My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 49

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Episode 49: Dream in the game becomes reality

15. The Uncontrollable Irregular (3)

If the new Marquis is your opponent, it’s worth a try.

The four viscounts who had been invited to a territory war by Adrian accepted this situation in that way.

But it didn’t take long to realize that this was an illusion.

This is because they only regarded Adrian as a new marquis and did not take into account his abilities.

“Order for 8 Sky Fortresses, 400 units of Vanguard-specific equipment, 400 Vanguard-exclusive hoverboards, 8 50-person Vanguard high-speed combat support ships, 100 teleport artifacts, 4,000 effect armors for knights, effect swords for knights. Order for 4,000 ships, 20 medium-sized transport ships for 500 people… … .”

“Is this really the list of military supplies he purchased while touring the capital today?”

Even the least informed local lord could not have been unaware of Adrian’s actions, as he burned 70 trillion routes in the capital alone today.

The four Viscounts who had gathered together to prepare for a response had to swallow their saliva dry at the unexpected news.


“This guy really wants to do it! “Damn war!”

For a moment, I suspected that Adrian was going to fight for their territory, but at this point, the four of them couldn’t help but look tired.

“You’re really crazy, spending 70 trillion won on weapons in just one day.”

“To be exact, it’s 140 trillion. “70 trillion was paid in advance and the remaining amount was paid in installments.”

“Isn’t our entire kingdom’s defense budget that much last year?”

Adrian Lawrence was completely different from other nobles they had encountered so far.

He was a person whose behavior was unpredictable and outside of common sense.

The viscounts had to rack their brains, saying they had taken this situation too lightly.

“Well, no matter how many weapons you buy, if there’s no one to use them, it’s a total waste of money.”

“That’s right.”

Their judgment was extremely common sense.

Adrian, the new lord, probably doesn’t even have a proper knight yet.

Both the Force Spear, the main weapon of the Sky Fortress, and the Vanguard’s Force equipment required an Auror knight to operate.

Moreover, just having an article is not the end.

Since each Sky Fortress required a crew of 100 people, finding the manpower to operate it was a big task.

However, Viscount Ronye, ​​the only woman among the four Viscounts, sighed and expressed her thoughts as she looked at her colleagues facing the same fate.

“Is that really the case?”

“Viscount Ronye?”

“During the current four months, has anything gone as we expected?”

“… … .”

“The other person is someone you shouldn’t think about using common sense. “I wonder if someone as high as an archmage wouldn’t even know that.”

I wanted to object, but I couldn’t.

Their predictions so far have been like a hope that nothing much will happen to Adrian.

In that sense, Viscount Ronye’s words pulled them back to reality.

“It just means accept what you see as is.”

“Isn’t it better to keep the worst-case scenario in mind? “We can’t just sit around wondering how long.”

And then.

As if to support Viscount Ronnier’s claim, Viscount Parma’s counselor cautiously intervened.

“Actually, before the Marquis Lawrence was bestowed the title, he posted a job posting for a knight through his online diary (SNS). “There are as many as 4,000 comments from home and abroad saying they would like to work together on the announcement.”

“Did something like that happen? “You acted like a lord even before you were given the arrogant title.”

“Even if he didn’t have a title, he was the minor lord of Viscount Lawrence, so it can’t be rationalized.”

“Ha, doesn’t that mean we were caught in the net he set? Are you looking for crew members for the Sky Fortress?”

“It wasn’t like that. However, Marquis Lawrence has acquired a magic tower and an artifact production company today, so I wonder if he could utilize the wizards and technicians here… … .”

In the end, it means that Viscount Ronye’s guess is correct.

The viscounts sighed deeply.

As a result, if a territory war were to take place, there was a high possibility that it would be fought against the maximum power that the Marquis could possess.

“4 Sky Fortress units on this side, 6 units on that side.”

“The number of Vanguards is 200 on this side and 300 on that side.”

“And above all, the leader over there is an archmage. If you do well, you can attract your fiancee, the Auror Master.”

