My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 301

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Episode 301: A chance in a game turns into reality

63. For peace (4)

“Damn, I can’t help it.”

“okay. “Let’s give it a try.”

The King of Heaven and the King of Demons, who had been hostile to each other, agree with one mind.

King Michael nodded solemnly and decided to carry out the second stage of the plan.

“Adrian’s power appears to be to twist or manipulate space, so if he finds out about our plan, he might be able to prevent us from reaching the divine realm.”

“Do you need to get someone’s attention?”

“okay. “You have to make as much noise as possible to attract attention and buy time.”

If you really want to pretend, just pretend.

Perhaps because they had the same goal and were looking at the same future, they talked very well.

It makes me wonder why they have been so hostile towards me all this time.

“I will step forward.”

“I will not step forward.”

One Heavenly King and one Demon King each came forward to tell Michael’s story.

Gaining time by drawing attention to Adrian and Arcia means there is a high possibility of death.

None of them would have risked death, but the rest of their colleagues had to feel sorry to see them take a step forward.

Michael tapped the shoulders of the two people.

“While they take their time, we activate the teleportation device we prepared.”

They moved quickly.

Since we had to prepare for spatial movement, we first retreated the main base, and in the meantime, the Heavenly King and the Demon King, who were acting as bait to attract the enemy’s attention, began to run rampant.

In order to reach the sacred area where Goddess Sepia resides, they created a device called the ‘Dimension Breakthrough Stone’.

Since the device was prepared in advance, it did not take long to put it into operation.

“What about Ea? Are you going to take me?”

EA is a powerful force.

However, Michael was reluctant to see Ea return alone from the earth.

So I firmly shook my head.

“Having one guy doesn’t make a big difference. “There is a possibility that he may have colluded with Adrian in the process of survival, so let’s just throw him out.”


After a while.

Fortunately, the dimension breakthrough stone operated stably.

-Ji-ing! Pot!

Adrian may have been distracted by the two Heavenly Kings and the Demon King who were heavily aggroing them, but Adrian did not interfere with them, and the Heavenly King and the Demon King were able to safely reach the sacred area.

“Is this a new station?”

A wide meadow where green grass dances in the wind.

These people, fully armed and unsuitable for the grassland, looked around with stern expressions.

The goddess’s body must be somewhere here.

They moved in search of traces of the goddess.

“I guess you wanted to be buried in the meadow? “I will respect your taste.”


But that was then.

A familiar voice was heard from the Heavenly Kings and Demon Lords who were extremely nervous.

When I turned my head, I saw a person who shouldn’t be there.

“Uh, why you?”

“Wait a minute, where did the Death Star go?”

In addition, the suicide weapon, which is the main power of the Heavenly Kings and Demon Lords, was not seen.

They must have moved together… … .

* * *

The intentions of the Heavenly King and the Demon King, who were noisily drawing aggro, were so obvious that I ignored them.

If I leave it alone anyway, the arrangement I made will work.

‘The plan I have prepared for complete victory is Road Exceed.’

This is the participation of Archduke Lucas, who was reborn as a god along with me.

He decided to appear when our allies were in danger in a place I couldn’t pay attention to, so I wasn’t too worried even if the Heavenly King and the Demon King were in trouble.

So I was able to secretly see what the rest of them were doing.

I soon succeeded in discovering their purpose.

“Heading to Shin Station? “You mean to hit the goddess.”

The plan was so absurd that I had to let out a sigh of relief.

But it wasn’t long before I started to think that it wasn’t such a bad plan.

The reason is because the goddess had a rule that she could not directly harm the creatures.

I don’t know if that rule can be broken or if it is an absolute law, but it seems that the Elyos and Demons decided that it would be better to have a one-shot match with the goddess than to fight with me.

The goddess was also in a weakened state, and they had obtained a powerful weapon.

If suicide weapons explode all at once in the sacred area, even the goddess would have no choice but to take a hit.

Alternatively, you can try to make a deal without having to fight, so just going to the new station opens up many possibilities.

“What do you want to do?”

While I was deep in thought, Arcia asked me a question.

The goddess is my mother.

There was no way I could just sit back and watch those guys trying to attack my mother.

So I tried to interrupt them, but a thought suddenly occurred to me.


