My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 288

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Episode 288: Dream in the game becomes reality

61. My goal (4)

When I entered the room, I saw Arcia being treated by a midwife.

The identity of the energetic midwife who had even kicked me out of the room was the bishop of the Sepia branch of the Duchy of Lawrence, and her healing abilities were beyond doubt.

But with a simple snap of my fingers, I returned Arsia’s body to its best pre-pregnancy state.

In the magical world of Rondel, postpartum care was a story from a distant country.

“Hmm, congratulations. “You are a pretty princess.”

The midwife cleared her throat as if she was embarrassed and offered her congratulations.

And I approached Arsia, who was holding a child.

The priest and maids assisting the midwife bowed their heads and carefully retreated.

“great job.”

I held Arsia’s hand.

Compared to typical mothers, the birth was very fast, but that doesn’t mean there was no pain.

Because of this, he said warm words to the woman who had gone through such a big problem and looked after the child.

But I was at a loss for words.

“Um, this baby is a newborn, right?”

“Haha, even Bishop Perlin was embarrassed.”

The delay was not because there was anything wrong with the child.

It was because the child was so pretty.

As if to prove that she was the child of Arsia and I, the daughter followed our physical characteristics.

Her hair was silver, and her slightly shining eyes were the color of sapphires.

The hair and eye color were inherited from me, and the rest of the appearance was based on Arsia.

But isn’t it strange?

It is possible to express a child’s appearance in such detail.

Aren’t normal newborns red and wrinkled?

‘It doesn’t look like a newborn baby?’

However, my daughter has smooth skin, and even though it seems difficult to open her eyes wide, she often rolls her eyes and appears to be observing her surroundings.

Thanks to this, the child was very pretty, but in the eyes of the general public, she could not help but be considered foreign.

“The energy you have is no joke.”

What was even more surprising was that the newborn child possessed magic power of the 7th circle.

It wasn’t difficult to realize why.

‘Because he’s a child of a god race, he’s different from an ordinary human.’

The child of a god is also a god.

Maybe it’s natural.

Just like a dragon’s cub.

Just like the child of an Elyos and a Demon.

In the end, this child is also the child of a transcendent being.

I smiled at him and stroked my daughter’s head.

“Have you given a blessing?”

Perlin, the midwife and bishop of the principality, shrugged his shoulders at my question.

“There is no need for that. “That child already has God’s blessing.”

“What is that? iced coffee… .”

When I thought about it, I remembered that when Arsia absorbed the power of Caius, the creator of the Earth, some of it flowed into the fetus.

Perhaps that energy is one of the reasons why he possessed 7th circle level magical power even though he was a newborn.

“This is a child who was born with the best of golden spoons in his mouth.”

When I said that while nodding my head with a proud expression, Arcia burst out laughing.

I wonder what will happen if this lovely child grows up smoothly between me and Arsia.

Since we are blessed with an environment unlike us who started from scratch, wouldn’t it be possible to far exceed my expectations?

So I promised myself again.

“I will do my best to raise children! “I’ll show you what gifted education is!”

“Let’s do our best!”

Arcia and I showed enthusiasm by holding each other’s hands as if we were fighting.

“It’s all good, but don’t force too much education on your child. “When I look at nobles and royal families, they all peck their children so much that I feel sorry for them.”

Advice from Bishop Perlin, who is as old as my grandmother.

Thanks to this, Arcia and I, who were showing our enthusiasm, scratched our cheeks.

“That is correct.”

I was able to understand her words without difficulty.

After all, he came from Korea, a country that can be said to be the best in the world when it comes to education.

Then Arcia and I made a promise again.

“The child’s happiness is the top priority!”

“Let’s do our best!”

Same pose and same Arsia answer.

But the goal has changed a little.

Aim for happiness rather than improving the child’s abilities.

‘However, a certain amount of strength is needed to maintain happiness.’

* * *

In the American continent, the Maya and Aztec are considered representative civilizations along with the Inca.

The Inca were active mainly in the Andes Mountains of Peru.


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The Maya had tropical rainforests stretching from southeastern Mexico to Guatemala and Honduras.

The Aztecs were located in the central western plateau of Mexico.

The civilization with the oldest history is the Maya, and the Inca and Aztec empires were established around the same time.

You may not know much about the capitals of Peru, Mexico, and Guatemala, but there is no one who does not know the Maya, Inca, and Aztec.

This means that this region has a mythology as strong as that of Europe.

And this also influenced Goddess Sepia’s actions.

“I won!”

“Mexico accepted!”

Mayan mythology and Aztec mythology sometimes have overlapping characters, perhaps because their birth eras are different and their areas of activity overlap.

Among them, the most representative being is ‘Quetzalcoatl’, also known as the snake god.

But is it because the Mayan civilization appeared before the Aztecs?

The snake god ‘Quetzalcoatl’ appeared as a god of Mayan civilization.

As a result, the Aztec sun god, whose name is difficult to name, Hitzilopochtli, emerged as a representative figure in mythology.

However, the problem is that Huitzilopochtli is not only the sun god, but also the god of human sacrifice, a culture that represented the Aztecs.

Because of this, human blood continued to flow in central and western Mexico.

Berg and his group, who are self-proclaimed apostles of justice and are treated as guardian deities in South America, cannot pretend not to notice this.

So Berg, Marignan, and Miel went on an expedition to Mexico with Viracocha and succeeded in defeating the god of human sacrifice.

If Adrian had seen this, he would have been shocked and wondered what was going on.