“Isn’t it possible that Count Klein and Viscount Lawrence have formed an alliance and are attacking us from over there as well?”

If that were the case, this wasn’t a fight that could be established in the first place.

If war breaks out, there will be a one-sided massacre.

“Isn’t this territory war between Marquis Lawrence and our four families? If he attracts the surrounding territories, we can gather as many comrades as we can. Then it won’t be a territory war, but a civil war. Then the royal family will never tolerate it.”

“Do you think the Marquis of Lawrence will notice the royal family? “He is the person who applied for a territory war in front of His Majesty?”

“That’s right, like Margrave Raven did with Marquis Lawrence, you can attack first and think about the rest later.”

“No, I guess that went too far. Even if something is committed, if it is not corrected, friction with the royal family will only increase. Even though it seemed like he was just leaving, didn’t it turn out that everything was calculated? But the friction with His Majesty is a handshake within a handshake.”


“Anyway, Marquis Laurence probably thinks he can win with just his own strength.”

Even if the alliance is difficult, there is a high possibility that Arcia will participate alone as a fiancé.

This was their final conclusion.

In other words, 50% had to deal with more Sky Fortresses and Vanguards, and they also had to prepare for attacks from Archmages and Aura Masters, which were not present here.

From now on, we just need to establish a response strategy based on this.

“… … .”

The masters of the four families lost their words at the same time.

“There is no way to counter an enemy like that, right?”

“Ugh… … .”

All four people had to groan at the same time.


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“What should we do when faced with a war we can’t win?”

1. To continue the war, plan well and aim for one shot.

2. Propose negotiations or deals to prevent war.

3. Unconditional surrender.

This was the only opinion I could come up with right now.

“ha… … .”

Everyone shook their heads.

Then, suddenly, a flash of madness appeared in the eyes of Viscount Parma, who was providing the meeting place.

“Bring that bastard!”


“This guy who gave the cause!”

“Ah, you mean it, Master. All right.”

Now, when they asked the question, ‘Why do we have to suffer this humiliation?’, we remembered that it was all because of our children.

* * *

Requests for mediation were sent from four vassals through the royal family.

The royal family seemed to want the matter to be resolved through words rather than war, but I completely ignored their wishes.

If they didn’t want war, all they had to do was surrender unconditionally, not offer negotiations.

“It’s an improvised force, but it’s pretty good.”

Permanent Castle of Marinkov City, Marquis of Lawrence.

I said that while watching the hastily built knights from the observation deck of Yeongju Castle, which looked more like a large resort than a castle.

“This is not okay. It’s a miracle that we were able to form such an order of knights in such a short period of time. As expected from a Riverdale monk, Your Excellency seems to have great insight.”

“They are all people who came to me saying they wanted to work with me. “I’m fortunate that there are many people who view me favorably.”

Pessius, the former vice-leader of the Knights of Lawrence and the current head of the Intelligence Department, who became the temporary leader of the Marquis of Lawrence during this war, was impressed by the 300 Vanguard candidates undergoing training to adapt to Force equipment.

I can’t say I like it 100%, but after picking and choosing people to receive it, it turned out to be quite a decent looking knight, even though it was a hastily constructed knighthood.

“My lord, you really surprise people many times.”

And there was a woman standing side by side with Pessius, her eyes shining brightly. She was Baroness Helena, the head of the guard of the city of Marinkov, which was a royal territory, and the head of the knights’ detachment.

Although she is a high-ranking knight in the Royal Army, she is required to assist me, the new lord, for the next two years.

It would be nice if an experienced person like Baroness Helena would participate in the territory war, but although her place of work is Marinkov City in my territory, she was a member of the Royal Army, so she could not participate in the territory war.

“You brought in a large amount of military supplies, including sky fortresses and vanguard equipment, a few days ago, and you also prepared the knights in advance.”

“You’re lucky.”

“How can this be luck? Isn’t it all based on calculations? “Nothing the lord did was meaningless.”

This is too much praise.

I drew a rough picture, but the fact that things came together so well that everyone was amazed was because of a little bit of luck.

