My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 292

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Episode 292: Dream in the game becomes reality

62. Crossing the line (2)

My reaction to Celine’s report was not an expression of anger or crisis, but interest.

The reason is that I forgot for a moment that I had ordered an investigation into the bombing.

Of course, he couldn’t help it because he was out of his mind thanks to Arcia’s childbirth and Calicia’s childcare.

So, when he heard Celine’s report, he recalled his memory and said, ‘That’s right, there was something like that, right?’ and later showed interest.

“We are currently focusing on searching the surrounding area. My guess is that he’s hiding in an underground bunker. However, the problem is that the number of bunkers built by the government and the private sector in Baghdad is significant.”

When I arrived in Baghdad, Iraq, I nodded to Celine’s follow-up report, but then expressed doubt.

This is because it was easy to spot the busy movements of Blue Moon agents here and there.

The number of agents deployed was considerable, and as they moved around busily, it felt as if they were advertising that they were investigating this place.

“Aren’t you searching too conspicuously?”

“We are showing some signs. “When I first visited, I wasn’t sure who the culprit was.”

“Ah, you did that to see the other person’s reaction? “If they are busy making noise and moving around, the culprit has almost been confirmed.”

“That’s right.”

It’s quite good.

Perhaps because she was hidden among so many prominent people, Celine was quite good at handling things.

I saw a spot on the floor stained with a dark red liquid, as if it had been painted.

‘Well, if the explosion ending is enough to commit suicide, then there’s no doubt about it.’

I used resurrection magic right away.

In order to revive a dead person using resurrection magic, you need the place where the person died or a part of the body.

In that sense, in this place where blood and internal organs are everywhere, both elements were met, and the resurrection took place very quickly.

“uh? Surely I am?”

Usually, when a dead person is resurrected, they react similarly.

I chuckled, grabbed his face with my hands, and lifted it up.

torture? Recruitment?

There is no need for that anymore.

All you have to do is just look in your head.

“Tsk! “You, what about you?”

“Just shut up.”

I strengthened the hand holding the other person’s face.

Although he was a wizard, as he became a god, his physical abilities exceeded that of a human, so just giving him a little strength caused him to struggle in pain.


“That is indeed the case.”

As I was gathering information directly from Mustafa’s head, the corner of my mouth curled up with an expression of bewilderment mixed with admiration.

“Enki, or should I say Eara? “He’s a guy who knows how to use his head in many ways.”

“Is there a problem?”

I responded by throwing a guy named Mustafa at Celine.

“Uh, I arranged for the memories related to EA to be blown away the moment the bomb planted on this man explodes.”

“her… … .”

“He’s not the god of wisdom for nothing. “Are you saying you had resurrection in mind?”

Celine easily caught Mustafa that I threw.

“Arrest him for now. Still, it looks useful.”

“all right.”

“I’m heading straight to Ea’s base. “You can bite the agents now.”

“But acquiring information through memory is fruitless… … .”

“If we scrape together the remaining memories, we can at least infer the home base.”

“Oh, I understand. Then we will step down.”

Major information related to EA has been lost, but that doesn’t mean there are no clues.

Then, Celine bowed her head to me and saluted me, then walked away while grabbing the struggling Mustafa by the scruff of his neck.

“let’s go.”


I held out my hand to Arcia, who was with me as always.

She smiled and folded her hand into mine, and I guessed the enemy’s main base based on Mustafa’s memories and calculated its coordinates.

After the almost instantaneous calculation, the surrounding scenery changed with a sense of floating unique to spatial movement.

From the heart of the city to a lush green park.

“Just as Celine guessed, he was hiding in an underground bunker.”

“I guess that’s why it wasn’t easily detected.”

Arcia and I talked while looking at the floor of the park we arrived at.

There was a fairly large bunker buried underground.

We lightly dug into the ground using penetration magic and were able to enter the damp, cool interior of the bunker, which was permeated with a musty smell.

The air in a closed space does not circulate and stays there.

This also applies to the energy of supernatural abilities.

If I made up my mind to hide my energy and hide in a space surrounded by steel plates and thick concrete, I had no choice but to easily detect the entity that was the cause of this situation.

“You put a lot of effort into it.”

[It has to be that way.]

While looking around the inside of the bunker, an unfamiliar voice came from the speaker installed on the wall.

“Is it Ea?”



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He’s a funny guy.

I twitched the corner of my mouth at Ea’s playful reaction.

“Why did you bother to talk to someone who ran away?

It has already been confirmed that there is no sign of anyone inside the bunker.

That means it has already escaped.

To my question, Ea erased his playful tone and answered seriously.

[I have no intention of confronting you. Can’t we get along well?]

I burst out laughing.

Mustafa’s memories were largely lost due to Ea’s actions.

However, there was something that felt clear, including a terrorist plan.

That was just hostility towards me.

