My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 41

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Episode 41: Dream in the game becomes reality

13. Appearance at the Board of Audit and Inspection (3)

“I’m shocked because it’s such a good offer. “Am I worth it?”

“That’s enough. Aren’t you also a very beautiful Auror Master?”


While things were going well, the prince’s gaze towards Arcia was very annoying.

Thanks to this, my mind, which was halfway over, was back in its proper place.

“Can you give me some time to think about it?”

Is it because it looks like it will pass at any moment?

When I asked him to give me some time, he gently narrowed his eyes.

But he soon nodded that he understood.

“Well, because wizards are a very cautious people. And there are people like you who have kept themselves completely hidden.”

No, it’s simply because I don’t like the behavior of the person in front of me.

“I’ll give you a week. “I guess that’s enough, right?”

“I will keep Your Majesty’s consideration deeply in my heart.”

I bowed my head and expressed my respect.

Prince Luke stood up and approached me with a chuckle.

He then shook my hand, and seeing him up close made me feel even bigger.

My height, rounded up, is 180.

However, Prince Luke felt like he could easily overcome 2 meters.

“Shouldn’t the throne be held by someone with ability? If an incompetent crown prince ascends the throne, the fortunes of our Kingdom of Reinharts will decline. “Please think about your future as an aristocrat of this country.”

He shook hands with Arcia after me, and with the two of us facing each other, it felt like we were watching Beauty and the Beast.

“It’s smaller than I thought. Still, it’s amazing that they are the same Auror Master.”

“I’m sorry.”

“I think it would be good to share the sword together later. “This is actually my first time seeing a female Auror Master.”


“You are such a blunt woman. See you later.”

Despite Prince Luke’s great interest, Arcia just nodded without changing her expression.

What was so good about Arcia’s indifference? He patted her on the shoulder with a smile on his face and left the interrogation room.

“Whoa… … .”

As he walked away, not only I but all the other nobles in the interrogation room sighed.

Prince Luke.

I don’t know anything else, but I think I have a knack for making people take their breath away.

“It would be better to stop thinking about it and accept the prince’s offer. “Because he is not used to being rejected.”

Next, the Marquess of Hammington, Chairman of the House of Noble Auditors, stood up, gave me some warning advice, and followed behind the prince.

“It’s over, right? “Am I going?”

“Yes, thank you for your hard work. “Please enter carefully.”

And while I was quietly facing the remaining Board of Audit and Inspection managers, I was given permission to leave the room.

Perhaps because of Prince Luke’s suggestion, everyone looked at me and smiled awkwardly.

After leaving the investigation room with Arcia, I thought for a moment.

Should I call my subordinates and go back like this, or should I just take a quick look around and take a breather since it is the royal castle and capital that I visited after a long time with Arsia?


“I’m not hungry, but it’s good to eat.”

Isn’t that what it says?

At that time, I suddenly remembered Arcia shaking hands with the second prince for a long time.

“I touched Jiji. “Let’s wash our hands.”

“I also touched my left shoulder.”

“Yes, yes.”

Arcia’s reaction proved that she too was not happy about her meeting with Prince Luke.

I immediately used magic to disinfect the area where the prince had touched me.

“Well then, since we’re out after a long time, let’s have a meal. “I know a few good restaurants.”


I went to an academy near Wangseong, so I know what’s around and where the good restaurants are.

So, I decided to take a walk to reminisce about the past.

“Good. “I know a place that has amazing food.”

Suddenly, someone spoke from behind.

When I turned my head, a blond-haired, narrow-eyed character who seemed to have a sharp look when he opened his eyes greeted me lightly, waving his hand with a fox-like smile.

Suddenly I wanted to know something, so I looked through his information… … .

[Crown Prince Michael van Reinharts / 5th Circle High-ranking Wizard]

Race: Human

Age: 36

Affiliation: Crown Prince of the Reinharts Royal Family (1st Prince) / Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Reinharts

Talents: Intellectual ability (highest), learning ability (highest), administrative ability (highest), command ability (high), political power (high), magical power (low), auror (low), physical ability (low)

Characteristics: Perfect memory, master of schemes

Relationship: Interested/Neutral

Status: Favorable / Delighted

-Face change magic has been used.

Unbelievable information unfolded before my eyes.


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I had to believe my eyes.

‘What is this monster?’

He spoke so casually that I thought he was a playful nobleman targeting Arsia, but it turned out that he was the crown prince, the rival of the second prince and the legitimate heir to the royal family of this country.

“As expected, Archmage and Auror Master. I guess you know who I am? “Well, this spell didn’t work on my bear-like brother either.”

People have an image of a specific object.

But looking at his appearance and actions now, I could not imagine his status as a crown prince.

Additionally, a feeling came to mind as soon as I saw him.

That means you should never make the person in front of you your enemy.

