My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 39

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Episode 39: Dream in the game becomes reality

13. Appearance at the Board of Audit and Inspection (1)

A time when the war with the Croesian Empire was in full swing.

Aside from leveling up in the game, there was one thing I was preoccupied with.

That is, discovering talent with high potential through Mankyung.

It’s about finding people who will become my future confidants.

As a result, he was able to find 14 talented people by staying on the battlefield for 3 months, and sent them to the king’s mansion prepared without Anna’s knowledge so that they could receive training tailored to their talents, such as swordsmanship and magic.

They named the institution the ‘Gifted Talent Center’ and spared no effort in providing support so that the recruited talents could focus solely on developing their talents… … .

Is it because they only gather the most talented people?

The growth rate of gifted students was beyond imagination.

“Lord Lopez, I heard you’ve already reached the second circle?”

“Haha, it’s all thanks to my lord.”

“He is an Auror user and a 2nd circle wizard, so now he can be called a magic swordsman wherever he goes.”

“I’m embarrassed. “Not only me, but everyone in the Ministry of Magic has awakened to the 1st Circle, and Miss Noah and Mr. Grant are knocking on the wall of the 2nd Circle, so I think there will be good news soon.”

“The teachers at the gifted center will be shocked.”

“It was like that at first, but now that it has become known that you are the last disciple of Duke Cain of Riverdale, I think that may be the case.”

The reputation of the Duke of Riverdale, who is said to have raised seven great wizards, including myself, seems to be useful in many ways.

The teachers at the gifted center asked if I had learned the know-how to detect people’s talents from the Duke.

Among the 14 gifted students, all 7 wizard talents blossomed into Circle 1, and all 4 knight talents also became mana users and entered the apprentice knight stage.

By gathering together talented people who could be called geniuses and giving them classes that only nobles would receive, the growth rate was incredible.

In this way, archmages and auror masters could be mass produced.

Although it is said that becoming a 7th Circle Archmage and Auror Master is a gift from heaven, I think it is not impossible considering the talent and growth rate of those indicated by Mangyeong.

‘If we scour our country, wouldn’t we be able to gather 100 people with this kind of talent?’

I didn’t think it would be of much use right away, but I think that if we train people with top-level talent for about a year, we could organize a wizard corps and a knight corps and use it.

From now on, wherever I go, I will have to get into the habit of looking around the places with the most floating population.

If this continues, I wonder if we will end up with dozens of Auror Masters and Archmages.

‘Once again, I feel how great Mangyeong is.’

In the meantime, I have received a lot through the foundation.

But, along with Arsia, I think the gift that helped me the most was Mangyeong.

Basic skills such as emotion, observation, clairvoyance, and clairvoyance are great, but being able to read the abilities of creatures and objects has presented me with a variety of futures.

[Arsia of Cheongang / Auror Master]

Relationship: Favorable / Absolute obedience

Condition: Feeling good.

And since I could read people’s emotions through Mangyeong, Mangyeong was an inseparable necessity for me, who had to be careful about what was going on.

At first, I felt dizzy because there was so much information displayed, but now I have gotten used to it and have reached a level where I can even cast magic while reading the information in Mangyeong.

“But can we dare to follow Wang Sung?”

“what do you mean?”

“Well, Sir Eric and I still lack a lot… … .”

Currently, he is heading to the royal castle in a floating vehicle to be investigated by the Noble Audit Office.

The members heading to the castle were briefly formed, and even though there were four vanguards for escort, Lopez looked like he was not sure if his inexperience could sit together.

So, I asked Eric, who, like Lopez, had political and administrative talents at the gifted center, if he felt the same way.

“I don’t think Lord Su didn’t call me for no reason. “It must mean a lot to you.”

“It’s okay to say it means a lot, but I invited them because I wanted to give them a little more experience because they are the people who will lead the talent at the Youngjae Center in the future.”

It also meant that expectations were high for the two people in the future.

“You will probably encounter many nobles in the royal castle today. If you do well, you might even be able to see the royal family. To come with the backbone of this country engraved in your eyes. That’s what you two have to do today.”

“I will keep that in mind.”

It was meant to tell Lopez to relax, but it seems to have put pressure on Lopez.

It was a complete contrast to Eric’s calm expression.

As he moves up, he will have to become a little more shameless, but he is a person I worry about a lot.

“Young Lord, we have arrived at the teleportation gate.”

Vehicles are used for transportation, but the distance from Lawrence’s territory to the royal castle is over 500km.