The helper who was helping Ea is like that, so would it be any different for him?

“You have to say that face to face.”

[I think I’ll get caught if I do that.]

“I know.”

We soon reached the deepest part of the underground bunker.

There were holes in the walls, floor, and ceiling, as if they had been cut with a knife.

It seems that the space was evaporated to hide what was being done.

[I heard that you exist for peace.]

“True, but he is also a judge who eliminates threats to maintaining peace.”

[Am I also the target of judgment?]

“You have to look at the situation. Don’t worry too much. “Because he’s not a scary person who would hurt anyone.”

I looked around and saw that something was being caught by the sight.

[Mithril fragment]

It was stuck to the evaporated wall rebar like a piece of corroded concrete.

Mithril in a place like this?

It gets even more interesting.

I spoke in a warning tone to Ea, who frowned.

“You seem to be very interested in Rondel’s technology?”

[…] … .]

“think carefully. Getting caught and surrendering are bound to be treated differently. And I treat technicians very well.”

If it were a mythical being who lived in a state of pride, one might say that it was arrogant, but Ea was not like that.

It means that they have a good understanding of the situation and power of this side.

[I’m sorry, but there’s still a lot I want to do for the Earth. I cannot accept your offer.]

“For the Earth?”

[The peace you advocate is oppression. True peace will come when Earth and Rondel are on equal footing. So, I hope you understand what I mean.]

After those words, there was no further answer.

“You speak well.”

The peace I advocate for is oppression… … .

Honestly, it wasn’t wrong.

The current peace was created by stamping and pressing it with my own strength.

Still, I have no intention of going along with what he says.

I also have a plan, and Irregulars like Ea only get in the way of that plan.

“What should I do?”

Since the guy escaped, the investigation must proceed again.

The problem is that next time he will hide even deeper.

The point is that it becomes more difficult to find EA.

But there is no need to worry.

“Just finding out who the culprit is is a huge gain.”

Since the culprit is confirmed, there are many ways to respond.

* * *

As soon as Ea learned that the bomb planted in Mustapha’s body had exploded, he immediately abandoned his base.

Then we moved to the emergency shelter prepared just in case.

The emergency shelter was located in Basra, a city in southern Iraq adjacent to Iran and Kuwait.

I planned to rest there for a while and wait until the next base was prepared.

The emergency shelter was located in the basement of the home of Iraqi tycoon Albert Albert.

It was a shame to lose Mustafa, but the person who was most helpful to EA’s activities was Albert, who was in charge of funds, so I judged that not much would change from before.

“Thank you for your hard work.”

As Ea expected, Albert greeted him politely and promised generous support.

Albert had no doubt that EA would make him the world’s best boss.

Therefore, investment continued without hesitation and action was taken quickly.

Although it was a bit unpleasant that Adrian himself came forward, there was no way he could back out now.

Albert decided to move his residence to the United States.

Since they had signed a cooperation contract with the United States, they decided that it would be safer in many ways to stay in the United States.

I’m about to head to my next residence… … .

[The culprit of the bombing that occurred at the ASEAN meeting was revealed to be Ea (Enki), the water god in Sumerian mythology.]

[I will not forgive EA, and if there are forces that help or support him, I will consider them as terrorists and have them summarily sentenced.]

[I’ll say it again, EA and the forces that support him are terrorists who threaten world peace.]

[However, if you realize your mistake even now and help apprehend Ea, we will reward you with a large amount of money and not charge you with your previous crimes.]

Adrian’s massive press play has begun.

However, that media play was intended to intimidate, not incite.

In addition, as a large army carrying the logo of the World Peace Organization sailed from the Principality of Lawrence, all countries on Earth, including the United States, were in an uproar.

A demonstration of force was added to the threats.

[No matter where you hide, you will definitely be found.]

Adrian’s actions were enough to embarrass people and forces supporting EA, including Albert.

Naturally, the Earth’s ordinary citizens and politicians criticized Adrian.

However, it had no effect on Adrian, who had already established a power system that was no different from a dictatorship.

The large military force dispatched to Earth was not registered as a military unit of Rondel’s countries, but as a member of the World Peace Organization, an international organization encompassing both worlds.

Therefore, no matter how threatening Adrian’s actions were, they did not break the rules established by the two worlds.

“Hey, that crazy guy.”

The Sumerian god Ea was also embarrassed by this.

He had to express his astonishment and bewilderment.

Wisdom and everything else was of no use in the face of the enormous power that was oppressing him.

Adrian’s threats were so effective that even the United States was shaken, and the large bounty shook the power built around EA from within.

As a result, EA could not easily choose to go to the United States.

“It’s not Rondel’s advanced technology that poses a threat to the Earth. “That person is Adrian Lawrence.”

Ea massaged her temples as if she had a headache and pondered what to do next.

But it didn’t come to mind easily.

Because the opponent was so strong and huge.


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