My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 53

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Episode 53: Dreams in games become reality

16. Practice (4)

[In order for this operation to succeed, we must not give Marquis Lawrence time to react.]

An operation to raid the Marquis of Lawrence proposed by Viscount Ronnier.

The Marquis of Lawrence will be empty right now, so it won’t be difficult to take over the city even if you just remove about 20 Vanguards.

The only worry was that they had to take control of the city faster than Adrian could respond.

[It’s a race against time.]

[Hesitation or even the slightest delay will put us at risk. This plan is a plan to save the three of us, but at the same time, it is a double-edged sword that will make Marquis Lawrence even more vicious.]

“Ugh… … .”

Among them, there was no one who looked down on Adrian as a young and inexperienced lord anymore.

Rather, it is just seen as an uncalculated monster that has no idea what it will do.

However, Viscount Karma and Viscount Doherty groaned when Viscount Ronnier said that their strategy would make the monster even more vicious.

[You won’t be able to take out a lot of troops at once because you have to keep drawing the enemy’s attention. Vanguards between the 10th and 20th ranks are selected. And then quickly move the troops to the area where the space movement blocking magic is cut off.]

“If possible, let’s each have 20 Vanguards. “If the Sky Fortress perseveres, it will be possible to take the time.”

[Let’s do that.]

[All right.]

The forces of the three families, escaping the range of the space movement obstruction magic, invade the Marquis of Lawrence via teleport at the same time.

It was a very simple operation.

[The lord must not be captured by the enemy before this operation is successful. You know what that means, right?]

[I understand. Don’t let it hide at all. If we are caught, the territory war will end just like that.]

[Then, we will contact you again when the deployed troops arrive in an area where teleportation is possible.]

The operation was carried out quickly.

* * *

Dennis, the commander of Viscount Doherty’s knights, spoke to his subordinates who were struggling amidst wave after wave of attacks from the Marquis Lawrence’s army.

[If this operation is successful, the tide of war will turn immediately. Isn’t there anyone who wants to be a knight who loses a war?]

[doesn’t exist!]

[good! Then, pretend to be pushed back as inconspicuously as possible and have the designated vanguards sequentially leave the front lines!]


[Both those who go on a surprise operation and those who have to stay here and take care of the enemy’s troops are equally important. Everyone, come to your senses!]

[yes! All right!]

The vanguard designated along with Knight Commander Dennis left the battlefield in its own natural form.

In this way, the Marquis of Lawrence’s surprise attack force was formed, consisting of 20 Vanguards for each family and a total of 60 units.

[Lord, this is Dennis! We have just arrived in an area where space travel is possible!]

[Good job! Is it possible to move directly to Marinkov City (Marquis of Lawrence)?]

[It appears that a space movement obstruction has been installed, so coordinates cannot be set.]

[What about Marinkov City?]

[oh! It’s possible! Spatial movement coordinates can be set from 1.2km above Marinkov City!]

[good. The space movement will be carried out at 12:10 based on Rondel Standard Time.]

[All right!]

Moving to the sky guarded by the Sky Fortress was suicidal, but all of the Marquis Lawrence’s Sky Fortresses were currently deployed to the external battlefield.

Therefore, there was no reason to refuse the order, saying it was unreasonable.

Commander Dennis set the alarm and waited.


And the moment the alarm went off.


Three 20 Vanguard units simultaneously tore apart scrolls and moved through space in three locations within the Kingdom of Reinharts.

A huge magic circle surrounded the unit, and as the surrounding magical power began to condense, the light of the magic circle gradually became stronger.


Next, the surrounding scenery changed, along with the unique feeling of moving through space, as if the body was in a state of weightlessness.

In the desolate plain, a clear blue world without a single cloud unfolded before my eyes.

[Viscount Ronye Vanguard Knights Online]

[Viscount Karma Vanguard Knights Online]

And the communication lines with the Vanguard units in other territories that had moved through space according to the operation were integrated, announcing the start of the operation.

Just like that, the three self-made joint forces begin to glide… … .

“We have prepared a welcome ceremony for you. “Let’s go together.”

The voice of someone unfamiliar entered my head with a different feeling from communication.

The combined forces all expressed their doubts.

[Hey, over there!]

And when I turned my attention to someone’s shout, a luxury airship, famous for being a noble’s luxury, like a yacht in the sea, caught my eye.

The luxurious airship sailed leisurely in front of them as if it had been waiting, and soon they could see a man standing on the deck of the airship and unfolding a magic circle.

