My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 46

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Episode 46: Dream in the game becomes reality

14. Non-Gong Peddler (4)

‘Viscount Doherty’, ‘Viscountess Parma’, ‘Viscount Karma’, ‘Viscount Ronye’.

The four people above were people that anyone who entered Reinharts Royal Academy at the same time as me could not have known.

They were like the so-called Iljin.

“You guys continue to hang out even when you become adults?”

However, although they are the children of a lord, it is a bit difficult for them to rule like an elite at the Royal Academy, where many nobles attend.

In order to go through the Academy with strength on your shoulders like it’s your own world, you need to have a stronger supporter than just a self-author.

“Where has your master gone?”

When I spoke of their master, I meant Isabella, the daughter of the Margrave of Caskvel, the family that guards the southeastern border.

Didn’t he think that he would show his discomfort to his face?

The four people’s faces turned red, but they did not protest. They tried to control their expressions and greeted them.

“Hey, Adrian. what’s the matter.”

“That’s right, but we are alumni.”

Still, as you get older, do you think you have grown in your own way?

Looking at their patient faces, I couldn’t help but laugh.

I said a word to those four people and turned my back.

“I’ll come see you later when I have time. “I’m so sick of it, so let’s talk about it.”


“Yeah, yeah. Isabella will come later too.”

Even as an adult, he still seems to use Isabella as a shield.

I wiped the cold from my face and walked away with my family.

“Are you friends?”

“Academy classmates.”

The academy has a dormitory system for all students.

So my mother, who had no way of knowing what kind of life I had been leading, bowed her head to them.

But Arcia seemed to have sensed my feelings, as she glared at them with cold eyes and matched my pace with me.

‘Sounds like fun.’

I am not the type of person who is petty and never forgets Eun-won.

They have always been the ones who need to be educated, and I can’t tell you how grateful I am that they showed up in front of me on their own.

I entered with my family, smiling brighter than ever.

* * *

“Fuck… … . Did you see the look in the woman’s eyes at the end? “He looked at me like he was going to kill me.”

“Ha, it looks like Adrian hasn’t forgotten about us.”

Sometimes, adults take bullying at school lightly and only scold the instigators by telling them that bullying their friends is bad.

However, this is an action based on the illusion of adults who do not know how malicious and persistent children can be.

If the perpetrators had had common sense in the first place, they would not have acted in such a way as to enjoy the suffering of others.

And this phenomenon appears even more severely in rondels where social status exists.

There were many cases where children from high-ranking noble families whom they trusted very cleverly used their status to manipulate powerless students to their liking, and teachers only responded in principle to keep an eye on students.

Because of this, children who became targets of bullying slowly withered and died, unable to find help anywhere, like flowers blooming in the desert.

The number of students who left school exceeded double digits due to the evil acts committed by Isabella’s gang, who took advantage of the status of the Margrave of Caskvel’s family.

“How could I forget?”

“It got annoying. “I’m sure Isabella will cover it well this time too, right?”

“Well, yeah, it’ll be okay. “What can a new nobleman do?”

In that sense, Adrian was an interesting target for their attack.

It was a position that was almost like an outcast within the family, but they always had a straight back and most of the time they overlooked whatever they did.

Usually, if the other person doesn’t react, they might lose interest, but unfortunately, their attacks on Adrian became more severe and vicious day by day.

Thanks to this, during his time at the Academy, Adrian always wore bandages to the point that there was no part of his body that was not broken.

“Ugh… … . “I still haven’t forgotten the warning he gave me.”

The story of Viscountess Ronye brought back memories of the past that the friends had tried to forget.

‘It would be better to look forward. Because I will torture you in the most terrible way in the world. I dare make you regret being born into this world.’

That was the line Adrian uttered when a commoner girl was beaten by her classmates.

The reason the girl went through such a miserable situation was because she asked Adrian if he was okay.

With just those words, the adolescent girl had to leave the academy with an indelible wound.

The incident caused Adrian, who did not react no matter how injured he was, to express intense anger.

His life-filled appearance, which was completely different from before, was strongly engraved in the minds of Isabella’s gang.

“Well, let’s find Isabella first.”

“Why can’t I contact him like this?”

Because of their past sins, they had no choice but to fidget like dogs with their tails on fire.

In the past, I would have laughed it off, but I couldn’t do that anymore.

The four people got far away from Adrian and quickly set out to find a back boat that could protect them.

But there was one thing the four of you didn’t know.

Yesterday, when they were drunk and talking about each other, Isabella, who had re-aware of Adrian’s location, was already working hard to live on her own.

