My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 302

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Episode 302: A chance in a game turns into reality


[Commander-in-Chief Adrian L. Lawrence’s strategy worked properly. He quickly solidified his victory by annihilating the enemy’s main forces, the Heavenly King and the Demon King, all at once.]

[Heroes who saved the world, Adrian, the leader of the heroes who saved the world.]

[A great victory that will decorate the main page of history! Rondel and Earth joined forces to secure the future!]

-Brother Adrian! Take me! Ugh!

└From beginning to end, it was a war that started with Adrian and ended with Adrian.

-A person like that is a real hero.

-I ended up witnessing a scene from history firsthand.

-Is it safe now? Is the crisis over?


The war was won.

Naturally, the world was in a festive mood celebrating the victory, and the Earthlings and Rondelians hugged each other and cheered.

As if we had won the World Cup.

The festive atmosphere lasted for several days, and it was not until ten days later that the gathering began.

First, action was taken against the victims.

In this process, Adrian used his personal resources to pay a large amount of compensation, and made the families of the fallen feel proud and did not have any difficulties in making a living.

[War heroes will be remembered forever. Adrian L. Lawrence decides to build monuments around the world for war heroes and victims… … .]

The next step was to increase the size of the world peace organization, a bridge connecting the two worlds of Rondel and Earth.

War hero Adrian argued that the size of the organization should be more than doubled, and the goal was achieved thanks to the overwhelming support of people around the world.

The role of the World Peace Organization is to become a mediator for exchange and peace between the two worlds.

As a result, a monster organization was created that resembled a merger of existing major international organizations such as the UN, WTO, WHO, IMF, and INTERPOL.

Naturally, as the scale grew, the World Peace Organization was able to actively intervene in each country.

As a result, it became very difficult to start a war for reasons such as religion, ideology, or national interest.

In order to wage war, permission from the organization was required, and this permission required the consent of member states.

The world was reorganized around Adrian.

Some thought this was the best, others thought it was unreasonable, but after the rise of the World Peace Organization, Rondel and Earth entered a golden age and continued to make remarkable progress, so everyone had to keep their mouths shut and go with the flow.

As time passed, the enthusiasm for victory in the war subsided.

The world has adapted to change.

And as stories of wars that occurred in space became more common in textbooks than on broadcasts, the second generation of the world’s leading figures began to appear at the forefront of history.

* * *

20 years after the allied forces of Rondel and Earth won the war against the armies of the Elyos and Demons.

“Director! Dungeon Break has occurred in Cairo, Egypt!”

“Is there a field agent nearby?”

“sorry. “I can’t confirm.”

“Huh, then I guess I have no choice but to ask the sun god Ra.”

An unusual organization was established under the World Peace Organization.

This is the Hunter Management Bureau, which oversees hunting grounds and dungeons on Earth.

The importance of this organization came to the fore when the ‘Dungeon Break’ occurred, in which monsters periodically poured out of dungeons and caused damage to the civilian population.

The Hunter Management Bureau celebrated its 18th anniversary this year, and was comprised of gift users from Earth, knights from Rondel, and wizard-centered mercenaries.

“Call Ra.”

“Yes, Director.”

The current director of the Hunter Management Bureau was the third generation.

However, the head of a prestigious international organization was such a young and beautiful woman that no one complained about her position.

The reason is that not only was she a genius who reached the 8th circle at the age of 21, but she also belonged to the royal family of Rondel.

[Who are you?]

“hello. We apologize for contacting you in a hurry. “My name is Emilia Lawrence, Director of the Hunter Management Bureau.”

[It’s annoying. What business does the Hunter Management Bureau have for me?]

“that is… … .”

[No, wait. Did you just say Lawrence?]

“Yes, that’s right. haha.”

Her name is Emilia Lawrence.

She was the younger sister of Adrian L. Laurence, the owner of the world’s smallest and most powerful empire.

[The Lawrence I know?]

“That’s probably right.”

[Hmm, what’s going on?]

The last name that follows her name is like a cheat, so wherever she goes, she gets the same response whenever she introduces herself.

Even the transcendental mythical being raised his voice just because he was the owner of Lawrence Castle.

“Dungeon Break occurred in Cairo, Egypt. There were no hunters available right now, so I took the shame and contacted them to request assistance. “I would like to ask you to protect people until the hunters arrive.”

[Well, is there any need to wait for support? I will just clean it.]

“yes? Well, thank you, but… … .”

[Please say hello to Adrian.]

“Oh, I understand.”

It was clearly an emergency, but the emergency was resolved so easily that everyone in the management bureau’s situation room had to laugh.

“Wow, out of all the directors I’ve ever had, you handle things the most perfectly.”

“Director, you’re the best!”

There was nothing to get done.

The case was solved just by giving the name.


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This was all thanks to her handsome brother.

However, Emilia was not very happy about this situation.

No matter what I did, I couldn’t escape my brother’s shadow.

She sighed softly and sat down.

“Director, may I ask you something?”

Emilia, who was thirsty and was drinking cold water in the air, tilted her head in response to the youngest staff member’s question and allowed the question to be asked.

