My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 38

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Episode 38: Dreams in the game become reality

12. Avoid doubt (3)

“I threw a bomb at someone I shouldn’t feel sorry for, but I find it unpleasant to have to entrust the name of Archduke Lucas to someone like this even for a moment.”

“It’s something that can’t be helped. Because Adrian doesn’t have enough strength to protect his position yet. “I think this is a wise response.”

The more I learn about the fake actor ‘Lewis Fairmont’, the more I can’t help but feel uncomfortable.

His power was truly spectacular.

It is shown that he was investigated by the police four times for aggravated assault, twice for simple assault, twice for drug use, and once for drunk driving causing death.

However, even though there was sufficient evidence of his criminal activities, the case was closed without any charges at the investigation stage without going to court.

There is no need to explain that his father, President Catro, was involved in all of this.

The poor victims are silenced with a small amount of money, and Louis Fairmont, who committed numerous accidents, is on the rise as a high-ranking government official.

‘How can the president of a country that advocates democracy maintain power when his son is such a bastard?’

What is surprising is that the public’s approval rating for Catherine Fairmont, Louis Fairmont’s father and President of the Republic, remains in the majority even after 14 years.

This is the result of thoroughly trampling on his political opponents using the prosecutors and media he controlled, and blinding the public’s eyes with incitement and fabrications, but I could not easily understand this.

In the end, doesn’t this mean that the Prius Republic only promotes democracy in words, but in reality it is no different from a dictatorship?

“I think President Catro’s approval rating will rise further because of this, right?”

“I guess so. However, the selection of the president was difficult from the beginning, so even if there had been no delay, the situation in the country would not have changed.”

“I hope that no needless victims other than President Luis and Catro become victims of this incident, but… … .”

“Unfortunately, it will be the start of a diplomatic war involving many countries, so it is difficult for there to be no damage.”

It doesn’t matter what happens to Louis Fairmont and President Catro Fairmont.

However, my mouth was bitter because of the possibility that innocent victims might result from my bombing.

“Still, in the long run, Adrian’s actions are likely to bring about change in the corrupt Fairmont regime. “It is a very good operation considering the future of the people of that country.”

If a bomb named Fake Giyeon explodes, it will be difficult for Lewis and President Catro to be safe.

Chester highlighted the positive aspects of our operation.

“If there are innocent victims, could you please identify them?

“Originally I would have said no, but this time I will specifically accept that request. “The reason Adrian had to do this was because of our lack of consideration.”

“You’re saying there’s not enough consideration. Absolutely not.”

To request something from him, you need administrator privileges.

Still, I asked because I was wondering if something like this might be viewed as an extension of the operation, and surprisingly, my request was accepted.

“But it’s surprising. How can you care so much about other people’s lives? “You burned down Anna, Cedric, and the Raven Margrave’s troops without hesitation, right?”

This means that there is a need to be concerned about the lives of third parties.

Certainly, as he said, I killed countless people.

They will certainly have their own lives and families.

but… … .

“That’s the enemy. “It’s a different story.”

My answer was decisive.

Chester smiled calmly, wondering what was so good about it.

“It’s a good mindset. “Innocent casualties must be prevented, but mercy must not be shown to the enemy.”

When you look at it like this, it doesn’t look like an artificial being, but really looks like a person.

If I achieve the 9th Circle, will I be able to create a being like Arcia or Chester like Archduke Lucas?

“There is only one last level of administrator privileges left. “Are you planning on writing it yet?”

As if he thought Louis Paymont’s story was over, he asked me how to use the last one of the five system administrator privileges I received while clearing the last Giyeon quest.

“Ask me to make it into the 9th circle. Isn’t this a wish that won’t work?”

“Yes, authority directly related to the Giyeon quest cannot be used.”

“What about adding new supporters?”

“That is also not possible because it is directly related to the Giyeon Quest.”

“Are you asking me to create a fund worth 1,000 trillion won?”

“Withdrawals from accounts related to Quest are not permitted, and collecting funds through illegal methods is also prohibited. However, we can create an investment list that will make you money effectively. Expected returns are between 20% and 60%.”

I shrugged my shoulders.

I already know, but I was just asking.

As you can see from our experience so far, administrator privileges are very valuable, so we had to be careful about using them.

“As expected, it’s done. “I’ll save the last one just in case.”

“All right.”

After finally finishing the conversation, I looked at the time.

The clock was already showing 3 am.