* * *

An encounter with people who are inevitably unpleasant to encounter.

But now that I have gained great power, encounters with them have become such enjoyable entertainment.

“Shall I kill you?”

“No, not yet.”


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Although Arcia is usually oblivious, she is quick to notice changes in me.

I guess they sensed my feelings for them.

I shook my head and said in response to Arcia’s question.

“I have a promise with these guys.”

“Then I will be watching.”

A perfect event was created to commemorate the peak.

I already thought I might meet them in this place where all the nobles gathered, but I never thought I would run into them so easily.

“Wow, this is indoors, right?”

Numerous nobles were walking along the long hallway, which was located inside the building and was as wide as a four-lane road.

Thanks to this, the nobles were able to walk comfortably without bumping each other’s shoulders.

And then we arrived at today’s main event venue, ‘Great Hall.’

Looking at the stage surrounded by colorful lights and the long rows of chairs, I felt like I was inside a concert hall.

“It’s a big enough place for 10,000 people to gather in one place and enjoy a party. The annual Noble Assembly is also held here.”

“Incredible. “Isn’t this hall alone bigger than our lord’s castle?”

“Haha, if you look at the floor area, it’s similar, but the volume is much larger.”

My mother continued to exclaim in exclamation at my father’s explanation.

At that time, a woman who appeared to be a palace maid approached and greeted me.

“I will help you find your seat. Could you please show me the invitation?”

“Here it is.”

It seems like he recognized us.

However, judging from the blush on their faces, it doesn’t seem like they are struggling because we are burdened.

“I will show you to your seat.”

At the same time, seeing him glance at Arcia, I think he must be a fan of hers.

The profile of a female Auror Master from a commoner background was a popular element that could appeal to people of the same gender.

“Is this the right place?”

“Yes, it is.”

And the place we were guided to was not one that anyone would have expected to occupy in the Viscount family.

Table seats in the front row.

It was a VIP space that was different from the back row where there were only chairs and no tables.

Thanks to the nature of high-ranking nobles, like the protagonist, who appear late, we had to receive the attention of a crowd of 4,000 to 5,000 people.

The funny thing was that no one approached us easily even though they wanted to talk to us.

Thanks to this, I was able to feel that the family’s position had changed from before.

“Oh, aren’t they Viscount Lawrence?”

As time passed, people from the Count and Margrave families began to appear one by one, filling the surroundings.

They all approached us with friendly expressions and greeted us, but even my father greeted us with a slightly stiff expression at the appearance of named nobles who would have been unknown to any citizen of the Kingdom of Reinharts.

My gaze was directed to a distant place, where the Raven Margrave was located.

Seeing that he clicked his tongue and avoided eye contact, it seemed like he had received a warning from the second prince.

“There is good news this time. “I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you in advance.”

It seemed like all the high-ranking nobles knew about my marquess status.

My father smiled with a calm expression.

“Oh, Mrs. Lawrence, where did you buy that jewelry?”

“You look so good with that elegant dress.”

“Well, my son bought this for me, so I’m fine with it too.”

“As expected, Prince Lawrence is said to be a dutiful son, and he even gives this gift to his mother.”

“I’m so jealous of my son’s ability. My son is the same age as Prince Lawrence, and he still snoops around the salon, chasing women by their skirts. “Ugh, when will I grow up?”

Mother was the object of attention from noble women.

First of all, it was meant as a compliment, but looking at the sharply shining eyes, I could easily tell that it had another purpose.

“Hey, Mrs. Lawrence.”


“If you don’t mind, may I ask what kind of education you gave your son?”

“Oh, me too. I want to hear it too. “I’m also curious about what kind of teacher you received your early education from.”

After realizing their interest, I slightly shook my head.

Whether in this world or the other, parents’ greatest interest seems to be their children’s education.

“I have never really stepped up and provided education. “I just let my son take care of everything.”

Unfortunately, my mother’s answer was far from their wishes.

Nevertheless, the noble ladies clung tenaciously to their mother, but they gained nothing.

“I guess genius is appointed by heaven.”

“Well, considering what Prince Lawrence went through, I think one’s will and talent are more important than the environment.”

In the end, they seemed to have changed their purpose to becoming closer to their mother, and ended up farting loudly.

* * *

[The victory celebration will now begin.]

After a brief social interaction, the event began.

Royalty, dukes, and marquis were sitting in rows on the seats provided on the stage, and it was noticeable that the group was divided around the crown prince and the second prince.

