My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 63

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Episode 63: Dream in the game becomes reality

19. Candidate for sainthood (2)

The Crown Prince seemed to understand that I was so embarrassed by the disappearance of the two people, but he smiled bitterly and said, “You don’t have to worry.”

“How do you plan to respond? “It could be a dangerous situation if you are missing and have no contact and your location is unknown.”

“First, we requested the extradition of the two men through official diplomatic lines. And they secretly brought in special forces along with national intelligence.”

The official request for extradition through diplomatic lines and the deployment of unauthorized troops were completely contradictory responses.

It would be best if the situation could be resolved quietly, but the possibility of that happening was low.

Diplomatic friction seemed inevitable in one way or another.

I could sense the crown prince’s will to save the two people, even if it meant taking some risk.

However, it is not easy for will to lead to results.

I sat quietly scratching the back of my head and stood up and said.

“I will go.”


“Rescuing two people, I’m probably the right person. “I will hide my identity and move secretly, but I would like to ask you to follow up so that my identity is not revealed.”

Wouldn’t you have thought that I would be this proactive?

Surprise and gratitude appeared on the crown prince’s face.

In fact, the reason those two people were in crisis was my fault for arranging a fake agency in the Republic of Prius… … .

“Then, we will organize your last confirmed location and the place you are most likely currently staying and send it to the terminal.”

“All right.”

And I was about to go back to the estate, but suddenly I remembered one thing I shouldn’t forget.

“Ah, Your Royal Highness the Crown Prince. This time, I am a candidate for sainthood… … .”

“Yes, I will actively push you, so don’t worry.”

Even before Ivril’s name came out, the Crown Prince nodded as if telling him to go quickly.

In this way, the original purpose was achieved.

Now it’s time to take on a new quest.

I immediately returned to the territory and attempted to teleport to the Prius Republic with Arcia and Black Eagle.

This is unexpected illegal immigration.

* * *

The Earl of Acres is one of the Crown Prince’s closest associates.

As the second-highest-ranking Auror Master after Marquis Vincent (a close associate of the Second Prince), who is said to be the best sword in the kingdom, he is an eccentric who is famous for wandering around in search of strong men and asking for their teachings.

Since he is still young at 40 years old, he lacks fame compared to Marquis Vincent.

However, among the knights, they all unanimously declared that if a Grand Master (8th Circle level) were to be born in the Kingdom of Reinharts, it would be Count Acres, not Marquis Vincent.

“Say, uncle!”

The Earl of Acres is now in crisis.

This crisis started because of a woman who had just shed her girlishness before our eyes.

Her name is Michelle Otis.

In terms of his reputation as an eccentric, he surpassed even the Auror Master, Count Acres.

She was uncharacteristically teary-eyed, because Count Acres had suffered serious injuries while protecting her.

“Stop giving up.”

The two were now surrounded by numerous Vanguards belonging to the Prius Republic.

No matter how great the Aura Master was, it was difficult to deal with numerous Vanguards alone without Force equipment.

Moreover, since the person in charge of commanding the enemy Vanguard was also an Auror Master like Count Acres, escape using force was impossible.

‘How did this happen?’

Count Acres bit his lip.

He had been friends with his cousin, Margrave Otis, for a long time, and he thought Michelle Otis, his cousin’s daughter, was cute.

However, she, who was eager to find an opportunity, suddenly decided to travel to the Republic of Prius, which is in a state of tension with the Brigham Empire.

So I volunteered to be his escort, thinking I should protect him, but I never imagined that the trip would be this dangerous.

“You thieves!”

In discovering the talent of Archduke Lucas, which was lightly regarded as Michel’s hobby, her understanding was beyond imagination, and a situation arose where she briefly accessed the talent obtained by ‘Lewis Fairmont’, which resulted in the death of this month.

Therefore, they had no choice even if the Vanguard of the Prius Republic treated them as thieves.

“You are mistaken! We are just tourists, and we have no intention of antagonizing your country! Think carefully! “If I really had impure intentions, I wouldn’t have brought a woman here with me!”

Count Acres desperately raised his voice to explain this, but the Auror Master, the commander of the Vanguard unit, snorted at the explanation.

“What kind of misunderstanding is this? “The moment that woman got close to her, your punishment was decided to be death.”

“It is true that she is very interested in science, but who would have thought that firewall could be so easily breached! “If her goal was to take over the talent in the first place, there is no way she would have raised this number!”

“Our republic never negotiates with thieves. “Stop giving up your life.”

I didn’t think I would listen because they explained it in words.

“I’m sorry uncle.”

Even Michelle Otis, who is famous for being a bitch, must have had a hard time accepting death, so she repeatedly apologized out of fear.

I could tell that the two were really close just by calling Dang Suk intimately, “uncle.”

So Count Acres drew his sword, ready to die on her behalf.

“On the left, can you see how thin the siege is? When I tell you to, run there without looking back. It looks like the space movement magic will disappear if you move about 300 meters. Then we can use teleportation as well.”

“Well, then what about your uncle?”

“Don’t worry, I can escape on my own without you.”

Anyone could tell it was a lie.

He currently had a large cut on his side, so it seemed impossible for anyone to escape while facing so many Vanguards alone.

“No, you can’t do that!”

“Stop talking nonsense and run. now!”

However, at Count Acres’ shout, she moved her feet without realizing it.


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“What a new wave on the subject of damn thieves! Run away! “Don’t miss it!”

“Where! Deal with me first, you bastards!”

It was an escape operation that included sacrifice and had a low probability of success.

* * *

The crown prince sent me a neat list of places where Count Acres and Lady Otis might be staying.

However, the problem is that even if the crown prince designated a specific location, the scope is so broad that it is at the level of ‘finding a needle on the beach’ or ‘finding Wang Xi’an in Beijing.’

