My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 3

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Episode 3: Dreams in the game become reality

1. Institute of Technology (3)

Until now, while playing Chronicle Online, I only thought of the MP displayed along with HP as magical power, but I never actually felt the presence of magical power.

No matter how realistic it is, a game is basically a game.

[Circle creation is complete.]

Therefore, the presence of magical power quietly rotating in my chest seemed very foreign to me.


When I placed my hand on my chest, a circle representing class 1 sped up the rotation.

Although it was unfamiliar, there was no problem in moving the magic power.

The circle followed me perfectly, as if it had been there from the beginning.

‘Since we created the 1st circle, wouldn’t there be a corresponding skill?’

I was sitting quietly on the floor waiting for the circle to be created, then I got up and walked over to the bookshelf located in the corner of the second floor of the Magic Tower.

[Would you like to search data?]

There are quite a lot of books, so I wondered when I would be able to look through them all, but what about this convenience?

Isn’t this a testament to the talent of Manuel Lucas, who is called humanity’s greatest wizard?

I cheerfully directed the search and looked at the long list of books.

At a glance, I can broadly categorize it into four categories.

And it included what I wanted.

[Spell Book]

[Technical document]



The data and records contained Archduke Lucas’s research materials and magical know-how.

Although most of them can be seen as basic materials rather than core technologies, they are still things that have been touched by a 9th class wizard.

Even if just one of these is leaked to the outside world, a significant amount of money can be earned.

Of course, if you do something like that, you could be tracked down, so you shouldn’t even dream of it.

I decided to look through the data and records gradually, and first compiled a list of magic books and skill books that would be helpful right away.

[Class 1 Fire attribute magic book]

[Class 1 Water attribute magic book]

… … .

… … .

[Magic Understanding Description]

[Magic Recovery Technique]

[Magic Accumulation Technique]

All 1st class magic and basic skills essential for wizards.

[Would you like to acquire the magic understanding skill book?]

And just by lightly touching it, skills and magic were automatically acquired like a game.

‘If magic books and skill books are given easily like this, leveling up will be easier than you think.’

Originally, skill books and magic books were not easy to obtain.

This Chronicle Online game is basically an item collection game, so you have to obtain and use skills and magic that match your level.

Also, learning a skill is not the end of it; all magic and skills have a level of proficiency, so the difference in power between a skill that has been mastered and a skill that has not been mastered is significant.

However, in the process of acquiring magic and skills, the differences from games became more apparent.


That means that every time you learn it, the principles of the skill are engraved in your mind.

It was nice to be able to understand the principles of magic with the Naya attribute, but the process was extremely unpleasant and painful.

However, it is impossible not to learn it.

Although I had a huge headache, I diligently learned magic and techniques.

“Ugh… … .”

Eventually, I couldn’t bear the headache and vomited next to the bookshelf.

Anyway, since this is a game and not reality, the trash will be sorted out soon, so I took out the last remaining technical book without any hesitation.

[Circle Concealment Technique]

-Hides the magical power you possess with the circle.

-It is useless against Auror Master-level knights, wizards of the 7th circle or higher, and top-level detection artifacts.

Consideration as if they knew my situation well.

Joyful laughter naturally flowed out.

I learned all the way to the last technical manual.


Perhaps because it seems to have a higher rating than previous technologies, my headaches got worse and I even started to hear tinnitus.

But all of this was a miracle for me; apart from the discomfort, I felt good.

I was stretched out next to the vomit, waiting for the headache to subside. It took about two hours before I was able to get up.


As soon as I got up from my seat, I tried casting, recalling the magic theory that was engraved in my head.

As a result, the magic circle began to rotate furiously, and I felt the magic around me coalesce.

“Magic Missile.”

After a short casting of about 1.5 seconds, the completed magic became a magic bullet and flew fiercely toward the wall.


Even though the walls of the Magic Tower were made of metal, the magic missiles died out without any effect, but it was confirmed that magic could be used without any problems.

In Chronicle Online, magic can be done by simply saying a command, but now I completely understand the magic.


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[Based on reality, you have been playing the game for 10 hours without a break.]

[Please close the game and take a rest.]

Has it already been this long?

