My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 45

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Episode 45: A chance in a game turns into reality

14. Non-Gong Peddler (3)

Victory commemoration event.

It is a commemorative event for the Kingdom of Reinharts’ victory in the war against the Croesen Empire.

In fact, the war ended with only losses and no gains for either country, but each country is claiming that their country won.

Therefore, the name of this war-ending event is also a victory commemoration event.

However, just before the victory celebration, a battle of two forces was taking place in the battle of Baekcheong Palace, the Reinharts royal castle.

“The event will start soon, so let’s be considerate of each other and end today’s meeting quickly.”

In the royal palace, the king of the Kingdom of Reinharts, Kalitz van Reinharts, sits at the head of the royal palace.

On either side of him are Crown Prince Michael van Reinharts and 2nd Prince Luke Win Reinharts.

And as the nobles supporting both princes were lined up in front of them, facing each other, it was confusing whether this was the royal palace of one country or between hostile countries facing each other for negotiations on the battlefield.

“I understand what my brother has to say. “If he doesn’t use raw materials, there’s no reason why he can’t be respected.”

“Oh my brother. Isn’t your brother too big to use the word ‘saengte’? To me, it seems like an expression more suitable for your older brother, don’t you think?”

Before the meeting began, the king, who turned 60 this year, massaged his temples as if he was tired and urged the two princes not to fight.

However, whether they knew the king’s feelings or not, the crown prince and the second prince already looked at each other with fighting spirit and said a few words.

In response, the King shook his head and motioned with his chin to get the business of the meeting out of the way.

“Originally, at the end of this victory celebration, His Majesty was planning to welcome the arrival of the kingdom’s new Archmage and Auror Master and bestow the title of earl and territory on both of them.”

“It did. Is there any problem?”

“There is no particular problem. However, I felt that the award given to the new Archmage Adrian Lawrence was too small, so I asked for this opportunity to give a proper discussion.”

But was the content of the meeting surprising?

The King stroked his golden beard, which was as faded as his hair, and asked for a detailed explanation.

“The Countess is small? “What makes you think that?”

“He made great achievements in this war. But isn’t the title given to him because he is an archmage anyway? “I believe that in consideration of his genius, future, and battlefield achievements, I should take this opportunity to bestow a marquis.”

“Not a margrave, but a marquess all of a sudden… … .”

The King realized through the Second Prince’s claims that he had captured Adrian Lawrence.

So he looked at the Crown Prince with a concerned expression, but the Crown Prince, who had no idea what he was thinking, just smiled at him.

“Do you think it’s too much?”

The King also acknowledged the fact that the Second Prince had outstanding martial arts skills as he had become an Auror Master.

However, although there were no noticeable results, he was aware that the crown prince also had genius talents in literature and administration, so he thought it would be better for the crown prince, who was the older brother and had the tradition of being the queen’s successor, to become king as is.

So he wanted to get this topic out of his way… … .

“Your Majesty, it’s not excessive at all! Prince Lawrence is not only a rare genius who became a great wizard at the age of 20, but he is also an expert in the field of economics who has amassed tens of trillions of dollars in wealth on his own!”

“you’re right! Just for his achievements in this war, it would be enough to bestow him with the title of Viscount Danseung or Baronet of the Lord! Please consider this!”

“Moreover, he has Auror Master Lord Arsia as his fiancé! I think this is something that cannot be ignored! “If Prince Lawrence leaves for another country where she is treated well, she will also lose her origin.”

High-ranking nobles above the earldom, including the Duke of Anaheim, head of the Second Prince’s camp, all bowed their heads and voiced opposition.

In feudal countries, power struggles centered on succession were common, but it was rare for nobles to unite on such a large scale to support another prince when the crown prince had already been installed.

There was a cool anticipation in King Kalitz’s eyes, but as he got older and his energy diminished, he soon sank deep into his throne and sighed.

Moreover, 2nd Prince Luke slowly curled the corner of his mouth and made a claim that was difficult to ignore.

“Your Majesty, many countries have already fallen in love with his genius and are trying to approach him. Some people even say that Prince Lawrence is the person who will become the second Archduke Lucas. Poor treatment is like throwing away a capable young person who will lead the future of the kingdom.”

The person who will become the second Archduke Lucas.

This was a metaphor that was difficult to ignore.

Archduke Lucas’s genius was something that appeared once in thousands of years, but the impact of becoming an archmage at the age of 20 made this metaphor impossible to ignore.

The King massaged his temples again, thought for a while, and eventually passed the baton to the Crown Prince.

This meant that if there was a counterargument, you should try it yourself.

“As far as I know, there has been no case in nearly 500 years where someone went from having no title to becoming a marquis in one fell swoop. “The Second Prince’s argument is nothing more or less than an intention to empower Prince Lawrence, as he has embraced it.”

