My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 287

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Episode 287: Dream in the game becomes reality

61. My goal (3)

“Why did you suspect the dragon?”

In response to my question, Ark Scarlett tilted her head and revealed her thoughts as they were.

“This is because dragons not only have outstanding physical abilities and high military power, but they are also a species that is equipped with everything from intelligence, technology, creativity, and curiosity.”

“Yes, that’s true.”

Even the Elyos and Demons do not have this nearly all-purpose ability.

No matter how excellent the basic abilities of the two Heavenly Demon races are, they each have their own specialties, and like dragons, not all abilities are equally high.

Dragons were not called Rondel’s guardians or coordinators for nothing.

“why? Are you suspicious of dragons too?”

“That’s not it.”

I spoke to Ark Scarlett, who was hanging out with the dragon in her mouth, leaving Branguiche behind, who opened his axe-eye again.

“Elyos or demon technicians might be able to imitate something similar, but if they had descended, there is no way I wouldn’t have noticed.”

“I guess so.”

The person I was back then, when the heavenly kings and demon kings descended, and the person I am now are completely different.

They didn’t call themselves gods for nothing.

The advent of the Elyos and Demons requires a large amount of energy, but now I can easily capture that energy.

Because of this, the Elyos and Demons were pushed to the back burner along with the Dragons from the investigation targets.

“Isn’t it possible that a being similar to such a dragon exists on Earth instead of Rondel?”

If I tell you this far, it will not be difficult to figure out who I am suspicious of.

Those are the beings of mythology.

“But most of them are from BC, right? “I wonder if anyone could create a weapon like this that was inspired by Earth’s modern weapons?”

“There could be a being that is as immersed in Earth’s engineering technology as a dragon. “Maybe there is someone more capable than the dragon.”

“Why do you think that?”

“If Goddess Sepia is so worried about the power balance between the two worlds, I think she may have taken such measures to develop the Earth quickly.”

If there is an engineer hidden among the characters in mythology, and if he is friendly to humans like Korea’s Hwanwoong, the Earth may grow even faster.

“Is there anyone like that among the transcendental beings who appeared on Earth?”

As far as I know, there are no such people known to date.

Most of the mythical beings that appeared on Earth were the Creator or those who represented the myth.

When it comes to technical positions in Shinhwa, don’t they feel more like extras rather than leading roles?

“If there is any possibility, is it the ‘Tuatha de Danann’ of Kentish mythology?”

They are the only beings that appeared as a species rather than as an individual.

The Tuatha Dé Danann have exactly 50 members, including 30 combatants and 20 auxiliary personnel, including craftsmen.

Among the combatants, the commander-in-chief was a roadmaster, two people below him were grandmasters, and 27 were auror masters.

From the perspective of the Rondel countries, one cannot help but think that this unexpected amount of power that fell from the sky is excessive.

We must not forget that the reason they were placed on Earth was to fight against dragons.

If we compare the power of the Tuatha Dé Danann to that of the dragons, it can be said that it is only slightly less than two.

“Well, I heard that the Tuatha Dé Danann are quite cooperative with Ireland and England.”

A mythical organization with many engineers who are close to humans and interested in modern science.

As of now, I am most skeptical.

“I guess I should ask the dragons to thank me. Is it possible?”

“okay. Leave it to me. “I will catch the culprit and make Ark Scarlet’s statement nonsense.”

Branguiche, who was angry at being treated like a criminal by Arc Scarlett, nodded enthusiastically in response to my question.

But I wasn’t satisfied with it.

The Tuatha de Danann was only a suspect, not confirmed as the culprit.

Because of the mythology, they were highly regarded, so I thought their technicians’ abilities would not be as good as dragons.

So I gave additional instructions to Celine.

“Celine, investigate mythical beings whose identities have not yet been revealed or are hidden. “If there is anything that requires cooperation, she asks Asuka (Ark Scarlett) without hesitation.”


“huh? me?”

Not all mythical beings go around making a big deal out of their names.

Sometimes they just stand in one place and reject anyone who approaches them, while other times they avoid or hide here and there as if trying to scare them.

So I asked them to conduct a detailed investigation.

For reference, Celine, who possessed roadmaster-level strength, was the general manager of the Blue Moon Earth Department.

“Then please take care of me.”

In this way, the surveillance activities of mythical beings changed into audits and investigations.

* * *

Most gods in mythology have two names.

For example, Zeus is the god of lightning, or Ra in Egyptian mythology is the god of the sun.

However, sometimes they have additional nicknames that are completely unrelated to their abilities, or one being has multiple myths.

The reason is simple.

This is because none of the myths transmitted to modern Earth are accurate, and there are various interpretations of past information.

In Sumerian (Mesopotamian) mythology, the god called ‘Ea (Enki)’ who presides over water was one of them.

In Sumerian mythology, water is considered the source of all things, and the universe and the world are also said to have been born from water.

Because of this, the city-state of Eriduran, which believed in and followed Ea, regarded him as the creator god.

However, later on, Ea was not the god who ‘created the world’… … .

In addition to being the god of water, he was also called the god of invention, who ‘creates things’, and the god of wisdom, skill, dexterity, and mischief.

It’s a really complicated setup.


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“Wow, there’s so much to learn. Is this heaven? no. “It’s a bit weird for the Sumerian god to find heaven.”

