My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 297

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Episode 297: Dream in the game becomes reality

62. Crossing the line (7)

The Allied forces’ expedition took place on Earth.

The reason is that it was easy for Rondel’s power to come to Earth under its own power, but it was difficult to do the opposite.

The place where the departure ceremony is held in a solemn atmosphere is the Gulf of Mexico.

It is surrounded by the United States, Mexico, and Cuba and can be said to be a huge port created by nature.

The vast bay was filled with Sky Fortress and Rondel’s support planes that dwarfed even large American aircraft carriers.

In addition, there were decks installed in some parts of the Sky Fortress, on which Earth’s fighter planes were placed in rows and rows.

The sky fortress with its top plate is like an aircraft carrier that travels through the sky and space.

The deployment history is as follows.

-3,250 Sky Fortresses

-182,000 Vanguards

-4,000 fighter planes

-5,500 combat support aircraft (Rondel)

There are only a handful of cases where more than 1,000 sky fortresses are gathered in one place, but with 3,250 in one place, there is no other way to describe it than as spectacular.

The waves of gigantic metal weapons are both majestic and thrilling.



And as soon as I gave the order to go, all military power flew into the sky, and the people who had gathered on the shore and prayed for the Allied forces’ victory unconsciously let out exclamations of exclamation.

We will probably never see a scene like this again in the future.

This was a scene that would decorate a page of history.

[Chairman Lawrence appointed as commander-in-chief of the world’s unified forces.]

[Chairman Lawrence of the World Peace Organization is a very famous military commander before he is a wizard. He is also a hero who raised his country to the rank of an empire, overturning the three-fold difference in power in the past with his command ability alone.]

[Commander-in-Chief Lawrence: What is important in this war is speed. If the war is dragged out, Rondel and Earth will suffer great damage, so enemies must be quickly eliminated from space.]

[The first war taking place in space. It will be broadcast in real time via Rondel’s drone.]

I am the commander-in-chief of the Allied Forces.

There were quite negative articles about this in the Earth’s media due to my young age.

Shouldn’t an individual’s military power and military command be viewed separately?

However, in Rondel, my achievements that dispel these claims were widely known, and now I am expected by everyone as a commander with a wealth of practical combat experience.

-Look at the size of the army.

-My heart feels bigger.

-Aren’t Earth’s fighter planes too shabby compared to Rondel’s army?

-Earth’s main power is not fighter planes, but nuclear warheads with teleportation magic.

-Wow, did you really make that?

-There is no oxygen in space, so how do you plan on flying a fighter jet?

-It is said that air generation and spray magic were used to make propulsion and direction turning possible. It appears that the same measures have been applied to missile warheads.

-It was said that air generation, pressure, and temperature control functions were added to the cockpit. So it’s very comfortable

-Magic is really convenient.

-Brother Adrian! Please win! Then, I will treat you as my older brother for the rest of my life!

I looked satisfied as I looked at the people waving at the troops and the online reactions.

The atmosphere was in full swing.

This is the situation I had hoped for.

Since there was no need to delay any longer, I took command of the army that held the hopes of both worlds.

“Have a large formation.”

My orders were quickly relayed to each ship.

-Go go go go.

As the sky fortress and support aircraft came together as if they were about to touch each other, I wiped the expression from my face and spoke as if making a declaration.

“I will move through space.”

“Perform spatial movement!”

“Carry out spatial movement!”

Everyone on the command bridge repeated my words.

That boosted my spirits to the fullest.

-Go go go go go!

Then, the magical power spread rapidly, and its scope was large enough to encompass the entire expeditionary force.

Then, when he clenched his fist, a huge force with enormous mass was instantly teleported along with pure white light.


“Successful spatial movement of the entire army!”

“I don’t think there are any left behind.”

In an instant, the scenery before my eyes changed.

From the blue Gulf of Mexico to the black space of outer space.

If you fly away with your troops after the Elyos and Demons appear, it will be too late.

So we were waiting and reorganizing our troops until they showed up.

And when the time came, it immediately moved to the target area.

It was a dispatch that took place immediately after the appearance of the Elyos and Demons.

“We have captured the Elyos and Demons!”

“We have captured equipment and facilities that appear to be enemy military weapons!”

Upon reaching outer space, fighter jets took off all at once from the modified sky fortress, and vanguards on hoverboards quickly spread out.

The Sky Fortress, the Vanguard, Earth’s fighter planes, and support weapons were all remodeled by Rondel’s former Magic Tower to suit the environment of space.


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Even the fighter’s evasion ability was greatly improved with blink magic, and its fuel tank was increased with space expansion magic to increase operation time.

Since it has been strengthened by magic, it will be good enough to fight against ordinary Elyos and Demons.

Our destination, advancing with our scattered troops, is the blue ring.

It was a warp gate created by Ea and opened by the Heavenly Demons.

“Are you sure they didn’t invade that side without any countermeasures?”

Elyos and Demons had established a base in front of the warp gate. At first glance, it was an artificial planet that seemed to have high defense and special attack capabilities.

The size is enough to make the sky fortress look like a cobblestone.

It is not called an artificial planet for nothing.

The two races proved that they not only possess supreme military power, but also possess high technological prowess.

So artificial planets had no choice but to look threatening.

But I responded calmly.

“Then let’s just say hello.”

“If you want to say hello.”

“Fly 100 nuclear warheads to an artificial planet.”

“omg… … .”

A greeting that is not taken lightly by anyone.

What would happen if 100 nuclear warheads, which became impossible to intercept with the addition of teleportation magic, exploded at the same time?

