My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 57

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Episode 57: Dream in the game becomes reality

17. Level up again (4)

‘First, let’s organize the items obtained as rewards for clearing the Giyeon quest.’

The reward for clearing the first stage was only money and circles, and there were no other in-kind rewards. As a reward for clearing the second stage, a sub-space of 20㎥ was provided, but this is difficult to consider as in-kind.

-Stage 3 clear reward

From stage 3 onwards, the quality of compensation increases significantly.

This is because three bottles of ‘Elixir’, an extra life that cannot be obtained even by paying money, were given.

However, since only a few drops of 1 bottle of elixir were used during the war, it is difficult to say that it is 3 complete bottles, and it would be more accurate to say that it is about 2.9 bottles.

-Level 4 clear reward

What need are there for long words?

The 4th level reward is the ‘mangyeong’, glasses that see through the essence.

I think this is the best gift I have received through acting, with Arcia always by my side.

-Level 5 clear reward

Thirteen types of force equipment with the highest performance named ‘Istro’ were given.

It is equipment with names such as Istro Magic Staff and Istro Robe.

Estoro equipment looks like regular Force equipment, but it has the advantage that even ordinary people can use the Force if the Aura is charged.

As rechargeable Force equipment can cause controversy, I am refraining from providing it to anyone other than Arcia.

Currently, 2 types of Istro equipment (staff, robe) are in use, and 4 types (armor, shield, arming sword, short sword) are in use by Arcia.

I think it’s really interesting that even wizard equipment has force functions.

In addition, there are still 7 remaining including ‘Saber, Rapier, Bastard Sword, Claymore, Spear, Scimitar, and Halberd’.

It would be a waste to let this precious equipment rot away in subspace, but there was nothing we could do about it.

If you give it to someone else and it gets leaked, hordes of wildcats will flock here and there.

-Stage 6 clear reward

The 6th level reward is the ‘Black Eagle’, which also became the emblem of the new Marquis Lawrence.

Black Eagle is a chimera with a Dragonborn body that has the ability to fly at the speed of sound and is difficult to destroy even with an Aura Blade.

You can receive surveillance information using the vision sharing skill, and by using the magic sharing skill, you can send magic from a distant location.

This means that it has excellent capabilities for surveillance and surprise attacks.

However, since Black Eagle was a valuable colleague of mine along with Arcia, it would be better to omit it from the in-kind compensation tally.

-Stage 7 clear reward

A sky fortress named ‘Icarus’ was given as a reward.

As of now, the level 7 quests I have cleared are up to level 7, so this is the last reward I have.

I expected it when Vanguard’s force equipment came out, but it was a very embarrassing gift when it was actually given.

That is why all countries in the world are thoroughly managing their sky fortresses.

Because the characteristics and specifications of sky fortresses around the world were confidential, not publicly known, unofficial sky fortresses could not be revealed without permission.

Moreover, Icarus has a completely different appearance from a typical sky fortress.

While a typical sky fortress looks like a disk-shaped UFO, Icarus has a shape closer to a terrestrial fighter jet.

A very large and flashy fighter plane with a length of 600 meters.

The reason why the sky fortress looks simple like a UFO is because it is a design that shows the most ideal defensive efficiency.

But there is a clear reason for this form of Icarus.

This is because it is a surprise weapon with acceleration capabilities reaching Mach 3.

surprise attack.

It is a word that does not go well with the massive sky fortress.

But Icarus makes it possible because, in addition to high-speed maneuvering, it comes with three innovative additional features.

1. Solo teleportation

Teleporting a heavy weapon like a sky fortress requires a lot of time and money.

However, the teleport built into Icarus can be used continuously as long as the cooldown period is satisfied, like an ordinary artifact.

By eliminating distance restrictions, high-speed maneuvering and rapid participation in battle are possible anywhere.

2. Sub-space storage

The second function is amazing: hundreds of thousands of tons of sky fortresses can be placed in and out of subspace.

This means that it is possible to infiltrate the Sky Fortress even in places where space movement blocking magic is present.

If all the sky fortresses in the world were equipped with this function, those in power would not be able to sleep properly.

You never know when and where the sky fortress will pop out and blow the castle away.

Really, just thinking about it is terrifying.

3. Unmanned combat

The last function is unmanned combat.

Like the Eastro equipment, it has the ability to charge aura and release force, so it can operate and fire for a certain period of time without a rider.

So there is no need to work hard to find a crew.

Can’t you say it’s truly a secret weapon?

However, if Icarus is discovered, it will be like advertising that he is Archduke Lucas’s performer, so he still needs time to use it openly.

[2.9 bottles of elixir, Mangyeong, 13 types of Eastro equipment, Sky Fortress Icarus]

Excluding Black Eagle, there are four major items owned.

Each one is a priceless treasure.

There are two levels of clear rewards left, so I’m looking forward to seeing what will come out.

‘Next, among the treasures obtained by defeating four vassals, the items were not sold.’

Even if they are not great nobles, lords who rule the city, monopolize local businesses, and have accumulated wealth over a long period of time are more powerful and richer than any conglomerate in Korea.

Of course, the property confiscated from them could not be ignored; 42 trillion won was simply cashed in, and there was quite a bit of property that had not yet been disposed of.

First of all, mithril and mana stones, which were considered strategic resources, were stockpiled.

There is no harm in accumulating mithril and mana stones as they are key materials needed when making vanguard equipment or sky fortresses in the future.


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The amount of mithril and mana stones confiscated from the four families was worth about 10 trillion roots.