I was curious about whether real circles had appeared in real life and was thinking of quitting the game, so I obeyed the warning.

[Exit Chronicle Online.]

I felt a slight sense of floating and my body being pushed backwards, and then a world colored in black welcomed me.


As I took off the headgear covering my entire head, the familiar ceiling that had been bothering me until now came into view.

The day suddenly dawned, and light seeped through the blackout curtains on the terrace windows.

Then I swallowed dry saliva and placed my hand near the solar plexus.


The magic circle was clearly felt, just like in the game.

Now there is no room for doubt about the existence of Giyeon.

I clenched my fists, enjoying the overwhelming feeling.

I thought I would meet the end without accomplishing anything in my past life or in this life, but it looks like this life will be different.

‘If you think about it, we’ve only taken one step forward.’

But this one step was a very meaningful leap for me.

There is nothing much I hope for from Manuel Lucas’ acting.

‘I just hope for the well-being of me and my mother.’

However, the fact that the wish includes the rejection of those who are in the way can be seen as being far from peace.

* * *

The current population of Rondel is approximately 7 billion.

However, if you combine all non-human races, it would be more than the population of Earth, but not less.

The number of countries distributed across the four major continents is only 20, which is less than 10% of the size of the Earth, and it is hard to shake the feeling that it is unbalanced because there are so few countries compared to its size.

No, if you think about it differently, even the country that is classified as the smallest country in Rondel has a population of 50 million and a land area similar to Mongolia, so it can be seen that the balance between countries is better here, not on Earth.

Even if it is a small country, if three or more of them come together, even a large country cannot be looked down upon, so the war deterrence power is also considerable.

Of course, that doesn’t mean wars don’t occur, but in the past 500 years, there hasn’t been a war big enough to drive the country to destruction.

Certainly, at this level, not only the technology but also the situation between countries is more stable than on Earth.

In this world, the Kingdom of Reinharts that I belong to… … .

Except for the four major empires (Bringham Empire, Creusen Empire, Elysian Alliance, and Prius Republic), it is a powerhouse with enormous military and economic power that is difficult to find an equal number of.

Although it shares a hostile border with Croesen, one of the four major empires, the country is managed without major crises thanks to alliances with neighboring kingdoms.

The population is 180 million.

The land area is comparable to India.

Thanks to this, even our Lawrence family, which holds the title of Viscount, runs a fiefdom with a population of 1 million, and has 6,000 private soldiers and 300 knights.

There are more than 20 knights and 300 soldiers stationed at my mansion alone, so I should not be viewed as an ordinary medieval feudal aristocrat.

The dance hall of the Lawrence family-owned mansion.

“yes? “Sword training?”

The escort driver, Vice, asked back with a surprised expression at me suddenly visiting and asking for an unexpected favor.

This naturally attracted the attention of the surrounding knights.

Among them, Anna, the true wife, and Cedric’s henchman would be included.

I waved my hand, telling him not to misunderstand.

“I’m feeling heavy these days. “I’m thinking of giving it a try for exercise, isn’t it okay?”

“It can’t be possible. I am welcome anytime. “I was worried about your health because you were already playing games every day.”

Actually, I’m trying to train in real life because I’m wondering if it will help with my activities in the game.

It was quite difficult to fight because the real body and the character in the game were not synchronized.

Even though my profession is a wizard, being a wizard doesn’t mean I can just stand still.

Moreover, couldn’t the battles in the game be an extension of reality?

“Then shall we start with physical exercise?”

Weiss seemed quite motivated.

The other drivers around me looked at the vice with an expression of not understanding, but they seemed to be thinking to me, who was powerless, ‘What’s the use of looking good?’

“It’s unexpected. “You’re physically stronger than I thought?”

“Is that so?”

It certainly seems that the improved status in the game has an effect on reality.

Yes, based on the article, he has a weak body, but he seems to be considered a decent person despite being a waste of time playing games all day.

However, rather than focusing on my physical strength, I was relieved to focus on the fact that no one knew that I was a wizard.

The problem was how to hide the circle from knights who were sensitive to magic, but it was solved very easily thanks to Archduke Lucas’ consideration.

Thanks to this, I don’t think there will be any problem in secretly increasing my strength.


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