It was a clear indication that the political fight in this country was intensifying.

Then, I made eye contact with the crown prince, and when he gave me a meaningless smile, I slightly averted my gaze.

It wouldn’t be good if you got caught exchanging eye contact here.


Sure enough, the second prince was watching us like this.

The second prince smiled as if he liked my behavior of avoiding the crown prince’s gaze.

However, while the second prince was talking to a person who appeared to be a military officer sitting next to him, he cast a deep gaze at Arcia.

‘There is a lot of interest in Arcia, but the Auror Masters in this country.’

He was the Marquis Vincent, the first sword of the kingdom that formed the two axis along with the Duke of Anaheim in the Second Prince faction.

I was displeased with their attitude as if they were criticizing Arcia, but since I was planning to commit many unexpected actions in the future, I paid attention to my facial expressions for now.

‘It doesn’t suit the second prince either.’

The event continued with the King’s congratulatory address and a rice paddy field performance.

Knights who had made contributions were mentioned, and among them was William, the knight commander of the Lawrence family who fought with me.

William was rewarded generously with the title of Baronet, and it seemed that the Second Prince was paying attention.

After a while.

After the knights’ speeches were over, the nobles began to be called.

However, among the nobles who made achievements, the one who received the most spotlight was an unexpected person.

[To Count Otis, commander of the 23rd Division of the local army.]

My flexible immediate superior, Count Otis, with whom I share good memories.

“I bestow the Golden Lion Medal and the border city of Ort to Count Otis, and appoint him the Margrave of Ijes.”

Appointment of margrave out of nowhere.

He certainly made a considerable contribution, but the reward was somewhat undeserved.

Thanks to this, the chairman’s murmur grew louder.

‘thank god. I guess Count Otis was in His Highness the Crown Prince’s camp.’

I could immediately tell what was going on.

As the King, the Crown Prince, and the 2nd Prince congratulated them without saying anything, the venue was filled with thunderous applause.

The event ended in a situation that exceeded many people’s expectations.

However, no one got up from their seats, because they knew that the main character was present today, regardless of the non-public performance.

[Viscount Adrian Lawrence, to Sir Arcia Klein.]

Finally, Arsia and I were called.

As we walked in our costumes side by side, exclamations of exclamation came from all around us.

It was not difficult to notice that this was due to our youth and appearance displayed on the large holographic display.

-click! click!

He received flash messages from reporters as if he were a celebrity, and stood face to face with the king, stylishly holding the long sword prepared for the royal action.

“You two, kneel.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

And the king gave various admonitions.

Lines such as ‘As a subject, be loyal to the king and protect the people and the country’s property.’

Finally, the king touched both shoulders and head with the long sword he was holding, and then raised his voice and declared.

“The title of marquis and the Marinkov region are granted to Adrian Lawrence as a fief, and the title of count and the Glendale region are granted to Arsia Klein as a fief.”

“In addition, I have given one Sky Fortress to each of the two new great lords, so I hope they will do their best to protect their homeland.”

“I am devastated.”

“I am devastated.”

The nobles’ reaction to the king’s proclamation was no less fierce than when Count Otis became margrave.



“Has there ever been a case where someone suddenly became a marquis?”

There was a lot of chatter here and there, asking if they had heard correctly.

“Congratulations to the Marquis of Lawrence and Count Klein.”

In the end, when the king stepped forward and ordered the person to be killed, the nobles who had not been able to gather information in advance had to swallow their saliva and applaud.

I rolled my eyes eagerly and grinned when I saw the young nobles with disbelieving expressions on their faces.

They were the four guys I met at the entrance to the palace.

“Is there anything else you want to say?”

Is it because of the Marquis’ presence?

The King gave time for the first time to share his thoughts.

“First of all, I don’t know what to do with the grace of His Majesty the King, who is the heart and fair scale of this country.”

The speech began with gold painting on the king’s face.

This was the natural order.

I continued my remarks calmly, not forgetting to express my gratitude to the crown prince and the second prince.

“There was something I definitely wanted to do when I became a noble with a fiefdom. “I would like to reveal that wish to the people here today.”

I paused for a moment and caught people’s attention.

“Viscount Doherty’, ‘Viscount Parma’, ‘Viscount Karma’, ‘Viscount Ronye’.”

Some strange development.

Everyone tilted their heads as four family names suddenly came out of my mouth.

And he said it with an extremely refreshing expression.

“I declare a territorial war against these four families.”

People blinked for a moment, unable to understand what I meant.

The king, the crown prince, and even the second prince.


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