When Knight Commander Dennis recognized who he was, he swallowed his breath and shouted.

[It is the Marquis of Lawrence!]

[shit! The operation was discovered… … .]

They tried to attack in haste.

The completion of the magic circle was faster than that.

But does the completed magic circle look somewhat familiar?

It turned out that the magic circle was the same as the one they had just used.

The changing scenery along with the sensation of your body floating.


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At the same time as they were transported through space, they were transported again.

The first is by will, the second is by other will.

Normally, he would have been able to fully respond, but unfortunately, Adrian, who had been waiting in advance, did not give him time to do so.

And at the place they arrived… … .

-Go go go go!

Three Sky Fortresses and nearly 100 Vanguards were encamped.


[Ah, no! It’s not working!]

Even if they tried to tear the teleportation scroll again, the magic that hindered space movement unfolded one step faster than that, isolating them.

* * *

I’m not particularly smart, but I’m not stupid either.

However, there are things that I think are excellent in their own way… … .

It is the ability to prepare for the worst-case scenario and the tendency to reduce losses by weighing the pros and cons.

To put it in a good way, it can be seen as cautious, but in a bad way, it can be seen as being overly calculating.

However, to these characteristics, ‘Mangyeong’, who can see through people’s psychology, and ‘Black Eagle’, which acts as a surveillance satellite and reconnaissance plane, are added.

He often showed perfect predictive ability, as if he was seeing the future.

“You’re here.”

I, who was resting on the airship with Marinkov, the big city of the Marquis of Lawrence, at my feet, handed the cocktail glass I was holding to Arcia and stood up.

Then, he took out a magic staff from subspace and tapped his shoulder as if giving a massage.

“Isn’t this the level of foresight?”

The high-ranking knight Pessius (Chief of Intelligence), who was on board the airship with him, looked at me with a new expression and an exclamation.

It was natural for a high-ranking knight sensitive to magical energy to notice something unusual.

These are signs of large-scale space movement magic taking place right before our eyes.

“It’s just a prediction.”

“Now it’s scary sometimes. “You don’t know how fortunate I am that my lord is not my enemy.”

I grinned at the situation where it seemed like the space movement magic would be completed at any moment.

“It’s not a bad strategy, but it’s useless if your mind is read.”

“You feel sympathy for your enemies.”

Next, large-scale space movement magic was completed.

What appeared with a dazzling light was a 60-member Vanguard unit.

I cast teleportation as soon as they appeared.

Since the teleportation magic had already been memorized, the magic’s manifestation was as fast as tearing a scroll.

“We have prepared a welcome ceremony for you. “Let’s go together.”

I welcomed their visit with telepathic magic.

The vanguards of the Viscount Alliance were perplexed as if they were wondering what the leader of the enemy at war was doing here.

There is no need to answer their questions.

You’ll find out soon anyway.


The teleportation spell I cast was successful.

As the surrounding scenery changed, we arrived at an unfamiliar plain with the 60th Vanguard.

What makes it different from a normal plain is that there are three Sky Fortresses floating in the sky, and around 100 Vanguards are surrounding it.

And as soon as we appeared, we unleashed space movement disruption magic to prevent the enemies from escaping.

I took the cocktail glass that Arcia had briefly given me, emptied the contents in one go, and jumped out of the airship.

“Disarm and surrender immediately. Then your life will be preserved.”

They seemed unable to believe this situation and could not react properly.

I understand.

It was completely played into my hands.

“okay! “It’s the Marquis Lawrence!”


But then a man in a vanguard suit with Viscount Doherty’s family crest engraved on it suddenly called my name at the top of his voice.

The reason for his sudden behavior was soon apparent.

“If we capture the Marquis of Lawrence, the war will end!”

This is the intention.

‘Oh, I didn’t expect this.’

Currently, Marquis Lawrence’s troops were forming a circle with a space about 500 meters in diameter in the middle.

And in the center of the siege, I am with 60 enemy Vanguards.

This was a situation in which the enemy could have high expectations.

A wizard who is the opposite of a Vanguard and weak against melee attacks should be able to handle it.

“Marquis Lawrence! “Surrender calmly!”

The seemingly vain enemies suddenly changed and rushed at me.

It was our marquis’ troops who were taken aback by this.


However, there was something they overlooked, and that was the existence of the Aura Master named Arcia and my fighting ability that did not feel the need to be afraid even when facing the Vanguard.

“How dare you?”

“It’s Count Klein!”

Arcia jumped out of the airship, armed herself with Vanguard, and blocked my path.

In an instant, a 60-2 battle broke out.