I was quite curious about this.

“I think they noticed our presence.”

“It doesn’t matter.”

The staff swallowed their saliva, and soon my plan was put into action.

The nuclear missiles mounted on the Sky Fortress activated in unison and leaped through space.

And all at once, it exploded right in front of the artificial planet.


Light like a rising second sun engulfed the camps of the Elyos and Demons.

The artifact mounted on the missile created a large amount of air, covering the area, and then a nuclear reaction occurred and swept the surrounding area.

The effect created by 100 nuclear missiles exploding at once easily exceeded the dragon’s breath.

After all, nuclear missiles are highly efficient weapons.

Moreover, there is no need to worry about radiation in outer space, so it is perfect in many ways.

But the enemy did not take it easy.

“uh? The enemy artificial planet is alive and well.”


I realized that it would not be a good idea to inflict damage the moment it exploded.

But the only thing that is safe is the artificial planet.

Various facilities, support ships, and a large number of Heavenly Demons were seen around the artificial planet, but they had all evaporated.

In other words, the hit is not zero.

Wouldn’t this be enough as a greeting?

“The enemy artificial planet is advancing!”

The guys moved as if expressing their anger.

But wouldn’t it be the case that a new artificial planet appears after an artificial planet, and then another artificial planet appears?

As if by self-immolation, the number of artificial planets increased to 10.

Since they were lined up in one row, it only appeared to be one group.

I knew from the start that I was in stage 10, but the others didn’t, so we all swallowed dryly and got nervous.

It is a weapon that can withstand the explosion of 100 nuclear warheads.

It was natural to be nervous.

I don’t know, but it seemed clear that those artificial planets were the secret weapon of the Elyos and Demons.

‘These guys aren’t stupid, and they must have prepared thoroughly.’

Who would be satisfied with the situation at the end of the game?

It looked like it had been forged tightly.

“All armies ready for battle.”

I gave the order after seeing the enemy’s appearance, and foreshadowed the imminent start of an all-out war.

* * *

Even before the war began, EA, the Elyos, and the Demons had to feel like they had lost half of the battle.

The reason is that even though Adrian knew of their plan, he released them to use them as long-term horses for the unity of Rondel and Earth.

It is an expression of confidence that they can overcome whatever they do.

It was a truly humiliating and infuriating situation.

So, they prepared various plans to twist Adrian’s thoughts even a little.

First of all, the main battlefield will be outer space where warp gates are installed.

So, they plan to create a separate special forces unit and wipe out the national leadership of Earth and Rondel.

They judged that if the mainland was in danger, Adrian would not be able to focus on the frontal fight.

And the second plan is to capture Adrian’s family.

This is an extremely cowardly act for the highest-ranking races such as Elyos and Demons to do, but what can’t they do to survive?

Now was not the time to consider means and methods.

The third and final plan is to expose Adrian’s true identity and true intentions.

It was to dilute his purpose.

If doubts about Adrian are established in the minds of the people of Earth, it will be a success.

The fusion of the two worlds goes beyond water.

“Then let’s proceed right away. Terrorist team, kidnapping team, move.”


[I understand.]

There was no need to justify their actions using rhetoric.

So, without hesitation, the team of Elyos and Demons participating in the plan was named terrorism and kidnapping.

The terrorist team includes three Heavenly Kings and the highest-ranking Dragon-level Elyos, and the kidnapping team also consists of demons of similar power.

It was a force that would be difficult to suppress unless Adrian and Arcia stepped forward.

Therefore, I had no doubt that the plan would succeed.

And as soon as the two teams moved, Ea directly manipulated the computer and began exposing Adrian’s plan online.

Prepared materials were uploaded to SNS, video platforms, and even blogs, and information was sent to each media outlet.

but… … .


It wasn’t long before Ea noticed something strange.

[Transfer completed]

[No emails were sent.]

[Transfer completed]

[No emails were sent.]

Prepared materials are sent to each media outlet by email, but aren’t the emails deleted as soon as they are sent?

Even accounts posted on SNS, video platforms, and blogs were deleted.

Not only that.

[[email protected]#$^GHRA$h]

EA’s computer started acting strange.

The icons and screen on the desktop changed strangely, as if ransomware had caught it.

However, he is someone who can acquire and utilize technology in a short period of time.

We quickly responded to external hacking.


But before he could do anything, the computer broke down with a popping sound and the screen turned black.


Ea let out a laugh.

There is no doubt.

I don’t know how he did it, but it seemed clear that this was Adrian’s response.

“This is a PC and IP that has never been exposed, so how did they find it right away?”

“Are you sure that you accessed the data, checked the contents, and deleted it in that short period of time?”

“Nonsense! “How much people use online now!”

Ea was embarrassed as she asked herself questions.

This situation could not have been a shock to him as he had no way of knowing about Sicily, an artificial intelligence that had evolved to suit Earth’s online environment.

“I heard that Adrian is connecting Rondel and Earth’s online environment, but I can’t believe he took such measures… … .”

They judged that it would be difficult for Adrian to respond quickly, so they used Earth’s online platform as a venue for revelations.

But it was all in vain.

In the end, it meant that it was on Adrian’s palm.

“ah… … .”

The third revelation in the plan was prevented too easily.

Then a ray of cold sweat ran down his back, and an uneasy guess came to his mind.

“No way, the first and second plans were both anticipated and responded to… … .”

He quickly tried to contact the terrorist team and kidnapping team.

-… … .

But no team contacted him.

Things were going wrong from the start.


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