In addition to that, just the jewelry, precious metals, and works of art that were separately taken out cost trillions of won.

Isn’t it very salty that the assets calculated so far are approaching a whopping 60 trillion won?

There seems to be no easier way to make money than by robbing a wealthy fiefdom.

Of course, this is not possible forever.

Excessive territorial warfare not only will not be approved by the royal family, but may even result in sanctions.

Ultimately, this means that there is an upper limit to everything.

‘I gained a lot from this Territory Battle, but isn’t this what stands out the most?’

[?????? / Relic]

-The navigation function is reflected and detailed information cannot be checked.

-No information available online and in Lucas Library.

-As a result of analyzing the era, it is believed to be an item from the mythical era 20,000 years ago.

-It has been confirmed to have the ability to absorb magical power or divine power, so it is worth investing energy into detailed investigation.

A relic (artifact) that cannot be analyzed even with the Mangyeok, which is the legacy of Archduke Lucas.

However, I conducted an experiment according to the method suggested by Man-kyung, and was able to discover that it was an unexpected object.

[Elyos Sword Handle(?) / Relic]

-Presumed to be the handle of a sword used by the Elyos of the mythical era.

-It appears that energy will be condensed, strengthened, and released when magical power or divine power is invested, and it is expected to have a similar shape to the Aura Blade strengthened with force.

-Currently, part of the internal sacred magic circuit is destroyed and does not work.

-If you are a high-ranking engineer in the holy city of Everhill, there is a possibility of repair.

-Material: Orichalcon (350g), Holy Bloodstone (32g)

Even if you just look at it, it looks like something out of the ordinary.

But it doesn’t matter what this thing means.

The material itself was an item of great value.

Orichalcon is a rare metal among rare metals that is produced only in very small amounts, about 500g per year, in the sacred city of Everhill.

It is often used as a crown material for empires or powerful kingdoms, and is a valuable item.

It contains 350g of orichalcon, so this alone is worth as much as the Sky Fortress.

I can now understand why an unknown relic was placed in the Goi safe.

Even if you sell it as is, you can make a lot of money, but the fact that it appears to be repairable stimulated curiosity.

I was already planning to visit the holy place at some point, so I’ll have to look into it then.

[Mana stones and mithril (estimated price: 10 trillion), gems and precious metals, works of art (estimated price: 7 trillion), relics (estimated price: 10 to 20 trillion?)]

This is the amount of compensation in kind, excluding cash.

The four birch trees have truly become a giving tree.

It may be unfair to the people who suffered, but I think they have upheld their duty by leaving the families who lost their titles and estates overnight with enough money to play and eat for the rest of their lives, as compared to commoners.

‘This concludes the inspection of the situation.’

It’s a simple ending compared to the grand explanation, but you’ll get more from it in the future.

The wealth and power he now possessed were nothing more than a stopover point.

* * *

“Isn’t that bastard unlucky to get his face?”

“Iknow, right.”

In the Chronicle online game.

Arcia and I found a vampire fish that strangely resembled the second prince, and we stepped on it very gently.

The actions of the two of us were more cruel than ever, and the vampire created from data died after suffering pitiful torture.

“We cannot leave this place unattended. “I’ve been clinging too much to reality.”

I’ve been so busy so far.

The daily access time to the game was less than 3 hours, and thanks to this, my level has only reached 205.

But from now on, I plan to spend most of my day here.

Shouldn’t we achieve the 8th circle as quickly as possible?

I gained experience by having fun defeating a vampire that resembled the second prince with Arcia and Black.

How much was he immersed in the battle?


Arcia, whose face reminds me of the word ‘marriage’ suggested by the crown prince every time I look at her face, called me over.

I asked what was going on, and she delivered unexpected news.

“We found a top-tier talent.”

If someone who doesn’t know you sees it, they might wonder what this means other than two people having fun hunting monsters.

But I responded loudly to her news with an exclamation of exclamation.

“Oh oh! okay? Recruit him right away.”

“all right. “I will leave the negotiations to the accompanying attendants.”

‘Gifted Learning Center’ refers to an institution that discovers and recruits people with high talent through Mangyeong and provides education tailored to each person.

Of course, this is not just an academy, but a place to raise people who will work for my family.

Thanks to this, they receive treatment and money that ordinary people could not even dream of.

So far, close to 20 people have joined, but we’ve become so busy recently that we haven’t been able to invest time in recruiting talent.

In order to recruit talent, you have to look for talent with Man-kyung, but I didn’t want to entrust Man-kyung to anyone else.

Then there is a method that came to mind.

‘Arsia, you often eat snacks outside while playing games, right? Is it possible to be active at the same time? Working outside while playing games.’

‘It’s possible as long as it’s not complicated.’

The method is to put a mask on Arcia on the real side while playing the game and have her search for talent.

Simply observing people through a panoramic view did not seem more difficult than drinking tea and eating snacks.

And it came to fruition.

Arcia has found a person with top-level talent.

“Which talent is the best?”

She said in response to my question.

“It’s divine power.”

Divine power?

It’s unusual, but there’s no law preventing it from appearing.

There are many supernatural powers in this world, and divine power was one of the main abilities that supported this world, along with magic power and aura.

“There are no special characteristics?”

“there is. “You have the qualities of a saint.”

“Oh, that’s unusual. Saint… … . “Wait what?”

“These are the qualities of a saint.”

However, when I heard about this completely unexpected characteristic, I blinked like an idiot.

This is what I know about being a saint, right?

“What a saint?”


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