My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 31

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Episode 31: A chance in a game turns into reality

10. Time for revenge (3)


It may be vulgar, but this was a common thought that came to the minds of everyone who followed Cedric and Anna.

Adrian Lawrence became a great wizard?

It’s a story that you can’t help but laugh at because it makes no sense… … .





As I watched the knight commander behind the scenes being Adrian’s toy and getting beat up, I had no choice but to believe it even if I didn’t like it.

There is no need to wonder how such a thing is possible.

It was time to make a choice in order to live.

“Well, that’s not an opponent I should fight against.”

Arcia, a vague, new-looking woman who caught the knights’ attention, was a messenger who gave them certain death.

The Vanguard had already suffered five losses, and it was difficult to even count the damage to the regular knights.

Moreover, if she falls into crisis, Adrian, who is harassing the knight commander, will intervene.

A single Auror Master would be a disaster, but they attack the Archmage as well?

The results were no different from what had already been reported.

“Ha, surrender!”

“I surrender!”

“I lost!”

In the end, the knights who followed Cedric and Anna had to lay down their weapons to survive.

“Save those who surrender!”


And at the direction of Adrian, who was watching the situation from behind, Arsia’s sword stopped in front of a knight’s neck.


The knight, who belatedly noticed Arcia’s approach, swallowed his frustration and fell flat on his face, and those who surrendered to Adrian’s generous measures heaved a sigh of relief.

First of all, his immediate life was saved.

“What happens to us now?”

“well… … .”

The knights who surrendered were worried about their future.

However, this situation itself is unbelievable, so how can you predict what will happen next?

No one could answer the question everyone was curious about and just shook their heads.

The power over their life and death has now been transferred to Adrian.

Death and life are determined by his mood.

“You’ll be lucky if you don’t get executed.”

“I guess that’s true too.”

“Because history is on the side of the victor. Moreover, it looks like we are going against the lord, so the justification has been completely overlooked.”

He changed his lord for personal gain and tried to harm his colleagues for personal gain.

As they were quick in their calculations, they calmly understood their position.

“by the way… … .”

“Second master, what on earth is this?”

Many knights were massacred without even making a sound.

The garden of the Yeongju Castle, where the welcome ceremony was in progress, was filled with a bloody smell, and many of the colleagues turned into decapitated mannequins, horribly decorating the garden.

But why?

Adrian, the culprit and enemy of this situation, appears very mysterious.

Although they still did not understand the situation, the knights were able to understand this one thing clearly.

The fear and awesomeness of Adrian, a person who has completely hidden himself… … .

“Now that the Grand Wizard has been born, Viscount Lawrence’s future will be bright. Regardless of us.”

“How on earth? “Were there any signs of that?”

“You mean you’ve been hiding yourself this whole time.”

A fact that gives me goosebumps again.

Moreover, the second master even brought the Auror Master to his side.

Completely irregular.

From the perspective of those who suffered, the situation was no different from a natural disaster.

“What does it matter now?”

“yes. “We just walked a tightrope and failed.”

The surrendered knights looked bitter at the sight of the expedition knights looking at them with triumphant expressions.

All they can do is lament over the wrong choice and pray for lenient measures to be taken in the future.

* * *

“What is this?”

“Disturbingly, the video is being spread across multiple platforms.”

Eraven City, a northern city in the Kingdom of Reinharts.

This city, whose main industry is military production, is the largest of the four cities owned by Margrave Raven, and is a major northern hub city with a population of 3 million.

At the center of Eraven is an 80-story lord’s castle that overlooks the city at a glance, and there are three extravagant sky fortresses in the sky that small lords wish to have at least one.

It was a sight that showed the power of Raven Margrave, the owner of Eraven City.

The lord’s office was located on the top floor of the 80-story lord’s castle, and as a local loser, numerous secretaries and advisors were present as advisors.


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Margrave Raven had to sigh deeply when he checked the title of the video shown by a secretary.

[Tragedy and hope by Viscount Lawrence!]

The video lasted about 10 minutes and highlighted an incident that occurred in Viscounty Lawrence.

At first, an edited version of the news reporting the outbreak of war between the Kingdom of Reinharts and the Croisen Empire was added.

[A battle between sky fortresses occurred on the western front bordering the Croesian Empire!]

Breaking news with the anchor’s urgent voice was enough to create tension in the viewers.

Next, the progress of the war was briefly summarized and conveyed, highlighting the deaths and property damage piled up due to the enemy’s unreasonable attacks, informing the public of the horrors of the war.

[Six sky fortresses bombed! Over 32,000 casualties among our troops!]

[What is the definition of an attack method that only increases damage?]

[A suicide attack is somewhat anachronistic.]

However, dark news that brings down the mood can make the video less interesting.

Gukbbong elements were added at appropriate times to maintain the proper flow.

[The Reinharts Kingdom army does not fall back an inch against the Croesen Empire.]

[Young heroes of the Kingdom of Reinharts who appear in difficult times.]

And as if there is a beginning, there is an end, and as the end of the three-month war is declared, the video switches to a new way.

This is a video of a unit returning, like a vlog.

In the process, Adrian’s existence is revealed for the first time.

[Regiment Commander, thank you for your hard work.]

[huh? What are you filming?]

[It’s a video commemorating the safe return.]

[Be careful not to include military secrets in the video.]


With his appearance as gorgeous as that of any other celebrity, plus the premium premium of an aristocrat and the charisma of a battlefield commander, there were quite a few comments from viewers saying they had become fans.

-Awesome handsome guy!