Of course, I have no intention of crossing the country with just a small group of members, so I plan to teleport my car to the capital.

“Go right away.”

“All right.”

At my direction, the magic circle of the teleport gate with the floating vehicle on it began to emit light.


The surrounding scenery soon changed along with the unique feeling of floating in space.

Although our territory may not seem like much, the population of Aren City, the capital of the Viscounty of Lawrence, is close to one million.

It can be said that it is large in its own way among the independent territories, and just as no local city in Korea can be compared to Seoul, Lionel, the capital of the Kingdom of Reinharts, boasted a scale that was on a completely different level from our city of Aren.

A city with a population of 16 million.

As the capital of state-of-the-art magic engineering, dazzling holographic electronic displays and signboards attracted attention, and many floating vehicles flew around like a swarm of bees on the roads.

At first glance, it was a scene that could have appeared in a science fiction movie, but thanks to the appropriate mix of nature, the style of antique buildings, and unique magic effects, it gave off a mysterious atmosphere more fantasy-like than cyberpunk.

“and… … .”

Lopez, who was visiting the capital for the first time, opened his mouth and looked surprised.

That sight was so funny that I unconsciously made a sound like a wind was leaking.

“Is it okay to drive this fast in the city?”

“This is a road exclusively for nobles.”

The speed limit on the road exclusively for nobles was higher than that on regular roads, so vehicles approached the royal castle at very high speeds.


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And when we almost reached the pure white royal castle with an old-fashioned atmosphere.

I faced a strange situation.

[Adrian, the god of Reinharts!]

[The most handsome archmage in the world!]

-Adrian Lawrence Fan Club

[The most beautiful Auror Master in the world!]

[Milk-colored Arsia!]

-Arsia Klein Fan Club

Strange placards and holograms decorating electronic signboards began to appear here and there.

And as if there was a parade, some citizens came out and waved at the vehicle we were riding in.

I thought I recognized the Lawrence family emblem and flag on the car, but this reaction was so unexpected that even I couldn’t help but make a bewildered expression.

“How did they know our schedule?”

“Maybe there was an article about it somewhere? “This is complete celebrity treatment.”

I laughed out loud at the reaction of Captain William, the head of the escort.

* * *

The royal castle can be said to be a work of art that encompasses all of modern architectural technology.

However, in terms of appearance, it looked like a replica of an old palace in Europe.

Unlike the capital’s commercial district, which has numerous buildings over 100 stories, the royal castle, which has a huge park-like garden, had no buildings over 10 stories, and instead of the holograms that filled the capital, sculptures and works of art were decorated here and there.

However, the sky fortress floating high in the sky as if surrounding the royal castle was as tall as 10, showing how precious this place was.


“Who is he?”

“The real thing is much better.”

The official office where major ministers were head of the group was attached to the king’s palace.

Thanks to this, I was able to see a huge number of maids, but the burdensome gaze was focused on Arsia and I, who were following the guide as if we were seeing something.

“You two are very popular.”

“It’s thanks to the media picking it up.”

The person guiding me and Arcia was Baron Walker, head of the investigation team at the Noble Audit Office.

He is a Baron with the title of Grand Duke and is in his mid-30s, but he showed an undisturbed and polite demeanor even when dealing with the younger Arsia and I.

“Thanks to you two, you don’t know how much of a commotion the royal castle has been in lately.”

“That noise isn’t going to be a good thing, is it?”

“Somehow, the major powers did not think well of it. However, he is popular among single-rank nobles like me. In any case, he gained power through his own abilities.”

His words can also be interpreted to mean that there are many incompetent people in this country who hold power solely because of their bloodline.

It seems that single-ranked nobles who have risen in status through their own abilities have a way of thinking closer to that of commoners.

However, even if they are dissatisfied with the social structure, the existing power class will not be shaken.

Even though they were wearing the skin of the same nobles, their cries did not pose any threat as they did not have territory or military power.

I suddenly became curious about his abilities and looked at the information on Baron Walker that was confirmed through Mangyeong.

[Baron Harris Walker / Senior Administrative Officer / Noble Audit Office Team Leader]

Talent: Intellectual ability (highest), administrative ability (high), command ability (high), learning ability (high)

Trait: Leader with integrity

Relationship: Benevolent / Neutral

Status: Mental fatigue/skepticism

However, when I looked at his abilities without even thinking about it, I was so unexpected that I stopped for a moment.

Except for Irregular Arcia, who possessed three top-level talents, this was the first time I had seen anyone with four abilities above the advanced level.

