My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 44

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Episode 44: Dream in the game becomes reality

14. Non-Gong Peddler (2)

As soon as I logged out, Arcia, who was standing next to my bed, held out her hand.

I held her hands in my seat and burst into laughter at her consideration.

“What about Sir Pessius?”

“I put it on standby in the study.”

“thank you.”

I left the room with Arcia dressed in light clothes, including a dressing gown and dressing gown.

As we left the room, the knights standing guard at a distance straightened their posture, and the maids waiting nearby became nervous.

Since I was completely used to it by now, I just kept walking without worrying about it.

“See you, my lord.”

A little while later, Pessius and a young man who appeared to be his subordinate were standing in the study room.

I sat down on the sofa next to Arcia and offered them a seat across from me.

“no. We are fine.”

“It’s uncomfortable to raise my head high.”

“Then, please excuse me.”

Only then did the two of them take the seat in front of us.

“Here is a list of companies requested by my lord last time.”

And with a nervous expression, Pessius sent data on the purpose of today’s visit to my terminal.

[One. Kalt Steel / Market capitalization KRW 975 billion]

[2. Tarnis Defense / Market capitalization KRW 1.15 trillion (unlisted/over-the-counter)]

[3. Leella Steel / Market capitalization KRW 734.2 billion]

[4. Zenith Artifact / Market capitalization 1.732 trillion]

[5. Konya Magic Tower / Market capitalization KRW 1.82 trillion (unlisted/over-the-counter)]

[6. Patnik horsepower / market capitalization 670.3 billion]

… … .

That was information on 25 companies.

The companies ranged from steelmaking, artifacts, magic circuits, magic batteries, and even the research institute Magic Tower. Although they seemed inconsistent, these fields were all state-managed industries that anyone but the nobles could not get their hands on.

“Among the fields that the Lord wants, these are the companies that can be acquired immediately. “At least companies numbered 1 to 9 have decent technology and have the potential to grow if funds are invested, but I think it will be difficult for the others.”

“You did a good job organizing the data. “I like it because it’s easy to see.”

I looked at the data carefully.

The materials handed over by Pessius contained various secrets that were difficult to confirm unless one looked into them in person, ranging from ordinary company information that could be obtained through online searches.

Although the research time may not have been long, I was honestly surprised at how thorough the content was.

As expected from an honest person, he never handles things roughly.

Once again, I thought it was a good idea to entrust the information work to him.

“We will acquire five companies: Kalt Steel, Leella Steel, Zenith Artifact, Konya Magic Tower, and Patnik Horsepower. Can I also entrust you with the acquisition task?”


To acquire the five companies I mentioned, we would need at least 5 trillion won.

In other words, I entrusted him with managing 5 trillion won of funds.

Pessius, who had been asked to do the work, was visibly embarrassed because it was a large sum of money that an ordinary knight would never touch.

“How dare I spend such a large amount of money…” … .”

“In the future, more money will be moved.”

He swallowed dryly at my calm instructions, then nodded with a determined expression.

“Please leave it to me.”

“I believed that Sir Pessius would agree.”

When I smiled with a satisfied expression, he lowered his head and said he was sorry.

He is the one who moves at the center of my entourage.

It’s difficult to be scared at this level.

“Can I ask you one thing?”

But then.

Pessius’ companion, who had been silent until now, opened his mouth.

Pessius looked at him, wondering what kind of rudeness he was seeing, but the young man paid no heed and stared at me with straight eyes.

[Grent Nocturne / Beginning Accountant]

Race: Human

Age: 22

Affiliation: Rheinharts Kingdom Green Accounting Office, first-time accountant

Talents: Intellectual ability (high), administrative ability (high), learning ability (high), political ability (low)

Characteristic: Quick Analysis

Relationship: Interest/Alliance

Status: Surprising/Questionable

Now I saw that he was the son of Pessius.

He has administrative talent, which is completely different from his father, who was a fighter to his core.

Moreover, he had three advanced abilities, so he could easily be described as elite.

“You look a lot like your father.”

“This is my first time hearing this… … . “You have a keen eye for understanding the identity right away.”

“Haha, is that so? So what is Lord Nocturne curious about?”

“Please call me Grant.”

Pessius was beside himself, fretting over whether his son was making a mistake.