“Can I expect delicious food?”

“Haha, you speak well. Please follow me. “I will guide you.”

His abilities can be described as truly monstrous.

Although most of his abilities were focused on administration and politics, he was the first person other than Arcia to see someone with more than three top-level talents.

No, it could be said that her overall abilities were actually higher than Arcia’s.

Because Arcia’s abilities were focused on swordsmanship, the rest of her stats were not that high.

However, in addition to the three highest-level talents, Prince Michael also had two advanced talents.

‘Why is this person not known to the public?’

Looking at his administrative and political abilities, the title of 5th Circle High-ranking Wizard seems insignificant.

Although his magical talent was at a low level to begin with, I think the reason he became a high-ranking wizard was because of his extraordinary intelligence.

“It seems like you have a lot of questions about me.”

“After all, he is a mysterious person who is less known than his younger brother.”

He is now hiding his face with magic.

Of course, camouflage didn’t work for me and Arcia, so my true face was visible, but for the sake of the crown prince who was trying to hide himself, I didn’t mention his name or title.

After a while, the place he led me to was an unremarkable room, and I had to tilt my head when I realized its purpose.

“It’s a teleportation room? But you can’t use space movement magic inside the castle, right? There was a magic that interfered with space movement… … .”

“Oh, you don’t know? “There is a vein of tourmaline (tourmaline) in the basement of the castle, and its energy sometimes collides with magical energy, causing the space movement disruption magic to temporarily malfunction.”

– Click.

At the same time, he took out a button from his pocket that looked like a switch, pressed it, and guided Arsia and I to the teleportation site.

Is it just a coincidence that the space movement blocking magic was canceled as soon as he pressed the switch?

“Okay then, let’s move.”

Prince Michael smiled and activated the teleportation magic circle.

‘Ah, it was a room designed to prevent magic from leaking out.’

The surrounding scenery changed along with my brief appreciation.

The place we arrived at was a closed place on all sides, but when the crown prince knocked on one wall, the front opened to the left and right like an elevator door, revealing a space decorated luxuriously like a salon.

“You can speak comfortably from here on. Oh right.”

– Click.

At the same time, the crown prince pressed again the unknown switch button he had pressed before using teleportation.

Then, the space movement obstruction that had been lifted for a while was restored and surrounded the royal castle.

“It looks like the space movement disruption circle is working again. “I was lucky.”

‘You are controlling it.’

Does the 2nd Prince, leader of the 2nd Guard Knights, know that the Crown Prince is playing with the security of the castle?

For some reason, it feels like it’s not even a dream.

In the conversation with Prince Luke earlier, he said that he was capable, but the current Crown Prince was incompetent, and no matter how he looked at it, it seemed like the Second Prince was playing a trick on the Crown Prince.


And the crown prince canceled the face change magic, which was a meaningless action for us who had already seen his true face.

We shook hands and said our belated goodbyes.

“I see you, His Majesty the Crown Prince.”

“Yes, nice to meet you too. Prince Lawrence, Lord Cleyne (Arsia).”

Is it really the royal castle that is the center of a country?

Even though I didn’t have to travel very far in the city today, I met many talented people.

Of course, the person in front of you is at the peak.

“Have you been there?”

“Okay, can you prepare some food for me? “I plan to eat here with my guests.”

“Yes, I will prepare right away.”

The Crown Prince’s entourage who entered during the visit was also a person with top-level administrative ability and high-level political ability.

“This is the Prince’s Palace?”

“Yes, that’s right. I personally personally hired the chef for our Taejagung. “I can be confident that I am one of the most talented people in the country.”

“I’m sure the food will be delicious.”

“Yes? haha.”

While the food was being served, the crown prince took out fruit juices from the refrigerator in the corner of the room and placed them in front of us one by one.

“You know what? “They are followers of our online diary (SNS).”

“uh? “Did you?”

“Yes, see it here? ‘The strongest snow with narrowed eyes’ is me.”

“It’s true. oh my god! “I had no idea that His Majesty the Crown Prince would do this.”

“Aristocrats often ignore the virtual world, but I don’t. “I’m having a lot of fun with it.”

Although he had a very heavy status as a crown prince, his behavior was informal, as if he were treating a friend.

And that appearance was by no means an act, nor was it an act of generosity like the second prince.

Is it because they are the same brothers, but have different biological mothers?

Prince Michael and Prince Luke had completely different personalities.

“Your Majesty the Crown Prince, you are an interesting person.”

“Confucius Lawrence is also fun. “I really enjoyed reading the posts ridiculing the Raven Margrave online.”

“You saw that. Thanks to this, the number of followers has increased significantly.”

“I think in Confucius’ case, appearance played a big role.”

“I think that also had some influence.”

“You know he’s handsome.”

“You can’t not know. “When I entered the royal castle, I met a group called a fan club.”

