My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 4

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Episode 4: Dreams in games become reality

2. Hyeonjil (1)

“It looks like something pleasant happened to you?”

After 30 minutes of strength training and 1 hour of upper body cutting, my entire body was exhausted.

Despite this, I did not show any signs of discomfort, but rather felt satisfied, because I thought that my current actions would be helpful in the future.

Doesn’t having hope give people motivation rather than wasting the day without meaning?

Feeling that I had made a mistake with Weiss’ question, I tried to smile and change the subject.

“I got some good items from the game.”

Weiss congratulated him with a bitter look on his face, and the knights around him burst out laughing.

The rude knights’ reactions revealed my position in the family.

Weiss glared at her colleagues with cold eyes, and they shrugged and walked away.

I’m sorry Vice, but it’s inevitable that you’ll react like that.

Because it was intentionally designed to cause that kind of reaction in the first place.

“Never mind.”

It is common for children of noble families who have a low chance of becoming heirs to find their own path by becoming knights, wizards, or administrators.

However, Anna and Cedric wanted me to be incompetent, and I was also focused on finding talent, so I ended up unemployed.

My father felt uncomfortable with me and tried to entrust me with business and estate matters like yesterday, but I refused them all, so my reputation among his family members was the worst.

“How can you condone such rude behavior?”

The sight of Weiss getting angry on my behalf is very human.

I calmly patted his shoulder and headed into the mansion.

To others, my silence will seem even more pathetic.

I was adept at directing things that seemed nonexistent.

* * *

[Welcome to Chronicle Online.]

After practicing swordsmanship for exercise and taking a quick nap, it was soon time to access the game.

From now on, in order to correct Archduke Lucas’s fate, I had no choice but to return my lifestyle to Chronicle Online.

The maximum daily access time is 15 hours.

I plan to fill it with grass if possible.

-2nd floor of Manuel Lucas’ Magic Tower.

Now time leads to money and ability.

However, after returning to the Magic Tower, I sat down on the floor without any intention of going out to hunt.

Then, I selected one of the menu bars located at the bottom of my field of view.

[Cash Shop]

Didn’t someone do that? The most important thing in the game is the power of your wallet rather than individual effort.

The same was true for Chronicle Online, where playing wisely made the game easier to play.

Moreover, Chronicle Online is a game that has been open for over 10 years.

So, the package for new users was quite well prepared.

[Increased experience / 500 kits]

Conditions of use: Below level 100

Effect: Increases experience gained by 30% for 24 hours

[Goddess’ Blessing / 500 kits]

Conditions of use: Level 100 or lower

Effect: All stats increase by 30% for 24 hours

[Goddess’ protection / 1,000 kits]

Conditions of use: Level 100 or lower

Effect: Takes no damage from attacks only once.

(Item cooldown time: 30 minutes)

1 kit is equal to 1 root (1 won), and if you pay for the items, the option will remain for one day.

It would have been nice to have purchased it sooner, but there is a minimum requirement of reaching level 10 to use the cash shop.

I purchased 30 items each and then moved the category.

There are a variety of paid products, but this is the most important one.

[Supporter Summon / 500 kits once / 4,500 kits 10 times]

This is something that all Korean gamers cringe at.

It is a drawing system that will attract attention once you start it.

[Would you like to summon a supporter 10 times in a row (4,500 kits)?]

Supporters can level up by acquiring a portion of the experience points their owner earns, which is not a waste of money if you consider playing in a party.

However, the growth limit ranges from 50 to 250, so there is little use in battle once it approaches the maximum level of 300.

So, most high-ranking users seriously raised one or two supporters and selected supporters with good visuals to use as mascots.

I originally had a pretty good healer supporter, but when I got Giyeon and the character was reset, the supporter disappeared as well.

‘Let’s hire the highest level warrior who will give you a good body no matter how much money it costs.’

Please note that multiple supporters cannot be used at the same time, and only one representative supporter can be registered and carried around.

So, it was predicted that quite a lot of investment would be made in order to acquire high-level supporters that would be used for a long time.

[Direwolf (Female) / Beast / Normal / Limit level 55]

[High Orc (Male) / Warrior / Normal / Limit level 80]

[Elf Locke (Male) / Warrior / Rare / Limit level 160]

Most of the draws were Normal or Magic, with rares appearing occasionally.

