My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 300

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Episode 300: A chance in a game turns into reality

63. For peace (3)

“Ji, are you cutting the enemy outside by cutting them inside the ship?”

“Sim-geom is a skill. “It is a prosecutor’s unique ability that is considered equivalent to the 9th Circle.”

I answered the question of the Vice Commander, who was from the US Navy, with a smile.

But my smile didn’t last long… … .


The reason is that the surface of the cut pine cone turned red and exploded.

I wouldn’t have been surprised if it was a simple explosion caused by sinking.

However, the energy emitted by the pine cone was at a level that even I could not dare to downplay, and the formless and colorless energy released at the same time as the explosion was extremely destructive and massive.


That’s not all.

When the pine cone exploded, the light in a certain area was distorted and disappeared.

As if a black hole had formed.

I couldn’t even imagine what would happen if I was caught in an explosion at close range.


If it were to explode in an atmosphere full of air, it was powerful enough to easily erase a continent.

“For no reason is it the highest-ranking species created by God. “You created something great.”

The pine cone was a weapon made for self-destruction.

A powerful bomb that distorts even space.

Thanks to you, I remembered a memory I had forgotten for a while.

I was reincarnated as the child of a local nobleman in Rondel and had just turned 20.

At that time, I had to go to the battlefield as if pushed by pressure from my half-brother and his mother.

The enemy they faced on the battlefield was the now-defunct Croesen Empire, and in that war, the enemy introduced a self-destructing sky fortress.

They say life goes around and around, but isn’t it like déjà vu?

Having dealt with suicide weapons in the first war, and dealing with suicide weapons in this, which is believed to be the last war.

I burst out laughing in a way that did not suit the situation.

‘But it’s definitely not a bad method.’

With that level of attack power, it would be enough to influence the situation of the war.

And, as if to support my guess, the situation room at the headquarters was immersed in panic and fear.

“What about casualties?”

“10 Sky Fortresses, 238 Vanguards, and 73 fighter planes were hit. “The number of people is 1,325.”

I spread out my defense shield, but the attack power of the pine cone shattered part of my defense shield that I had spread with all my might.

Thanks to this, unexpected casualties occurred.

“Choo, Commander-in-Chief! The suicide weapon is coming again! This time, it’s the 5th period!”

“Commander-in-Chief! “The forward pace has been slowed down by the suicide weapon, and it looks like the enemy has caught up with us!”

As pine cones approached us one after another, the deputies gave screaming reports.

‘The loss of life is unfortunate, but we have to deal with that first.’

The emergence of a weapon that exerts power beyond common sense.

Although it was perplexing, this was also one of the expected scenarios.

So I showed calmness without being too shaken.

That weapon is certainly great, but if we had been hit again and again, we wouldn’t have started a war.

“Arsia, blow it in one go.”


“Now, wait a minute! “Commander-in-chief!”

When I continued to respond without hesitation, the deputies were shocked and stopped me.

If just one explodes, it’s a mess, but what happens if several explode at almost the same time?

They couldn’t help but be worried.

“it’s okay.”

However, I dismissed their concerns and stood up, following Arcia who took three steps forward again.

Everyone looked at us with anxious expressions.


This time too, Arcia took a sword stance.

I snapped my fingers accordingly, and instead of a holographic image, real outer space appeared before my eyes.

A hole was created in the hull using magic.


People hesitated and took a step back.

However, the hole I made had no effect on the ship.

Arcia then swung her sword.

no. She tried to swing.


But she didn’t draw her sword.

This is because the appearance of the pine cones became blurry and suddenly disappeared.


I wondered why it didn’t come out.

To put it another way, a suicide weapon is like a missile.

Haven’t we shown you how people with special abilities use missiles?

By teleporting nuclear weapons.


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However, I thought it made no sense for the Elyos and Demons to just slowly advance their suicide weapons.

‘no use.’

what… … .

In the end, it was useless.

Because I have no intention of allowing access using teleportation.

“I’ll cancel it.”


I immediately activated my authority.

My power is ‘space control’.

It is literally the ability to control a certain space at will.

When we used the power, the teleportation of the suicide weapon that was scheduled to appear in front of us was canceled and it returned to its original location.

And at the same time.

-Poof! Swish!

As if she had been waiting, Arsia’s sword was drawn and all five suicide weapons were cut in two at once.

The sight of it easily slicing through the mass of dozens of Sky Fortresses is truly a feat of swordsmanship itself.


Then, five suicide weapons exploded at once, and an enormous amount of formless and colorless energy surged like a tsunami.

Stronger destructive power.

I don’t think I can completely block that thing even if I deploy a shield.

So I used my power once again.


The power created a shield-like peak in front of the friendly camp to deflect the energies.

-Quaaang! bang!

But it’s not fun to just brush it off.

I controlled the path in real time so that the left and right wings of the enemy army pursuing our army’s rear were swept away.

This was possible because we were all united together to break through the center, and the enemy was spread out widely.

“What is this?”

“Did you hit the enemy with an enemy attack?”

The adjutants of the Commander-in-Chief’s staff exclaimed with bright expressions, as if they had never been embarrassed by the unexpected benefit.

It seems that the suicide weapons that had disappeared through teleportation were not visible to their eyes.

Well, it was like a moment.

“We will continue to move forward like this. “Let us destroy the gate that connects the heavenly world and the demonic world.”

“all right.”

Moving forward is bound to be a burden.

Because suicide weapons are appearing one after another at the gate.

Nevertheless, the reason you have to move forward is because if you don’t destroy the gate, something unknown to the world, including new weapons, will continue to come out.

