My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 50

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Episode 50: A chance in a game turns into reality

16. Practice (1)

-Bringham Empire Intelligence Department-

“Is this difficult?”

Count Elfrid, head of the Brigham Empire’s intelligence department and female archmage of the 7th Circle, frowned as he read a report.

“What’s going on?”

His adjutant, Baron Josef, approached him and asked:

“Adrian Lawrence has already been given a title.”

“Ah, you mean a person of the same age as me who achieved the 7th circle?”

“Yes, His Majesty the Emperor asked us to recruit this man, but we are in trouble. “I never thought it would move this fast.”

“Could it be that the power struggle in the Kingdom of Reinharts hastened the conquest?”

“that’s right. “It was definitely my mistake for not expecting that.”

“Because Reinharts Kingdom’s priority is low. “Master, there are many things to pay attention to other than Reinharts.”

“No, that’s just self-justification.”

His lieutenant, Baron Joseph, is a promising wizard who achieved the 6th Circle at the age of 20 and is also Count Elfrid’s student.

He was famous for being a person who would go to any lengths when it came to his teacher. In a good way, it could be said that he had great respect for his teacher, but in a bad way, it could be said that his affection was excessive.

“I think Master is very interested in Adrian Lawrence.”

“It has to be that way. I’m the same age as you, the student, but aren’t I at the same level as you, the teacher? “Maybe he will be the one to reach the 8th circle first.”


Baron Joseph didn’t like it when his teacher reacted this way, reminding him of other wizards his age.

“Still, if I were offered an imperial title, wouldn’t you think about it? “There is a big difference between the Count of the Kingdom of Reinharts and the Count of our Brigham Empire.”

“That can’t be possible, Reinharts gave him the title of marquis.”


Perhaps it was something unexpected, so even Baron Josef could not help but be surprised.

There is no comparison if the titles are the same, but it can be said that the Marquis of the Kingdom of Reinharts is definitely better than the Earl of the Bringham Empire.

But what is perplexing is the following story.

“Moreover, as soon as I was given the title, I applied for a simultaneous territorial war against the four viscountries. And that in the presence of King Reinharts during a commemorative event.”

“her… … . Isn’t this a fool? You’re a new noble, right? “Do you have the capability to go to war with the four Viscounties?”

Behavior that does not make common sense.

However, perhaps the unexpectedness made it even more interesting, and it brought a smile to the face of the Brigham Empire Intelligence Director, also known as Ice Flower.

“well. “You’ll find out if he’s a helpless idiot or a weirdo with something to do.”


“I have to go to Reinharts Kingdom. If you’re lucky, you might be able to watch Iza’s battle in person, right?”

“yes? That means He is leaving this place… … .”

“Okay, don’t leave the rest to me. “If you back up the conductor, there won’t be a problem.”

At Count Elfrid’s declaration, Baron Josef felt his hostility towards Adrian burning intensely.

He was the one who had to monopolize the attention of his beautiful teacher, but the wrong guy got involved.

* * *

If the supply problem can be clearly resolved, it is better to fight the war on someone else’s land than on your own.

Therefore, I quickly moved my army and positioned my troops in front of the four viscountries that could be considered enemies.

This was a choice to protect my property and people, and it was also intended to put pressure on the enemy.

“Huh, Your Excellency the Marquis. I understand that permission for the territory war has not been granted yet. “Isn’t this an act of ignoring the law?”

I divided the unit into four and assigned forces that were almost similar to the enemy’s but slightly superior to the three, and deployed all the rest in front of the first target, the Viscounty of Parma.

The strength of the Viscounty of Parma is 1 Sky Fortress and 50 Vanguards.

However, the force I brought with me was 3 Sky Fortresses and 60 Vanguards.

In addition, since I, the Archmage, and Arcia, the Aura Master, are together, the power difference can be said to be three times that.

Thanks to this, the representative of Viscount Parma, who came forward to protest, was angry, but he did not dare to express it, so he twitched the corner of his mouth and forced a smile.

“You misunderstood?”

“Are you mistaken?”

“We are training right now?”


“Did I even attack your territory?”

“That’s not it… … .”

