My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 6

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Episode 6: Dreams in games become reality

2. Hyeonjil (3)

Chronicle Online, where Archduke Lucas’s legacy rests, is a second-generation virtual reality game that has been in service for 10 years.

Considering that the IBRE statement was made known 20 years ago, it may seem surprising that the time gap is too large, but when you know it, the reason is simple.

‘This is because talent is not fixed in one place and moves to another place when the time comes.’

A treasure hunter with a good sense or a national organization with excellent information might have figured out that the fund was hidden online, but it was not something that could be found by just wandering around blindly.

‘Giyeon has the will.’

Giyeon can go anywhere that Hollywood, a virtual reality system, is connected to, and can penetrate any security system to establish its own territory.

This can be seen just by looking at Chronicle Online’s management system, ‘Jushin’, which acts as a middle manager for the bank.

Therefore, in order to gain opportunity, you need to take a different approach.

Instead of just focusing on the places where the mystery is hidden, we must study the character of Archduke Lucas himself.

Of course, there is no need to say at length that knowledge related to the Earth is greatly helpful in the process.

So, one question arises here.

‘Apart from my status in the game, the question is how can Chronicle Online’s unique options, such as supporter ‘Arsia’, be applied to reality?’

If there were no supporters in Chronicle Online, Arcia would have stayed asleep.

As expected, the real-life Arcia said that it was Archduke Lucas who created her.

Even though Chronicle Online’s system was created after the death of Archduke Lucas, doesn’t it match well with the skills he prepared?

‘This is impossible unless you at least look into the future.’

However, in this part, you can feel the fear of the fate left behind by Archduke Lucas.

As I said before, KIEN has the will.

Anywhere connected to the Hollywood system, it penetrates any defense and establishes its own territory.

However, this does not end with just installing a basic system, and they even add or modify settings according to their taste.

Virtual reality is a method in which the human brain is directly connected to a server through a terminal, and Kiyeon used this to brainwash game creators into following instructions.

In other words, it means manipulating humans.

‘This is no different from hacking the brain.’

What a scary story this is.

It’s a method that only appears in science fiction movies.

Perhaps, if Archduke Lucas wanted to, he could control all the humans who use the Hollywood system.

* * *

“By the way, Arcia.”

“Yes, master.”

A little free time while hunting Orcs to level up and waiting for Regen.

I called out to Arcia, who was standing still and staring into space.

“What happens to your real-life body while you’re connected to the game?”

“Switch to eco mode and take a break. However, a surveillance function is activated for your protection.”

“So if there’s a problem outside, you can let me know or respond right away?”

“That’s right.”

It’s more convenient than you can imagine.

While I am connected to the game, the real me is defenseless.

But now there is a means of protection.

Even if I get misunderstood in the future, I will keep Arsia in my room.


At that time, Arcia informed me of the monster’s regeneration.

I lifted the magic staff and started casting.

“Magic Missile.”

Our fighting method was very simple.

When Arcia, a tank, attracts the attention of monsters, I finish her off with magic.

It is common knowledge that the attack power of a typical 1st class wizard is worse than that of a sword, but I have high-performance equipment for low levels that I purchased without thinking about the overpriced stats and the price.

Thanks to this, monsters of the same level were always one-shot, one-kill.

After Arcia was born, there was no need to feel the pain of being beaten by monsters.

In that respect, I thought it was very fortunate that my occupation was fixed as a wizard.

In the end, the most difficult time for hunting was the level 1 to 10 section where you only wielded a sword without any skills.

[You have reached level 30.]

A sweet level-up message whenever you hear it.

I clenched my fists.

[Giyeon Quest Stage 2]

Conditions: Reach level 30 (clear), defeat Orc warrior Kantz

Reward: Manuel Lucas’ Magic Tower 3rd floor opened

Now, all you have to do is catch the named monster ‘Orc Warrior Kantz’ to clear the quest.

If you clear stage 2 of the Giyeon quest, the 3rd floor of the Magic Tower will also be unlocked.

Then, as I was able to achieve an even better performance by reaching the level of the 2nd circle, my expectations could not help but increase.

Since the only remaining task is to defeat a named monster, you will probably be able to obtain the reward before the connection limit is reached.

As expected, with the experience of cultivating a max-level character plus the power of the real thing, the growth rate was very fast.

You will probably be able to maintain this pace steadily until level 100.

“But the ‘Orc Warrior Kantz’… … . “Is this your first time hearing it?”

I tracked the location of the orc warrior Kantz using the auxiliary function of the quest window.

However, the location of Kantz indicated on the map was unexpected.

“It’s here?”


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This is because it was ‘the first floor of Manuel Lucas’ Magic Tower’.

This means that it is not a typical Chronicle Online monster, but a monster created for the sake of entertainment.

Thanks to this, a small furrow appeared between my eyebrows as I searched for the target with a light heart.

For now, we will move according to schedule.

But, what is it… … .

What is this uncomfortable feeling?

[You will be moved to a secret space by Ariel.]

Next, the surrounding scenery changed along with the space movement message.

The first floor of Manuel Lucas’ Magic Tower feels like a waiting room.

A blank space surrounded on all sides by marble.

