My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 37

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Episode 37: Dream in the game becomes reality

12. Avoid doubt (2)

Is it because I’ve been through so much?

Only five days have passed since the war with the Croesian Empire ended, but it feels like ten days have passed.

But the problem is that this pace is likely to continue for some time.

Tomorrow, I have to appear at the Noble Audit Office with Arcia, and two days later I will attend the ceremony to commemorate the end of the war and the public service award hosted by the royal family.

And in three days, we plan to tour domestic and overseas magic towers to purchase sky fortress and vanguard equipment.

Because of this, I rarely have time to access the game and level up.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t connect.

I am connected consistently every day, but it is a shame that the time has become shorter.

“I get sick of it every time I see it.”

Today, I took advantage of my sleeping time to access Chronicle Online.

The place where I am currently is Manuel Lucas’ Magic Tower, which can be said to be the center of the business.

When I get tired from hunting, I come here and look at the various materials that Archduke Lucas left me.

Skills and magic books can be learned by being directly input into the brain, but general research materials are literally left as data only, so you must understand them in advance to use them as needed.

So, this can be said to be an important routine that cannot be omitted.

[Sky Fortress Recipe]

[Vanguard Equipment Recipe]

[Next-generation force device research paper]

Considering my current position, I have no choice but to regard these materials as important.

However, what is disappointing is that out of tens of thousands of volumes, less than 1% is military-related.

The weapons developed by Archduke Lucas changed the direction of the war, but his inclinations were far from war.

So what is the most elaborate research done by Archduke Lucas, who is known to have devoted his entire life to research?

[The reason why Rondel cannot advance into space even though it has sufficient power]

[About the God who supports Rondel’s worldview]

[The reason why human traffic is impossible despite being located in the same world, including the heavenly world, the demonic world, and spirits]

[About the special characteristics of the Rondel dimension]

[Possibility of dimensional movement]

That is dimensional movement.

This means that Archduke Lucas never gave up on returning to his hometown.

“The reason I never got married, didn’t have any students, and devoted my whole life to research was just to return to my hometown…” … .”

Archduke Lucas is called a great man who changed the world, but in reality, he was a truly lonely person.

The reason he left evidence that he was an Earthling everywhere was probably because he wanted to meet people from the same hometown.

Although his wish did not come true until after his life had ended, the arrangements he left behind became a source of hope and passed on to me.

“It’s a dimensional shift… … .”

Of course, I would like to go back to my hometown if I could.

However, I think the reason why he is less desperate than Archduke Lucas is because I gave up because I was not capable of it myself, but unlike him, who was known as an orphan, my mother stayed by my side.

“It would be cool to be able to go back and forth between the two worlds from time to time.”

Could it be that Archduke Lucas wants someone to carry on his wish?

It’s as if he can’t achieve his goal, so he should at least return to his hometown instead.

“If that is the Master’s will, then it must be so. I will do my best.”

The moment I think of the word dimensional travel, memories of my hometown come to mind.

However, I cannot devote time to researching dimensional movement right now.

There are still so many things I lack.

Activities that require a lot of time, such as research, should be postponed until after all 9 circles have been achieved and all issues have been resolved.

“Adrian is a person who knows how to respect good people.”

As I put the books on dimensional movement into the bookshelf, I heard a familiar male voice from behind me.

He was ‘Chester’, a gifted manager who copied the image of Archduke Lucas when he was alive.

“I am just an ordinary person. “Isn’t this a normal reaction?”

“You are humble.”

He is the teacher who passed on everything he had.

Respect and respect for him are natural.

There are many strange people here and on Earth, but I think Chester’s high evaluation is a bit excessive.

“I already had something to ask, so I was looking for it, and it just happened to be good.”

“Yes, please tell me.”

Currently, the questions I can ask Chester are limited.

Even though he was probably expecting my question, he showed an attitude of listening without saying anything.

I have two questions for him.

“There won’t be any money laundering, right?”

The first of them is this.

It is a simple confirmation with nothing special.

I know the excellence of the gift system left behind by Archduke Lucas, but the nobles’ attention was too focused on this, so it was a question for psychological stability.

“It is not entirely possible that suspicion will be raised.”


“By finding all the missing transaction details of investors around the world, including ants, and adding up the amounts, we can confirm that more funds were moved than the actual trading volume.”

I was taken aback by his answer at first, but I had to laugh out loud at what he said next.

Who would conduct such a crazy investigation?

The conclusion was that there was no need to get caught.


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I shook my head at the sight of Chester giving a sly answer while looking like an old man, and continued with the second question, which could be said to be the main question.

“Can you tell me the progress of Operation Fake Actor?”

“all right.”

I, Adrian Lawrence, am an archmage of the 7th circle, and by my side is Auror Master Arcia.

However, if it is revealed that he is Archduke Lucas’s ally, there is a high probability that he will not be able to protect what he has in his hands.

I doubt that my country could protect me from the pressure of powerful countries, including the Brigham Empire, the country of Archduke Lucas, and I even had no trust in the Reinharts royal family.

In conclusion, I was in a situation where I had to survive on my own, so I had to completely hide my identity until I achieved the 9th circle.

So what came to mind was Operation Fake Actor.

It was to divert the world’s attention by making someone replace me as Archduke Manuel Lucas.

It is an important operation to shake off any doubts that may arise along with the title of disciple of the Duke of Riverdale.

For this purpose, I consumed the 4th of the 5 passes for Hollywood system administrator rights obtained while climbing to the 8th floor of the Magic Tower, and also handed over copies of some of the rewards I had obtained to instill complete trust in the target.