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“Young Master So, are you planning to enter the military industry?”

Grant asked a surprisingly sharp question.

Steel mill, magic tower, artifact manufacturer, magic circuit design company.

Looking at the company I was shopping for, he assumed it was the foundation for the military industry.

I showed interest in Grant and asked him why he thought that.

“Aren’t they all hippos who cannot hope for immediate profits and only eat money? I didn’t think it was a decision for Youngju So, who has spent tens of trillions of dollars in investments, to make. So, I thought this acquisition would be an investment for the future.”

That’s correct.

Grant’s judgment is as good as his abilities.

Instead of putting unnecessary weight on his question, I nodded my head in the affirmative.

“that’s right. Mining and distribution, the main industries of our Lawrence territory, are not bad, but their growth limits are very clear. In that respect, I thought the military industry was very good prey.”

“It’s a plan worth thinking about as an archmage.”

The military industry can be said to be just as saturated as the distribution and mining industries, but for me, the title of Grand Wizard exists.

Even if you just make a 7th circle artifact, the profit you can make will be greater than the total profit of the Lawrence family’s business.

But I had no intention of sticking to the simple artifact industry.

“If you don’t mind, may I know what item you have in mind?”

“Are you curious?”

“no. “I am asking because I think it is necessary to keep in mind what to prioritize when following Lord So’s instructions from now on.”

Is it because I don’t seem upset?

Pessius, who had been trying to stop his son, sighed and took a step back.

However, the two people’s expressions changed after my answer.

Pessius with astonishment and Grant with trepidation.

“First, let’s start with Vanguard equipment.”

Vanguard’s force equipment is shared among the three families of the Kingdom of Reinharts.

The first family is the ‘Duke of Anaheim’, the 2nd prince’s maternal family.

The second family is the current king’s maternal family and the most famous magic family in the Kingdom of Reinharts, the Duke of Haines.

The last family is the ‘Reinharts Royal Family’, which is a shame to be left out.

This means that Vanguard equipment is made by the hands of the most powerful people in the kingdom.

If you interpret this differently, wouldn’t it mean that if you have the ability to produce Vanguard’s force equipment, you can stand shoulder to shoulder with them?

“Is it possible?”

“I understand the principles of the force system and the approximate manufacturing method of Vanguard equipment. “It is possible if the assistants follow along well.”

Excluding me, there are four archmages in our Kingdom of Reinharts.

However, there are only two people who know how to make Vanguard Force equipment.

This means that each family thoroughly hides the method of making force equipment, and that not everyone can make force equipment, even if they become an archmage.

Since Vanguard equipment is a strategic weapon, this was a common story not only in our Kingdom of Reinharts, but also throughout the world.

“The existing powers will not remain silent.”

“It will be okay. After visiting the capital today, I came up with a way to respond. And if we just make force equipment of a similar level to theirs in the first place, the threat won’t be that big.”

“So you already have an alternative? “You are truly amazing.”

A 20-year-old archmage who suddenly appears creates Vanguard Force equipment?

The public’s attention was bound to be focused.

Of course, there is a need to relax some force here.

After experiencing failure a few times.

At first, the two father and son had different expressions, but now their eyes were shining brightly.

Let alone the facial expression of the 22-year-old man in front of me, it didn’t look like something a man in his 40s would make, so I’ll just pretend I didn’t see it.

“For your information, I have no intention of being satisfied with the level of Vanguard’s equipment, so please let me know as soon as a good magic tower comes up for sale.”

There is only one item that is higher than Vanguard equipment.

The sky fortress is the main product of ‘Metal Fortress Heavy Industries’, which is run as a joint business by two dukes and one marquis centered on the royal family.

In response to this, the two people seemed to have taken my remarks only as a goal, so they only nodded and did not react in any way.

I didn’t feel the need to reveal to them that it was possible to build a sky fortress, so I shrugged my shoulders.

[Relationship: Favor / Loyalty]

[Status: Admiration / Respect]

Grant was showing a very satisfactory change in condition compared to when he first met me.

He was contributing to the intelligence group he would create following the suggestion of his father, Pessius, who was an accountant, but he did not seem to be very confident.

However, I think he got properly motivated after talking with me.