But there was something different now than before.

A large green human was glaring at me with a glaive draped over his shoulder.

“If I kill a human, I become special.”

And then a guy with a name tag on his head called Orc Warrior Kantz began to approach me defiantly, saying meaningful lines.

There is no way a normal Orc warrior would lose to a wizard assisted by a tank-type supporter, but this guy gave off a strong feeling that it would be difficult to defeat him lightly.

[It is not possible to use consumable attack items such as bombs or scrolls.]

In addition, the use of items that could easily continue the hunt was banned, making it easy to understand the meaning of this battle.

‘Now that I see it, this is a device for practical experience.’

Does this mean that he will raise me, who is no different from his disciple, to be strong?

I smiled and looked ahead.



After a while.

The guy slowly increased his movement speed and started running.

I quickly instructed Arcia to defend herself.

She prepared for the ensuing shock by putting a shield larger than her body in front of her.

“die! human!”

The distance narrowed in an instant.

The muscles covered in green skin expanded greatly, and the tightly gripped glaive was swung fiercely.

It seems difficult in terms of mass and momentum for the slender-looking Arcia to block the attack of a monster that is about 2 meters tall… … .


An impact sound as if a bomb had exploded rang out, and it was Kantz, the orc warrior, who took a step back, not Arcia.

As expected, it was a supporter-like defense with the highest level of ability among uniques.


Kantz looked very realistically surprised at the topic of game monsters, as if he couldn’t believe that he was defeated in a power struggle.


But that expression did not last long.

This is because the casting of the attack magic was completed the moment the two collided.

I pointed with my finger at Kantz’s face, which was wide open as he was taking a step back.

“Magic Missile.”

The blue energy that formed on the tip of the finger became a beam of light and destroyed the guy’s right eyeball.


[Critical Hit!]


Thanks to covering my entire body with high-quality equipment, my magic missiles have surpassed the 1st circle level.

A monster of the same level can easily beheaded with one shot and one kill.


“W-what is it?”

However, the guy showed tenacity in fighting back even though his critical eye area was blown out.


This time, Arcia was able to overcome the crisis by thoroughly blocking the enemy’s attacks, but I frowned when I saw the HP above its head.

[Orc Warrior Kantz]

HP 5,300/5,500

“Huh, crazy.”

Aside from its total HP, it suffered fatal injuries, so what kind of ridiculous hardness is this?

-Quaang! bang! bang!

Although Kantz was excited, he seemed to think that swinging his weapon at Arcia’s shield in the first collision would be ineffective, so he persistently aimed at me from behind.

Arcia was protecting me very well despite the fierce attack, but because my senses of the game and reality were synchronized by chance, the shock waves became so threatening that I could feel them through my skin.


Sparks fly before my eyes from time to time.

If that glaive were to penetrate Arsia’s shield even once and land on my body, the pain would be beyond imagination.

It would be a lie if I said I wasn’t nervous at the fearsome force of the enemy, but I have lived here for over 40 years, including my previous life.

As I had already experienced death and even drank poison as a child, I could not be so scared that my judgment was clouded.



When using not only a glaive but all types of swords, stepping stones are very important.

I snatched the stepping stone with digging magic at the timing when the guy took a step forward, and when the big green figure stumbled, Arcia succeeded in knocking him down using shield charging.

“I was scared.”

I briefly clicked my tongue and cast Magic Missile.

Kantz, embarrassed, quickly tried to get up, but Arcia wouldn’t let him.

-thud! thud! thud!

“B, cowardly!”

When he tried to get up, he swung his shield and knocked him down, and when he tried to get up again, he swung his shield and knocked him down.

In response, Kantz made all kinds of shows, such as swinging the glaive, rolling sideways, and throwing his body, but he was unable to get up easily under Arcia’s thorough marking, which was like a wall.

“Magic Missile. Magic Missile.”

In the meantime, I was firing magic missiles with great ease, repeatedly casting and appearing.

No matter how strong he was, Kantz’s HP was helplessly reduced by the successive attacks.

It was only after a long time that he was able to escape from the shield hell, but by that time, he already had only about 10% of his HP left.

“I would have been able to escape faster if I had just put down my sword and imitated some ground techniques.”

After all, no matter how much it has been strengthened, is it inevitable to have a structured program?

The glaive that he refused to let go of until the end actually hindered his actions.


Kantz was extremely excited and rushed forward like a berserker, but the pressure on him had long since disappeared.

The battle was over before long simply by continuing to defend and attack as safely as possible.

[The Orc warrior Kantz has been defeated.]

This battle can be said to be the result of wit and unwavering coolness.

[You have cleared stage 2 of the Giyeon quest.]

[The conditions for opening the next area of ​​the Magic Tower have been met. The 3rd floor of Manuel Lucas’ Magic Tower is open.]

I nodded with satisfaction and immediately headed to the third floor of the Magic Tower.

-3rd floor of Manuel Lucas’ Magic Tower.

Similar to the second floor, but a little wider and more luxurious.

As expected, a huge bookshelf on one wall caught the eye, and in front of it was a box with an eye-catching ornate pattern.

[Treasure Box 2]


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