My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 290

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Episode 290: Dream in the game becomes reality

61. My goal (6)

The reason Berg, Marignan, and Miel came to Miami, USA via Cuba was not special.

This is because I heard that the criminal organization that was trolling in Cuba had its roots in Miami.

They planned to secretly eliminate criminal organizations and then return.

The United States was a country that was going well without them, and even if they did something that was noticeable, it would only end up in Adrian’s ears.

However, that plan was broken by the appearance of Ark Scarlet and Dark Square.

Since the two demon lords appeared so proudly, it was natural that Berg, Marignan, and Miel, who had tried to operate secretly, would also be caught.

“The members of Ajust gathered in one place.”

When Arc Scarlett said this while raising both hands in a V shape, Berg and Marignan also took the same pose as was their habit.

This was the intro pose of Lawrence Matop’s project girl group Aggeun.

Dark Square and Miel frowned at the sight of the group, and the three members slowly lowered their hands.

Arc Scarlett spoke to Bug and the others.

“Adrian is angry.”

It was a short story, but it was enough to make you shake your shoulders.

Nevertheless, Bug and the others responded that they didn’t know what was going on, and Ark Scarlet let out a small sigh.

“The mythical beings that appeared on Earth were the arrangements of the goddess. “What are you thinking, throwing away the pot of such an arrangement?”

Berg and his party later realized that they had not written a letter explaining why they hunted the Aztec god, and they were embarrassed and made excuses.

“Hitzilopochtli killed a lot of people, so it turned out that he was the god of human sacrifice. So he thought that Adrian was an obstacle to the peace he was pursuing, so he attacked him without hesitation.”

“okay? If it was something like that, well… … .”

After hearing the explanation, Ark Scarlet nodded as she understood their actions to some extent.

It seemed that Hitzilopochtli had similar tendencies to demons.

If I had to express it, should I say that he is closer to an evil god than a good god?

If that was the reason, there was a high possibility that Adrian would understand and move on.

“I hope you understand. “We are now acquitted, right?”

Still, I can’t send Berg and his group away right now.

The order of their master, Adrian, is to capture them.

Even if they were later released, they had to be taken away for now.

“You report directly to Adrian. “We have orders to bring you in.”

“Eh? “If you get caught, you won’t be able to enjoy adventures anymore, right?”

“Adrian isn’t that tight.”

Ark Scarlet had planned to take them with him, to put it kindly, but Bug and the others did not want to leave this land where everyone revered them.

So I shouted freedom and tried to run away.


However, in terms of individual abilities, Viracocha and Quetzalcoatl, who protected Berg and his party, were not as good as the two demon kings.

I attempted to move through space, but was immediately blocked by Ark Scarlet.

But here a problem arose.

The point is that their basic abilities are so high that they exceed those of dragons, so just offsetting their skills creates a magical storm.



The magical storm became an unexpected explosion that threw Miami’s port into chaos.

“this… … .”

It felt like I took a step without thinking and there was an anthill underneath.

Because they hung out with Adrian and were always treated as subordinates, they were all people who could evaporate a city with a single wave of their hand.

This means that even one small mistake can cause harm to innocent people.

[Aren’t you Chairman Lawrence’s subordinates! What is this!?]

A person who appeared to be a military commander on the ground shouted into a loudspeaker toward them.

It was great courage.

However, even if you protest with a face filled with fear, no matter how strong your tone is, it will only be embarrassing.

Ark Scarlett suggested that Bug and the others move to their seats first, and Bug and the others nodded, saying that they had no choice because they didn’t want to see unnecessary people suffer.

Even if you run away, you can just change your seat first and then run away.

Just like that, the two demon kings and the bug group flew high into the sky and crossed the sea at high speed.

But that was then.


An arrow of light will fly towards Ark Scarlet, aiming to hit the back of the head.


Arc Scarlet, who blocked the surprise attack with her bare hands, looked in the direction from which the arrow came with blood-red eyes flashing.

Where their gaze was directed, a man dressed as an Indian holding a large bow and a mechanical bird wearing a shadow that flickered like flames were flying furiously.

[An entity that brings chaos to this land.]

[Destroy the devil.]

At those two lines, the corners of Ark Scarlett’s mouth twitched, revealing sharp fangs.

“Are you crazy?”

They were the mythical beings that appeared in America: the Eskimo’s Iron Crow and the Indian’s Chinigchinich.

“W-what are those?”

“The circumstances are strange.”

Ark Scarlett’s expression glowing with madness, as if he was angry at the unexpected surprise attack, was something that Berg and Marignan, who performed on stage together, had also seen for the first time.

Bug then spoke to Dark Square, who had his arms crossed and had a troubled expression on his face.

“You can’t fight here! “It’s still close to land!”


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“My eyes rolled back. No one can stop me now. “If you don’t want to get caught up, it would be better to run away, right?”

Bug didn’t know the Iron Crow or Chinigchinich, but he could tell at a glance that they were mythical creatures.

If such beings and Ark Scarlet fight openly, a tsunami and earthquake will occur.

The nearby city of Miami will be devastated.

This means that the chance of being broken by Adrian is higher.

“Ugh… … .”

In addition, no matter how much the bugs did not want it, they knew very well that this situation was caused by them.

So, feeling responsible, she asked.

“Viracocha, Quetzalcoatl. “Can you stop the fight?”

Viracocha, a golden clay doll, and Quetzalcoatl, a small snake with wings, were momentarily speechless at Berg’s request.

But soon he answered.


[Try it.]

Unexpectedly, a battle was about to take place off the coast of the United States involving four mythical beings and two demon lords.

Who would have guessed that Iron Crow and Chinigchinich, who are indifferent to America, would suddenly get involved in a family fight?

Even for Adrian, this was a situation beyond his calculations.

