My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 291

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Episode 291: Dream in the game becomes reality

62. Crossing the line (1)

The reason Berg and his party were captured was because they killed the Aztec god on their own.

We judged that leaving them like this would have a negative impact on the balance of the two worlds, as another sacrifice could occur.

That’s why they sent Arc Scarlet and Dark Square, who are stronger than the mythical beings that appeared on Earth… .

The guys who were supposed to catch the bug ended up killing the god of Indian mythology.

I massaged my temples and sighed.

“If I buy it, I can save it, right?”

Seeing me like this, Ark Scarlett stuttered and took out a man’s torn right arm from subspace and handed it to him.

It was the only remaining body of Chinigchinich, a god in American West Indian mythology.

I struck down Ark Scarlett’s head with my hand blade and said as I handed him my arm.

“done. “It’s my fault for sending you away.”

“okay? “Then am I not guilty?”

I struck her head once again and raised my magic power to cast Resurrection.

Fortunately, this god died not long ago, so there was a high possibility of resurrection.


Perhaps because it was a being of high rank, a large amount of magical power was drained out.

The arm then turns to ash and disappears, a moment later.

With the light, Chinigchinich was resurrected.


However, everyone expressed doubts upon seeing the resurrected Indian god.

I was thinking of a strong man, but then a boy appeared.

“I would definitely have died… … .”

“I saved his life.”

“you are?”

“He’s the boss of these guys who fought over there.”

Even though he looks like a boy, his memories seem to be intact.

As soon as he saw Arc Scarlett with a puzzled expression, he was startled.

Unfortunately, now was not the time to worry about his reaction.

The reason is… .

“By the way, do you have any special abilities? “Why is that the only thing I have, both in appearance and energy?”

It was because of a weak energy that was on a different level from the mythical beings I had seen so far.

The abilities of the gods who appeared on Earth ranged from dragons to demon kings.

However, no matter how high I rated the Indian scene in front of me, it was only at the level of the 8th circle.

Of course, with that alone, you can make a living anywhere, but compared to before, your abilities were ridiculously low.

The boy Indian seemed to have belatedly realized his abnormality in response to my question.

“What, what? Come on? Why did your body get smaller again? “What have you done to me?”

It’s no use asking that.

I didn’t make him like this because I wanted to make him like this.

Let’s roughly guess this situation.

“Does the status of transcendental beings drop when they are resurrected?”

I looked at the Demon King, Heavenly King, and Dragon next to me.

At least they would have witnessed the resurrection of a demon lord or dragon of the same level.

But everyone shook their heads in response to my question.

It means that even they don’t understand the English language.

“Looking at the reaction, it doesn’t seem like that… .”

There is no way I, a higher level person, could fail to do something that even ordinary demon lords and dragons can accomplish.

In short, there are different factors involved in the current resurrection than the previously used resurrection.

“That won’t work, I’ll have to check.”

Since there could be a situation where resurrection is cast on the party members at any time, it was necessary to check properly.

“There are still many strong monsters in Dragonland, right?”

Blake and Branguiche nodded to my question.

There are semi-dragon level monsters in Dragon Land, so it would be a good idea to catch them and experiment with them.

* * *

I suspected two possibilities as influencing the resurrection.

First, we judged that this could be because the existence of the Earth was resurrected in Rondel.

Second, I simply decided that the characters in mythology might be unique.

However, upon confirmation, neither of them were a problem.

“The effect of the resurrection itself had diminished.”

This was the same not only for me, but also for Branguiche, the dragon, and Igniel, the heavenly king.

The three of us conducted a resurrection experiment on named monsters captured from Dragon Land.

Without taking too long, I immediately witnessed a decline in my abilities as soon as I was revived.

“In other words, the law of resurrection itself has changed.”

This means one thing.

The goddess changed the existing law.

“Why did Sepia suddenly… … .”


Everyone responded that they didn’t know what was going on, but I roughly guessed the reason.


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The goddess is currently not in the same situation as before.

She put so much effort into the integration of the two worlds that she is still struggling to reconcile them.

I think this is why miracles with high resource usage are limited.

‘Maybe we’ve restricted more things and this is all we’ve noticed so far.’

As I came to that conclusion, I began to worry about the goddess.

Miu or Gou, aren’t you my mother?

However, I felt sorry for no reason as I thought that it would be difficult to maintain the world if we did not do something like this.

I’m doing this because my previous life, Caius, was cleaning up poop.

“From now on, we shouldn’t fight with resurrection in mind.”

“For your abilities to drop this much, it’s almost like a death sentence.”

I think that if the demon lords die, they will fall to the 9th circle level, and if I die, they will fall to the dragon level.

If that happens, they will not be able to maintain their current power.

Now, resurrection should only have meaning in saving the dead.

“Thanks to me, you learned something very important.”

I twitched the corners of my mouth at the sight of Arc Scarlett showing off in a way that was inappropriate for the situation.

“Since the Indian god was not fully resurrected, you ended up erasing one of the Earth’s myths.”


I passed the guy who responded ‘Is that how it works?’ and approached the depressed Chinigchinich.

“Chi-Chi, please stay here and live as a human. “I will do research here to find his original abilities.”

The Indian god tilted his head at my words.

“Chichi, do you mean me?”

Chinigchinich is also too complicated.

So I decided to shorten it to Chi-Chi.