I think I just need to hunt for one more hour and then sleep.

My current level is 205.

It seems like it will take quite some time to reach level 250, which is the first condition for the 8th Giyeon quest.

* * *

Ever since the expeditionary force, including Adrian, returned to Lawrence territory, there has been a series of troubles.

Anna and Cedric’s real power was unexpected.

The second son, Adrian, who was regarded as the heirloom of the family, and his lover, Arcia, revealed their hidden power and easily, as if mockingly, blocked the surprise attack of the Raven Margrave, which could be said to be a crisis for the territory.

Because of that, the people of Yeongju Castle, and indeed the whole world, realized this.

Now, Viscounty Lawrence is no longer just a provincial fiefdom.

“Did you hear? This time, Lord So said he was planning to purchase five sky fortresses.”

“Is that possible? “There is a limit to one sky fortress that a viscounty or baronage can have.”

“You fool, Lord So had in mind that the title of earldom would be granted to himself and Arcia. The county can have three sky fortresses. Then, if you add the two new earldoms to the Viscounty of Lawrence, he will be able to have a total of 7 sky fortresses.”

“her… … .”

“I heard you were planning to buy 7 Wonlans, but I think the royal family will give you a new Sky Fortress as a gift if you are granted the earldom. So they reduced it to five?”


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“Well, one sky fortress costs over ten trillion, right? “Does this estate have that much money?”

“When I sorted out the assets of Madame and Master Cedric, I heard that it was worth the price of one sky fortress. And the rest is Lord So’s personal property.”

“oh my god.”

“Even Vanguard’s force equipment is planned to meet its military limits.”

It was no exaggeration to say that most of the knights, administrators, butlers, servants, and maids working at the lord’s castle were from Anna’s side.

Because of this, their position was very ambiguous, and because Adrian did not mention the treatment of rude people, I felt like I was walking on thin ice every day.

Of course, they thought that if only they could ask for forgiveness and continue their work, they would do so.

People who work at Yeongju Castle are civil servants.

Of course, the working environment was good, the pay was generous, and the retirement age was long.

Moreover, the Lawrence family currently has a very bright future.

If Adrian and Arcia become lords of each family, more manpower will be needed.

This could lead to an opportunity to rise in status, so everyone had no choice but to pay close attention to Adrian’s every move.

“But is it okay for one family to have so many lords?”

“There’s no way it won’t work out. Because you get the title based on your ability. Lord So is the fifth Grand Wizard of this country, and Arcia is the sixth Auror Master. “What are you going to do if you treat these people so petty that they move to a neighboring country?”

“But this is so…” … .”

“That’s right, power is too concentrated. “Because the Little Lord is not just a superficial new great noble with an earldom, but is also expected to have military power commensurate with him.”

“That means.”

“It’s the emergence of a new person in power.”

When two or more people from Lord Lawrence Castle gathered together, everyone talked about this.

Everyone was anxious because a huge amount of profit was unfolding before their eyes, but they could not make it their own.

In the current situation, all they can do is make themselves look good to the Lord’s family.

All he had to do was prove his necessity.

-A rattle.

“huh? for a moment. “Let’s end the story here.”


“It’s Arcia’s call. “I have to go quickly.”

Thanks to this, it is no exaggeration to say that all of the current Yeongju Castle workers are showing over 100% work ability.

However, the person who benefited the most from this was Arcia, not Adrian or Viscount Lawrence.

“hey! What are you talking about! “This time it’s my turn!”

“Where is that? “Today, I am the manager there.”

“Starting yesterday, the workers decided to take turns going in!?”

Unlike the members of the Lawrence family who were sorry to face their many sins, Arcia felt less burdened.

In addition, despite his fearsome title as Auror Master, he had a gentle personality, and his fresh smile that he often showed attracted people.

And above all.

Although she came from a commoner background, the fact that she rose in social status through her abilities made the maids look up to her.

So, whenever Arsia’s call appeared on the terminal, the maids all argued with each other about who they would go.

“Did you call me?”

Thus, the maid named Mina, who won the battle with her colleagues, entered Arsia’s playroom with an impressive open balcony.

The room was a resting area filled with various play equipment and multimedia products for Arsia, in case Adrian got bored while working in the office.

As always, Arcia welcomed the visit of her maid Mina with an unwavering expression and restrained movements.

“I would like to ask for a new refreshment table.”

Mina’s gaze then turned to the plates piled on her tea table.

There is no one who doesn’t know that Arcia loves snacks.

