke Lucas’ research materials from the website you accessed, right?”

They’re calling it fake Giyeon, but to avoid suspicion, I copied quite a few Giyeon and handed them over to Louis Fairmont.

Although most of it is of low importance, it is still data left behind by Archduke Lucas.

Its value could never be ignored.


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