My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 58

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Episode 58: A chance in a game turns into reality

18. Monopoly (1)

As a world where feudalism dominates, the power of religion is very strong in Rondel.

‘Actually, it has to be that way.’

Even people on Earth who have never witnessed a miracle in person often show deep faith, but what would it be like in this world where real miracles exist?

Rondel is quite active, as God often sends apostles to earth and delivers messages through oracles.

This means that it is an environment that cannot be less religious than the Earth.

Additionally, since the entire world believes in one god, the biggest difference from Earth is that there are fewer religious conflicts.

Of course, beings called heretics often appear in Rondel.

However, they are not stigmatized as pagans due to the interests of competing religions, but are recognized as pagans who deny the true God.

Denying the Creator is no different from denying the world, so it can be said that the characteristic of pagan practices is that they do not take deep root and quickly disappear.

‘The name of the being known as Rondel’s creator and sole god is Sepia.’

Naturally, Rondel’s religion is called ‘Sepia’.

The headquarters of the Sepia religion and the place where its leadership is located is called the ‘Holy Land of Everhill’, and is famous for being a country that even the Brigham Empire would not dare to invade.

There are three people who rule over such a holy place: the saint king, the saint, and the saint.

The Holy King oversees the entire administration of the church, and the Saint oversees the military, including the Holy Knights.

And the saint oversees all priests who perform divine miracles in the world.

In other words, the person Arcia found is someone who has the qualities to become such a saint.

“Are there any other characteristics?”

“Yes, there is only one quality of a saint.”

The Holy King, who has received the blessing of the one god Sepia, is elected from the Holy Royal Family by blood, but the saints and saints are chosen by God for a 50-year cycle, regardless of their status.

‘Mangyeong even predicts God’s choice?’

No, that won’t be it.

It is known that as few as 10 and as many as 30 saints and saint candidates are elected.

Afterwards, a contest is held where the god himself presents the task, and the god who watches the entire process selects the saint and the saint.

In other words, the qualities of a saint refer to the saint or candidate for sainthood.

“Can we bring in a being like this and educate him?”

“Shall we cancel the recruitment?”

“No, recruit him first.”

However, we need to consider whether to recruit candidates for sainthood and send them to the temple through sponsorship, or whether to invite priests to educate them.

If the person I raised becomes a saint, its value cannot be converted into money.

Although I was taken aback by his unexpected talent, it was clear that he was one of the talents that could not be overlooked.

“Recruitment seems easy.”

“That’s a good thing.”

According to Arcia, the information on the person in question is as follows.

[Ivril Barnett / Commoner]

Age: 15

Parents’ occupation: Father (porter at a distribution company), mother (kitchen assistant at a restaurant)

Family circumstances: low

She is a very pretty 15-year-old girl with blond eyes. She is said to be working part-time at a convenience store due to her family’s poor financial condition.

I think Arcia discovered it when she stopped by a convenience store to buy snacks.

“Tell me to provide a generous down payment.”


In the end, I decided to bring her in for a down payment of 200 million won and monthly living expenses of 5 million roots.

Originally, the administrator in charge of recruitment negotiations was going to give her a down payment of less than 100 million won considering her age, but based on my advice, he set it at 200 million won.

An ordinary administrator would not have understood, but the recruiter who followed Arcia was well aware of the growth rate of the people receiving education at the gifted center, so he did not dare to criticize the contract.

To them, I am the person who inherited the Duke of Riverdale’s insight.

Well, I could be concerned about the fact that Arcia, not me, was leading the recruitment, but since I was the one who made the final decision, I faithfully followed the instructions.

“How about recruiting talent? Do you think it’s worth it?”

“Yes, I don’t think there will be any problem with this level of activity.”

For reference, Arcia changes the shape of her face using magic when she goes out.

The reason he changed his face was not only because he was so famous among the commoners, but also to disturb the existence of Mangyeong, who was hidden by invisibility magic.

People who are sensitive to magical power will sense something abnormal in Arsia’s face, but they will not be able to easily notice it until Mangyeong.

Since Arcia always wears the glasses I wear, she will stand out when recruiting people, so I couldn’t help it even if it was inconvenient.

“Then I will ask you to continue to do so. “While going out, I visit a cafe and have fun.”

“All right.”

Arsia’s face brightened when the story about the cafe came up.

“Then let’s continue hunting.”

Level up, level up.

Talent is good, but we must not forget priorities.