[We must save His Excellency the Marquis!]

[Move quickly!]

Allied Vanguards rushed in from all directions, saying they would save Arsia, but… … .

The subordinates who saw the battle between me and Arcia gave up their sense of urgency, remembering the experience of the Viscounty of Parma.

‘Is it a mistake not to keep this situation in mind? No, because it is not worth considering.’

This means that this situation cannot even be included in the crisis axis.

“Quickly surrender!”

Rays of light fill my vision and arrive before my eyes.

Each blow was a Vanguard force attack with the power of a 6-circle magic level.

Normally, this would be a situation where one would be embarrassed.

Even a 7th circle archmage needed a short casting to counter it with a 6th circle magic, which was one level lower.

On the other hand, when Vanguard simply swings his sword, force is released, so it is not for nothing that they are said to be compatible.

“You must surrender.”

However, through the battle in the Viscounty of Parma, it was confirmed that the 5th circle hard shield, if used well, can block the Vanguard’s attack.

Of course, it’s not easy to shed it… … .

Could it be that fierce battles are repeated countless times in a game where the sense of reality is shared?


“What the hell is this?”

I found this very easy.

The 5-circle hard shield unfolds at an exquisite angle, deflecting the force that extends like a beam of light.

And the Vanguard reveals a gap the moment his attack is blocked, because there is a momentary delay in the process of converting the aura into force.

‘Laser cannon.’


The 6-circle attack magic that had been cast before using the hard shield was fired from zero distance.


Vanguard’s head exploded.

Magic is most powerful immediately after manifestation, and its power decreases as the distance from the caster increases.

This takes advantage of that characteristic.

“Now, wait a minute.”






From then on, I simply evaded Vanguard’s attacks or used my hard shield to blow off his head right away.

In an instant, the number of deaths exceeded 5 and reached 10, and Viscount Doherty’s Vanguard, who had urged him to attack me, urgently shouted.

“shit! Not subdue, but kill! “But the territory war is over!”

When did you run away and look after me?

I snorted and aimed my magic staff at Viscount Doherty’s Vanguard, who was yelling in an attempt to command.

‘Flame Blast.’

Then, the memorized magic of the 7th circle extended towards the target, showing off its terrifying power.

If it’s close, use 6-circle magic to blow off its head, and if it’s far away, check or kill it with 7-circle anti-magic.

It is a simple, but very effective fighting method.


Viscount Doherty’s Vanguard tried to evade in vain, but the speed of development of the 7th circle magic was not slow enough to allow escape in a defenseless state.

In the end, he trusted the defensive power of the Force Armor and chose to swing the Force Sword to cancel out the magic.


It’s useless anyway.


Fortunately, his life was saved, but he was knocked down and unable to move.

After sorting out the talkative commanders, I teamed up with Arcee and dealt with the Vanguards attacking from all directions.

“What kind of wizard is this!”

“This is the line I heard the most today.”


While casting magic, aim for critical points and avoid the force sword that penetrates.

The force that comes in the form of a long-distance attack flows out using a hard shield.

In addition, he frequently switched positions with Arcia, causing confusion to the enemy.

It’s not strange if our limbs get tangled up at any time, but Arcia and I are quite relaxed.

According to what my subordinates said after the battle in the Viscounty of Parma, the battle between Arcia and I seemed like a dance rather than a fierce fight for survival.

I don’t really believe that, but doesn’t that mean I feel more relaxed?

“iced coffee… … .”

The enemies attacked harshly, but were unable to break through the walls of Arsia and me.

As the timeout expired, the enemies were subdued one by one by the friendly Vanguards who came to support us.

The battle is over.

“Thank you for your hard work. “My lord.”

Temporary Vanguard commanders belonging to the Marquis of Lawrence approached with awkward smiles.

[Relationship: Favorable / Obedient status according to employment relationship]

[Status: Fear / Awe]

Most of the people’s feelings expressed in Mangyeong were like this.

Although he succeeded in instilling a powerful presence in his subordinates with just two battles, it seems that it was a bit excessive.

I took a drink out of subspace and brought it to my mouth, took a big sip, and spoke to my subordinates.

“Now there are no variables. “Let’s end the territory war soon.”


All of my subordinates responded to me with moderation and courtesy.

It feels like being saluted by subordinates who show reverence.

It doesn’t feel too bad.

“Please give me a drink.”

“Orange flavor?”

“No, peach.”


However, while I was enjoying the feeling of victory, I was immediately awakened from my sentiments by Arcia’s request.


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