In fact, the recruitment notice for the Knights was posted by Viscount Lawrence with the intention of eliminating Anna and Cedric’s personnel.

However, more people than expected wanted to change jobs.

The moment I faced the bad memories of the past, I remembered that I could mobilize such reserve knights, so I was able to apply for a territory battle at the victory celebration event.

However, even though all my actions seemed impulsive to those who did not know me, I thought they were calculated from top to bottom, as I was prepared for everything.

It was a long time ago, but I didn’t feel the need to explain further, so I cleared my throat and talked to Baroness Helena and Pessius, who were beside me with their eyes shining brightly, saying they were amazing.

“What do you think? “Can we send them into the territory battle right away?”

“Yes, there doesn’t seem to be any problem thanks to the Lord’s careful selection of experienced positions.”

“I think the same.”

I looked up at the sky to see two people shaking their heads loudly.

Then, I saw six disparate black dots floating high in the sky.

It was my Marquis Lawrence’s sky fortress, delivered to his estate the day after purchase.

[Metal Fortress 1st generation]

[Metal Fortress 2nd generation]

[Metal Fortress 2nd generation]

[Metal Fortress 2.5th generation]

[Metal Fortress 2.5th generation]

[Metal Fortress 3rd Generation]

It turned out that the perforated fortress that the king had given to the king for his neck straining was a second-generation first-generation product used by the royal army.

Moreover, it was of the same type as the one I had caused to self-destruct in Viscounty Lawrence, so it was somewhat annoying.

‘If I’m going to give it to you, I’ll give it the latest aircraft. Does he give you a discontinued one that they don’t even sell anymore?

Well, the depreciation of the sky fortress is not large even if it is used, so it feels like they gave it to me for free, but since it is placed among the shiny new items, it feels like it looks even older.

It was obviously sent with a new paint job and there were no major performance issues, but once it looked bad, it kept getting noticed.

Since it was a gift from the king, it could not be disposed of at will, and after being used for a few years, when it was forgotten by people, it had to be sold cheaply to a small or medium-sized fiefdom with which one became familiar.

Next, I lowered my gaze and caught sight of Marinkov, the central city of the Marquis of Lawrence, visible beneath the observatory.

‘It’s so big. ‘Isn’t it bigger than Seoul in terms of scale?’

Everything about Marinkov, a large city with a population of 5.2 million, was larger than that of Arenci in the Viscounty of Lawrence.

Although it is difficult to capture everything at a glance, there are dozens of large buildings with more than 100 floors that are immediately visible, and the traffic volume of flying cars, which can be said to be a symbol of wealth, is also considerable.

In addition, it had a medium-sized city with a population of 1 million and two small cities with a population of 300,000 to 500,000 as satellite cities, making it one of the ten largest cities in the Kingdom of Reinharts.

‘Wouldn’t it have been a shame to give up the king at this level?’

It was new to me, but when I looked down at the huge city, I felt like I had become a great lord.

I said with a pleasant smile.

“If there are no problems, we should move slowly.”


A meaning that contradicts the refreshingly uttered words.

I gave a simple answer to the two people who momentarily tilted their heads without understanding what I was saying.

“It’s a departure.”

“Uh, when are you going to go to war?”

“We will complete preparations within three hours, divide the army into four and go out. Let’s lock them up in the territory so they can’t join forces. And the main army, including Arsia and I, will capture the territories one by one.”

The two swallowed dry saliva.

I know why you’re embarrassed.

Even if there are no problems right now, my army is a hastily built army that has only been created for three days, and I have not yet received royal permission for territory warfare.

“But the royal family…” … .”

“It’s just a matter of whether it’s early or late, but permission will be granted anyway. Until then, let’s make the excuse that it’s training. “That’s an excuse a lot of people make, right?”

Whether on Earth or in Rondel, it was national rule to move troops and use the excuse of training.

‘Now, the army is marching.’

This time, rather than just giving orders from a safe place, I plan to go into battle directly with Arcia and use my force without hesitation.

In the early days of taking power, isn’t it the leader who leads everyone from the front that captures the hearts of subordinates?


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