My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 294

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Episode 294: Dream in the game becomes reality

62. Crossing the line (4)


The bus driver noticed something wrong and unknowingly applied the brakes hard.

As a result, Major Lee Geun-seok and the party members who were on the bus lost their balance.

Since everyone had excellent physical abilities, they didn’t fall down on the floor in an unsightly manner, but they stomped out of the bus as if they had just bounced off.

“Well, what should I do with that…” .”

At most, 10 seconds until the Sky Fortress collides with the ground.

Even though they came out, there was nothing Major Lee Geun-seok’s party could do.

This was partly because the Sky Fortress had an enormous mass, but the crash site was also very far away.

If the distance was a little closer, I would have tried swinging the magic sword and magic spear… .

But that was then.


“W-what is it?”

One wall of the sky fortress exploded loudly and the fall path changed.

Major Lee Geun-seok was embarrassed when he saw the situation, but a wizard from the Duchy of Lawrence who was in the party spoke calmly.

“Fortunately, the captain seems to be the right person.”

“What is that?”

“The mana explosion earlier occurred from within. “It means that the explosion was intentionally caused to change the fall path.”

“What do you mean?”

“They are also trying to minimize damage on the ground.”

Most of the captains of the Sky Fortress are nobles.

Perhaps that’s why there were quite a few people among them who valued the sky fortress more than human life.

The good news is that, as the wizard said, the captain of the sky fortress is a person with sound thoughts.

As evidence, the falling sky fortress was gradually moving away from the populated area.



The Sky Fortress, completely engulfed in flames, narrowly passed Seoul National University like a meteor and crashed into Gwanaksan Mountain.

Dust and flames rising high into the sky.

Soon after, an earthquake occurred along with a strong explosion.

“Whoa… . I’m glad.”

Since Gwanaksan Mountain is a popular hiking course, there must have been a significant number of casualties.

However, thanks to the appropriate response of the Sky Fortress crew, the worst disaster was prevented.

Captain Lee Geun-seok expressed condolences to the possible victims, but was also relieved.

However, seeing Captain Lee Geun-seok’s appearance, party members from Rondel said,

“You shouldn’t be complacent.”


“The sky fortress was attacked by something and crashed. “Maybe it’s a sign of a bigger disaster.”

“ah… .”

I don’t know the exact cause of the crash, but I can be sure of one thing.

That sky fortress fell due to an attack.

Poor maintenance and accidents cannot occur in a sky fortress controlled by the ego.

This means:

This means that someone intentionally provoked Adrian, who placed the sky fortress.

“His Majesty Prince Lawrence has no mercy for his enemies. “You can tell just by looking at the current situation where the military has been raised to catch terrorists.”

As previously argued, this could lead to a bigger disaster.

So I could no longer feel relieved and say that I was lucky.

“How could an accident like this happen in Korea?”

“Is this the work of God Eara?”

“What the hell is going on?”

The problem will be resolved when the culprit is revealed, but while the Sky Fortress fell from the sky and landed on Gwanaksan Mountain, there was no one to be called the attacker.

Therefore, it was clear that an intensive investigation would be conducted, focusing on Korea.

Moreover, since there was no guarantee that another provocation against Adrian would not occur in Korea, the faces of the Koreans in the party, including Major Lee Geun-seok, could not help but show concern.

* * *

[The World Peace Organization’s Heavenly Fortress deployed in Korea was sunk by an external attack.]

[The video of the sky fortress crash went viral. 21 crew members and 39 Seoul citizens were found dead.]

[Thanks to the hard work of the crew, damage from the fall was minimized. The victims’ sacrifice is unfortunate, but the responsible actions of the crew deserve praise.]

[With the exception of nuclear weapons, the Sky Fortress cannot be shot down at once. There is a high possibility that the culprit is a member of Rondel or a mythical being from Earth.]

[The most likely suspect is the Sumerian god Ea.]

[Archduke Adrian L. Lawrence is still silent. However, looking at what has been done so far, it is clear that a major disaster will occur.]

Although the media was pouring out various words, I, the person involved, kept my mouth shut with a stern expression.

The reason is simple.

This is because the nature, means, and route of the attack were not fully understood.

Taking down a sky fortress in one blow is difficult even for an 8th circle level wizard or grandmaster.

I’m just guessing that he may have been hit by at least a 9th Circle level or Roadmaster level attack.

First of all, the biggest suspect is the Sumerian god Ea, who probably harbors ill feelings towards me, but my senses tell me that this case should not be concluded so easily.

“Our species has become completely subordinate.”

As I was gathering my thoughts alone, Branguiche, who was sipping Earth’s soda in a corner of the office, puffed out his lips and expressed his dissatisfaction.


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The reason he reacts this way is simple.

This is because I decided that there was a high possibility that something like this would happen again, so I deployed dragons to various parts of the Earth.

Only 18 dragons were mobilized, which is half of the total, but since they have lived as noble handlers and have high pride, this situation itself seems to be humiliating.

But what can you do?

Since you have surrendered to power, you should criticize him.

“It can’t be helped. Because it seems like some new threat has arisen. Since dragons are also members of the world, they must work hard for peace.”

“Originally, our role is to quietly watch… .”

“There is no such thing anymore. “What the world today wants is a coordinator, not a bystander.”

In the end, Branguish, who was pushed off his horse, sighed.

And he shook his head.

“There are too many transcendents in the world.”

“I agree.”

Transcendent refers to a being beyond the 9th Circle and the Roadmaster.

Previously, the number of beings who could be called transcendental people appeared in history at a rate of about one per century, and neighboring countries were keenly aware of the movements of the 8th Circle Archmage and Grandmaster.

But what about now?

