My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 52

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Episode 52: Dream in the game becomes reality

16. Practice (3)

In the magic world, ‘Circle 5’ is said to be the limit of genius that can be reached through effort.

From the ‘6th circle’, it is the realm of talent, and the ‘7th circle’ is the realm of superhumans that only a few geniuses can achieve.

Therefore, wizards who have achieved the 7th circle are given the title of Grand Wizard (Wizard), meaning that they are pioneers.

This means that the Grand Wizard of the 7th Circle is a special being.

’10 5th circle wizards can beat 1 6th circle wizard.’

‘Even if there are 100 6th circle wizards, they cannot handle one 7th circle wizard.’

In magic, the section with the largest gap from the previous level is the 7th circle.

‘Memorize Magic’ allows you to cast 10 spells in advance and use them right away like a shortcut key.

‘Recovery magic’ that can cure almost all injuries, diseases, and poisons.

‘Teleport magic’ that transports you to the other side of the world in an instant.

‘Subspace magic’ to create your own independent dimension, etc.

The moment the wizard reaches the 7th circle, he or she becomes a new being, free from existing limitations.

Therefore, in the past, the 7th Circle Archmage was called a ‘one-man army’, a trump card that could turn the tide of the war at any time.

The Archmage, who annihilates enemies with wide-area magic while moving through space, has been an object of fear, and has reigned as both a loser and a deterrent on the battlefield for a long time.

‘Well, that’s a thing of the past now.’

However, as time passed and technology developed, mass production of artifacts became possible, and an era began where the performance of equipment was prioritized over the abilities of individual people, and this trend changed.

In today’s battlefield, magic that disrupts space movement has become the basic option on the battlefield, and Vanguards are firing off long-distance attacks without even casting.

Moreover, unlike the Aura Master, who can be armed with Vanguard equipment, the Archmage’s combat power did not change significantly, so it was natural that his position on the battlefield would be narrowed.

Therefore, modern wizards have a strong image of engineers rather than combat personnel like knights.

Unlike knights, you can make a lot of money just by sitting in the lab, without risking your life on the battlefield, so it can be said that the environment has become stable… … .

What wizard would want to be confined to a lab for the rest of his life?

‘Even though there are more restrictions, the combat abilities of the Archmage are still usable in modern times.’

Most of the magic I have spent my life learning is for combat.

However, due to the trend of the times, even though they are fully capable of fighting, they are excluded in the name of protection.

-Quaaang! Quang!

In that sense, the battle Adrian demonstrated was something that completely destroyed the wizard’s common sense.

An archmage who fights on the front lines against dozens of Vanguards.

Considering the importance of great wizards in the Magic Age, it was a risky and thoughtless action.



“phew… … .”

But strangely enough, such careless behavior made those watching clenched their fists.

That may be because Olivia, Duke of Riverdale and Count Stella Elfrid are archmages like Adrian.

“You can’t believe you’re fighting like that.”


Before they knew it, the two had forgotten all about their struggles and were cheering on Adrian, who, as the same archmage, was overwhelming the Vanguard.

When was the last time you saw a wizard fighting so passionately?

Although Adrian would go into battle, I thought he would definitely play a supporting role, so this was a big shock, and it was refreshing to see him breaking the wizard’s fixed perspective.

It was as if the Archmage was advertising that if he made up his mind to fight, ‘this is it’.


“I can only express admiration.”

And in the scene where they finally accepted the surrender of their enemies, the two people applauded with exclamations of exclamation.

The biggest reason why wizards’ activities are limited in modern battlefields is not because of their compatibility with vanguards.

This is because spatial movement, which can be considered escape, is blocked.

A wizard’s biggest weakness is casting (spells), but not all magic requires casting.

If you are a 7th circle wizard, the casting of 6th circle magic is reduced by half, and magic of 5th circle or lower can be cast immediately without casting.

As a result, the Archmage can fight using the 5-circle Blink (short-distance movement magic), which is the best evasion technique, but the space movement obstruction magic made this impossible.

However, Adrian’s battle seemed to suggest that if the wizards could not use space movement, they should avoid it directly.

“Is Count Elfrid capable of a battle like that?”

“It doesn’t seem easy even if you use auxiliary magic. “That requires ample combat experience, a trained body, and a fighting sense.”

“That’s right.”

The unfortunate thing was that although Adrian’s battle suggested a new direction, it was difficult to follow.

Moreover, doesn’t he have the best partner in the Aura Master?

“but… … .”

“hmm… … .”

But still, the two people rested their chins and fell into thought.

Adrian’s fighting style cannot be copied exactly, but it seemed like it could be used with a little change.