We continued to talk and talk constantly.

If I had to choose between the two princes, I feel like the crown prince would be a better fit than the second prince.

However, contrary to the appearance of intimacy, both he and I were rolling our eyes and continuously observing the other person’s reaction.

There was nothing we could do because our relationship was not yet close enough to show favor through a few words of conversation.

“If it’s not rude, may I ask why you invited me?”

How much did we talk like that?

Feeling like it was time to get to the point, I asked him in a serious manner.

“Don’t you already know why?”

“You mean a recruitment offer.”

“you’re right.”

It can be said that this situation was predicted from the time the 2nd Prince proposed recruiting him.

No matter how great the abilities of the crown prince in front of us are, if Arsia and I move to the second prince camp, it will be difficult to turn back.

“What do you want from me, His Majesty the Crown Prince, and what do you plan to give me?”

To the second prince, this kind of tone would be considered rude, but it doesn’t seem like the crown prince would care about this.

Despite the direct question, he did not lose his relaxed smile and did not seem offended.

“Unfortunately, there is nothing I can give you right now.”

“So, are you saying that you will promise me a profit after you become king?”


I definitely liked him as a person, but the difference in compensation offered by the two sides was too big.

The second prince said he would give him the title of marquess right away, and the crown prince said he had nothing to give right away.

If I were a merchant, I would frown at the incomparable fight, but I am sure of one thing.

That couldn’t be the only suggestion the person in front of me would make.

“Instead, I will not interfere with your receiving the title of marquis.”


A story that seems incoherent.

However, I soon realized his intentions and let out a low laugh even though I was in front of the crown prince.

“You’re quick-witted.”

“It’s because I’ve been paying attention for a long time.”

“Originally, the title of marquis is not something that can be easily given or received. Especially if the government is divided into two like the current kingdom. It seems that Prince Luke thought his speaking power was superior, so he promised the marquess, but if our camp shouts decisive opposition, it will inevitably fall through.”

That makes sense.

The reason why Crown Prince Michael could not say that he would give him a marquess like the second prince did was because he expected that it would be a promise he could not keep.

Who would just sit back and watch the power of the opposing camp grow?

This means that whether I head to the crown prince camp or the second prince camp, if I encounter opposition from the other camp, my marquess title will be lost anyway.

So, he is willing to help me receive the title of marquis.

Right in the camp of the second prince.

“Prince Lawrence, join Prince Luke’s camp and receive the title of marquess. “There will be no opposition from our camp, so you will be able to obtain the title without difficulty.”

“And after taking care of everything… … .”

“Yes, we would appreciate it if you would switch to our camp.”

His plan was based on betrayal.

A novel and interesting plan.

As a result of meeting the Second Prince in person, I realized that I could not remain neutral and live without knowing myself, so I was ultimately in a position where I had to choose one side.

2Would you rather hold the prince’s hand or the crown prince’s hand?

However, the crown prince added the option of holding the second prince’s hand, getting what he wanted, and then letting go.

‘Not bad?’

As someone who did not like the faction that the Second Prince and Margrave Rainven belonged to, this is a very attractive proposal.

Now I am a joker.

Whichever direction I face, the one I face will have the upper hand.

If I accept his offer, I can get the title of marquess and team up with a more like-minded prince.

On the other hand, if I refuse, they will vehemently refuse to grant me the title of marquess, so I lose the title and have to team up with the second prince I don’t like.

“The options have increased, but the answers are already fixed.”

“What do you mean?”

“Yes, I will.”

“Do you mind if I don’t give you time to think about it?”

“I am convinced. “It is said that His Royal Highness the Crown Prince is better suited to the throne than His Royal Highness the Second Prince.”

“Can’t you just make a promise like this, receive the title of marquis, and then remain in the second prince’s camp?”

That won’t happen.

The crown prince and the second prince.

Even if there were two people fighting, excluding me, it seemed like the crown prince would win.

“I can’t betray my followers.”

“haha! great!”

Thanks to this, the atmosphere became friendly again, and in this atmosphere, food filled with Chef Tae Ja-gung’s touch was served.

“Sir Klein likes to eat.”

“Yes, it’s somehow fun to watch the mouth move non-stop.”

“Confucius, Lord Clane is a Lady before she is an Auror Master. “It’s not polite to observe a lady eating.”

“Oh, that’s true too. thank you for telling me.”

“But you don’t have to ask about Lord Klein’s intentions?”

Of course, Prince Michael also showed interest in Arcia.

However, unlike Prince Luke, who had other emotions mixed in, the Crown Prince’s interest was pure curiosity.

After hearing his words, I asked Arcia.

“What do you think, Arcia?”

“If you like it, Adrian, I like it too.”


But her answer was somehow cringe-inducing, so I felt embarrassed.


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