My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 293

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Episode 293: Dream in the game becomes reality

62. Crossing the line (3)

The World Peace Organization, like the UN in the past, has its own military power.

However, since there was no way for a newly formed organization to have the funds to deploy an army, Adrian secured military power by borrowing some troops from member countries of Rondel and Earth.

The number of peacekeepers thus assembled was 50,000.

In Rondel, even if it is a small country, 100,000 can easily be gathered if the royal army and the territory army are combined, so it is an ambiguous number that seems like a lot but at the same time seems small.

However, the characteristic of this army is that half of the 50,000 troops are made up of vanguard and sky fortress units.

Of course, Earth’s infantry, armor, aviation, and naval forces were also included, but these were only auxiliary forces, and the main force of the peacekeeping force was the Vanguard and Sky Fortress.

Currently, there are 200 sky fortresses belonging to the peacekeeping force.

Vanguard has 10,000 members.

With this level of power, it was almost at the level of a middle power in Rondel.

“Mom, what is that?”

At first, member states expressed doubts that it was too much military power to be possessed by an international organization.

Most countries sympathized with him, but Adrian silenced everyone by saying, ‘This is a force that can be eliminated within 10 minutes by me and my close associates.’

This means that if you decide to use force anyway, it is easier to just go it alone.

Nevertheless, he stated that the reason for having an army is not for Adrian, but for the member countries.

It is a deterrent to prevent disputes between member countries and a protective force to protect member countries from possible disputes with non-member countries.

“Why the Sky Fortress?”

“what? “What’s going on?”

“Is this really an invasion?”

“shit! “What are those Rondels thinking?”

“Now that I think about it, they said they were going to catch terrorists… … .”

“Wow, crazy. “Are you saying there’s all this fuss just to catch terrorists?”

But such peacekeeping forces are being used in the most worrying forms.

At Adrian’s personal direction, information was revealed in an unverified case.

Sky fortresses and Vanguard units were deployed throughout the Earth as if to keep watch.

Hongdukkae in the middle of the night, which is not really the case.

Thanks to this, the Earth was in chaos, and even Rondel expressed concern, calling Adrian’s actions reckless.

[Wow, the sky fortress is so big.]

[Didn’t they say in Rondel that even the weakest countries have at least 100 Sky Fortresses?]

[Compared to America’s large aircraft carriers, they are of a different class. Comparison photo here.]

[It’s almost an island, a flying island.]

[But how many of them are different?]

[It’s probably Prince Lawrence’s personal guard. Even the people called the Four Heavenly Kings are strong men of another dimension.]

[This old guy is so angry that he immediately raises an army.]

But for some reason, the reaction was different online.

He feels vicarious satisfaction from seeing Adrian rocking the world without hesitation according to his will.

“President Michael! This happened because we take the Earth lightly! You must never hand over Master Ea!”

“hmm… … .”

“I’m sure Ea will build a sky fortress at any moment! Giving up on him would be like giving up on the future of our planet! Did you forget? “The tragedy that occurred off the coast of Miami a few days ago!”

And instead of supporting or criticizing Adrian, there were people who were faced with a choice between being hostile or friendly.

These are the people who formed an alliance with Ea.

U.S. President George Michael raised his head, leisurely brushing away his flowing bangs, as he saw the British Prime Minister raising his voice through the monitor in the video conference room.

But it was only his appearance that made him seem calm.

His eyes were constantly shaking, and sweat was beading on his forehead.

It was a natural reaction since Adrian was suddenly included in the hostile forces that declared he was a terrorist.

“But if we are caught by Prince Lawrence while protecting Ea, we may be judged together. “You must have that in mind when you say this, right?”

“I am willing to sacrifice my life for the sake of our future well-being.”

“Isn’t it because it might not just be our lives?”

“What do you want to say?”

“He could accuse the entire country of supporting terrorists. “Then there will be enormous damage.”

“No matter how evil it is, would it really be like that? “What are the people guilty of?”

“Look at this situation. Did he look into someone’s position while moving his army? It is said that this behavior was also famous in Rondel in the past. In fact, there was a time when a country was designated as a supporter of devil worshipers and its capital was raided.”

At least now Adrian doesn’t want to harm them.

However, if this favor is kicked away, then there will be no consideration whatsoever.

They really become enemies.

“Although we cannot bring about technological change as quickly as Ea, I think a way is to maintain a friendly relationship with Prince Lawrence and gradually adapt to the changes.”

The British Prime Minister’s face turned red as he heard President George Michael’s story.

It didn’t take long for the British Prime Minister’s reaction to change… … .

“Whew, so you’re saying you’re going to hand over Ea’s information?”

Isn’t he also a person who runs a country?

He fully understood that his judgment could have repercussions.

“of course… … . “No, wait.”

“Why are you doing that?”

President Michael, who was about to nod absentmindedly in response to the British Prime Minister’s question, stopped.

Because a good idea suddenly occurred to him.

“Rather than handing it over right away, it would be better to take what you receive and hand it over.”

“What do you mean by that?”


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“What Archduke Lawrence wants is Ea’s new recruits, not his technological capabilities?”

“ah… … .”

The British Prime Minister, who understood the American President’s thoughts, clearly decided that this was the most realistic method.

“The core of the Earth-type Gigant he created was an item called ‘Sumerian Essence’? Didn’t he say that only he can produce it?”

“We must resolve the shortcomings. And Air’s skills are not limited to Gigant.”

“Are you talking about small bombs used in terrorist attacks?”

A small bomb that even penetrated Adrian’s defense shield.

