My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 283

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Episode 283: Dream in the game becomes reality

60. Age of Adventure (6)

A tea table is placed in the middle of it all.

Looking around, I couldn’t see the saint who had guided me here, and there were only two chairs in front of the tea table.

I took one of the two chairs and sat down.


Then, blue light scattered like flower petals, and the owner of another chair appeared.

“Thank you for allowing me to meet you.”

Goddess Sepia.

The creator and sole god of Rondel, and a noble transcendental who has taken control of the world that Earth currently belongs to.

Also, she may be my mother.

When the goddess appeared, I immediately got up and bowed.

Sepia sat down in the front seat with a calm expression on her face and motioned for me to sit down as well.


But as I sat in front of her, I had to feel something was strange.

Does it seem like her energy is smaller than before?

Of course, even now, I feel a terrifying energy that I cannot dare to overcome.

But even this looked quite small compared to the original.

Her energy that I had seen so far was like the universe, and it was impossible to measure it, so I couldn’t help but wonder.

[It’s only natural since so much effort was put into it.]

“I daresay I ended up judging Sepia with a narrow perspective. sorry.”

For a goddess, reading thoughts is no problem.

Without showing any surprise, I immediately bowed my head deeply and apologized.

‘Well, merging the two worlds can’t be as easy as pasting a computer file.’

Even if she doesn’t reveal the truth, there is no way the goddess would lie.

Therefore, I accepted her words as they were.

[There is no need to be so formal and guarded. I care about you, so stay at peace.]

“thank you.”

Then the goddess summoned tea and snacks to the table.

It seemed like they welcomed me quite a bit.

Then, at her gesture, rainbow-colored, amazing tea was poured into my teacup.

They put cookies on my plate with decorations that I couldn’t tell if they were candy or real jewels.

‘It’s not polite to refuse.’

Actually, I was curious about the food that the creator himself brought out.

So I obediently put the tea and cookies she gave me into my mouth.

“and… … .”

An exclamation suddenly flowed from my mouth.

The class was different from the refreshments I had eaten so far in my life.

The taste is delicious, but the moment you eat it, it feels like your stomach is being purified.

In addition, a considerable amount of magical energy was accumulated inside, and the refreshment itself was like a refined elixir.

Of course, compared to the magical power I possess, it is not that great, but for an ordinary wizard, it would be enough to be called a treasure.

He was able to accumulate magical power at the level of a 7th circle archmage.

Truly the goddess’ refreshment.

It was absolutely not ordinary.


“what is this?”

Was my reaction funny?

The goddess pulled out a small box out of thin air and handed it to me.

[I’ll give it to you as a gift.]

“Oh, thank you.”

The goddess wrapped the refreshments I was eating as a gift.

The quantity was quite large.

There were 20 neatly individually wrapped cookies and 20 tea liquids in thumb-sized glass bottles.

I had never heard of a goddess giving someone a gift, so I felt like she was treated as special as she said.

Is my relationship with her as expected from Archduke Lucas?



[You are the most special among the many children I have had.]

And it seemed to answer my questions.

The goddess continued speaking with a gentle smile.

[He is the reincarnation of Caius, who created the macrocosm to which the Earth belongs.]

So, when the Heavenly Kings and Demon Kings of Earth died without being able to absorb the power of Caius, were they able to absorb the power without any side effects?

Because I’m Caius himself?

‘I can’t believe the speculation was true.’

I had to look at the goddess with a dumbfounded expression.

The appearance of the third mother.

No, it would be more accurate to think of her as his first mother.

He is the one who created me in the first place.


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[I originally planned to let you know gradually over time, but there is no need to hide the fact when you already have expectations.]

Thanks to this, my perspective on the goddess had to change.

No matter how much I don’t remember, isn’t she my mother?

[Even though you were forgotten by the world and your power was weakened, you gave up all your power when you built the World Tree. So all that remained was a handful of souls.]

“It means that the soul got mixed up among humans and ended up in the cycle of reincarnation.”

[okay. Thanks to this, I had a lot of trouble finding you in another dimension.]

Although I was surprised, there was no major confusion.

I guess it was something I expected in advance, and even if my past life was Caius, nothing would change.

However, there is one thing that concerns me.

[You don’t have to worry. I have no intention of forcing you back to Caius.]

That’s it.

Since the goddess notarized it, even a ounce of worry was relieved.

I poured out my heart and bowed my head to her and expressed my gratitude.

“thank you. mother.”

I had no hesitation in calling her mother.

Because Creator Sepia was the mother of all life that occurred in Rondel.

In fact, not only I but many Rondel people referred to her as their mother.

[Feel so good.]

However, the goddess who directly called me mother seemed to have different thoughts and smiled brightly and dazzlingly.

Thanks to this, my conscience was pricked deep in my heart.

In the meantime, whenever something happened, she suspected the goddess had a plan, but from her point of view, she was just taking care of her son.

Afterwards, I had various nonsensical conversations with the goddess.

She seemed to be an infallible person as she smiled and nodded at what I said.