* * *

Ford Convenience Store, which boasts the largest number of stores in the Kingdom of Reinharts, is known for its thorough employee training with kindness as its motto.

However, just as people’s tendencies cannot be unified, no matter how friendly the head office may be, not all clerks will behave as desired.

“goodbye. “It was a Ford convenience store.”

“Goodbye… … Ford’s side… … “It’s okay.”

‘Ivril’, a girl working at Ford’s convenience store, Building 12, 2nd branch, Marinkov City, had to be heartbroken every time she saw her senior, who was rude and did not say hello to her.

I heard that the boyfriend she started dating this time was Yeongji’s new knight, but she didn’t know if she believed that, but these days, she had become a lot more blunt when dealing with people.

“Ah, I want to get married. Then you won’t have to do this horrible thing.”


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“haha… … .”

“Ivril, you know that? They say that if you marry a knight, the lord himself will give you a house as a congratulatory gift. “It is an unwritten rule that if you are an ordinary knight, you are given a house worth 500 million won, and if you are a high-ranking knight, you are given a house worth between 1 billion and 1.5 billion won.”

“Incredible. “You gave me a house as a wedding gift.”

“500 million to 1 billion is a lot of money to us, but doesn’t it mean the price of gum to nobles? Anyway, if you marry a knight, your life will unfold. Since you are a high-ranking military official, your salary is high. “I also have a lot of severance pay and pension.”


“So, you have my boyfriend Tony, right? He has a boyfriend, but he’s still single. Would you like to go on a blind date?”

“yes? “I’m still a minor?”

“Anyway, you’re old enough to get married in just one year. Senior Tony is also a knight, so he must have that level of discernment.”

Moreover, the problem was that if he didn’t want to work, he would just stay still, but he kept bothering Everil by offering her blind dates.

Arranging a blind date for a minor could only be seen as a lack of common sense.

No, regardless of common sense or not, it was just a criminal act.

“Hey, it’s okay. “I’m going to get married as late as possible.”

“He’s so young, where did he learn to use words like that? “What are you going to do when your looks become outdated?”

“Then people who only like looks are automatically filtered out. “I still prefer studying to dating my ex-boyfriend.”

Since she was young, Everil has often heard people around her say that she will have an easy future because of her pretty appearance.

Is that why?

I don’t know if it was because of her resistance to that neurotic line, but Ivril wanted to become an administrator where her intellectual ability could be recognized rather than a job that focused on her appearance.

But whenever she said this, the reaction was always the same.

“Why are you going through all the trouble? Are you saying your family situation is not good? “Isn’t it better to act a little cleverly?”

Just like this.

Is it okay to study if you don’t have money?

Just saying things you don’t want to hear is a talent.

Ivril did not like people, whether women or men, who only relied on the abilities of the opposite sex and did not make any effort.

She also thought that she did not fit in with her senior.

“Don’t do that…” … .”

“Ah, a guest is coming.”

-A rattle.

“welcome. “It’s a Ford convenience store.”

Fortunately, before the conversation got too long, the guest arrived and the conversation ended automatically.

Naturally, the senior person was reluctant to see the guest who had interrupted the conversation, but Ivril looked at the female customer who was heading straight to the snack corner carrying a basket with suspicion.

He has an ordinary appearance that can be seen anywhere, wearing a robe.

The pattern on the robe didn’t look cheap, but it didn’t look too expensive either.

But what?

I felt a strange sense of strangeness from the guest.

The basket she put down after finishing shopping was full of snacks that she had thrown away without considering the price.

“Sir, one additional piece of this chocolate is included as a special event prize… … .”

“are you okay. “Just count.”

This is a line that everyone wants to say at least once in a convenience store.

With the mindset of taking only what you need without looking at events or prices, it doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it looks cool for no reason.

However, the senior, who did not like the female customer from the moment she appeared, muttered as if complaining.

“what? Pretending to be rich?”

It seems like he decided that he wasn’t a very special person after seeing his clothes.

Ivril’s frown naturally narrowed at that, but she didn’t show it and left the room to bring in the event prizes.

“But just in case, take it with you. This is more delicious than I thought. I’m sure it will suit your taste.”

Then, with a bright smile, she added an additional chocolate cookie to the items she purchased.

“Thank you.”

When the customer readily expressed their gratitude, I felt proud.

However, the tactless senior always added a word.

“And then you take it.”

“Senior, a little… … .”

“What am I?”

When you’re at a convenience store, you come across all sorts of truths.