But no one could get used to the amount she was eating.

Mina thought that since Arcia was an Auror Master, she would not gain weight even if she ate a lot, so she suggested this for her who enjoys gourmet food.

“Don’t you get tired of eating only sweets? “I also have some salty snacks. Would you like me to bring them some with you?”

“great. “Then please bring me a soda along with the tea.”

“All right. Please wait a moment.”

Among those who increased their work efficiency to attract the attention of Yeongju’s family, Yeongju Castle’s chef is also included.

Thanks to this, Arcia was able to fully enjoy the masterpieces created with great care by the best pastry chef in the territory.

Mina filled a tray with snacks prepared in advance by the pastry chef team and returned to Arsia’s room.

Then, I quickly set the refreshments I had brought on the tea table and quietly watched Arcia eat.

– Crispy.

A mouth that moves busily.

Her actions were elegant, but her restless mouth proved her appetite.

How much food did Arcia eat like that?

Her questioning gaze turned to Mina, who was standing still.

“Do you have anything to say?”

“Well, if you don’t mind, may I ask you a question?”

For some reason, Arcia doesn’t seem to get angry no matter what happens.

She was always undisturbed and did not show her emotions easily.

So, Mina took this opportunity to gather courage and resolve her curiosity, even though she knew it was rude.

“If only I could answer.”

When permission was given, Mina’s expression brightened and she asked her about their treatment, which she had been so curious about.

“Perhaps Lord Adrian Xiao will fire the managers of the Lord’s Castle?”

Arcia is not human.

However, her outstanding learning ability allowed her to develop a way of thinking closer to that of a human as time passed.

For Arcia, Adrian is like her owner and companion who will be with her for the rest of her life.

Arcia’s expression naturally became cold because she knew well what such a being had gone through.

“Adrian is a good person. “You hate it when others suffer because of you.”

However, the words that came out of Arsia’s mouth were contrary to her expression, so Mina’s expression became even brighter.

But wherever you go, you have to listen to what people say to the end.

“But you are cold to those who are defined as enemies. Were you by any chance Adrian’s enemy?”

At Arsia’s question, Mina felt the hairs on her entire body stand up.

“Oh, no.”

In response to Mina’s answer, Arcia shed her cold expression and smiled.

“Then that’s it.”

Arsia has a smile so beautiful that even a woman would fall in love with her, and despite being from a commoner, she is full of elegance.

Maid Mina realized that when Arcia became involved with Adrian, the atmosphere changed.


“Come on in. Sir William.”

Mina, who had been frozen in her seat for a long time, quickly left her seat as if running away when William, who had been promoted to knight commander thanks to his proper riding on Adrian Coin, entered the room.

“Why is that maid acting like that?”

“well? “By the way, what brought you here?”

“Oh that… … . “If you don’t mind being rude, I was wondering if you could teach our knights as an Auror Master.”

“Have you received permission from Adrian?”

“He said he would respect Arsia’s decision.”

“Then I understand. Let’s go.”

“Oooh! thank you! Everyone will be happy!”

That day, a rumor spread throughout Yeongju Castle.

The rumor is that Adrian never forgets Eun-won, and Arcia hates people who look down on her lover.

“Well, there is an auror point in the belly button area, right? If you pull out the aura from there and send it ‘pap’ with the sword, and condense it ‘pak’ at once, it becomes an auror blade. “It’s easy, right?”

“… … .”

“Woah, maybe it’s because it’s an Auror Master’s explanation, but it’s not easy for us stupid people to understand. Wouldn’t it be better to let us know in couplets? “I think it would be easier to understand if we shared the sword directly.”

“Is that so?”

And these rumors gained weight as Arcia, who personally taught the knights as an Auror master, severely beat up the knights who took Anna’s side.

Thanks to this, those who implicitly took Arsia lightly can no longer do so.

“what? “Why are the servants reacting like that?”


However, only Arcia and Adrian, the parties involved, were unaware of the change in the castle.

The two were too busy with work to care about the servants’ reaction.

“I have to appear before the Noble Audit Office today. “Get ready because we have to go to the royal castle.”


“The nobles will definitely come together in some way today. So please refrain from talking as much as possible.”

“All right.”

Adrian and Arcia thoroughly prepared for the important event, regardless of the trembling workers at the castle.

Since the Noble Audit Office was located within the ‘Reinharts Royal Castle’, it was impossible to predict what kind of unexpected situation would arise.


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