The space beyond the gate is the land that forms the basis of the two races.

Only by completely severing ties with that place will future wars become easier.

“uh? “The enemy is retreating from the gate.”

however… … .

What followed was unexpected.

The Heavenly Kings and Demon Kings gave up the Gate too easily.


They summoned a total of 14 more suicide weapons and began to retreat without looking back.

“Master Branguiche.”


Thanks to this, we reached the gate without any interruption.

Under my direction, the dragons released their breath all at once toward the gate.

The gate connecting the heavenly world and the demonic world did not last long.

“The gate has disappeared.”

“The troops chasing us from behind have also stopped chasing and are increasing the distance.”

Although they were happy about the success of the operation, the lieutenants also did not seem to understand the current situation.

Everyone had a confused look on their faces, and that included me.

‘What are you thinking?’

The enemy’s forces were currently divided in two with us in the middle, and it seemed completely absurd for them to retreat.

I decided that there were three tactics they could choose from.

1. Targeting the captains, me and Arsia.

2. A way to eat away at this side’s power through wheel-to-wheel warfare.

3. Switch to guerrilla warfare and expand the battlefield, including Earth, Rondel, and space.

However, the choices of the Elyos and Demons did not apply anywhere.

For a moment, I wondered if they were thinking of guerrilla warfare, but if that were the case, they would have dispersed long ago.


[They are preparing for large-scale space movement!]

[I don’t know what you’re planning, but it seems like the Elyos and Demons have no intention of going into an all-out war with you in the first place! The scale of the spatial movement is very large, as if it had been prepared in advance!]

When you are lost in thought.

Just then I received a call from EA.

A communication containing very important information.

It wasn’t much help up front, but now I thought it was a good idea to plant him.

“Preparing for large-scale space movement? Are you planning on sending a suicide weapon to Earth and Rondel?”

A guess that came out inadvertently.

The second-in-command intervened in astonishment.

“Are you saying the enemy’s goal is the destruction of Earth and Rondel?”

This is just a guess and not certain.

If you feel like the situation is at a disadvantage, you can use the tactic of “let’s all die together.”

But what?

I have a feeling that they might have other options… … .

“That won’t work. “I will leave for a moment.”


In the end, after failing for the first time to guess the enemy’s actions, I approached the wall of the sky fortress, which had holes in it.

He then snapped his fingers and summoned the black man’s alter ego again.

“If I can afford it, I will command through self-immolation, but if the situation is not convenient, I will transfer command to the deputy commander.”

“Oh, I understand.”

Before I am the commander-in-chief of the entire army, I am also a combatant with the greatest military power.

Therefore, my absence was already planned.

I didn’t have much faith in the staff who had only expressed exclamations until now, but I wasn’t too worried because the Four Heavenly Kings were there and safety measures were in place just in case.

“If their goal was to bring us in, they succeeded.”

“I know.”

I smiled and nodded at Arsia’s story and headed out into outer space.

* * *

“Does this mean that the level is as expected?”

“Damn it, are monsters like that allowed to exist in the human world?”

“Those two were probably arranged by the goddess.”

From surprise attacks on the ground to battles in space with armed weapons.

The Heavenly Kings and Demon Kings laughed in a situation where nothing worked.

“There is no need to discuss it at length. “We will win if we attack directly and cut off the heads of Adrian and Arcia.”

“That’s right, just like now, only the Death Star is flying, so it blocks everything. “If we distract them with battle and then launch the Death Star, they won’t be able to stop us.”

Powerful energy created by intentionally colliding, rather than fusing, the divine power of the Elyos and the black magic of the Demons.

The one made using it was the ‘Death Star’, which Adrian called a pine cone, and they had no doubt in the weapon’s effectiveness.

However, when the Death Star’s attack failed, the eyes of some heavenly kings and demon kings turned away.

“hmm… … .”

Their greatest power is not the Death Star, but the Heavenly Kings and Demon Lords themselves.

However, if you rush at it blindly and die, everything goes wrong.

So, I moved with the idea of ​​first understanding the level of power of Adrian and Arsia… … .

The problem is that even though they lost 6 out of 20 Death Stars, their secret weapon, they were unable to properly understand the abilities of the two.

“No, I am giving up the battle with them. “Let’s move on to phase two of the plan.”

At that time, Heavenly King Michael, who was considered Ark Scarlett’s rival, spoke.

However, as if it was difficult to accept that claim, others came forward to protest.

Stage 2 of the plan was nothing short of a gamble for them.

“What is that?”

“Are you out of your mind?”

“If we lose more Death Stars like this, we won’t be able to even execute stage 2.”

“The winner or loser has not been decided yet!”

“No, victory or defeat has been decided. “The strength of the enemy that even a needle cannot penetrate is beyond what I imagined.”


“Honestly, isn’t everyone feeling it? “While there is no room on this side, there is room on the other side.”

Everyone closed their mouths and made groaning sounds.

Michael looked around at them and insisted even more strongly.

“I think maybe step two might be easier.”

“Even though we’re dealing with Sepia?”

“Sepia is in a very weakened state. “With the Heavenly King, the Demon King, and the Death Star gathered here, it is entirely possible.”

Step 2 of the plan.

That was to subdue the goddess.

Rather than struggling in the underworld, their right to survive is guaranteed against the masters of the world.

It is a demonstration of force against the Creator.

“And have you forgotten the goddess’ rules? “A goddess cannot kill her creatures.”

The Heavenly King and the Demon King had to consider extreme options under Adrian’s pressure.


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