My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 285

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Episode 285: A chance in a game turns into reality

61. My goal (1)

After sending the sun god Ra back to Earth, I sat down in the Gongwangseong office and relaxed for a long time.

Arc Scarlett asked me that question.

“What do you plan to do from now on?”

A question that seems unexpected.

But the others seemed to be different, and their expressions were very serious.

Then, I looked at the people gathered in the office.

First of all, Arcia and I, who are gods, are together as a set as always.

Three demon kings who are my descendants and the Four Heavenly Kings of the Duchy of Lawrence, one heavenly king (Ark Scarlet, Dark Square, Lord Scream, Igniel), the dragon Branguiche, Lord Master Blake, and Seline, who has only recently entered the sun as a Lord Master-level dark magic swordsman. until… … .

They are all people with unusually high levels of military power that cannot be found in other countries.

Honestly, this member could go on to conquer the world.

But what I am actually doing by bringing them all together is maintaining peace.

Maybe that’s why Arc Scarlet asked me as if I had something else in mind.

“What are you doing?”

In response to my question, she looked like she didn’t understand.

“People always have goals in life. Whether you want to make a lot of money or want to rise in status. “Before I was captured by you, my goal was to conquer Rondel.”

“hmm… … .”

Right now, I lack nothing.

Money, power, force, and power had all reached the stage of completion.

“Now your goals are not just your goals. “There are as many as four demon kings and heavenly kings who are captured by you and must live according to their instructions.”

Now I see that she is not my goal, but is curious about the role that will be assigned to her because of me.

As Ark Scarlett said, from now on my goal will be her goal.

So I thought seriously and then shared my thoughts.

“My child will be born soon.”

My gaze went to Arsia’s stomach.

Her belly is already full-term.

There isn’t much left until the due date.

“For now, I will say that my goal is successful parenting.”

“… … .”

Ark Scarlett’s expression turned into an idiot as I continued to speak while clenching my fists.

On the contrary, Arcia was nodding as if it was natural.

As if there is nothing more important than this.

“I don’t know how the situation in both worlds will change. I don’t even know what action the goddess will take in the future. But there is one fact that will not change. That is, nothing is more important to me than the safety of my family. “The top priority I pursue is family happiness.”

“He has a power that surpasses that of the Demon King, but in the end he is still human?”

“Is there anything more important than this?”

“Then what about us?”

Ark Scarlet gave us a protesting look, as if there was something wrong with us for being caught by such an unambitious guy.

There are many complaints about the subject being captured after being an enemy.

For your information, there are not many people who have opposed me and survived.

Unless it is a very useful being like a demon lord or a high-risk opponent like a saint.

I said, hitting her on the head with the blade of my hand.

“Then you should at least have a relationship.”


“Well, as long as it doesn’t cause chaos in the world, I won’t touch you, whether in a relationship or anything else. “Do whatever you want.”

“really? Is that okay?”

“Instead, I said it clearly. “Do it without causing chaos in the world.”

Ark Scarlett changed her expression and smiled as if she had never done that when I said that she was not interested in dating, but would give her freedom of action.

This would be more touching to her than the owner’s ambition.

I shrugged my shoulders, and Blake, who was silent next to me, briefly added his thoughts.

“The Rondel people will be shocked if they find out that you released Ark Scarlet.”

“Wow, don’t worry, I’m different now from before. “I know the feeling of human consideration.”

Arc Scarlett, with a prickly expression, defended herself by lowering her eyes and pretending to be innocent.

Still, I wasn’t too worried.

The reason is.

“Do not worry. “If you do something you shouldn’t do, you just have to punish it.”

I was confident that no matter what I did, I could fix it.

If the accident is so big that nothing can be done, what can be done?

There is no choice but to die once and be reborn.

“You know I don’t have to say much, right?”

“ha ha ha. then.”

Ark Scarlet quietly avoided my gaze.

But then, an unexpected person spoke.

“I think happiness is a very difficult problem to achieve.”

When we first met, Celine showed tremendous force, such as throwing hundreds of swords, but later, as Arsia and I transcended humans, her presence weakened.

Everyone was suspicious of her making a philosophical statement out of the blue, and Celine, who is typical and quiet only in front of the members here, spoke in an embarrassed manner.

“As you live, you are bound to encounter environments and people that hinder your happiness. Not only to His Royal Highness Prince Lawrence, but also to his family.”



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“But considering His Royal Highness Prince Lawrence’s tendencies, I think he will definitely eliminate these elements.”