Dragons have appeared at the forefront of history, the Demon Kings and Heavenly Kings called the Four Heavenly Kings are moving under my orders, and mythical characters are making their presence known all over the Earth.

There are even Arsia and I who are beyond these transcendents, so it can be seen as complete power inflation, a return to the age of myth.

“Have you found Ea yet?”

“Now that we’ve seasoned it, I think we’ll be caught soon.”

First you have to catch Ea.

It wasn’t best to deal with multiple enemies as one incident overlapped with another.

Best believes that the fall of the Sky Fortress was also Ea’s fault, and the situation ended with him falling into the trap and being caught.

“Whew, I hope it ends with just one verse.”

It was Branguich who put my wishes into words.

but… .

As if to show us that things in the world don’t always go as planned, an unexpected situation occurred.

[Results of research using the Scales of Justice show that America is connected to EA?]

[The United States is subject to inspection by the World Peace Organization.]

EA did not take the bait despite America’s urgent moves.

As if he knew it was a trap I had set.

From the search for EA to the investigation into the fall of the Sky Fortress, nothing went smoothly.

“Ah, haha. “Don’t use shallow water, right?”

As I let out a laugh, my companions slowly widened their distance.

Either way, I stood up and pushed my back off the chair in the study.

“It’s been a while since I’ve been this upset.”

I could no longer sit back and leave work to my subordinates.

I think the time has come to make the move myself.

* * *

Goddess Sepia prepared a few arrangements and declared that she would not intervene directly in the world.

However, even though it was a declaration, the only people who knew about it were Adrian and Arcia.

However, the two did not take this seriously.

The reason is that the goddess promised to come and enjoy refreshments at any time.

However, if this information were to be disclosed to the public, Rondel, where the Sepia denomination is the only religion, would inevitably fall into confusion, and it was not disclosed because it was fully anticipated how an Earth with a completely different religious culture would turn out.

Because this fact was not known, nothing would change.

“Unbelievable… .”

“Ah, goddess! “How could this disaster be brought upon us?”

However, there are beings who can recognize this news without having to announce it.

They were the Heavenly Kings of the Heavenly World and the Demon Lords of the Demon World.

Those two, the original race, are closest to the truth and understand the laws of the world.

Such heavenly kings and demon kings are known to have powers that cannot be grasped at a human level.

They themselves realized the impending change even though the goddess did not announce it.

Thanks to this, the heavenly world and the demonic world fell into great confusion.

Even though the goddess unified the two worlds and declared that she would no longer intervene in the world, the road to the human world called Middle Earth was still blocked.

“Are you telling us to live isolated here for the rest of our lives?”

“It seems the goddess views us as monkeys in a zoo.”

The meaning of this situation is bound to change depending on the interpretation, but ironically, the Heavenly King and the Demon King gave the same interpretation.

They say the goddess abandoned them.

While beings on earth were able to advance into space and remove restrictions on development, the Elyos and Demons were confined to a limited space.

Not only the demons, who had originally disapproved of the goddess, but also the elyos, who had lived as faithful dogs to the goddess, were also indignant.

This is the first time that two races have the same thoughts and reactions.

The sense of crisis they felt led to a result that no one expected.

“Now is not the time to be hostile among ourselves.”

“I agree.”

It is the joint response of the two forces.

The cooperation between the two forces, who had difficulty even contacting each other physically or mentally, was something no one expected.

Even Adrian.

“As you know, King Lawrence of Rondel and Queen Gong are a threat. “Those two have powers beyond us.”

“You even have three demon kings, including Ark Scarlet, and one heavenly king from Earth as your minions?”

“And Rondel’s dragon is following him, too.”

“It’s definitely a scary force. “If we fight head on, it will be difficult to win.”

The situation is not as easy as descending to Rondel or Earth right away.

The two forces devised a method.

“Now that I think about it, new beings have appeared on Earth.”

“Ah, you mean the old gods of folk religion? “Their abilities are nothing special, at best they are slightly higher than that of a dragon.”

“But now even that is regrettable.”

“That’s right.”

“It is well worth trying to reach them. “If they help, Advent will be easier.”

Now that the direction was decided, all that was left was execution.

* * *

This can’t go on like this, Ea thought.

Everything is going according to King Lawrence’s plan.

If time continues like this, he will eventually be caught.

Wasn’t Ea the god of wisdom before being the god of water?

So I had to figure out a way.

“Among the transcendents of Rondel, except for Prince Lawrence and his wife, the most powerful are the Heavenly King and the Demon King, right?”

“I think I heard that somewhere.”

In response to EA’s question, Albert, the Iraqi tycoon who currently shares his fate, nodded.

The moment I remembered the existence of the Elyos and Demons, I felt a spark fly in my head.

“No matter how good America is, it cannot escape the influence of the world peace organization. “These are people who don’t know when to betray.”

“So, are you trying to approach the Heavenly Kings and Demon Lords?”

“Wouldn’t that be the best? They will be able to keep Prince Lawrence in check. Moreover, I heard that they have great technical skills. “The synergy effect will be great.”

If you join hands with them, the best situation will unfold.

“I heard that the Elyos and Demons of Rondel are exiled to another planet. “You can’t leave the planet at will.”

But this was the biggest problem.

Since Elyos and Demons are very special positions in Rondel, it is not easy to interfere in the world.

Ea shrugged his shoulders calmly.

“You just have to figure out a way.”

“Wouldn’t they have been devising a method for thousands or tens of thousands of years?”

“Isn’t the situation different now than then?”


“Because I help them on earth.”

Albert scratched his cheek.

This was a matter that could not be judged at his level.

So after thinking about it, he soon bowed his head to Ea.

It meant that there was no way to overcome the current situation, so do whatever you want.


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