My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 34

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Episode 34: Dream in the game becomes reality

11. Archmage Adrian (3)

The energetic appearance that had appeared during the day was nowhere to be seen.

When Anna realized that they had completely played into my hands, her expression became distorted in a pleasant way, and her eyes trembled from side to side at my meaningful lines, making her very anxious.

“That’s what I wanted. If a person commits a sin, he or she should feel anxious. Do you think it’s okay for the perpetrator to be honest?”

In response to my question, she nodded as if to please me and showed that what I said was correct.

Was Anna, who had been so anxious for not being able to catch me, such a worthless being?

I threw her on the floor with a look of loss of interest.

The hand covering her mouth fell and she gained freedom of speech. She wondered if she should order the Sky Fortress to eliminate the intruder even now, but she only bit her lip, perhaps because she thought she might actually be killed if she did so.

“It was annoying to put so much unnecessary security on the sky fortress, but it worked out well. Now I can do the work I wanted to do.”

“I don’t know what you’re going to do, but why don’t you just calm down first? “I think we’re all excited.”

Who was the person who just tried to blow up Yeongju Castle?

I snorted at Anna’s words and instructed Arcia to drag Cedric.

“Ah, Adrian. Why are you doing this? “We are brothers, right?”

“Brothers are shit.”

And the two people were trapped inside a barrier that was stretched in the reverse direction.

-Tuung! Tooung!

The two people trapped inside the transparent membrane were embarrassed and knocked on the shield, but this Great Shield is a 7th circle magic.

It was not something that Cedric, who was at the level of a mana user (trainee knight), and Anna, an ordinary person, could break.

The two people shouted as if asking what they were thinking… … .

There was no noise leaking outside.

“What are we going to do with these knights?”

Arcia pointed to the knights kneeling and waiting to be disposed of.

I pointed my finger at him, and the three knights were drawn to me like a magnet.

“So, Lord So.”

“Please save me!”

“I have truly committed a mortal sin!”

As I watched them speak one word at a time, I made an instant decision.

“It looks like you all belong to the Raven Margrave to your core, so I’ll send you there.”


I snapped my fingers and destroyed all the artifacts and scrolls held by the three people.

And the three people were moved through space using teleportation magic.

The place they will arrive at is Margrave Raven’s territory.

In this situation, don’t I have a really good personality to fulfill their wishes?


Since it will appear at 50km in the air, it will be difficult for even knights to survive.

I think it would not be a bad move to become fertilizer for the Raven territory that the three knights love so much.

“Then shall we begin?”

Ignoring the two people making a fuss inside the shield, I manipulated the management menu of the sky fortress with all systems open.

After looking at the Sky Fortress menu for a while, I curled up the corners of my mouth when I found the item I wanted.

“Oh. I should also upload a video. Please edit Arcia.”

“Are you continuing to upload videos?”

“huh. After giving it a try, it doesn’t seem that bad. “I plan to use the video platform politically in the future.”

There is a stark contrast between the screams and cries of anger on one side and the everyday conversation as if something is going on on the other.

Finally, after waving to Anna and Cedric, I returned to the castle with Arcia.

* * *

About 10 minutes after the Sky Fortress situation was resolved.

New videos have been updated on various platforms linked to my account.

This is the video that contains the scene of Anna and Cedric’s escape and takeover of the Sky Fortress.

There was no particular lesson in the video, but the sight of Yeongju Castle narrowly preventing it from almost falling away gave viewers a chill.

Naturally, the reaction to this was cold.

-You’re absolutely crazy.

-If Anna Lawrence had shouted one last word, would Lawrence’s territory’s permanent castle be devastated?

-That’s right, because you’re defenseless and hit by a 7-circle wide-area spell.

-I checked, and the fire storm turns a 300 meter radius into an inferno.

-The direct damage is that much, and when the fire storm falls, a large fire is bound to occur in the surrounding area. That’s why firestorm magic is forbidden to be used against cities.

-It means you’re really crazy.

-Isn’t it better to just kill him?

-I know yeah.

-How many times will our Adrian brother overcome the danger of death?

-Looking at things like this, it seems like being noble isn’t always a good thing.

Perhaps thanks to Olivia the Duke of Riverdale’s press conference an hour ago, I couldn’t find any more negative public opinion towards me.

Everyone was busy criticizing Anna, saying that my response was too weak, and calling for the death penalty for Anna and Cedric.

There is a clear reason why I didn’t kill Anna and Cedric right away.

That was to create an atmosphere in which I was righteous and Anna was evil.

Then, even if you do something crazy here, it will be covered enough for justification.

My goal was to get people to react like, ‘Would he have done something like that?’ even with excessive hands.

“Are you serious?”


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As such, what is to be done from now on is bound to be somewhat controversial.

That’s why we put so much effort into preliminary work.

“If we stop here, we will suffer great damage.”

“But this… … .”

Prince Lawrence’s office.

Perhaps because he had gone through too much today, my father, who looked like he had aged a lot in a day, placed his palm on his forehead.

My father’s expression, which had been frozen from the moment he heard my plan, never softened.

But my father probably knows too.

That if it weren’t for my plan, I wouldn’t be able to stop the Raven Margrave.

“You still plan to proceed even if I stop you, right?”

“of course.”

Nevertheless, the reason the father hesitates is because there is a tense tug-of-war between survival and conscience.

So, in order to ease his father’s worries, he expressed his intention to proceed with the plan in a forceful manner.

“Ever since I was young, I felt something was out of the ordinary… … . “You seem to really enjoy breaking common sense.”

And when my father raised his hands as if he had lost, I used the 7th circle healing spell, Recovery, to relieve my father and my mother, who was looking worried next to me.