If he had the talent for magic, he would have succeeded even if he had become a wizard.

And the characteristic of a leader with integrity was a title too undeserved for a middle-level administrator.

“Baron Walker.”

“sorry. I made a mistake with my words. Please forget it.”

“No, take this.”


Then, I handed him a business card with only his name and contact information engraved on it, with the Lawrence family crest in the background.

Baron Walker tilted his head and asked what this was, and I answered with a grin.

“If I receive the territory this time.”


“I plan to find a capable administrator and appoint him as vice-lord to manage the territory. If you are interested in the position of Vice President, please contact me. “We promise you the best treatment.”

“Is this a serious offer?”

“of course. “This is the first time such a proposal has been brought up.”

“What do I believe in?”

“I know how to see talent in people.”


“I think you can think of it as being influenced by my teacher, the Duke of Riverdale.”

When I made a finger heart, he tilted his head and looked at the business card carefully, not knowing what it meant.

“The work here doesn’t seem to suit you, Baron Walker. “Am I wrong?”

“… … .”

“There is plenty of time. “If you have thought it through and are willing to try something new, please do not hesitate to contact me.”

He is not the kind of person who would waste his talent in something like this.

I was sure of that.

So, they expressed their intention to recruit him.

Baron Walker hesitated for a moment at such an unexpected suggestion, thought seriously for a moment, and then nodded.

“Thank you for the offer. “I was surprised because it was so unexpected, but honestly, I don’t feel bad.”

“Fortunately, the.”

“Then I’ll contact you when I’ve made up my mind.”

I read the curiosity in his eyes.

It seems likely that you will obtain unexpected financial resources in unexpected places.

This alone feels like a reward for appearing before the Noble Audit Office.

“Im here. Only Prince Lawrence and Lord Klein (Arsia) can enter here. “The investigation will take two to three hours, so it would be better for the attendants to stay in the break room.”

Guided by Baron Walker, whose attitude became more polite, we arrived in front of the room named the first investigation room.

Baron Walker told my group the location of the lounge, but I laughed at the sight of Lopez looking around like a hillbilly.

“Don’t do that, just go sightseeing. “I’ll contact you when it’s over.”

“Well, is that okay?”

“Here is your pocket money. “There are restaurants, cafes, and souvenir shops inside the castle, so it would be a good way to kill time.”

“no. “I’m already getting paid enough.”

Like me, the attendants also expected that the investigation would be a formality.

Not only was all the justification for the past incident here, but Arsia and I were talents that this country could not afford to miss.

So I comfortably brought up the topic of tourism, and my subordinates who received the suggestion didn’t think it was a big deal.

I said it was enough and deposited 3 million roots into the terminals of everyone who came along, regardless of whether Lopez waved his hand or not.

After removing the attendants, I entered the interrogation room with Baron Walker.

“Be careful.”

“… … ?”

“I don’t know what exactly will happen, but the Auditor General was planning on Prince Lawrence.”

“is it so?”

Baron Walker sent a warning with a worried expression.

I nodded my head confidently.

I had the mindset that if there was a problem, I could just leave the country, so I didn’t feel any pressure.

Even if it is not our homeland, Reinharts Kingdom, there are many countries that want to take us in and give us territory.

In fact, I received endless love calls from Duke Olivia Riverdale of the Kingdom of Lucias, the country of my recluse.

“Thank you for your concern.”

Perhaps because of the recruitment offer, I shook hands with Baron Walker, who gave off a friendly atmosphere, and walked away calmly.

And after a while, a space appeared, like an interview room at a large company, with eight people sitting in a row and two chairs in front of them.

However, Baron Walker looked at the eight auditors who were waiting for us and seemed to swallow a sigh of relief.

[Douglas Hammington]

[Luke Win Reinharts]

I was wondering what Baron Walker was doing, and it was not difficult to figure out that it was because of a man who appeared to be in his 30s sitting next to the Auditor-General, the Marquess of Hammington.

A large man who does not fit into the extremely office-like environment of the Board of Audit and Inspection.

His sun-tanned skin was dark, and his short-cropped black hair and cold gray eyes reminiscent of blades gave him the air of a soldier.

However, the unique smile on his lips had an arrogance to it, so it wasn’t an impression I liked very much.

‘Luke Win Reinharts.’

He was the second prince of this country, the leader of the Second Guard Knights that protected the royal family, and one of the Auror Masters representing the Kingdom of Reinharts.

Why is the magnate second in line to the throne sitting in front of me?


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