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Rather than fighting in space, wouldn’t it be easier to organize things in a new area where escape becomes difficult once you step in?

‘He probably made this plan because he didn’t know that I could travel between new stations.’

The fact that the goddess is my mother and that I regularly visit her for tea is a fact that no one but Arcia knows.

Moreover, the goddess had severed her relationship with the earth.

This means that from their perspective, they wouldn’t have thought that I would follow them all the way to Shin Station.

In that sense, it was considered a good idea to take advantage of their embarrassment and deal with them at the new station.

Even if the goddess doesn’t attack them directly, she can at least serve as my backup.

It may seem a bit harsh, but the reason I fight against the Heavenly Demons is to carry on the goddess’s will.

So I decided I wouldn’t pretend not to know.

I told Arcia what I thought, and of course she expressed her disapproval after hearing the story.

“Let’s handle it at the new station? “That suicide weapon will cause great damage to the new area, right?”

“Then just send the Heavenly Kings and Demon Lords to the divine realm. Here, we’ll take out the suicide weapons first and then follow you. how is it?”

Suicide weapons are clearly a threat.

Because the attack power is similar to our power.

If the Heavenly King and the Demon King fight while backing up their respective weapons, they may face a difficult situation.

This means that it can threaten our lives.

However, if you deal with the suicide weapon separately and the Heavenly King and the Demon King separately, the difficulty level drops significantly.

“If it’s that way, I think it’ll be okay.”

It has been decided.

I looked at the Elyos and Demons formation with a cool smile.

And when the opportunity came, he didn’t miss it and acted immediately.

* * *

A new station in the form of vast transcendence.

The kings of the Elyos and Demons were taken aback when they saw Adrian and Arcia appear with the light.

“What are you looking for? Death Star? Oh, that suicide weapon? “If that’s the case, I just took care of it.”


“I did not know? The Death Star didn’t come with you from the beginning. “As soon as I was separated from you, I gave up.”

“… … .”

Michael, the greatest king of the Elyos, sighed deeply.

I didn’t know how the situation was going, but I could definitely understand one thing.

The fact is that they were played by the person in front of them.

It’s amazing that humans have abilities that surpass those of the Heavenly Kings and the Demon Lords, but that they can even enter the divine realm on their own.

Michael glared at Adrian and Arcia as if he didn’t understand.

“You don’t plan on going back like this, do you?”

In response to his next question, Adrian shrugged his shoulders as if it was obvious.

Adrian’s purpose in the first place was their lives, so there was no reason to give them convenience now.

Michael had to make an expression of great resentment.

“Why on earth are you doing this to us?”

“What does that mean?”

“Do you think we are fools? “Didn’t you pull us in?”

Ea, who summoned the Elyos and Demons, was captured by Adrian.

However, at that time, he learned that Ea was trying to attract the Heavenly Demons of Rondel for his own survival, and Adrian, who was interested in the plan, released him even though he knew it was dangerous.

As a result, the Elyos and Demons were able to safely reach the earthly world through the gate created by Ea.

“The relationship between Rondel and Earth is not good.”


“I thought we needed a common enemy for a peaceful future for both worlds.”

“her… … .”

The full story of the incident was generously reported.

The Heavenly and Demon Kings who heard Adrian’s story were beyond absurd and in vain.

“Are you saying you brought us in just for that?”

However, Adrian showed that he did not understand their reaction.

“Cheon and Ma, who were enemies just because the goddess neglected them, joined hands to invade the earth, and you suddenly pretended to be the victims? I just neglected your plan. You were just following your own plan. “If anyone sees it, they’ll think you’re in a conspiracy.”

It was undoubtedly true.

Although they were imaged as villains, it was the Elyos and Demons who established the hostile relationship in the first place.

Adrian just took advantage of it.

“From an artificial planet to a suicide weapon. “We’ve thoroughly prepared for war, but it looks like we’re going to lose, so why are we doing this?”

“that… … .”

“If I had no power, even if Earth and Rondel had the might, would you have said that? Probably not? If you didn’t want war, you should have proposed peace. “Even though he looks like this, he’s not so vicious that he tramples on anyone who tries to talk to him.”

This was their first time experiencing being one-sided, so everything felt unfair to the Heavenly Kings and Demon Lords.