Goddess Sepia gave the characteristics of water, wisdom, and technology to Ea, known as one of the four major gods in Sumerian mythology.

Thus, Ea, who descended into this world, was the god of water and was also an exceptional engineer.

“The world is so comfortable. You can look at data from other worlds from one corner of the Earth. Oh, did you say it was Prince Lawrence who built this system? “He was rude to him.”

Currently, Ea is hiding in Iraq, the birthplace of Mesopotamian civilization.

In a state-owned underground bunker located in the city of Baghdad, he was excitedly tapping away at his computer keyboard, muttering to himself and laughing maniacally like a mad scientist.

At that time, a man in a neat suit approached EA.

“The power is not even half of what was expected.”

“I’m glad it’s half.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Anyway, even if he was twice as powerful, he couldn’t be killed. If anything, he would have only made me feel a sense of crisis even more? “Do you understand what this means?”

“Do you mean that the response could have been drastic?”

“Is it just extreme? “The Earth would have turned upside down.”

“Aren’t you overestimating him? Ea is God and he is man.”

“That’s just a setup, and I don’t think I could win even if there were 10 people like me right now, right?”

“… … “Is that true?”


The man in a suit named Mustafa belonged to the Iraqi government and was the brother-in-law of the current Iraqi president.

Mustafa was running an organization called ‘Randy’, which was an Iraqi hacking organization that was not known to the outside world.

Although Randy was from Iraq, he operated all over the world and had several famous hacking organizations under his command.

Sometimes they spread ransomware, robbed virtual currency exchanges, and extorted money from companies or countries by holding information hostage.

If you pool all the funds from Randy and the hacking organization rooted in Randy, you could buy a global company.

If those people wanted to, it wouldn’t be an easy task to block one person’s information.

That’s how Mustafa and Randy kept Ea hidden.

“Do you know the saying, “If you stay still, you will get halfway?” “Your pointless actions will be caught in the tail.”

It was not Ea’s doctor who attacked Adrian.

This was what Mustafa did using the invention he created.

Mustafa twitched the corner of his mouth at Ea’s advice.

“They should not exist in this world. “If Ea creates a stronger bomb, the situation will be very different.”

Ea burst into laughter at Mustafa’s words.

Ea is recorded as a god who was very friendly to humans.

“I don’t hate this fearless young man, but he doesn’t have a tendency to live long,” he said, shifting his gaze back to the monitor.

“What are you looking at?”

Mustapha tilted his head as he looked at the monitor Ea was watching.

This is because there were characters listed that I had never seen before.

“Technical information about Rondel.”


Cooperation between Rondel and Earth is progressing step by step.

A representative example of this was the online environment that was beginning to be integrated, and the person who was at the forefront of this was Adrian, who carried out the terrorist attack.

“Do you understand?”

“You’ll be watching because you understand, right?”

“Hoo… … .”

Mustafa was impressed by Ea, who looked like a small and androgynous boy.

I never thought that he would even try his hand at Rondel’s technology.

I knew that his abilities were great, but I thought that he might far exceed my expectations.

“If we do well, we might be able to create a compact bomb that is even better than what we have now.”

“The way of thinking is fixed. “Are you really a hacker?”


“You’re saying it’s just a bomb.”

“What do you mean?”

“It means you’ll be able to do a lot more fun things.”

In one corner of EA’s monitor, a small Internet window showed the image of a large, self-supporting weapon that had just begun to be deployed in Rondel.

“Can you get me the ingredients I want?”


“Even if it’s Rondel’s?”

“I will rescue you by any means necessary.”


The attack on Adrian was Mustafa’s own fault, but the disaster occurred because EA’s inventions were originally tilted towards the military.

EA simply creates excellent weapons.

If Ea had continued to invent things for the people in the sun, it would have brought hope to the people of Earth, but as the people in the shadows dragged him in first, things went quite wrong.

* * *

Blue Moon, led by the Dragons and Celine, is conducting a thorough investigation to find the mastermind behind the bombing, but has not been able to achieve any significant results for two weeks.

I guessed that it might be a mythical being hiding deep somewhere with its energy hidden.

He trusted his subordinates and entrusted them with the task, but he could not wait forever.

I think now is the time to step forward.

but… … .


Unfortunately, I was in no position to move right now.

This is because Arsia, who was lying on the bed with her face distorted, was about to give birth.

I said to Arcia, who was in pain.

“If we just use magic to remove it… … .”

She waved her hand as if she was annoyed by me.

Both she and I are in a state that surpasses human standards.

If you put your mind to it, you will be able to give birth without any pain.

But for some reason, Arcia didn’t want that.

Do you want to know the importance of children?

However, as someone who values ​​Arcia more than my child, I am just embarrassed.

Because it was so hard to see Arsia in pain.

Thanks to this, I became restless, and the older midwife pushed me to the side.

“You don’t have to make a fuss. This is pretty smooth. “No, it’s smooth. It’ll be over in less than 10 minutes.”

“It takes 10 minutes?”

“That’s also ridiculously fast. On the contrary, Her Majesty the Princess is having trouble concentrating because of Her Majesty the King, so don’t bother her and just leave.”

“Oh, no. Wait. If something happens… … .”

I had to leave the birthing room just as I was being kicked out by the midwife.

And not long after… … .


I heard a baby’s loud cry, and I ran inside again.


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