From the beginning, I was interested in the character Adrian and watched this story, but as a result, my stereotypes were broken and I was able to gain an unexpected insight.

“But it looks like Marquis Adrian is really of the Riverdale school.”

The Duke of Riverdale, who had been lost in thought at Count Elfrid’s words, narrowed his eyes and raised his head.

“What did I say?”

“Iknow, right. “You were rude.”

Olivia, the Duke of Riverdale, was acting displeased on the outside, but was relieved on the inside.

Adrian approached me with a lot of evidence, but I didn’t completely trust him.

However, during this battle, Adrian showed several habits unique to the Riverdale school.

Thanks to this, I was able to shake off my doubts about him.


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“He is a likeable person in many ways.”

“Excessive interest in our priests is unacceptable.”

But the two people didn’t know.

He thought he was hiding well, but he was discovered early on by a black eagle flying high in the sky.

“Are you planning on staying?”

“no. At this point, I think I’ve seen everything there is to see. “The outcome of the territory battle is clear, so we should go back.”

The two had a war of nerves, keeping each other in check until the end, but they didn’t seem to be in a very bad mood.

* * *

I, who used the additional functions of the Mangekuri (clairvoyance and clairvoyance) at the same time, was relieved when the two women disappeared.

They were the people I had to be most wary of right now.

One was the head of intelligence for the great empire of Brigham, who was sure to turn into an enemy the moment it was discovered that I had a talent, and the other was the head of the Riverdale family, which guaranteed my status as a wizard.

‘I never thought there would be so much interest in this territory war.’

Fortunately, it seemed like I had deceived them well, as their feelings were expressed as favorable.

‘I received unexpected income.’

I had already figured out the characteristics of the Riverdale family that were revealed when casting magic.

I used one of the five chance tickets to ask the talent manager Chester to make me the former Duke of Riverdale’s apprentice.

In response, Chester not only forged data but also taught him the magical characteristics of the Riverdale School, which was a natural step.

There could have been a test to use magic in the Riverdale style to meet Olivia, the Duke of Riverdale, and be recognized as part of the same school.

‘This will help dispel unnecessary doubts about me.’

Now that I’ve established myself as a member of the Riverdale school of thought, no one will associate me with Archduke Lucas.

Thanks to this, I was in a good mood and walked around the castle of the Viscounty of Parma with light steps.


Of course, all the employees who saw me, an enemy, walking around the castle became thoughtful.

If you were looking at the knight commander guiding Arsia and me with a very servile expression in front of you, you couldn’t have known what was going on as long as you had your wits about you.

They were all worried about their future.

“Hey, this is the place.”

And I stopped in front of a huge door leading to what appeared to be the Yeongju Castle office.

In this case, how do the villains appear?

The method of appearance I chose was an explosion.




With a snap of my fingers, the sturdy door exploded, and I entered through the smoke.

Then, the Viscount Parma and his family, who had been seen at the Victory Day party, caught my eye.

Inside, numerous knights were gathered around the Vanguard, but no one dared to attack.

Even if he is a viscount, if he is a lord, he can be considered a dictator of a region.

I only took a quick look around, but it looks like you can make almost 100 billion won just by selling off the decorations that decorate the office.

I said with a satisfied expression.

“I’ll give you 3 seconds. From now on, if you hold a sword, we will judge you as an enemy and eliminate you.”

I warned the nervous knights.

Naturally, Arcia had drawn the Force Sword, and I was twirling the magic staff I was holding, acting as if I was going to swing it at any moment.

A knight is a being who must be loyal to his lord, but as the world develops, it becomes difficult to find the same romance as before.

Because they know that their lives are more precious than anyone else’s, they quickly put down their swords at my warning.

Thanks to this, when 3 seconds passed, there was no knight holding a sword.

“How dare these guys!”

Viscount Parma was excited and urged the knights, but no one moved.

Of course.

Viscount Parma’s power had already fallen to the ground.

If I were to rush in now, wouldn’t it be a dog’s death?

All the knights could do was not to look unpleasant to me, the winner.

“Oh, don’t come.”

I approached the viscount with great strides.

He hit his butt, and I slammed the magic staff between the thighs of the Viscount Parma, who was about my father’s age.

“Will you please sign the surrender document?”

“Tsk… … .”

Viscount Parma bit his lip and his face turned bright red with anger.

However, perhaps because of all the political junk I had been eating, I took a deep breath and gathered my emotions.

“me… … No, what are you planning to do with our family?”

“Do not worry. I won’t kill anyone except the one who caused it. Instead, you will become a fallen nobleman who has had his property and title taken away.”


I sat him down at the table, who looked helpless, and handed him paper and a pen.