However, I was unable to refute Adrian’s subsequent ridicule.

Because nothing was wrong.

“Damn, are you going to die like this?”

In the end, all that awaited them was battle.

There was no way to turn the situation around other than winning the battle.

Even though it is not full strength, there are always variables in battle.

Even in the midst of crisis, the Heavenly and Demon Kings predicted the possibility of victory.


The kings of the Heavenly Demon tribe were armed, and Adrian and Arsia were also armed as if they were transforming.

A battle between 18 kings of the Elyos and Demons and 2 humans.

It is a fight of 18:2.

It seemed so unfavorable, but I couldn’t feel the slightest bit of anxiety in Adrian’s eyes.



A golden glow fell from the sky on Arsia and Adrian.

It was a buff with various synergistic effects, ‘Goddess’ Protection.’

Heavenly King Michael, who never thought that the day would come when he would have to fight an enemy who had the goddess’ protection, let out a laugh.

“In the end, does that mean the goddess is on your side too?”

“Isn’t it right? You are the ones who came to attack the goddess. “Did you forget?”

“I tried to start a conversation first.”

“It’s not a threat? “What kind of conversation are they talking about when they tried to bring in powerful suicide weapons that not even they could stop?”

“Damn it. “He’s a guy whose every word annoys people.”

“It’s because I got hit in the bone. “If I was wrong, you wouldn’t be upset.”

Michael promised himself that he would win and rip out Adrian’s tongue.


The battle has begun.

The attack began with Arsia’s sword, and hundreds of treasure-level swords came out of subspace and followed her through the air.

Arcia did not possess special powers like Adrian.

It can be said that she handles more fish swords and that the extremely strengthened heart sword is her power.

The perfect sword.

A sword that cuts down all enemies it encounters.

That was the power that Arsia gained as a god.


“Me, crazy!”

Isn’t there a saying that simple is the best?

When Arcia swung her sword, all obstacles in front of her were split apart.

Whether it’s a sword, armor, or a person.

It was a very neat and uncluttered battle.

-Kwasik! bang! bang!

On the other hand, unlike Arsia, Adrian’s battle was very messy.

Torn, burst, crushed.

His battles killed people like bugs.

So, when I encountered Adrian, I felt more fear and disgust than Arsia.

No matter how powerful the Heavenly King and the Demon King were, it felt like a 1:1 battle against Adrian and Arcia was not even possible.

“shit! shit! “Damn you!”

Before we knew it, all the Heavenly Kings and Demon Kings were dead, leaving Michael alone.

It was a very meaningless death after the end of the Heavenly and Demon King, where Rondel was turned upside down on the day when even one person descended.

Michael quickly tried to revive his colleagues.

However, the resurrection magic did not work properly in the new world, and Michael became the last Heavenly King left there.

“Let’s ask the goddess to make the next lives of you Elyos and Demons prosperous and happy.”

“Are you a virgin?”

“Yes, it is a virgin. But I’m not sorry. We met as enemies and attempted to kill each other. “The reason you lost was because you were weaker than me, and if I were weaker, it would have been the opposite.”

Michael chewed his lip at Adrian’s words.

Even my survival instinct disappeared due to the deep sense of defeat.

Adrian extended his hand towards Michael.

To take my last breath.


But then.

As the goddess who had been silent until now appeared, Adrian had to put down his hand for a moment.

The goddess had an expression full of sadness.

Michael gritted his teeth as he looked up at the goddess, and Sephia spoke as if to convey consolation to Michael.

[I’m sorry.]

Michael had no answer.

He was so angry that he seemed speechless.

The goddess continued speaking to him.

[As Adrian said, I will guarantee your next life. When you go, take only resentment with you and don’t be afraid of your new life.]


With those words, Adrian twisted Michael’s neck.

With this, the battle in the new area came to an end, and the war against the Heavenly Demon tribe was also completely over.

Adrian sighed deeply and spoke to the goddess.

“Not much time left.”

What he meant was the peace she asked for.

Sepia looked at the messed up scene and smiled bitterly.

“But we will have to keep trying. “So that the future will not be stained with blood again.”

“That’s right.”

Adrian and Arcia walked in silence, looking at the same place as the goddess Sepia.


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