My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 298

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Episode 298: Dream in the game becomes reality

63. For peace (1)

Ea had a serious expression.

The fact that communication between the kidnapping team that went out to secure Adrian’s family and the terrorist team that wanted to collapse the governments of each country was cut off doesn’t mean that they have been subdued.

“Are you saying, Adrian, that our plan is within the expected range?”

Looking at the perfect response to their attack, I could only think that way.

It’s great to easily block an online attack, but to block a powerful surprise attack unit made up of demon kings and heavenly kings… … .

This is a situation that is not easily understood.

“How long has it been since you started planning?”

The strength of the two teams is such that more than 30 dragons must fight loudly for a battle to take place.

In order to eliminate such a kidnapping team and a terrorist team so secretly, Adrian and Arcia had no choice but to step forward in person, but EA even confirmed that the two were on the battlefield and moved the team.

This made me feel like an idiot.

Ea expressed her confusion by biting her nails.

“Wait, what does that mean is that my computer was hacked…?” … “Holy shit!”

But even for a moment.

He remembered something and quickly tried to move through space.

‘This means that our IP address has already been exposed!’

The reason is that he realized too late that his location had been discovered by the enemy.

A mistake you wouldn’t normally make.

As all his plans ended in failure, he fell into a moment of panic that dulled his thinking.

“Are you going?”

-Whoosh! Coo!

He couldn’t run away.

At some point, Adrian appeared, grabbed Air by the collar and pushed him against the wall.

Of course, spatial movement also failed due to magical interference.

Ea swallowed dry saliva with shaking eyes at the appearance of Adrian, who had expected nothing, and Arcia, who quietly followed behind him as always.

“You are in space right now… … .”

“It’s in space too.”

“What is that?”

“I don’t use it very often after obtaining divine status, but I have received several quite valuable gifts from the goddess.”

Then, when he stretched out his hand, a black eagle appeared in the empty air.

The story of Archduke Lucas, the Grand Wizard of Rondel.

To be exact, it should be said that it was a gift created by the goddess for Adrian.

“Say hello, call me black, my pet.”

Ea, who had abilities exceeding that of the average Heavenly King and Demon King, recognized the Black Eagle’s abilities right away.

“Sharing vision, sharing magic, imitating your alter ego?”

“The mimicry skill allows you to take on the appearance of all living creatures and objects, including people. Not only that, you can even directly manifest abilities below circle 8. “If you share your perspective and control it directly in detail, even your parents won’t notice the difference between you and the black man who turned into me.”

“So, you and Arcia, who are in space right now, are the clones of that black guy?”


Adrian complimented Ea for understanding right away, but to Ea it only seemed like a mockery.

“But I confirmed that you, the commander of the army, moved an enormous army into space! How about that… … .”

The Negro’s abilities are below the 8th circle.

However, the power used to send the large army into space was at a level of power that exceeded the 9th circle.

So Ea tried to question reality by denying it, but soon trailed off.

The only thing that really needs to happen is Adrian’s part in sending the large army into space.

“… … .”

When Adrian curled the corner of his mouth as if he needed an explanation, Ea lowered her head with a sigh.

“Complete defeat. “I was completely fooled.”

Just in case, EA had planted minions here and there in the Rondel + Earth Allied Forces, but it seems that even that was discovered.

Adrian made the choice to deceive not only his enemies, including Ea, but also his allies.

The Allied forces currently out in space were unaware that Adrian, who was sitting in the commander-in-chief’s seat, was a fake.

‘No, I wonder if it should be called a fake.’

In the first place, if the vision is shared, if the black man’s alter ego only conveys Adrian’s words, it is difficult to call it fake.

It’s just a terminal in the shape of a human.

‘It wouldn’t have been easy to notice even if it wasn’t a perfect double and someone else’s appearance had been changed using magic.’

Perfectly cautious, just in case.

And Ea’s sense of defeat upon realizing that fact was indescribable.

“What do you plan on doing to me?”

EA asked about his fate.

So far, there has been no deviation from Adrian’s plan.

I didn’t think I could beat him by thinking differently now.

“Don’t worry, I won’t kill you.”

Adrian had a high opinion of Ea’s abilities.

So he planned to use him as a technician working for himself.

But before that, there is something to do first.



“I’ll release you. From now on, move for me.”


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“What is that?”

“You don’t want to die, right?”

“Are you saying that if you want to live, you have to do something like a spy?”

There was no need for long words.

It was exactly as it was said.

“Yes, that’s right.”

“her… … .”

Ea was at a loss for words as Adrian made an innocent expression as if it was obvious.

A moment of silence followed, and Ea took a deep breath to ease her emotions and asked Adrian.

“Isn’t it already designed? I don’t think the Elyos and Demons can take you down even if they fly and crawl.”

“that’s right. “I never lose.”

“Then why?”

“Still, something could happen just in case. “I am 99% sure of victory, but I want to eliminate even the 1% possibility of defeat.”

Ea bit her lip at Adrian’s words.

Just now, ‘Down with it! While shouting ‘Adrian!’, he ended up being instigated by the target.

Then suddenly a good idea occurred to me.

If I were to take on the role of relaying information in the middle, wouldn’t I be able to confuse Adrian with false information?


“Perhaps there will be temptation. The temptation to play tricks in the middle. But you need to know this. There is no way you will be punished for playing tricks, and there is no way your win or loss will be overturned. Rather, if you get caught, you’ll just get kicked out.”

