My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 59

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Episode 59: Dream in the game becomes reality

18. Monopoly (2)

The fierce-looking woman forgetting her snack is the famous Count Arsia Klein.

Seeing Ivril and Alba’s shocked appearance, Arcia made a condescending ‘ahem’ sound.

If Adrian had been there, the sight of him smiling at his father, saying he was cute, seemed terrifying to them.

But then.

Arcia, who was continuously throwing chocolate snacks into her mouth, got her eyes fixed on something.

[voice of the customer]

It was an opinion box that could easily be found in stores where customer service is the main service, such as restaurants or distribution companies.

Usually, even if something like this is seen, few people write down their opinions and submit it.

The reason is that putting something in the opinion box in front of employees only seemed to be making a complaint.

However, Arcia was someone who did not need to pay attention to anyone here.

She chewed the cookie and approached the customer’s voice box, took out a piece of paper and began to write something on it.

[Unfriendly staff / Arcia Klein (Seal)]

He then kindly stamped his name and family seal, a sign of nobility, and placed the paper in the comment box.

In fact, there was no need to include the name and seal, but it was a habit developed through repeated document approval at the estate.

Senior Alva, who had been unkind to him, stumbled, and due to the height difference between him and Arcia, the knights who saw the content unintentionally opened their eyes and reached for their swords.

“Did you dare insult His Excellency the Count?”

Senior Alba, whose legs gave out at the sight of the knights glaring at him with a terrifying aura, became pale and fell to the ground.


As she looked like she was about to shed tears, Arcia shrugged her shoulders and stopped the knights who were emitting lasers with their eyes.

Even though the convenience store part-timer was rude, he didn’t think it was right for the knights to draw their swords.

Perhaps because of this incident, she will never look down on others.

“Let’s go now.”

In response to Arcia’s decision, Administrator Cecil reached out to Ivril.

“What is your name, young lady?”

“This is Everil. “Ivril Barnett.”

“Then, Ivril, let’s go to the lord’s castle together. You don’t have to worry about your parents or work. “We will resolve it well.”

Just like that, Ivril left the convenience store, leaving Alba senior, who was completely distraught after being treated like a princess out of nowhere.

But Arcia didn’t know.

The fact that the convenience store headquarters was turned upside down because of a piece of paper that he thoughtlessly stamped and placed in the opinion box.

Even Count Ford, a magnate in the distribution industry and the owner of a convenience store, heard the story and became furious and even tried to arrest the part-time worker.

Fortunately, the vassals of the Count Ford family stopped him, saying that they could not dispose of the person whom Arcia had saved, and the part-timer was revived. However, the person is said to have been registered on the blacklist of all companies related to the Count Ford family.

Her story of never being able to enter the distribution industry again has become a representative example of companies emphasizing the importance of kindness.

* * *

“Hehe, but I somehow managed to raise my level today.”

I was engrossed in the game all day and logged out for a moment to meet a girl named Everil who Arcia had recruited.

When I took off my gaming goggles, the first thing I saw was Arcia’s face, and I stood up, holding her hand as if it were natural.

“What about that girl?”

“The maids dragged me away, saying they would wash and dress me up. “It’s been about two hours, so shouldn’t it be over by now?”

I always try to treat my people with the best treatment.

The girl who will be entering the gifted center may be embarrassed by the suddenly changed environment, but I thought that experiencing the change directly would help her adapt quickly rather than being overwhelmed and intimidated by the atmosphere.

Then, Arcia placed her hand on her temple, and the Mangyeong that had been hidden by the invisibility magic appeared.

“Here it is.”

“thank you.”

I took the Mankyung that Arcia gave me, washed my body cleanly with clear magic, and lightly put on my coat.

It may be surprising, but this body is very convenient.

Thanks to her good physical balance and her gisaeng-like face, she was able to wear any outfit with ease.

Lookism was no different in this world or on Earth, so there was nothing wrong with being good-looking.

“My lord.”

“My lord.”

As I left the room, maids and servants bowed their heads from all directions.

The place we are heading to is the huge outbuilding of the Marquis Lawrence Castle.

This time, when I received my title, the entire gifted center was moved, and the place where they were located was a separate building.

Now I don’t have to worry about anyone, and thanks to my rapid rise in status, everyone at the gifted center has created an environment where they can focus on their studies with peace of mind.

In addition, the quality of teachers who will teach them is also improving, leading to a steep growth curve every day.

I’m really looking forward to the next few years.

By then, how many high-ranking wizards and high-ranking knights will be around me… … .

Perhaps an archmage and an auror master might appear?

“See you, my lord.”

“I see you, my lord.”

As I arrived at the newly named gifted building, I saw a girl sitting with blonde hair and a pretty glamorous look, and a guy with a cool, intellectual vibe.

“Sir Eric, you’re not going to risk it, are you?”

“Unfortunately, I have no intention of becoming a criminal.”


Eric was one of the most senior members of the gifted center and a person with political talents and characteristics.

Unlike wizards and knights, who needed to step up one level at a time, there was no standard for level, so talents related to administration and politics grew very quickly.

Although only four months had passed, he had enough abilities and agility to be put to use on the front line right away.


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Ivril in an ivory dress and Eric in a black suit contrasted like an angel and a devil.

‘Well, she’s a candidate for sainthood and a prospective politician. ‘She seems like an angel and a devil not only on the outside but also on the inside.

I took the head table with Arcia and looked at the well-dressed Ivril.

Is it because Arcia keeps hanging out with him?

Or is it because my mother is a peerless beauty?

I am no longer very impressed by women’s beauty.