That is correct.

I have the mindset that there is no need to show mercy to my enemies.

“I believe that in the future, incidents large and small will continue and armed conflicts will occur from time to time. There is even a possibility that friction may occur at the national and global level.”

The three Demon Lords nodded in unison at Celine’s story.

They say I am still a human being.

Their reaction was unpleasant, but I couldn’t resist.

Honestly, I think that way too.

‘When a problem occurs, the cause must be removed to prevent the same problem from recurring.’

That’s my way of thinking.

“It means that the most dangerous person who calls for peace and tells others not to fight is me.”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

When I asked with a smile that I understood well, Celine answered while stuttering.

The bottom line is that I don’t think others will know, but I think it will be difficult to live a life as peaceful as I would like.

It was a reasonable enough point.

“I need to do a good job of controlling my family. “I, who forced the two worlds to enter into an agreement, must not end up breaking that agreement outright.”

Maybe there are groups already trying to do something.

Unlike me, access to my family will feel much easier and more manageable.

There are even mythical beings on Earth who are friendly to people, and there are also people who can carry out mental attacks.

At that moment, a catastrophe may occur.

“You’re smart?”

I was amazed when I saw it again.

Then Celine spoke softly to herself.

“This is what it originally looked like… … .”

From dragons, demon kings, heavenly kings, to gods.

She was keeping quiet because of the scary lineup, so she wasn’t in the mood to be ignored no matter where she went.

I extended my thumbs to Celine as a compliment.

“When Arsia and I vacate the castle, let’s make sure that one of the Four Heavenly Kings guards the castle.”


The Four Heavenly Kings glared at Celine at my decision.

With an expression that asks why you make a security job out of such bullshit.

Thanks to this, Celine shrank her neck and quietly hid behind me.

“No blaming Celine! In return, I will guarantee you plenty of free time. “After all, security doesn’t mean you have to stand guard all day.”

The Four Heavenly Kings decided to follow my instructions as if they had no choice.

“As you wished, the dragons have now come to the forefront. “What are you planning to entrust to Dragonia?”

The topic has changed.

The person who stepped forward this time was Branguiche.

Like the conspiracy theory currently circulating online, I was behind the founding of Dragonia.

I answered his question lightly.

“From now on, the dragon will become the plenipotentiary ambassador of the World Peace Organization, wielding power on my behalf.”

“What is that?”

Why did I attract the dragon?

Of course, the biggest reason was that 90% of the time it was because I didn’t want to see them sucking things off while I was running around, but the remaining 10% was because I wanted to entrust them with tasks that would be impossible unless they were at the level of a dragon.

“I plan to recruit a certain number of dragons to join the Board of Audit and Inspection.”

“The Board of Audit and Inspection?”

“I plan to leave my gratitude to ordinary people and nations to my three servants, Count Gregory, Duke Riverdale of the Kingdom of Lucias, and Count Elfrid of the Empire of Brigham, but the biggest threat currently is not the humans, but the mythical creatures that have appeared on Earth. “They are beings.”

“In other words, our clan was brought in to monitor those mythical transcendents?”

“We must help each other.”

My words are instructions, not recommendations.

Branguiche, who noticed this, laughed bitterly.

“And if the dragons conduct audit activities on a large scale, the chances of getting caught up in the nonsense that Celine mentioned will be significantly lower. “You kill two birds with one stone.”

Of course, if I kill two birds with one stone, the two birds with one stone are all mine.

Thanks to this, Branguiche also glanced at Celine.

Celine could be a threat to the throne and the title of duke in any country, but here she was the weakest.

“for a moment.”

At that time, Blake, who had been silent until now, joined in with a surprised expression.

“When you and Arcia leave the castle, they will protect their families, and they will entrust the Board of Audit and Inspection to maintain the power of the world peace organization to the dragons and other powerful people. They are even expanding the number of administrators to work for the Duke and the peace organization by a large amount. … … .”

Looks so serious.

But what followed was a sharp insight that caught me off guard.

“I should have looked into it the moment you made raising children your number one goal, but you have no intention of working?”

“… … .”

“I see?”

“After hearing it, that’s what it feels like, right?”

The eyes of my colleagues were all focused on me.

I answered them as they narrowed their eyes.

In some way.

“Yes, I don’t want to work.”

If you tease me, you can either knock me down and kill me.