Bug and his team were the first to hunt down the mythical god who appeared on Earth.

And that too by using another god.

“Quetzal, are you really going to come with me?”

[Well, I was bored, but it turned out well. If I’m going to see the world, it’ll be fun to follow funny kids like you.]

The three people who defeated Huitzilopochtli then visited the ruins of Chichen Itza, which can be considered a pyramid in Mexico.

Quetzalcoatl, the Mayan snake god located in Chichen Itza, unlike the Aztec god, was friendly to humans, so he visited to say hello and to become friends in the future.

Then Quetzalcoatl, who was interested in Berg and his party, declared that he would accompany them.

“If Viracocha and Quetzalcoatl are together, they are invincible.”

“Wouldn’t we be able to defeat our archenemy Adrian now?”

“oh? “Why not give it a try?”

“Let’s not say that Arsia is with Adrian.”

“Oh, that’s right.”

“And there are the Four Heavenly Kings and the Dragon.”

“Peace is good, let’s live like this.”

So the three women ventured to Mexico.

There, they discovered hidden relics, discovered treasures, and casually did something that would shock the history of the Earth.

Then, the three heard the news of Arsia’s birth through the local media.

“I heard Arcia gave birth, shouldn’t I go?”

“Hmm, I guess it’ll be hard to go on an adventure again. “I’m sure Adrian will scold me.”

“No! “I’m an Elyos, so I’ll get caught!”

Berg and his group had to think about it.

Miel is almost like a stranger, but Berg and Marignan could be said to be close to Arcia.

“Then let’s just write a letter and send a gift. I heard that Argentina was selected as a neutral base for Rondel. “We will be able to send it through there.”

“That would be better. If possible, let’s send it as a gift that Arsia won’t be disappointed about.”

Berg and Marignan wrote letters with great care.

But I had a lot of trouble deciding what to give as a gift.

This is because Adrian and Arcia had everything.

So, while they were in the midst of worrying… … .

“Wouldn’t it be okay if we sent the loot we got from hunting Huitzilopochtli?”

“Well, there is no way to process it on Earth.”

As a result, items that conveyed the atrocities of hunting down mythical beings were proudly sent as gifts.

“Okay, the packaging is pretty.”

Moreover, there was another problem.

The point was that the trophy obtained from hunting Huitzilopochtli was something that could not help but be misunderstood depending on the viewer.

* * *

“what’s this?”

I expressed my doubts as I looked at the beautifully wrapped gift in a box full of hearts.

Gregory said, breaking into a cold sweat.

“This item arrived via Argentina, a neutral territory. “I think the senders were Berg and Marignan.”

“Ah, those runaway girls.”

If you want, you can catch Bugs and Marignan.

I knew that these guys were imitating Indy A and Jones in South America.

And it has also been confirmed that they somehow tricked him into carrying around a mythical being like a mascot.

I didn’t really need Berg and Marignan right away, and I was just watching because their actions in South America were interesting… … .

[Congratulations on your baby!]

[Congratulations on your new daughter!]

In the meantime, it was special to receive a gift with this phrase written on it.

“It was impossible to check the contents. “I think they took measures to prevent anyone from opening it.”

It seemed like Viracocha had taken steps to prevent anyone from opening the gift.

But it wasn’t a problem for me.

“Wouldn’t it be dangerous?”

Perhaps because the contents had not yet been confirmed, Gregory expressed concern.

It seems like it’s because of the last terrorist incident.

The situation is different then and now.

If you prepare in advance, you can handle any problems that arise.

I lightly removed the wrapping of the gift that no one had opened, as if removing tape, and immediately checked the contents.

“… … .”

“… … .”

With two carefully written letters inside the box.

It contained a ‘skull’.

A skull with two red gems glued to its eye sockets.

The sight of the skull, with its eyeballs sparkling red in the sunlight, looked as if the skull was shedding bloody tears.

Thanks to this, I couldn’t help but think this way.

“Declaration of war?”

As a challenge to myself.

“Sending a skull as a baby gift, how should I understand this?”

Gregory had no answer to my question.

It was an item that no one could help but misunderstand.

Moreover… … .

“Huh, now that I look at this, it looks like it’s the skull of a mythical character? “The energy felt from the eye gem is greater than that of Dragon Heart, right?”


What that means is that they killed the mythical being that the Goddess Sepia had arranged to balance the two worlds, and sent it to me as a trophy.

“These crazy things.”

Of course, as someone who did not know the context, this whole situation was just perplexing.


First, I decided to take a deep breath and calm down.

Because I was the one who knew better than anyone else that these guys sometimes behave without malicious intent.

So, exercising patience, I opened the enclosed letter and read its contents.

[Ssagaji has finally become a father. Are you feeling mature now?]

[I hope my daughter resembles her mother’s personality and not her father’s!]

[If she resembles your personality, she will later say to her daughter, ‘Mom! ‘Didn’t I tell you not to wash my clothes and your underwear together!?’ You’re going to hear the same thing! lol]

[As a congratulatory gift, send us the by-products of the Huitzilopochtli we hunted yesterday! It’s our treasure!]

I feel there is no malice.

Of course, the teasing towards me is separate.

But this is a bigger problem.

Berg and Marignan had no idea what the problem was.

“Get him.”

I was just watching because it was cute what he was doing, but it seemed like he needed education.

I ordered Arc Scarlet and Dark Square.

“Hurry and grab these.”

“Okay, okay, okay.”

Following my instructions, the two demon kings hurriedly flew to Earth.

I am by no means angry at the Marignan and Berg teasing.


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