-brother! Take me!

-It’s the same guy, why am I excited?

-I’m a man too, but it’s possible.

In addition, the majors he accumulated, the medals he received, and the recognition from his fellow commanders added to the perception that he was not only handsome but also capable.

[Count Otis: Commander Adrian? Competent. Although I was the division commander, it was he who decided whether the division won or lost the battle. If Regiment Commander Adrian wants it, we are ready to have him join our family.]

[Prince Baron Aden: He does not like to boast. He just does his job quietly. If he had been greedy about his major and thoroughly profited from it, he would have received more than double the compensation.]

[Prince Viscount Resty: The commanders of the same unit were considerate so that they could receive even credit. I want to return the favor at any time.]

Even though it was beyond the video, the viewer could clearly feel the affection for Adrian.

Thanks to this, viewers’ curiosity about Adrian was greatly heightened and they became very curious about him.

However, later, an unexpected incident occurred in the Lawrence Expeditionary Force, shocking viewers.

[This is an attack from a group of 3 Vanguards and 5 Armored Golems!]

A surprise attack occurred while everyone was happily heading home.

This was the part that made viewers realize that this video was not just a vlog or a family promotional video.

[What, what is it? surprise attack!?]

[The enemies are targeting Master Adrian!]

[Could it be again!?]

[I’m glad though! Master William is desperately trying to stop you! It looks like Master Adrian has the Vanguards on standby in turns just in case!]

[Vice-Captain William fought well! The rest of the Vanguard are now sortieing!]

The realistic surprise situation broadcast from the soldier’s point of view made viewers swallow their saliva.

However, keen viewers paid attention to the line ‘No way again?’ shouted by a soldier here.

This is because it sounded like someone had been continuously trying to take Adrian’s life.

Even if Adrian’s assassination was the goal this time, it was a force that could have been achieved.

However, the surprise attack ends in failure due to the emergence of two variables that exceed everyone’s expectations.

[Do you, master?]

[Why Lady Arcia?]

The appearance of the Auror Master and the Archmage was a cataclysmic event.

In the scene where their identities were revealed, various video effects were added to create a more dramatic appearance, which became a point that gave viewers goosebumps.

The appearance of a young and beautiful Auror Master and Archmage.




-what!? what!?

The comment window literally exploded.

The battle was quickly resolved by Adrian and Arcia, and only the attackers who did not expect this lost their lives.

One attacker was left behind to investigate, but no significant information was obtained because he committed suicide.

However, the suicide method was reminiscent of an assassin, so it was not difficult to infer that someone had hired a large guild of assassins to eliminate Adrian.

In this way, Adrian and the Viscounty Lawrence expeditionary force reached the territory after many twists and turns.

“… … .”

However, a second situation occurred that raised questions among viewers, as there was no crowd in the territory to welcome the warriors who survived the difficult expedition, let alone a parade.

Considering the major they had established, this was an extremely absurd treatment.

Of course, this time the comments exploded, and when the lord of Viscounty Lawrence and Adrian’s mother came out to meet him alone, accompanied by only a few retainers, everyone could sense that the family’s situation was not normal.

[Oh, Adrian?]

And when Anna appeared, accompanied by knights and servants more extravagant than the lord, the viewers shouted emphatically.

-It’s her! That woman must be the culprit!

-Look at that expression as if you’ve seen a ghost!

-Anna Lawrence, mistress of the Lawrence family and the third daughter of Margrave Raven.

-In addition, she is Adrian Lawrence’s half-mother.

-Wow, creepy, then isn’t it a big hit?

-As a bonus, Adrian Lawrence was attempted to poison himself when he was 7 years old.

-That’s right. They say he originally made a name for himself as a child prodigy, but became a criminal after an attempted poisoning.

-Then, really, that too?

It happened because Anna’s surprised expression at Adrian was so realistic.

Margrave Raven, who had watched the video up to this point, touched his forehead and clicked his tongue.

“What on earth is this idiot doing? He said he would take control of his own writing, and he is doing a comedy.”

However, the video behind it was too strong to call this a comedy.

This led to a situation where Anna, who did not know that Adrian and Arcia were archmages and auror masters, used the territory army to attack the expeditionary force.

Afterwards, Adrian and Arcia showed their power again and showed off their power, and Anna and Cedric were easily subdued.

In the process, the sight of Arcia throwing a vicious kick at Cedric and Adrian personally sealing Anna’s mouth with tape as she kept swearing and saying the word ‘dare’ was the highlight.

The video ended with Anna and Cedric being thrown into prison.

-Dog cider.

-oh my god… … .

-implementation of justice.

Thanks to this, viewers who saw this were happy and said they drank a large glass of cider.

However, some thinking people did not view this video as true education, because they could easily predict the disaster that would occur later.

-Isn’t the reason Anna Lawrence can act like that because she has Raven Margrave behind her?

-uh? So what happens after this?

-It is a war between a great lord with strong military power and a border vassal.

Regardless of the truth of the assassination attempt against Adrian, the act of drawing a sword towards the lord cannot be taken into account.

Naturally, Anna and Cedric would be treated as traitors who violated the laws of the land, and people predicted a gloomy future, saying that this would lead to friction with the Margrave Raven.

Even if there were archmages and auror masters, it was difficult to handle multiple sky fortresses alone.

Thanks to this, many people supported Adrian and criticized Margrave Raven, who tried to ruin other territories by using his daughter.

Where is this irrationality?


After watching the entire video, Margrave Raven stood up and slammed the desk.


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