“Or do you want to die?”

“… … .”

Even if you don’t feel like it, you can’t help it.

Because this was not a transaction, it was a matter of life or death.


In the end, the middle-aged Viscount and his family had to shed tears and sign documents containing humiliating information because they had misplaced a child.

In my own way, I am a very compassionate person.

However, that recognition does not apply to those who are defined as enemies.

This is because I have realized through the past that life can be comfortable only when you thoroughly eliminate your enemies or those who will become your enemies in the future.

* * *

In the war between the Marquis of Lawrence and the four Viscounties, the moment the Viscounty of Parma collapsed, the war was almost over.

The moment the main force of the Marquis occupying the Viscounty of Parma moves, the remaining three Viscounties cannot avoid being attacked individually.

“They say that the main force of Marquis Lawrence, who now occupies the Viscounty of Parma, is heading toward our territory!”

Lordship of the Viscounty of Doherty.

Viscount Doherty shouted as if struggling amidst the frequent explosions and vibrations.

“Oh, no! Marquis Lawrence and Count Klein may have already arrived! “We are barely holding on even now, but if those two people who are said to have overpowered 40 Vanguards attack by themselves, our defense line will collapse in an instant!”

The squad of the Marquis Lawrence, which attacked as soon as the start of war was permitted, had a strength about 30% higher than that of Viscount Doherty.

The only thing that happened was that the Marquis Lawrence’s army was holding out due to a lack of connection since it was a hastily constructed unit. If both sides had been under the same conditions, the Viscount Doherty’s army would have been pushed back long ago.

However, with the main force attacking in this situation, it was natural for Viscount Doherty to panic.

“Don’t forget that if I get pushed down, it’s your turn next!”

[shit! I know!]

Viscount Karma and Viscount Ronye, ​​who were in a position not much different from Viscount Doherty, had to sigh deeply during the video conference.

It felt like they were stuck in a swamp they couldn’t get out of.

How do we end this unwinnable war?

[Wouldn’t it be better to give up the children?]

In response, the cold-hearted Viscount Karma came forward with a proposal to the two.

The idea was to sacrifice the sons and daughters who brought about this situation to Adrian for the sake of the family.

Viscount Doherty was troubled, but Viscount Ronnier shook his head and refused.

[It’s no use. It is said that the Marquis Lawrence entered the castle without looking back after subduing the Duke of Parma, the Viscount of Parma, with whom he had a bad relationship.]

“What does that mean?”

[In the first place, to him, revenge was just a justification for war!]

[…] … .]

“… … .”

[It’s obvious that this is to fill the empty coffers while building an army! Marquis Lawrence is planning to pass on military supply shopping receipts to us!]

Viscount Ronnier, who can be considered a model of female aristocracy, has always been an intelligent yet relaxed person.

Viscount Doherty and Viscount Karma were startled and had to keep their mouths shut as the angry words burst out of her mouth.

Her administrative and political abilities can be said to be superior to those of the other three viscounts.

But just one thing.

The same thing was that they did not pay much attention to their children.

Who would have thought that the family would decline because of children?

This whole situation could not help but seem like a nightmare to her.

“Well, isn’t that a bigger deal? What should I do with this? … .”

As Viscount Doherty stamped his feet, Viscount Ronnier said with a cold expression.

[We can no longer win through normal battles, so we must change our methods. We need to take our time by twisting the battlefield.]

[Is there a way?]

[First, we need to gather our troops together.]

[for a moment! Does that mean we should vacate the territory!?]

[Anyway, if you face Marquis Lawrence in your territory, you will inevitably lose! This is the only way!]

[Grunt… … Please tell me your plan.]

I know it was inevitable, but it was a harsh choice for those whose territory was everything.

The cool-headed Viscount Ronnier firmly stated his plan.

[We gather our troops and attack the Marquis.]

“ah… … .”

[They are taking over the Marquis’ territory and threatening him. No matter how eccentric he is, wouldn’t he want to become the owner of the ruins?]

[Right. The Marquis Territory is probably empty right now.]

That was the best choice they could make.

Although it was a somewhat despicable method, Adrian’s actions of moving the troops before the territory war even started cannot be said to be honorable.

So there was no need to come here and discuss morality.

[As the war is taking place in our territory, the people of the Marquis’ territory would not have taken refuge.]

[Does this mean that you can take the residents of the territory hostage along with the city’s facilities?]

“It’s a strategy that will work well! As expected, Viscount Ronye! “It’s amazing!”

[That’s not a very flattering compliment. I can only lament that we have to use such an undignified strategy.]

In this way, the opinions of Viscount Doherty, Viscount Ronye, ​​and Viscount Karma came together.


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