Since it is not easy to get what you want through lottery, either in Korea or here, the cash was gone in an instant.

[High Elf Illumi (Female) / Elementalist / Unique / Limit level 220]


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And when the invested money exceeded 500,000, a unique supporter appeared for the first time, and after using up all 5 million loot of the point card I purchased yesterday, I was able to obtain a unique supporter net.

However, there were no supporters that caught my eye, so I ended up purchasing additional points.

Military funds were sufficient as 5 billion rupees were delivered as online currency through a treasure chest.

For some reason, I feel like I have to shout ‘Kazua’.

But I just moved my fingers in silence.

5 million routes were used up, 10 million routes were replenished, and then used up again.

Around the time I changed 30 million routes.

[Arsia of Heaven (Female) / Warrior / Unique / Limit level 250]

Finally, the level of support I wanted appeared.

“Wow, the odds… … . “Korean shit games, go away.”

Arsia of Cheongang.

Looking at the support girl I’ve seen for the first time, she might be a new, undiscovered character.

Moreover, at this level, it can be said to be the highest tier among uniques.

What I also liked was that since Chronicle Online is a game, the visual elements become stronger as the level increases, but the character has no exposure at all.

Dragging a supporter wearing a flashy outfit would attract unnecessary attention, so I preferred this option.

In the first place, they are just a means to easily level up.

[Would you like to register Arcia of Cheongang as a supporter?]


[Once you register as a supporter, you cannot change it later. I really want to register.]


Select one of the supporters stored in the list and register to be summoned.

That may be all, but for some reason there is one more system question.

“Original supporters can be replaced freely, right?”

What is the collection system for?

However, the system kindly answered my question.

[You are an exception.]

“… … .”

A challenging answer from the system ego.

‘Is it like a limitation imposed by fate?’

I didn’t think long.

Anyway, I thought there was no better supporter for me as a wizard.

So I immediately registered Arcia as a supporter.



A dazzling light penetrated my eyeballs, and a loud magic circle was drawn in the air.

‘Isn’t the effect excessive? It wasn’t this neat before either.’

After a while, the light faded and a woman of average size appeared, her entire body covered in armor.

The only exposed area of ​​skin was the face.

According to the explanation, Arcia was a supporter specializing in defense, wearing a protective shield called the Shield of God.

‘It’s pretty, but it looks like a golem with human appearance.’

I can’t feel any emotion from the facial expression and eyes that are expressionlessly looking at me, the owner.

Therefore, even though she had a gorgeous appearance, she still felt very doll-like.

‘Well, I’m going to throw it away after using it anyway.’

The difference between level 250 and max level 300 is very big.

As you get closer to max level, supports with lower threshold levels will not be of much help in battle.

The idea of ​​throwing it away after using it came from that reason.

After purchasing temporary combat equipment to be used in the low level section, I stood up and smiled with satisfaction.

“Shall we go?”

Now is the time to level up in earnest.

* * *

As a mage, I had a supporter who helped me with my body, so hunting was very easy.

Thanks to this, even though I lost some of my experience points, I didn’t feel like I was losing anything, and I was able to achieve level 20 by fighting until the connection limit was reached.

[Giyeon Quest Stage 2]

Conditions: Level 30, defeat the Orc Warrior Kantz

Reward: Manuel Lucas’ Magic Tower 3rd floor opened

Even though it may seem like a game, my actions are ultimately aimed at correcting Archduke Lucas’s actions.

However, with the goal clearly indicated, the situation became very enjoyable, like a real game.

As with all RPG games, the higher the level, the more difficult it is to level up. If leveling up is difficult, wouldn’t it be more difficult than practicing magic in real life?

As rapid growth was expected, all of this could not help but be enjoyable.


Feeling refreshed, I took off my gaming headgear and stretched out.

And out of habit, I got up from my seat and pulled back the blackout curtain on the terrace.

“… … .”

As I turned my back, I came face to face with green eyes staring at me from the side of the bed.


Strange intruder.

But it wasn’t an assassin or anything.

“You, what about you?”

A humanless woman wearing armor with soft brown hair and green eyes.

That was Arsia, the supporter in the game.


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