“Do not worry. I am also a person who follows the laws. There is no need to attack before permission for territory warfare is given. So, don’t worry about it and just look at things.”

He was speechless at my remark.

It was a very confident and unreasonable claim.

“Are you going to attack like this once permission is given for a territorial war?”

“sure. “Right now, the enemy army is training right in front of us.”

“Isn’t that far-fetched? “This is against morals!”

He sighed deeply and continued his protest.

“There is no way this territory war was allowed in the first place. Isn’t there too little justification? “I hope we don’t lose our strength and blush for no reason.”

I snorted at the sight of him mentioning a cause.

“Is that really true?”

“Yes, it is! “Is it even possible to start a war because of a fight during school days?”


But then.

The ringtone on my device rang loudly.

I used Silent Magic to put him on mute and pressed the call button.


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When Viscountess Parma’s agent suddenly couldn’t hear his voice, he started struggling in panic.

I asked the territory administrator who suddenly called me whether that was the case or not.

“Is there a problem?”

[As of this time, permission has been granted for territory warfare!]

A smile of satisfaction appeared on my lips.

“It’s good.”

The timing is amazing.

The messenger from the Viscounty of Parma turned pale at the story that he could not help but hear even if he did not want to hear it when he was next to him.

After a very short call, I hung up and lifted the silence spell that was blocking the messenger’s voice.

“I guess the royal family’s thoughts are different from yours?”

“Oh, this can’t be happening. Are you saying we have been abandoned by the royal family?”

“I just decided who was more valuable.”

“Marquis, please. Rational judgment… … .”

“go. Now it is not I who you must persuade, but the Viscount Parma. The only way for the Parma estate to survive is to surrender unconditionally. There is no other way to avoid war.”

He seemed to be trying to persuade me in some way, but I twirled my finger and made signs to my subordinates as if I didn’t want to see any more.

Then Pessius, who was waiting behind him, shouted loudly.

“Magic that disrupts space movement!”

“Activate magic!”

“Activate magic!”

“Fortress in the sky! Vanguard unit! Move forward! The goal is the fall of the Viscounty of Pessius!”

“All units advance!”

“All units advance!”

Pessius’s voice was heard by several people, and three massive Sky Fortresses and 60 Vanguards on hoverboards led the support ships and approached the Parma territory.

The target of the attack is Fetz, a city with a population of 500,000 where the lordly castle of the Viscount Parma is located.

“Aren’t you going back? “There won’t be any time to relax, right?”


At the clear order to kill the guests, Viscount Parma’s agents fell silent and left the floating train where a temporary command post had been set up.

And I held out my hand to Arcia, who was sitting next to me, as if inviting her to dance, and made her stand up.

“From now on, Arcia and I will go directly to the front lines. “I will leave the command for now to Lord Pessius.”

“yes? dismissal? “What is that?”

“let’s go. “Arsia.”



I am carrying a gorgeous white robe with the Vanguard Force Armor function and a magic staff with the Force Sword function.

Arcia left the command center armed with classic design dark-colored force armor and dark-colored force sword.

[Vanguard unit! His Excellency the Marquis Lawrence and His Excellency Count Klein are participating in the war in person! Please help me well!]


The Vanguards were all perplexed by Pessius’s urgent communication, but they answered loudly as if they were not in a bad mood.

Arcia and I accelerated our advance even further, regardless of whether Pessius was worried or not, and led the troops from the front.


Someone said that.

Even if you achieve revenge, there is nothing left and you only feel great emptiness.

In the end, revenge only begets revenge.

But I don’t think so.

‘Because nothing provides a clearer sense of purpose than revenge.’

Starting with Anna and Cedric, all the way to the bad actors at the Academy.

Their existence can be said to be the starting point for a new future.

And above all… … .

‘Isn’t it fun to watch your enemies distort their expressions and scream?’

As I was flying through the fierce wind using high-speed flight magic, I cast a 7th circle anti-magic spell with an extremely cheerful smile.

* * *

A bedroom in the castle of the Viscounty of Parma.

‘It would be better to look forward. Because I will torture you in the most horrible way. I dare make you regret being born into this world.’