Moreover, although she was pretty, she was not as pretty as Arcia.

“I meet His Excellency Marquis Arian Laurence, father of the Lawrence estate.”

“welcome. “This is Adrian Lawrence.”

I hesitated because I wasn’t used to the etiquette of nobles, but I sensed admiration, anticipation, and shame as she looked at me.

I held out my hand to her.

She tilted her head, not knowing what that meant, and I asked for her hand.

A thin, small hand carefully placed on top of my hand.

When Ivril blushed, I immediately withdrew my hand.

“You chose the right one.”

“thank you.”

And I said something unnecessary to Arcia.

To those who don’t know, my actions may seem like confirmation of Ivril’s potential.

In some cases, it was even directed that way.

“Miss Ivril, you said your dream is to become an administrator, right?”

When I asked her question, she nodded loudly and her eyes sparkled brightly.

Although she looks mature, she is only a 15-year-old girl.

Since he was only 16 or 17 years old in Korean age, he seemed unused to hiding his emotions.

I broke her wind with a slightly apologetic look.

“It’s a pity, but Ms. Ivril’s talent is not in the administrative field.”

She was visibly disappointed.

However, at my continued words, not only the people involved, but even Eric Jones, a person with political talent who had unexpectedly joined us, widened his eyes.

“I see a talent for divine power in you. And the qualities are great. “Maybe we can aim for the saint’s location.”


“Your Excellency, is that true?”

The qualities of an archmage, an auror master, and a saint have different upper cutoff limits.

As soon as she is chosen by God and becomes a saint, she becomes a user of sacred magic on the same level as an 8th circle wizard, and if the order falls into crisis, her abilities jump to the 9th circle level.

In addition, the position of managing priests around the world was not lacking in power, even at the level of an imperial emperor.

Eric Jones, who absolutely trusted my words, looked at Everil with new eyes.

Ivril was entranced when her unexpected status as a saint was mentioned.

“Of course, becoming a saint is not something you can do just because you have potential. “In the contest to elect a saint, you have to perform well and stand out to God.”

“Then what about Your Excellency?”

Eric, who sensed what I was thinking, swallowed dryly, and I nodded loudly.

“God sent us such a talented person, but we can’t just sit still. I found out that a contest to elect a new saint or saint will soon be held. “I plan to provide full support to make Miss Ivril a saint.”

“It’s ridiculous that I’m a saint.”

“Seventy percent of saints and saints are commoners. There’s nothing that can’t be done. Well, it doesn’t happen for free, so you also need Ms. Ivril’s effort and will to do it. “Before the contest, you will have to learn a lot of things, including etiquette, theology, and sacred magic.”

First of all, she was hired with a down payment of 200 million won and a monthly salary of 500 won, but if he saw potential in her, would that be the end of it?

It wouldn’t have been a waste to give 10 or 100 times that amount.

If I could create a saint with my own hands, that alone would give me great power.

“Think lightly. Aren’t you going from an administrator to a priest? They are both professionals, right? haha.”

Ivril forced a smile with a bloodshot face at my laughter, and Eric, who was quietly listening to the story next to me, looked like he thought it would be fun.

‘wait… … .’

I put Eric in this position without much thought, but I don’t think the combination of these two will be bad.

If Eric, who has political characteristics and talent, assists her, wouldn’t it be possible to create a synergy effect of his own?

“I know it’s confusing right now. For now, Ms. Ivril needs to get used to this place first. “As of today, you are part of the Lord’s Castle family.”

“Okay, thank you. dismissal.”

“Then Eric, please take care of her yourself. “It looks like she became quite friendly in a short period of time.”

Eric, who was quick-witted, realized that there was a reason for my instructions and lowered his head.

“All right. dismissal.”

I smiled as kindly as I could and reassured Everil.

“We will make sure Ms. Ivril’s parents can visit Yeongju Castle at any time. “Make sure you stay at ease.”

In times like these, it’s good to look good.

No matter what they are up to, just meeting them face to face creates trust.

Ivril thanked me for my consideration with a softer expression.

* * *

When Everil was adjusting to her new environment.

“This is annoying.”

As I logged onto Chronicle Online and hunted monsters, I frowned and sighed.

It is inevitable that the growth rate will be slow.

That’s because, at a time when party hunting of 5 to 10 people is essential, they are armed with items and skills, but they are roaming the hunting grounds with a combination of 2 people + 1 animal.

Even if it took a year to reach the next level, it was much faster growth than learning magic directly, so I didn’t pay much attention to the slow leveling up.

But the problem was something other than the slow pace of growth.

“Now that I’m above level 200, I’m starting to notice more and more users.”

Chronicle Online is a game that has been around for 10 years.

Until now, there was almost no contact with other users, but as you passed level 200, the number of encounters with other users increased.

The maximum level in Chronicle Online is 300.

Slowly, the high-level hunting ground and the action radius began to overlap.

‘The problem is that anyone who sees our battle can’t help but tilt their head.’

Because my sense of reality was linked, my display of insanely agile control was noticeable, but Arcia, who was extremely intelligent for a supporter, and Black Eagle, whose system was unheard of for a sub-supporter, could not help but attract attention.

In particular, users who saw Black Eagle started asking one by one what that was.

Every time, I make the excuse that it’s a wild animal that I temporarily tamed through a taming spell, but that’s only happened once or twice… … .

If it was repeated over and over again, it was bound to become a rumor one way or another.

I refuse to draw more attention than necessary.

Then, if the game company investigates, a difficult situation may arise.

It seems like something needs to be done.

“What is the market capitalization of Chronicle Online production company? Are you just going to buy it?”


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