However, Crown Prince Mahael’s remarks were so direct that not only the second prince, but even the king, who had passed the right to speak, frowned.

“Brother, aren’t you speaking too harshly?”

“What do we need to pack between us? “I guess you didn’t think it would be easy to give permission even though you knew he was someone who would be your strength, right?”

“what!? “I hope you understand how unbecoming your statement is as a prince!”

The high-ranking nobles of the Second Prince faction raised their voices at the sight of the Crown Prince, who had a knack for getting on the nerves of others.

However, despite their reaction, the crown prince’s high-ranking nobles only laughed and did not show much opposition.

This appearance of the Crown Prince faction made Prince Luke feel uneasy even though his power was on the rise.

However, perhaps because he thought their argument was more objective than the crown prince’s, Prince Luke left the judgment to the king.

“Unfortunately, my brother is so blinded by jealousy that he seems unable to think normally. He wants His Majesty to make a decision.”

But for some reason, the king could not keep his mouth shut despite the crown prince’s reckless behavior.

This was because it was pointed out that there had been no case in nearly 500 years where a crown prince went from having no title to becoming a marquis.

In a situation where politics are divided, the risk of setting an unnecessary precedent is a burden.

Prince Luke, who was reluctant but felt the need to put pressure on the king, tried to add a word… … .

“But if you accept our demands, we will accept your claim.”

The crown prince has proposed a deal.

“hmm… … .”

Prince Luke narrowed his eyes, wondering what his intentions were, but those with deep experience in politics, including the Duke of Anaheim of the Second Princes faction, expressed that they had no choice as they had expected this to happen.

They showed an attitude that they would first listen to what requests were made.

“If there are people who are rewarded, shouldn’t there be people who are punished?”

“What is that? No way, brother!”

“My request is that Count Raven step down from his position as Margrave. Looking back on the incident with Prince Lawrence, he does not seem to be entitled to preferential treatment for border security.”

Margrave Raven, who was crushed in the corner near the second prince, was startled by the sudden sparks that flew out.

Prince Luke laughed and revealed the crown prince’s intentions.

“Are you saying we have to give up our existing forces to gain new forces?”


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“I don’t think it’s a bad offer? “Raven Marquis will be able to maintain his status as an earl, and won’t you be adding a new marquis?”

“You really have a personality that I hate so much.”

“So the deal is done?”

The King thought that the Crown Prince’s proposal, although aggressive, was reasonable.

However, Prince Luke’s subsequent reaction was expected by his father, so he kept his mouth shut until the end.

“No! I can never do the despicable thing of cutting out my own people for profit! “Only then will anyone believe and follow me!”

A cry that clearly reveals Prince Luke’s honesty.

Margrave Raven was greatly relieved, and the high-ranking nobles of the Second Prince faction, including the Duke of Anaheim, laughed at the nobles of the Crown Prince faction with proud expressions, as if these were the qualities of a great king.

“Your little brother is so cool. After all, he’s the boss.”

“Don’t try to test me again!”

The crown prince thought that this proposal would not be accepted anyway due to the characteristics of the second prince, so he proposed a new proposal.

“Then, I would like to appoint Count Otis, who made great contributions as Prince Lawrence’s superior in this war, as margrave.”

“Count Otis?”

Count Otis was a member of the Crown Prince faction.

This meant that if you wanted to get the title of marquis, you had to give up the title of margrave.

However, as if there had been no prior discussion about this proposal, Count Otis was surprised and said, ‘Me, me?’

“I acknowledge that Prince Lawrence made a great contribution in this war. But it is no exaggeration to say that about half of the balls belong to his immediate superior, Count Otis.”

If you want to give Adrian Lawrence the rank of marquis based on his contributions on the battlefield, this means that you should also consider the contributions of his immediate superior, Count Otis.

Prince Luke, speechless at this, looked at his maternal grandfather, the Duke of Anaheim.

“… … .”

Since the Crown Prince’s proposal had some merit, there was no reason to reject it, so the 2nd Prince faction members worked hard on their calculators in their heads.

“This is a proposal made while accepting the somewhat unreasonable proposal for the title of marquis and overlooking the mistakes of Margrave Raven. You should keep in mind that I am making this suggestion because I recognize the value of Prince Lawrence. “If you refuse this, you will get nothing from this meeting.”

As the Prince’s passive smile disappeared, Prince Luke became reluctant to look at him even though he was an Auror Master.

In the end, many high-ranking nobles, including the Duke of Anaheim, decided that it would be advantageous to accept the crown prince’s proposal.

“I understand. “There are no bites.”


The crown prince once again asked the king, who was quietly watching the skit with a smile on his face.

“Your Majesty, please make a decision.”

King Kalitz, who somehow felt like a scarecrow, clicked his tongue and answered.

“I accept the request of Prince Michael and Prince Luke.”