“I’m counting on you.”


But I’m not too worried.

By utilizing Black Eagle’s vision-sharing skill and Man-kyung’s clairvoyance and clairvoyance, I had a search ability that was no different from that of a sonic reconnaissance plane or reconnaissance satellite.

Moreover… … .

-Go go go go.

Icarus, a high-speed surprise sky fortress that had not expected to see the world so soon, began its search by flying 2km above the ground covered in invisibility magic.

“If you think about it, it’s true that I provided the cause, but does it make sense to bring the Prius Republic to this situation based on common sense?”

I shared the field of view with Black Eagle and continued to search with my eyes closed. After about 30 minutes, I felt a pain in my optic nerves and complained.

Arcia, who was looking at the dashboard of the sky fortress Icarus, leisurely sipped her tea and said something.


“what!? already!?”

Startled, I broke eye contact with Black Eagle, ordered them to return, and quickly approached Arsia.

And I looked at the goal that Arcia had found.

“It’s true.”

Looks like this will be resolved easily.

The target was located on the ground 20km northwest from the sky we were floating in.

After figuring out the coordinates, I returned Sky Fortress Icarus to subspace and used teleportation.

There was a small teleportation disruption magic in place at that location, so we moved to a point 500 meters in the air.


Then the scenery changed from a cloudless sky to a space surrounded by tall mountain ranges.

Right now, Arcia and I are dressed in cliché camouflage, wearing loose-fitting black robes and clown masks.

I was excited because I thought I could owe the Crown Prince a debt if my target was alive, but the situation that unfolded beneath my feet was unexpected.

“What is that?”

First of all, it was confirmed that the two target people survived.

They were being attacked by what appeared to be the Prius Republic’s Vanguard unit, but the problem was that a mysterious force accompanied by the Armored Golem was protecting Count Acres and Lady Otis and dealing with the Prius Republic’s unit.

Considering the power of both forces, it is as follows.

-Prius Republic: 20 Vanguards

-Mysterious force: 10 Vanguards, 15 Armored Golems

For reference, the Armored Golem is a spider-shaped armored weapon that was previously used by the assassination unit dispatched by Anna, and is a weapon from the century before the advent of the Vanguard.

The production cost is similar to Vanguard’s force equipment, but the combat power is one-fifth of the level.

Therefore, the battle method adopted by the mysterious force was not to kill the enemy, but to help Count Acres and Lady Otis escape.

“Are Auror Masters this common? “There are four people here alone.”

In addition to Arcia and Count Acres, there was one Auror Master from the Prius Republic side and one from the mysterious force side.

“What would you like to do?”

Will they just take away Count Acres and Lady Otis, or will they support the mysterious force that is helping them? … .

As I hovered in the air and looked at the mess beneath my feet, I checked the information displayed on the magnifying glass and decided to take action.

[Prius Republic Revolutionary Army]

It was decided to support the revolutionary army that was assisting Count Acres and Lady Otis.

I only held a dagger instead of a magic staff, and Arcia was armed with a rapier instead of an arming sword.

Then we disarmed the floating spell and began free falling.

Just because you don’t have a magic staff doesn’t mean you can’t use magic.

However, the power decreases slightly and the casting time increases.

I immediately cast the memorized 7th circle anti-personnel spell.

‘Flame Blaster.’

Then, as if it was just a magic spell, a fire dragon the size of a house stretched downward as if writhing and engulfed the vanguards of the Republic of Prius.

The Vanguards of the Prius Republic, who were in high spirits, looked up at us in horror, and as if repaying their gaze, Arcia’s Auror Blade was strengthened with Force equipment and released.

“shit! “I’m an Auror Master!”

Then, as if to incite their confusion, the memorized magic of the 7th circle poured in again.

“Dodge, dodge!”


As anti-magic and auror blades rained down one after another, the battlefield quickly became chaos.

Even the revolutionary army supporting Count Acres and Lady Otis was so embarrassed that they were left confused.


When Arcia and I landed on the ground, there was not a single Vanguard of the Prius Republic left.

This is because they ran away in a hurry, carrying injured or dead people.

The Republic of Prius is considered one of the four major empires representing Rondel.

Although the term “empire” may not be appropriate as it claims to be a democracy, the people of this country are said to be proud of the title.

Since the Vanguard of such a powerful nation had created a situation in which the Auror Master had no choice but to flee, there was no choice but to be on high alert toward Arsia and me.

“Two people came to meet me. “Please go back.”

Count Acres and Lady Otis flinched in surprise when my hand was directed towards them.

After confirming that Count Acres was seriously injured, I used the 7th circle recovery spell, Recovery.



Lady Otis opened her eyes wide and stared at Arsia and me, as if she felt something.

“Seo, really?”

They tried to hide it, but it seems like they have a good eye for it.

I put my finger over the mouth of the clown mask and told him to be quiet.

This was a sign that what she was thinking was correct. Lady Otis’s expression brightened and she quickly approached us, holding Count Acres’ hand.


However, the two were blocked by those with the title of revolutionary army.

“What is it?”

This means that she is very busy with the operation to make Everil a saint.

Their time-consuming behavior naturally filled my voice with displeasure.

“I’m sorry, but there’s something I’d like to ask you.”

Well, there was a purpose, I guess, to protect these two while dealing with the Prius Republic’s Vanguard unit.

Anyway, it was thanks to them that the two people survived, so I shrugged my shoulders and waited for the story to continue.

“I heard that you were connected to Louis Fairmont’s contract. “Is his talent real?”

I looked at Lady Otis with an angry expression at the unexpected question.

Did you connect to a fake agency?

How do I plug the USB into a computer?


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