“So what should I do? “You must want something, right?”

As expected, no matter how dispirited he was, he was quick to discern between interests and interests, as befits a man who ruled a territory for over 30 years.

I asked my father for one thing.

“The residents of the territory must be evacuated for safety. Father, please evacuate the people of the territory to a safe place. but… … .”


“We must proceed after disabling all types of communication to prevent information from leaking out.”

* * *

Margrave Raven, who was monitoring Adrian’s movements in real time, gritted his teeth as he watched the video of Anna’s failed takeover of the Sky Fortress.

“Now you’re openly mentioning me.”

However, the reason he gritted his teeth was not because his daughter’s plan failed, but because Margrave Raven was mentioned as the reason Anna was able to take over the Sky Fortress.

It was recorded that Margrave Raven had given the captaincy to his daughter, rather than his son-in-law, the lord, when he sold a used sky fortress scheduled for retirement to the Viscount Lawrence.

Anyone can see that the culprit of this situation is Raven Margrave.

“Can’t we find the commoners who leave comments here and kill them all?”

“It might be possible if we do some research, but it won’t be easy. “This platform is under the management of the Elysian Alliance, and they do not disclose personal information unless it is a violent crime.”

“Anyway, Elysia’s heterogeneous bastards are blocked.”

Margrave Raven clicked his tongue and turned off the video.

Then he suddenly snorted… … .

“Your Excellency, preparations for departure are complete.”

This is because Margrave Raven’s army was ready to ravage Lawrence’s territory and was waiting for his sortie order.

If this army storms into Lawrence’s territory, it won’t be long before they slit Adrian’s head.

Margrave Raven asked his secretary.

“What are the royal family’s trends?”

“It wouldn’t be surprising if a proclamation came down soon.”

“okay? Then there can be no further delay.”

The royal proclamation they were worried about meant issuing protection instructions for Adrian in the name of the king.

Margrave Raven approached the commander of the 2nd Strategic Knights, the highest commander of the expeditionary force, and spoke.

“If you fail, I won’t let you go.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

And Raven Margrave shouted as if making a declaration.

“Troop out!”


Under Raven Margrave’s instructions, the wizards activated their magic.

Accordingly, the large-scale spatial movement magic circle on the rooftop of the 80th floor began to glow, illuminating the dark sky like broad daylight.


Then, the image of the Sky Fortress weighing nearly 1 million tons and the airship with 200 Vanguards on board became blurred.

As the light reached its peak and scattered in all directions like an explosion, Margrave Raven let out a low laugh.

“Should I have gone to see this myself?”

Margrave Raven, staring at the empty rooftop, did not think about defeat.

* * *

Anna Lawrence screamed as she watched the external video that Adrian kindly turned on.

“no! Do not come!”

Blue light began to form in the air.

It was a sign of spatial movement and the beginning of an event.

She screamed, having already realized what Adrian’s plan was, and Cedric, who had lost consciousness, sat down and regretted the past.

“Ah, Adrian! Are you listening!? My brother did something wrong! Please forgive me!”

But his cries only lingered inside the shield Adrian had put up.

Anna, who had just tried to kill Adrian three times, including the attempted attack through the sky fortress, and Cedric, who denied everything Adrian had done and did not hesitate to use violence, gradually changed from a scream to a scream.

But unfortunately, their reflection was too late.

* * *


I, who was monitoring the Raven Margrave’s castle through Black Eagle, jumped up from my seat after seeing the large-scale spatial movement being cast.

And when I looked up at the sky, I saw a blue light shining above the sky fortress of our territory, which was floating in a higher position than usual.

While sitting side by side on the balcony of the castle with Arcia, enjoying wine and light snacks, I slammed the table with a cheerful expression and shouted.

“The magic power has begun!”

While communication was disrupted, only my instructions were transmitted through pinpoint to the Sky Fortress.

Accordingly, bright yellow sparks began to fly in the territory’s sky fortress, and clearly shaped magic waved like a haze.


After a while.

With blue magical power fluttering like snow, a sky fortress that looked even larger than ours and an airship carrying up to 200 vanguards appeared.

However, contrary to their powerful appearance, they had to be taken aback because the sky fortress of our Lawrence territory, which was waiting below them, flew in violently, body-butting.


The Raven Margrave’s sky fortress, unable to predict the surprise attack that seemed to have been waiting, was pushed helplessly high into the sky.

A magical wind was generated due to the impact of the energy shields of the two sky fortresses, causing an unfortunate incident in which the power of the airship carrying the Vanguard was temporarily stopped.


and… … .

A scene that no one expected unfolded.


This is because, with tremendous brilliance, as if the sun had fallen, the surprise attack force that Raven Margrave had ambitiously prepared disappeared in the air without even being able to attack.

As someone who experienced the war with the Croesian Empire, it was an unforgettable sight.

It was a suicide attack on the sky fortress.


I looked up at the sight, which was no different from a nuclear explosion, and burst into laughter.

Next, he raised the wine glass in his hand toward the sky.

“goodbye. “Grandmother, Brother Cedric.”

I drank the wine in one gulp in memory of the two people who died along with the Raven Margrave’s troops.

Some people say that revenge is fleeting.

But I don’t think so at all.

That’s because it’s the first time I’ve ever tasted alcohol this sweet.

“Let’s make a wish Arsia.”

“What do you wish?”

“Originally, you make a wish while watching fireworks.”

I made a joke, looking up at the sky where a shower of metal fragments began to pour down along with the aftereffects.

-Magic Century August 15, 2019.

I erased Anna and Cedric, who had brought trouble to my life, from this world, along with the Raven Margrave’s main forces.

This gave me complete freedom of action.


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