“I hope you can help Sir Pessius well in the future. “I will give you the best treatment and make you proud to be with me.”

“I look forward to it.”

Then I turned my gaze to Pessius.

“Is the organization well organized?”

“The leadership team here, including Grant, is comprised of trustworthy people. However, the number of middle managers and general informants is insufficient.”

“What about the alternative?”

“I’m thinking about absorbing a few small intelligence guilds that already exist.”

“You’re going to need funds, right?”

“Yes, I guess… … .”

The establishment of the intelligence group was entrusted to him.

I accepted his request and shared an account containing 30 billion won.

“This should be enough, right?”

“Ugh, that’s enough.”

Even though he will be able to move trillions of won in funds in the future, he doesn’t seem to be able to adjust to the 30 billion right in front of him.

“Don’t hesitate to ask for funding if you need it. “I need a proper intelligence organization.”

“all right.”

* * *

Reporting what happened in the castle to my parents was pushed aside by Chronicle Online and Pessius.

Thanks to this, it wasn’t until tea time after dinner that I told my parents about the second prince’s proposal.

“what? “A marquis?”


Of course, the Crown Prince’s proposal, which required secrecy for betrayal, was kept hidden.

However, the prevailing opinion in social circles was that the second prince would win the succession battle, so the second prince’s suggestion alone made his father and mother respect him.

“I had no reason to refuse, so I said I would accept the offer.”

“Really, nothing has gone as expected since you returned from the battlefield.”

No matter how harshly his father treated him, he still seemed to be having a hard time over the deaths of his wife Anna and son Cedric.

But their deaths are by no means their father’s fault.

Didn’t Anna and Cedric kick out their father in the first place?

Also, it can be said that the fact that I, who wanted to kill so much, met my end was a blessing in disguise.

So, I coldly advised my father to forget about the two people since they were arranged for the sake of the family.

Of course, it would be nice if you could control your emotions according to your intentions, but it would not be easy.

Still, since he has been through a lot and has a clear sense of self-interest, I believe he will shake off the guilt without difficulty.

My mother will also be there to help me.

“Mom, I’m scared now. Her son becomes Your Excellency? “It’s okay, right?”

“Mother, the Count is also called ‘Excellent’, which is the same as the Marquis?”

“But the two titles are different in size.”

Mother is no longer a concubine.

She became the mistress of her own husband, and above all, because she was my biological mother, she was not looked down on by anyone, but rather became an object of fear.

However, it seems that the mother herself has not yet adapted to the overnight change in treatment.

I made a joke out of my mother’s innocent concern.

“Is the Marquis separate? “I should become the king of a country and build a harem.”

However, the two of them could not accept this joke as it was and swallowed it in vain.

“What nonsense are you talking about… … .”


My father was embarrassed and lectured me in a trembling voice, and my mother was so shocked that she hiccuped.

However, there was a common reaction between the two, and that was that they were busy keeping an eye on Arsia.

Because she is so silent and naturally blends in with her family, she is a being who can take on a sky fortress with a single Force Sword.

It was natural for the two of you to be shocked.

“Arsia knew it was a joke and stayed quiet. “It’s rather embarrassing that you two are overreacting so much.”

Arcia was set up as a lover who would marry me for convenience, but we were not really in a relationship like that.

So, it was a joke I threw without thinking, but after seeing the two people’s reactions, I will have to be more careful in the future.

[Status: Complex / Subtle]

However, the moment I saw Arcia, I had to tilt my head because the status display was strange.

[Status: Normal]

However, it didn’t mean much because her condition returned to normal within a few seconds.

“Son, be nice to Arcia, don’t pay attention.”


Although she was talking with a smile, I quickly nodded at my mother’s warning with coldness in her eyes.

“anyway. Since we will be given a high rank, we would like to proceed with the cleaning that has been postponed to announce a new beginning for the Lawrence family.”


The two people did not understand the meaning of my words and expressed doubts about the sudden conversation.

What does it mean for our family’s postponed cleaning?

There’s only one.

“Anna, isn’t this a punishment for the vassal who took unfair advantage of Cedric and punished the employee who harmed my mother and me?”

This can be said to be the purpose of this place.

I never intended to end my revenge cleanly by killing Anna and Cedric.

We will eliminate backlash by dealing with both former enemies and potential enemies.


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