Of course, that shield was not Adrian’s full strength, but everyone knew that the bomb was what made him so passionate about arresting Ea.

“In some ways, the small, powerful bomb seems to have a better compatibility with Earth’s power than the Gigant, which was created with reference to Rondel’s technology.”

Although it was less destructive than Gigant, it was a very realistic alternative in that it could quickly raise military power.

“When do you plan to contact me?”

“It must be difficult right now. “The world’s attention is so focused, and it feels like even Prince Lawrence is preoccupied with the search.”

“Then we need to monitor the situation first.”

“Yes, that looks better. Prince Lawrence may calm down over time.”

But they didn’t know.

What Adrian has is not just strong strength.

* * *

I thought about it.

How would I act if I were Ea in the current situation?

Should I approach someone?

The answer came out simple.

‘I’ll be reaching out to those who don’t like Rondel. Preferably to a large power or country.’

There were quite a few non-member countries on Earth that still considered Rondel and Goddess Sepia as enemies and had not joined the International Peace Organization.

Most of them were Islamic countries, and since the place where EA was hiding was Iraq in the Middle East, it was natural that they would reach out to them.

However, the first thing I did was exclude Islamic countries from the list of forces that could support EA.

The reason is simple.

This was because they, who denied Sepia and were uncooperative with the World Peace Organization, could not be expected to support a Sumerian god who had fallen from the sky.

In fact, it was natural that in Iraq, EA’s identity was not known to the government.

“Is it this much?”

The number of circles I drew on the map became three.

The targets are China, Russia, and the United States.

Not to mention the revenge of China, which was split into dozens because of me, the United States and Russia, which had become the center of the world through military power, judged that there was a high possibility of joining hands with EA to boost their weakened power.

“If you had to choose one among these, would it be the United States?”

China and Russia’s positions are fully understandable, but here it was necessary to understand EA’s position as well.

There is no place more reliable than the United States to guarantee their safety.

So I started investigating and monitoring America.

[Relevant information has been obtained.]

An artificial intelligence named ‘Sicily’ built by Berg succeeded in finding a point of contact between EA and the United States.

And in the process, we learned that not only the United States, but also the Commonwealth, including the United Kingdom and Canada, are connected to EA.

“What should we do with them?”

“You can hide and catch them at once when they approach.”

Bug, who was controlling Sicily, responded to my self-talk with a sullen expression.

It looks like he was dissatisfied with being caught while going on an adventure.

What she said was completely natural.

If we were to blame America right away, EA would end up hiding even deeper.

But I shook my head at Berg’s suggestion.

“Everyone is just rolling their eyes and looking at me. “It seems like there is no possibility of contact for some time.”

“Then what should we do?”

“If it doesn’t move, all you have to do is make it move on its own.”

Bug tilts his head, saying he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

I called somewhere with a calm expression.

And after a while.

[Prince Adrian L. Lawrence. Requesting the Sepia Church to use holy relics to catch terrorists and sympathizers.]

[The religious relic he requested is the Scales of Justice. The scale of justice is an object that distinguishes between truth and lies, and not a single error has been found so far.]

[Prince Lawrence plans to ask the heads of state of each country for their positions through this scale of justice.]

I looked at the bug and shrugged.

“If this happens, we’ll have no choice but to move quickly, right?”

“Isn’t this actually increasing the distance from Ea?”

“If we were to investigate from the United States right away, that would be the case. But what would happen if we postponed the U.S. investigation and gave it enough time to move?”

“Well, I guess I’m worried.”


I will move 100%.

I laughed and imagined the uproar in America right now.

* * *

The Earth is in chaos due to a few people.

However, even in this chaos, there are people who go about their daily routine as usual.

“Seonghyun! Nice cut!”

“I’ll finish it!”

That was the case for Major Lee Geun-seok and his party from Adrian’s Gift Experiment Unit.

Now fully elite, they continued to grow by hunting ogres.

“Ah, OPG came out! “Is there anyone in our party without OPG?”

“Isn’t there only Priest Lydia?”

“I’m a rear support person, so I don’t really need combat items.”

“Ah, but it’s good to have it just in case. “It’s unfair that everyone has it and one person doesn’t have it.”

“Hmm, then I won’t refuse.”

Currently, his party’s growth rate was unmatched compared to others.

The reason was because of the magic sword and magic spear that Adrian gave me as a gift like candy after clearing the dungeon.

The ogre, who had originally had a hard time putting it together and barely able to catch one, was cut to pieces in front of these two weapons, and thanks to this, the growth that was thought to take 1-2 years was achieved in just a few months.

Maybe that’s why they became representative figures who believed in Adrian more than anyone else.

I believed that what Adrian was currently doing on Earth was something that could not be helped for the sake of peace.

All they can do is become stronger.

As an experimental unit created by Adrian himself, it lived up to expectations.

“Let’s call it a day and go back.”


I had a great day today and left the hunting ground to return to my unit for a rest.


“Yes, good work.”

Major Lee Geun-seok’s party boarded the limousine bus prepared for them, receiving a salute from the soldiers managing entry to the ogre hunting ground.

And the limousine bus began to glide along the road.


“What is that?”

Those on the bus played with their smartphones and terminals to kill time while on the move… … .

Everyone’s eyes turned to the question of Major Lee Geun-seok, who was looking out the window without thinking.

What caught their eyes was a huge object falling with a long flame like a tail.

“It’s a fortress in the sky, right?”

“Is it really going to fall?”

“Uh huh?”

As they said, it was a sky fortress, and it was falling, not flying.

The problem is why that sturdy sky fortress is falling.

The crash site happened to be Seoul, the most densely populated area in Korea.


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