Prince Viscount Parma, who was being watched by knights like a prison, chewed his fingernails, recalling the line Adrian had uttered in the past like a curse.

At the time, I didn’t think it was a big deal and laughed at it.

But now, those words pierced me more sharply than any dagger and stuck in my heart.


Prince Parma took a swig of the whiskey on the table and set the glass down roughly.

“Fuck, damn.”

I never once felt guilty about assaulting or harassing a classmate during my time at the academy.

That’s because this world was a strictly hierarchical society, and he was the one who engraved discipline on those below him.

However, he did not expect that his past actions would grow like a snowball and come back to him.

No, it’s natural not to expect it.

In this class society, I have never seen a case where a person suddenly rises from the ruled class to the highest ruling class.

‘Adrian, that guy is abnormal!’

There is a level of reversal in life, and I thought this was a story that was worse than any other makjang drama.

Prince Parma asked the high-ranking knight whom the Viscount had posted for surveillance.

“If there is a war, what are the chances of winning?”

The high-ranking knight in charge of surveillance briefly clicked his tongue and responded.

“Honestly, it’s difficult. The strength of the army currently protesting in front of the territory is more than twice that, and even the Aura Master and Archmage are waiting. Honestly, it’s not a fight.”

When Adrian first applied for a territory war, I didn’t think it would be a big problem.

However, Prince Parma’s behavior became harsher as he bit his nails as he moved a huge army as if mocking his own judgment.

“What happens to me if I lose the war?”

Currently, no one within Viscount Parma feels sorry for his situation.

Because of the past mistakes made by Prince Parma, only the innocent citizens, soldiers, and knights ended up dying.

Seeing him reaching for the bottle again, the high-ranking knight seemed to be unable to bear it any longer, and spoke coldly to Prince Parma in an irreverent manner that had never been seen before.

“Even in this situation, you still only think about yourself.”

Prince Parma protested, perhaps out of pride in the situation, but he could not bear to lose his temper in front of a high-ranking knight who seemed ready to pull out his sword at any given moment.

“May I tell you what you can do in this situation?”

“Well, is there such a thing?”

“I will die directly at the hands of the Marquis Lawrence. Wouldn’t it make you feel a little better if you let him get his revenge? Then there may be less damage to our territory.”

And at the high-ranking knight’s remarks, Prince Parma opened his eyes wide and reacted in disbelief.

“Yes, how could you treat the master’s son?”

“Perhaps everyone in the Yeongju castle is of one mind. The one who is always acting evil is the master, but no one understands why we are in danger of death. “Perhaps when those below die, they will blame you, not Marquis Lawrence, but you.”

“her… … .”

“Were there more than 10 innocent people who died directly or indirectly by your hands? In the end, I learned that ‘you reap what you sow’ means. Thank you so much for teaching me.”

When even the knights around him agreed with the high-ranking knight’s remarks, it was only then that Prince Fermat realized his position.

Their reaction was too hostile to rationalize it as just bad luck.

‘You reap what you sow? I’m from the ruling class, right? ‘What’s the problem!?’

And as if answering Prince Parma’s cries, the head of the family’s knights who opened the door and came in placed something in front of him.

“Knight Commander?”

“These are Vanguard equipment, Force Armor and Force Sword. “You know how to handle Aurors, right?”

“But why do this?”

“Wear it and ask Marquis Lawrence for a diary report.”


“This is the Viscount’s order.”

“Father… … ?”

At the words of the knight commander, Prince Parma realized that he had been abandoned.

“B, but the royal family hasn’t given permission for a territory war yet, right? If you do well, the royal family might be able to stop you, right? After all, the justification is absurd, right? Why did you have to go this far… … .”

“The royal family has just accepted the application for territory war. Soon the territory will turn into a battlefield.”

Not only Prince Parma but also the knights guarding the room swallowed the wind when they heard that the Territory War was about to begin.

“We don’t have much time. “Come on, come on.”

“Holy shit! Damn it!”

Under pressure from the knight commander, Prince Parma eventually refused, spewing out all kinds of abusive language, and the knights captured him and forcibly filled him with equipment.


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