Of course, it’s not that important.

“The target is Louis Fairmont. He is a 29-year-old intelligence agent for the Republic of Prius and is the team leader of the Manuel Lucas Exploration Department. “Maybe it’s because his father was the president of the Republic of Prius, but he is famous for being a man with no ups and downs.”

In response to a request for a progress report, Chester submitted a document with an explanation.

It was a report containing information about fake actors, and there were many shocking facts about their past activities.

A typical, unconceptual 2nd generation chaebol.

That was my impression of the fake actor, Louis Fairmont.

* * *

The ‘Prius Republic’ is a powerhouse that is considered one of the four major empires of Rondel, along with the Brigham Empire, the Allied Powers of Elysia, and the Croisen Empire, and is almost the only country that advocates democracy by electing a president.

The Prius Republic calls itself a nation of enlightenment and revolution, but when you look inside, it cannot be seen as a nation for the people.

Corruption and collusion between politics and business are basic.

The prosecution and the media are no different from the government’s dogs.

However, the biggest problem is that one president has been in power for as long as 14 years.

-Prius Republic Presidential Palace.

“After all, he is my son. “If this continues, it won’t be difficult for you to succeed me as president.”

‘Cartro Fairmont’, the President of the Prius Republic, spoke to the young man who was sitting across from him and ostentatious.

“of course. Who would dare compete with me? “It’s as if I, Louis Fairmont, won the competition with the Brigham Empire.”

Although it was an inappropriate attitude, President Catro smiled and patted his son, Louis Fairmont, on the shoulder.

“Did you see the articles?”

“Did you choose the title well? I am the hero of saving the country. “Kkkkkk!”

“He is the successor to Manuel Lucas. “It’s natural to be called something like that.”

“But will you be okay? “The Brigham Empire must be very upset, right?”

Brigham Empire.

It is the country belonging to Archduke Manuel Lucas, and is the most powerful country in the world where victory cannot be guaranteed even if the remaining three of the four great empires unite.

In response, President Katro waved his hand and said there was nothing to worry about.

“If we attack first, we have no chance of winning, but if we just defend, we have a chance of winning. “They will know that, so they won’t rush in easily.”

“Hey, I’m glad my country is a powerful country.”

“Isn’t your father the president of the republic? “You just have to focus on fixing your problems without worrying about anything.”

Louis Fairmont, who had maintained a calm demeanor, frowned at the mention of the situation being resolved.

The reason is that although he has reached the opportunity, he has not yet fully obtained it.

‘Damn it! What’s the point of distributing talent in stages!? Thanks to you, I have gained a lot of talent, but what I have received is still very ugly!’


The tricks he had obtained were all arranged by Adrian to kill time, making it very difficult to control them.

In the case of Adrian, if you level up in the game and kill special monsters based on your combat experience, circles are automatically created with various rewards.

Instead of first providing cash and research materials, the opportunity that Lewis gained is that he must create his own circle and grow to receive the next level of compensation.

Of course, to make it look real, Chester, a talent manager with memories of Archduke Lucas, became his teacher and did not spare any backup, but in terms of efficiency, it could not be compared to Adrian’s real talent.

Still, perhaps because Chester’s teachings were so great, Lewis mastered the skills and showed off his skills by creating one circle in just three days.

“Don’t think too hastily. “Isn’t it said that creating a circle in three days is a speed that stands out even among people who are called geniuses?”

This was enough of an achievement to inspire those watching.

However, this method will soon reach a plateau.

No matter how genius you are, it takes at least 10 years to achieve the 7th circle.

“Should we stop now? “There are so many people who want to see you.”

Louis, shaking off his distracting thoughts from President Catro’s words, curled the corners of his mouth and stood up.

And the two left the presidential palace, escorted by numerous vanguards.

Reporters were camped out in front of the presidential palace, and as soon as they spotted Lewis, they flocked to him like a pack of dogs.

-click! click!

Although the reporters had to maintain a certain distance due to the fierce force of the vanguards guarding Lewis, their mouths moved without any heed.

“How did you get your chance?”

“What exactly did you get?”

“I heard that the wealth left behind by Archduke Lucas is similar to the national budget of the Brigham Empire. Is this true?”

“What are you going to do with Archduke Lucas’ property? Are you planning to return it to the state?”

Lewis just smiled leisurely in response to the barrage of questions.

However, just before he boarded the vehicle, a beautiful reporter’s question succeeded in catching Lewis’s attention.

“How are you feeling right now?”

Lewis revealed his feelings for the first time.

“I am very happy. “Many people laughed at me as I chased after Archduke Lucas, telling me not to do anything unnecessary, but in the end, I was able to prove that my actions were right.”

“Can you tell me about your future steps?”

“I plan to spare no effort to help our republic develop further through the Korea Institute of Science and Technology.”

And Lewis got into the prepared vehicle.

Reporters were frantically trying to get something more, but there was something about Lewis that stood out more than those reporters.

“hurray! Long live the Louis Fairmont!”

“A national hero! Louis!”

It was the sight of people crowding and cheering beyond the wall of the Presidential Palace.

10,000? No, it looked like it was well over 100,000.

Lewis looked at the citizens with a surprised expression, then opened the window and waved his hand.


The people’s cheers rang louder and I felt my heart rate speeding up.

I have done many things for pleasure so far, but this was my first experience.

Thanks to this, I couldn’t help but feel this way about Lewis.

‘Yes, cheers.’

The arrogance in Lewis’ heart grew even stronger.

‘I am your savior.’

If Adrian had heard Lewis’s thoughts like this, he would have applauded him and said he was doing very well.


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