“Do you have any of your relatives who are active as idols?”


And what followed was a completely unexpected question.

She had a case and was coughing.

“What is that all of a sudden?”

“One of the K-pop girl groups that is on the rise these days is called Siren. There was a girl there who looked exactly like the director, except her eyes and hair color were different. “They said her name was ‘Sia.’”

Emilia’s relatives mean members of the royal family.

Because it means he is a relative of Adrian L. Lawrence, the most powerful person in the world.

Being an idol in such a family, the youngest staff member smiled awkwardly, as if he was embarrassed that he had asked a question.

Emilia shrugged her shoulders in response to that question, wondering if that was possible.

“Now, I’m not sure.”

But Emilia’s reaction was so unnatural.

His eyes were shaking wildly and his words were stuttering.

Thanks to this, the youngest staff member tilted his head.

* * *


They are a four-member K-pop new girl group that is on the rise these days.

With a unique concept that alternates between girl crush and innocence, the fans were evenly distributed between men and women, and even though the agency was new, it was an unusual place that spared no money on songs, choreography, costumes, and music videos.

There were many places to tackle, from the concept to an agency with mysterious capital, but strangely, it was difficult to find people criticizing Siren online, so they were also famous as a group with almost no anti-haters.

Anyone familiar with stone tablets will know how close to impossible this is.

Therefore, the existence of sirens was considered mysterious even by those involved.

“What sin did I commit in my past life that I’m still an idol?”

“Because you are a demi-human, you are still lively. “I am dancing with the body of a person in his 40s.”

“What does age matter? Anyway, you don’t age because of Adrian.”

“That’s right, haha… … . “This guy’s family creates some sort of enmity with us and puts it on stage every now and then.”

Each of the Siren members had a beauty and personality that was flawless.

However, there was no way people knew that half of the members had debuted as idols 20 years ago.

Siren, a 4-member girl group.

Three of them were Marignan, Berg, and Miel, who were once called the goddesses of South America.

However, the face changed subtly, and this was a measure taken to prevent one of the members from being noticed.

“Aunties! what are you doing?”

This is because it was the group that Calicia L. Lawrence, Adrian’s daughter, belonged to.

If this fact were to become known, everyone at the broadcasting station would look at them in horror.

That’s how much weight Adrian’s name had, and to ordinary people, he was a being in the sky.

Marignan and Berg narrowed their eyebrows and spoke in response to a question from Calicia, who works under the stage name ‘Sia’.

“Someone calls the same member aunt.”

“oh! sorry. “Because of habit.”

“You know that if you get caught by someone, your idol game will be over, right? So be careful.”

They were like family to Calicia since they had been playing together since she was young.

So wouldn’t it be acceptable to do such absurd things?

“Sirens, please stand by!”

At that time, the staff of the music show where Siren was to appear burst open the door to their waiting room and shouted.

In response, Alex, a royal knight of the Lawrence Empire and now Siren’s manager, narrowed his eyebrows, but when he saw Calixia’s gaze, he had to smile as if he had always done so.

‘What on earth am I doing here?’

Alex, along with Marignan and Berg, lamented his situation.

However, the difference from those two people is that they do not dare to express their dissatisfaction out loud.

“Let’s go!”

Calicia, who looked very excited, walked down the waiting room hallway leading the members who were bothered, and exchanged warm greetings with several idols, both senior and junior.

But then.

“Hey, what is your greeting?”


A female singer criticized the Siren members.

“Yes? “Do you not know who we are?”

“The group range seniors.”

“Do you still have such a stiff neck knowing that?”

Although they are part of the girl group range, they are troublemakers who have had several issues related to their personality.

They may have been in a bad mood, so they touched the innocent Siren for no reason.

Instead of being embarrassed, manager Alex looked at this with an expression of bewilderment.

To him, the actions of the girl group Range seemed nothing but an act of suicide.

“Huh, sorry.”

Calisia is a being who has inherited the power of Adrian and Arsia.

If she just hits the chestnut, this place will turn into a brain-draining hell.

However, Calicia simply lowered her head with a naturally innocent smile.

“under… … . His actions are strangely relaxed. The other kids didn’t even say a word. “It’s fun, it’s been a while since I’ve seen such inconsiderate people.”

“Well… … .”

In the end, manager Alex, who thought something bad might happen if things continued like this, intervened.

No, I was trying to intervene.

There was no need to intervene as an unexpected person came in before that.


This is because Adrian and Arcia appeared without their faces covered and holding a large cannon camera and light sticks.

The sight was so unreal that the surroundings were filled with silence.

The music broadcast on which Siren appears today is a year-end program.

That’s why Adrian and Arcia came out to support their daughter’s activities in their own way, but they only presented fear to those around them.

“… … .”

Manager Alex took a quick look at the girl group members who had been arguing with Calicia L. Lawrence.

They were standing and stunned.

“At least cover your face.”

“huh? Is it okay to do that?”

“What is the reason the aunts changed their faces?”

“Oh sorry… … .”

Calcia let out a deep sigh as she looked at her sullen parents.

Adrian, the world’s strongest and best being.

He was also an ordinary father in front of his daughter.



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