But the truth of this situation right now was clearly a senior.

Fortunately, the customer was so patient that he probably heard her story but didn’t pay any attention.

However, the unexpected situation that followed sent a chill through the convenience store.

“Ah, Arcia. “I’ve been looking for it for a long time.”

“Because I’m hungry.”

“Then, let’s go to a nearby restaurant…” … .”

“This is enough.”

Although they were dressed in casual clothes and covered with black sheaths, four men, who were obviously drivers, and a stern-looking woman who appeared to be a secretary hurriedly entered the convenience store and complained to the blunt female customer.

“omg! Would you like to eat these? This is junk food… … .”

“are you okay. Even if you drink poison, you won’t get sick.”

“Arsia. but… … .”

How can the food sold at convenience stores be junk food?

These are made in clean factories.

Well, there are people who treat convenience store food as junk food.

People who live in a castle have the perception that all commoners’ food is junk food.

“are you okay. ah! “I left it in the terminal.”

“I will calculate. “Already, the lord gave us excessive activity expenses.”

Naturally, Ivril and Alba’s expressions turned white.

This was a case that was caught incorrectly.

Given the circumstances, it was clear that the woman in front of me, Arcia, was a noblewoman.

What are the chances of encountering a noble in the Marquis of Lawrence, with a population of 7 million?

How dare they enjoy such useless glory.

Ivril swallowed dry saliva, and Senior Alba’s complexion was so discolored that he looked like he was about to suffocate.

“Gye, let me help you with the calculations. “It’s 104,500 routes.”

The calculation proceeded smoothly.

The sturdy drivers groveled at the female customers and offered to carry the convenience store bags themselves, but Arcia took care of the chocolate snacks recommended by Ivril separately.

The two people at the convenience store prayed for her to leave without saying anything.

but… … .

Arcia immediately opened a cookie and put it in her mouth, then pointed at Ivril.

“Let’s take that blonde girl.”

“uh? “Is that woman a target?”


“All right.”

Ivril said, ‘Hi!’ He made a loud noise and was scared, and the part-timer next to him was greatly relieved, perhaps because he had not been singled out.

“Miss, you don’t have to be surprised. I have absolutely no intention of harming you. “My name is Cecil and I am an administrator belonging to the Marquis of Lawrence Castle.”

“Are you the administrator of the Lord’s Castle?”

“Yes, it is. Here is the seal.”

But there was something strange about the situation.

Isn’t Ivril’s dream job as an administrator?

When the stylish career woman, who seemed to be expressing her ideal, greeted her politely, Ivril expressed her doubts with a more subdued expression.

“But what made me… … .”

“Are you interested in working at the Lord’s Castle?”


And when Administrator Cecil made an unexpected proposal, Ivril’s eyes widened.

“As you know, our lord is the Duke of Riverdale’s disciple. Lord, like your teacher, you have an excellent ability to detect people’s talents. “The lord is hoping to have the young lady.”

At Administrator Cecil’s explanation that followed, Ivril made a blank expression, saying she couldn’t believe it.

“My lord?”

“Are you not very inclined?”

“Oh, no, it’s really good. “Because it was sudden.”

“If you think about the future, this is an opportunity that you must seize.”

“But my family has a lot of debt, so I have to work.”

“If you don’t mind, may I ask how much you owe?”

“Well, um. “I heard it was around 100 million.”

“We will give you a generous down payment of 200 million won and 500 won a month for living expenses. “Then there’s no problem?”

“Huh… … . If so, then of course we should accept it. “But I’m a minor, so I need my parents’ permission.”

“Sure. But the most important thing is what you think.”

Are you even dreaming?

Ivril pinched her cheek like an idiot.

“Hey, Administrator, what about me?”

“It’s none of your business.”

Senior Alva may have forgotten his previous actions, but he was blinded by the ashes and dared to join in on the conversation, but Administrator Cecil shook his head coldly.

The disappointment of a senior I didn’t like.

Ivril felt so relieved to see that.

Then, in an unrealistic situation, I looked at Arcia, who was leisurely forgetting snacks and nodding repeatedly behind me.

“ah! “Then maybe that’s him!?”

Lord of the Marquisate of Lawrence and the name Arsia.

Even though it was too late, Ivril was able to recognize her identity.

“Yes, Your Excellency Count Klein. “His face is so well known that he hides his real face with magic.”


Ivril’s eyes sparkled even brighter, and Alba, who had been greedy for the ash, swallowed in vain.


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