How long did the conversation last like that?

I asked earnestly to resolve the doubts I had been having.

“Did your mother create Arcia too?”

The goddess opened her eyes wide as if surprised by my question, but then nodded obediently.

[When did you notice it?]

“This is when I heard that Archduke Lucas’ abilities were created by his mother.”

A perfect human being, no, a new human being that transcends humanity.

That’s how I evaluated Arcia.

Not only did she have the strength of a grandmaster from birth, but she also quickly learned emotions and knowledge, was able to have children, and even safely held the power of the Creator.

How can you think that something like this was created by a mere human?

[Yes, I created it to grow with you and protect you.]

“Could it be your mother’s plan for her to marry me?”

[That’s not it. Their feelings have nothing to do with me, so you can rest assured.]

thank god.

It would have been a shock if Arcia’s every action toward me had been created by the goddess.

If so, the atmosphere of this place, which was at best, would have been ruined.

I scratched the back of my head and made a embarrassed expression.

The goddess looked kindly at me like this.


But it didn’t take long for her mood to change.

Because soon a bitterness appeared on his face.

[After some additional measures were taken. I do not intend to be involved on the ground any longer.]


[A lot of power will be used to coordinate the two twisted worlds through a seemingly far-fetched integration. Just making the two worlds return to normal is too much, and I don’t have time to intervene in the world anymore.]

I had to swallow dry saliva.

I thought that since he was a god, he would be able to handle everything as he pleased, but it seems that wasn’t the case.

[Now, you and the life living on Earth and Rondel will have to lead the world.]

What was the reason why the Sepia Church was able to remain as the only religion in Rondel?

That was because of the active intervention of the goddess.

But is there nothing like that in the future?

We may end up following in the footsteps of Caius, the creator of the Earth.

[The divine power and supernatural abilities will remain the same, but there will no longer be the selection of oracles, saints, and saints.]

Because this was a completely unexpected development, I was very confused and asked back.

“You’re not going to disappear completely, are you?”

The goddess no longer felt like a stranger.

So my question was filled with worry, and she answered with the calm look she had always shown.

[I don’t know what will happen if a thousand or ten thousand years pass. I too may face a similar future as you.]

I groaned and massaged my temples.

If this is going to be the case, why did we go to such lengths to unite Earth and Rondel?

I don’t know why I would take the risk.

[If left as is, the Earth would have collapsed. By humans, themselves.]

“iced coffee.”

Was it something like that?

I had to sigh and express my regret.

I thought I would be able to take care of my future by receiving various counseling from the goddess, but I was wrong.

[So, I hope you will come visit me often from now on.]

Am I looking for a goddess?

I’ve never thought about it.

The goddess did not stay in an ordinary space.

[Now that you have absorbed part of Caius’ power, you can reach the divine realm. Let me tell you the trick. Next time, let’s have tea time with Arcia.]

Those words somehow put my mind at ease.

I nodded that I understood, and she stretched her finger toward my forehead.

Then, a way to visit Shinyeok was imprinted in my mind.

[Thanks to you, I can relieve my boredom.]

The position of creator felt somewhat lonely.

I spoke as if cheering her on.

“I will do my best to protect the Sepia Order. “If people’s faith continues, it will be of great help to my mother.”


There is no need for the saint and saint system to disappear just because there are no oracles and the goddess does not directly select the saints.

Because the current saints and saints can raise the next generation themselves.

And if I use my specialty of controlling public opinion, increasing the power of the Sepia Church is no problem.

“Then, can you tell me how the situation on Earth and Rondel progresses from now on?”

When you feel like the conversation is coming to an end.

I brought up the business that could be said to be the real purpose of my visit here.

I needed to know why the dungeons and mythical beings began to appear on Earth.

Wouldn’t it be better to save your energy instead of spending it on something like that?

[This is to balance the two worlds. It is a necessary process for coordination.]

“Then why don’t we get rid of mythical beings?”

[No, it doesn’t matter. The resource value assigned to Earth is constant anyway.]

Does that mean that even if you kill him, a new one will appear?

“But there will never be more chaos on Earth like this incident in Egypt.”

[If we have a common enemy, wouldn’t we be able to cooperate with each other? If Rondel takes this opportunity to actively help the Earth, our relationship will become stronger.]

I can roughly understand the picture she is drawing.

I said I understood and obediently accepted her words.

As expected, she had a different way of thinking from the Creator and ordinary humans.

* * *

[Hwanwoong appears in Korea.]

[The Primordial Heavenly God that appeared in China.]

[Amaterasu descends on Mt. Fuji.]

[Zeus in Athena.]

[In Celtic mythology, the Tuatha de Danann appear not as one, but as many gods.]

The appearance of mythical beings has become known one after another all over the world.

However, the countries of Rondel fell into a panic over the events that befell them rather than the events that occurred on Earth.

[The Dragon King of Dragon Land declares the founding of Dragonia, a nation of dragons.]

The dragon people, who were called the orchestrators of Rondel and lived a closed life in Dragon Land, appeared on the forefront of history.


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