* * *

The two worlds, Rondel and Earth, are now like a community of destiny, but to the general public, the neighboring world is still an unknown land full of mystery.

As for information about the two worlds, it was only covered in articles from Internet media outlets or special documentaries on major broadcasting stations, so it had to be that way.

However, with the launch of the World Peace Organization, an unprecedented amount of information was released through online exchange and cooperation.

Magical engineering based on Rondel’s magic and Earth’s mechatronic engineering.

Characteristics of culture, art, and class society created by Rondel’s various races.

Earth’s seemingly free democratic society and the light and dark side of capitalism.

Sometimes we admire the unique background, sometimes we fight over each other, and the two worlds enter a new era.

[Account linking has become possible through Anstagram’s partnership with Online Diary, Rondel’s representative SNS.]

[Adrian L. Lawrence and Arsia L. Lawrence’s SNS accounts appear on Ansta. A record of 100 million followers were recorded in a short period of time as countless people flocked to the site… … .]

[Youtube and Rondel’s online video platform linkage agreement. Now you can watch Rondel’s videos comfortably at home on YouTube.]

[Rondel’s virtual reality game will soon be playable on Earth. The Magic Tower owned by Adrian L. Lawrence is building an environment to provide services to Earth.]

In making this kind of online exchange possible, Rondel’s Hollywood system, controlled by Adrian, and the artificial intelligence that Berg had previously built on Earth played a large role.

Not only was Adrian the first to launch a magic tower on Earth, but he is also involved in various businesses, volunteering to be a stepping stone to connect the two worlds online.

Thanks to this, Lawrence Matap was able to dominate a new industry as an intermediary that solves hardware and software problems, including the languages ​​of the two worlds, and further enriched the pockets of Adrian, who already had inexhaustible wealth.

[The winner of the new world is Prince Lawrence?]

[Adrian L. Lawrence, a young leader who runs two worlds.]

[Power, intelligence, force, money. We dig into Lawrence Gongwang, who never misses anything.]

As a result, Adrian was bound to receive a lot of attention on Earth.

When it comes to politics, when it comes to politics, when it comes to business, it’s business, and everything from the military power that can make even the powerful Rondel state stand still, and he’s even handsome.

The photo taken with his wife, Arcia, was a pictorial in itself, and as it became known that he had a large fan base in Rondel due to his commoner-friendly attitude, it was natural that interest turned into fandom.

Not only did women see him as a prince riding a white horse, but to men, he was the very image of a fantasy protagonist that stimulated their imagination.

As a result, countless people flocked to wherever Adrian went.

In Rondel, a class society, fans could control themselves as Adrian was the king of a country, but to people on Earth, class was a story of a distant country.

“Fuck it. If this happens, security will be difficult. “If even one person causes trouble, it will be a disaster.”

Jakarta, Indonesia, where the ASEAN meeting, which Adrian is said to be visiting, is being held.

Since they were planning to visit the conference hall directly by flying car, the front of the conference hall was crowded with people from all over Southeast Asia.

Thanks to this, the local bodyguards and soldiers who were supposed to protect Adrian were in dire straits.

I can say without a doubt that it was not like this even when top K-pop stars visited.

“That’s okay, just block access to fans. When Prince Lawrence arrives, the Vanguards called human tanks will provide close security.”

The subordinates narrowed their eyebrows at the words of the security chief.

The security guards’ concern is not that they will not be able to prevent fans from acting unexpectedly.

I was worried because there was no way to tell if there were people with different thoughts in this room.

Although snipers and soldiers with rifles were standing guard here and there, it was bound to be difficult to respond if an accident occurred with such a large crowd.

“It would be better to disperse… … .”

“it’s okay. You already did a body check. Are we going to hear that they are disbanding us now? “I just think it’s a Hollywood star coming to visit.”

Despite the concerns of those around him, the security guard was adamant.

The subordinates had no choice but to pray.

I hope nothing happens.


At that moment, I heard someone shouting.



As I looked up into the air, several black objects that looked like airplanes caught my eye, and then a huge cheer rang out.


A flying vehicle that emits a blue light and slowly lowers its altitude, like something you would see in a science fiction movie.

The security guards became even more nervous, and the fans’ movements became more intense.

Then the car door opens… … .



In the end, the situation that the security guards were concerned about occurred.

“W-what is it?”


With a powerful explosion sound and no time to respond, ultra-high-temperature flames engulfed the security personnel, the fandom, and Adrian and his wife, who were just getting out of the vehicle.


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