* * *

“How is our Carly so pretty?”

I waved the rattle in front of my daughter, Calicia L. Lawrence, who had a very neat appearance for a newborn, and continued to exclaim in exclamation.

Even hedgehogs say their children look pretty, but even when seeing it with the eyes of a third party, Calicia couldn’t help but be impressed.

Of course, it may be natural because parents are parents.

However, since sometimes there are children who do not resemble their parents, I couldn’t help but feel proud in many ways.

Even if looks aren’t everything in life, there’s nothing wrong with looking good.

“Are you going to make a man cry later?”

Arcia is an exquisite beauty that anyone can admire, but with her brown hair and green eyes, she has an elegant aura.

However, Calicia inherited Arcia’s appearance, silver hair and sapphire eyes, and was even gorgeous.

It is truly the sound of a child that goes perfectly with the word ‘princess’.

-A rattle. rattle.

“… … .”

However, if there is one thing that is disappointing, it is that the child is strangely expressionless.

No matter how hard I shake the rattle, it only moves its eyes and there is no reaction.

I checked to see if there was anything wrong with my body, but it was normal, so I couldn’t help but tilt my head.

“but… … .”

But soon I burst into laughter.

When I thought about it, I realized that that expressionless appearance resembled Arsia.

Her facial expressions have become quite rich now, but in the past, Arcia felt exactly like that.

“Mamma, let’s eat.”

The strong appetite is also similar.

According to the nannies, Calicia eats twice as much as other children her age.

Maybe that’s why they grow faster than other newborns.

“Is it because of God’s energy? “It’s sad to grow up too quickly.”

Raising children in the royal family is not that difficult thanks to the help of maids and nannies.

That’s why I thought it would be better for my child to grow up slowly so that I can watch his cuteness for a long time rather than growing up quickly.

I made a thrilling expression as I poked Calicia’s chubby cheek with my finger as she clung to Arcia, who had let go of her front part.


It’s so lovely.

“It is confirmed that His Highness is a fool.”

“Iknow, right.”

Even though I could hear the nannies laughing behind me, I pretended not to hear it.

How much happiness did you have?


“Go, Your Highness the Duke!”

A knock rang in Calicia’s room in the Geumnam district, and Gregory’s panicked voice was heard.

I expressed my doubts about that.

This was the first time I heard Gregory’s panicked voice in a while.

“sorry. “Because you didn’t answer the phone.”

So I opened the door myself and received an unexpected report.

It was a story about a group of bugs, two demon kings, and characters from American mythology intertwined and fighting in the waters off Miami.

I frowned and asked Arcia for understanding.

“I think I need to go to Earth for a while.”

If she had good ears, she would have already heard the whole story.

Maybe that’s why Arcia left the child with the nannies and stood next to me like always.

“let’s go together.”

“I can’t help it.”

I nodded.

I feel sorry for my daughter, but it won’t take long.

We quickly headed to America.

* * *

A battle that occurred off the coast of the United States.

The process was broadcast live to the White House, and everyone was left speechless by the natural disaster-like battle, reminiscent of a scene from a movie.

The battle, which was thought to never end until the world was destroyed, ended unilaterally with the appearance of Adrian, but the battle of the transcendentals that took place in the United States was enough to instill a sense of crisis in the White House.

“What about casualties?”

“There are no deaths and 21 injured. However, most of these occurred during evacuation and there were no direct casualties from the fighting.”

“Is it thanks to Trinity’s protection?”

“I think so.”

Even though the battle took place 2km above the sea, an earthquake occurred on the ground and the waves turned into a tsunami and continuously struck the land.

Nevertheless, the reason there was so little damage was because Berg and his group kept damage on the ground to a minimum.

Thanks to this, there were no deaths among the American people, but the whole situation was inevitably humiliating.

“Have you received any communication from Prince Lawrence?”

“I just arrived anyway. “I deeply apologize for this incident and will take responsibility and compensate for all damages.”

At least Adrian’s quick action made me feel a little less angry, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was being swayed by him.

And that feeling grew even stronger with subsequent reports.

“And it turns out that the three women who are the leaders of Trinity are also from the Prince’s side. “They said he had run away from home, saying he wanted to go on an adventure around Earth.”

“what? adventure? run away? “Are you saying that America felt threatened by people like that?”

The US president laughed, saying he was shocked.

But no one laughed along with him.

For some reason, that smile seemed pitiful.

“What about the Iron Crow and Chinigchinich?”

“Chinigchinich is dead and Iron Crow appears to have been seriously injured.”

“Why did those two suddenly come forward?”

“That’s fine with me too… … .”

It was difficult to attribute this incident entirely to Adrian, because it was the gods who appeared in America who intensified the battle.

However, those who took action not only were defeated, but even died.

How ugly is this?

“But the situation is not bad.”


“Because the Iron Raven asked for a deal.”


“Yes, if you provide us with the minerals needed for treatment, we will continue our friendly relationship with the U.S. government in the future.”

An unexpected deal offer.

The iron crow’s arrogant attitude completely changed, as if he had realized that there was a sky above the sky from the sight of Adrian easily overpowering and dragging away the demon king who had destroyed them.

This was good news for the United States.

The president was satisfied for a long time, but soon returned to his original self.

“After this incident, we once again realized that our strength was insufficient.”

“Yes… … .”

Individuals stronger than the nation.

This power gap felt like a gap that would never be bridged.

Thanks to this, everyone looked glum and worried about the future.

But then.

“I… … .”

A high-ranking official from the Department of the Interior, who was the most junior member of the White House emergency meeting, cautiously raised his hand.

“Actually, someone contacted me today from Baghdad, Iraq. “Maybe we can solve this problem.”

Everyone in the conference room, including the president, looked at him.


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