“I am devastated.”

* * *

Going to work in Wangseong for two days in a row.

But the purpose of the visit today is different from yesterday.

“Arsia seems to be very interested in the festival.”

He visited the royal castle to participate in the victory commemoration event hosted by the royal family.

Because the victory celebration was a national festival, the capital Lionel, where the royal castle was located, was crowded with many people.

We were not able to leisurely see the scenery of the capital city as we were traveling quickly across the skyway in the car, but Arcia, who has good visual acuity, showed great interest in the festival, taking in the sights of the city spread out beneath her feet.

“After today’s party, shall we take a quick look around?”


I let out a low laugh as I noticed her mood change from ‘interested’ to ‘good mood’.

“Wouldn’t it be dangerous? “They say thugs from all over come to the festival.”

“Mother, this is our Auror Master and Archmage.”

“Why is that?”

It seems like my mother still sees me as a child.

Seeing my mother not understanding the situation, my father chuckled and asked a question on my behalf.

“It means that unless a war breaks out in the city, there is nothing to worry about.”

“Is that so?”


Nevertheless, my mother seemed worried and advised me to bring an escort if I was going to enjoy the festival.

Since it could be said that it was my fault that my mother became such a worried person, I obediently replied that I would do as she wished.

But even with my answer, my mother fidgeted as if she was somehow uncomfortable.

“I’m nervous because it’s my first time in the royal castle.”

As his father is a noble, he has a lot of experience visiting the royal castle, but his mother, who was born in a provincial town and is a commoner, rarely visits the royal castle, so it seems that events where nobles gather in one place are burdensome.

“Adrian, isn’t it strange, Mom? “It’s tacky or something.”

My mother was famous for her striking appearance from the beginning.

Proving that the perfection of fashion is the face, my mother’s beauty never lost its shine no matter how difficult the situation was.

However, now that she had officially become the mistress of the lord’s family, and had an archmage as her son and an auror master as her daughter-in-law, her attire could not be the same as before.

My mother was decked out in a dress and jewelry just like the mistress of a high-ranking noble family.

I responded deftly to my mother’s concerns.

“Do not worry. “There are probably a lot of young people who ask me to dance without knowing that my mother is a noble lady.”

And I told my father to take good care of my mother.

My father promised that he would do his best because there were many things he couldn’t do for my mother and son because he was worried about Anna.

“I think Arcia looks good in a dress too… … .”

According to what Prince Luke boasted about, Arcia and I will be receiving titles together today.

Therefore, I had no choice but to wear a uniform.

However, brooches and badges made of jewels and precious metals eliminated the plainness of the uniform, and it was decorated with a silk cape, making it no less luxurious than the dress.

In addition, Arsia’s outfit stood out even more because she wore it as a set with me.

“I like this outfit too.”

“I hope I have time to change into my dress after the business is over and before the party starts.”

Her mother, who had also brought Arsia’s dress just in case, smiled brightly and held her hand tightly.

Fortunately, it seems like the tension has eased a lot.

“her… … . “This is just as spectacular.”

We arrived at the castle soon.

The atmosphere today was completely different from yesterday. Nobles from all over the country flocked here, and even knights who had specialized in war participated, making the entrance to the royal castle crowded.

It was quite a sight to see thousands of floating vehicles bearing the insignia of noble families waiting to enter an amusement park.

“Even nobles are divided into classes here.”

“Unlike the viscounts and barons scattered here and there, there are less than 30 high-ranking nobles above the rank of earl in the entire kingdom.”

However, even among them, there were some people who received preferential treatment: vehicles emblazoned with the emblems of high-ranking noble families.

Arcia, who came to the front, would also be part of that group, but she wasn’t yet, so she obediently waited for her turn in the entrance procession.

“Please show me your invitation.”

“Here it is.”

“hmm? Huh! “We welcome the visit of the Lawrence family.”

However, when I saw the reaction of the soldier managing Gate 21, ‘Why are you here?’, I thought that they should have just slapped an iron plate on their faces and joined the high-ranking nobles.

“sorry. “Vehicles are not allowed to move from here.”

And when the vehicle carrying us passed through the royal garden, which was almost like a park, and reached the inner castle.

I had to get out of the vehicle under the guidance of the guards.

-Sugeun. Soogeun.

My father escorted my mother, and I escorted Arsia.

The appearance of our Lawrence family caught the attention of the surrounding nobles.

Nothing special.

This is the gaze I will continue to receive in the future.

‘I feel like I’m surrounded by hyenas.’

Their eyes showed deep interest and calculations about how to become friends.


As I was walking like that, someone called my name and I turned my head and saw familiar faces.

The moment I spotted them, a deep smile appeared on my face.

The reason is because they were people I always wanted to see at least once.

These are my academy classmates that I cannot forget.


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