Hadn’t Adrian already put a noose on himself?

There was no way it was soft enough to pass through shallow water.

Adrian’s words seemed to read my thoughts.

Thanks to this, even the slightest bit of hostility and pride that remained in Ea was broken.

“This should be enough for you to understand. Contact me directly through my terminal. “You don’t have to tell me your contact information, right?”

There is no choice in the first place.

The noose that Adrian tied for Ea turned out to be a dog leash.


In the end, Ea, whose back was against the cracked wall, let out a short curse.

Next, he used space movement.

In the previous situation, Adrian had blocked Ea’s space movement to prevent her from escaping, but this time he did not stop him and even sent him off.

Just like that, Ea disappeared, and Adrian smiled meaningfully.

“Are you okay?”

After he disappeared, Arcia approached and asked Adrian, who had reverse-summoned Black Eagle.

Even if it is for the purpose of gathering information, is it okay to release Ea like this?

Adrian answered so calmly.

“Because he’s not stupid either.”

Even if I ran wild, it was out of my control.

* * *

The elite troops belonging to the Heavenly King and the Demon King who had infiltrated the Earth were completely killed.

I wanted to sign a master-servant contract with them like the Four Heavenly Kings below me, but I thought it wasn’t what the goddess wanted, so I cleaned up as planned.

Three each: the Heavenly King and the Demon King.

In addition, there are six dragon-level Elyos and Demons each.

As many as 18 transcendental Celestial Demons died.

This means one thing.

Currently, their main base strength is further weakened.

It had no choice but to have a direct impact on the war situation.

“uh? “Your Majesty the King?”

And I returned to where I was supposed to be.

As I walked through the interior of the sky fortress used as the flagship and approached the Black Eagle disguised as myself, the staff at the headquarters swallowed their breath and panicked.

They look like they don’t understand why there are two of them.

Moreover, Black Eagle, who had been sitting in the position of Commander-in-Chief until now, went ‘poof’! When it turned into smoke and dispersed with a sound, everyone was beyond embarrassed and shocked.

“Now, wait a minute. Could it be that you have been self-immolating all this time?”

The shocked faces of the staff showed a lot of agitation.

To reassure everyone, I remained calm and sat in the commander-in-chief’s chair.

It’s natural for them to be agitated.

-Cow! thud!

Because the battle that started with nuclear weapons was now in full swing.

Enemy attacks frequently hit the outer wall of the sky fortress we were on, causing a low impact sound and strong vibrations.

“I only left for a moment because there were signs that a surprise force consisting of elite Elyos and Demons would be deployed on Earth. “Even though I was far away, I was always conducting, so you don’t have to worry.”

“Then what happened to the ground?”

“I stopped it safely and came back. Thanks to this, we were able to cut off a significant portion of their power. Oh, tell the Brigham 2nd Army to slowly fall to the rear. There is no need to stick your head into something that at first glance appears to be a trap.”

“Oh, I understand!”

I, who was handed the baton so naturally, continued my command.

“Let’s all focus. And the deputy commander is thinking about a menu for the command dinner after the victory.”

“Okay… … “No, what did you just say?”

The situation on the battlefield is a state of repeated advances and retreats.

The deputy commander, a former U.S. Navy veteran, didn’t seem to understand my joke.

I think it’s because it’s a solemn occasion where the fate of the entire world is at stake.

But what can I do, the staff members were there to assist me, so he would have to get used to it.

The deputy commander cleared his throat and added an explanation.

“We were vastly outnumbered, but the power of each attack there was strong and threatening.”

But there are a lot of losers here.

A group that is more than enough to make up for the visible power gap.

I pointed here and there on the holographic map with my finger.

“From now on, let’s send nuclear warheads all at once to the six areas I marked.”

“How many units should we transmit?”

“Let’s go to the 50th.”

Nuclear warhead.

Although it is an important military force, it is a weapon with a terrifying name that makes anyone on Earth cringe.

A powerful weapon that cannot be underestimated in Rondel, a part of Earth’s military power.

The scariest thing about such nuclear weapons is that their stockpile is beyond imagination.

A nuclear warhead cannot cause direct damage to the Transcendant, but if it accurately hits the enemy’s gap, it is bound to be sufficiently threatening.

-Cow! Go go go go!

“It works! “The target branch lines are collapsing all at once!”

“Okay then, let’s go. Let’s break through the center while the enemy army is in confusion. “All troops advance.”


When I launched a nuclear warhead at the point I had pointed out, the enemy was distracted.

The color of the command staff, who had been silently following instructions but with a calm expression on their faces, brightened.

This is because the nuclear explosions that occurred in the six armies shattered the enemy formation at once, as if in a chain reaction.

‘Now that I’m in space, I need to use up all of these nuclear warheads without sparing anything and destroy them all. Even if it were on Earth, it would only cause conflict and would be of no help at all.’

While other people were only preoccupied with the war in front of them, I had to think about what came next.

“Commander! Artificial planets too!”

“I will defend against the attack, and our army will advance as planned.”

The enemy’s base is getting closer.

He expressed interest in seeing the facility that filled his field of vision, a facility that cannot be described even with the word ‘huge’.

‘I’ll have to take that and disassemble it when the war is over.’

Then, the enemy’s artificial planet spewed out thousands of rays of light as if it would never allow a breakthrough.


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