* * *

Former devil worshiper Celine is a dark magic swordsman with the strength of a roadmaster.

Although the destructive power of one shot is lower than that of a real Roadmaster, as a magic swordsman, he has a variety of ways to use it and is suitable for carrying out covert operations, so he has been increasingly used by Adrian in recent years.

Currently, she is looking for the creator of the bomb that attacked Adrian, who was participating in the ASEAN meeting.

The special bomb that penetrated Adrian’s defense was also a great threat to Rondel, so it was a natural measure.

“Are you sure he’s hiding in Baghdad?”

“Well, of course I can’t be 100% sure, but the possibility is pretty high. “It’s strange that no one has appeared in Sumerian mythology, a god so famous that it is said to have been the basis of the Bible.”

Adrian’s instructions are to identify and investigate gods with technology-related myths.

He met several mythological characters, including the Tuatha de Danann, but there was no such thing.

Then, a senior member of the Blue Moon branch that managed the Middle East region mentioned a god.

‘I doubt the Sumerian god Enki (Ea). He is the Sumerian god of water and is also called the god of wisdom, technology, and creation.’

There is also a story that it was Enki who warned Noah of the flood in the Bible.

Regardless of whether it is true or not, if we only consider it as a myth, it is said to be one of the most fundamental gods.

It is rare for such a being to even control technology.

‘Moreover, the parts related to technology and wisdom among Enki’s myths have disappeared from the Internet. As if someone had erased it on purpose. But it’s still in the book. Look at these.’

In addition, circumstances were discovered where someone blatantly manipulated Enki’s information on the Internet, so Blue Moon’s bottom line was convinced that Enki was the culprit.

“Tsk, I’ll fool you just this once. Concentrate manpower in Baghdad. “I will move separately.”

“all right.”

Celine was gradually approaching the culprit, Enki (Ea).

* * *

Mustafa, the brother-in-law of the Iraqi president and the head of an international hacker organization, who was protecting Enki, was in a very good mood.

This is because they succeeded in taking the powerful hand of the United States into their hands.

Thanks to this, his power was further solidified, and the future was very bright as the synergy would be enormous when American funds and Enki’s technology were added together.

So Mustafa had no choice but to be in a good mood.

But it didn’t take long for his mood to crash to the floor.


“what’s the matter?”

“Some guys are raiding Baghdad! “It’s hard to confirm the exact number, but I think they’re using something called an interpretation artifact!”


If you use interpretation artifacts, your mouth shape and conversation will be out of sync.

Currently, this characteristic is used as a way to distinguish between Earthlings and Rondelians, who have similar outward appearances.

That means.

It is said that Rondel’s tail was stepped on.

‘Is it my fault?’

There was no doubt.

This situation arose when, in order to easily resolve the matter, they attempted to carry out a terrorist attack on Adrian but failed.

Therefore, Mustapha hurriedly went to see Enki.

But was he moving too hastily?

When we got near the bunker where Enki was hiding.

-Jump, bump, bump.

Mustafa’s head turned, startled by the sound of light footsteps behind him.

“W-what are you?”

A woman was following behind him.

A pretty woman with a youthful vibe.

However, apart from the beauty, I felt an alien energy that seemed to pierce my skin.

He easily realized that it was a living thing.

“Just keep going.”

Speech sounds that do not match the shape of the mouth.

She was a Rondelian.

Mustafa was taken aback and took a step back without realizing it.

Celine, the woman who raised her eyebrows at his suspicious behavior, spoke.

“Do you know what situation you are facing right now?”

“… … .”

“I finally found it, haha.”

Even though he looked much younger than me, I couldn’t help but notice.

Mustafa tried his best, but it was all to no avail.

“Is it because I’ve seen such a smart person up close? “How can it look so clumsy?”

Celine put her hand on her waist and pulled something.

Then, a pitch-black sword body came into view.

“What are you?”

“I don’t know anything. “Let’s have an in-depth conversation.”

“Do you think it will be okay even after doing this? “My brother-in-law is the president of this country!”

“What’s so great about a president of a country like this who can destroy it overnight if he puts his mind to it?”

Confidence in actions and words.

The opponent was no ordinary Rondelian.

It was clear that he was a superhuman with powerful weapons.

“Damn it, you really have the mentality of an invader.”

“aggressor? Ah, they defined it that way, to rationalize their actions.”


“That’s right? “If a war breaks out between the two worlds, the Earth will be destroyed. To terrorize His Majesty Lawrence, who prevented that war, is absolutely insane.”

Mustafa looked like he didn’t know what he was talking about.

However, the response that came back was ridicule.

“late. Because you have already revealed that you are Enki’s associate. Where is Enki?”

Mustafa had to sigh deeply.

Because the other party was already aware of Enki’s existence.

“Enki likes to be called Ea. “That name is pretty.”


Now he was just a hindrance to the plan.

In the end, Mustafa made a decision.


He committed suicide by detonating a bomb that had been planted in his body just in case.

There was no time for Celine to respond.

Just press one button and it’s over.

“Ha, worse than devil worshipers.”

Her first encounter with a Middle Eastern extremist forced her to admit the error of her ways.

But I wasn’t too worried.

Celine immediately called somewhere.

“Adrian? Yes, there is a problem. “There is someone who needs to be resurrected.”

A careless death was no different from admitting that one was the culprit.


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