My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 282

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Episode 282: Dream in the game becomes reality

60. Age of Adventure (5)

Cairo, Egypt currently revolves around the governorate of the Kingdom of Chase.

Although it experienced terrorism from an Islamic militant group once in the past, its control ironically became stronger with the fall of Al Qaeda and IS under Adrian.

Although at this summit, the countries of Rondel left Cairo as a treaty was made that they could only establish bases in three neutral areas designated on Earth (Iceland, Bangladesh, and Argentina), but it is the Chase Kingdom that governs Egypt during the grace period.

And even if the Chase Kingdom moved its base to another place, there was very little chance that its relations with Egypt would be severed.

Currently, Egyptians have a very strong pro-Rondel tendency.

This is because he considered the Chase Kingdom to be his benefactor, as it helped him greatly when he was having a hard time.

“Oh my god… … .”

“Is it terrorism again?”

However, the Governor General of the Chase Kingdom is on fire again.

The sight reminded me of a terrorist attack that occurred some time ago.

However, it did not take long to realize that the attack that burned down the Government General Building was not a simple act of terrorism.

“What is that?”


The scene where golden light poured from the sky and flames rose seemed to be magic or a gift rather than a weapon.

Magic is no longer a power that exists in fantasy.

Now people on Earth were also aware of magic and gifts through TV, the Internet, and newspapers.

Even in Cairo, ruled by the Kingdom of Chase, it wasn’t that difficult to see magic.

Golems and flying cars used in construction frequently roamed Cairo.

So, citizens had to express their doubts while being shocked by the unexpected disaster.

I wonder if a battle is going on between the countries of Rondel.

But that was then.

[My name is Ra! I will punish foreigners who invade my land!]

The voice of a being who appeared in the sky, attracting everyone’s attention with a strong light, echoed widely throughout Cairo.

“la? Are you talking about Ra, the sun god?”

‘Sun God Ra’ is the main deity that appears in Egyptian mythology.

Although modern Egyptians mainly believe in Islam and Christianity, all ancient Egyptians believed in Ra, and he is a mythological being well known to this day.

The Egyptians were agitated by the appearance of the person calling himself ‘Ra’.

“her… … .”

He has a human body and the head of a falcon, holding a key and a staff symbolizing life in both hands, and a disk imitating the sun floats above his head like a crown.

The appearance of Ra was the same as that passed down to future generations.

Ra appeared and turned the Governor General of the Chase Kingdom into a sea of ​​fire.

Instead of cheering, the Egyptians were embarrassed by this.

I didn’t understand what was going on at all.


As the one-sided massacre of the Rondel people by Ra continued, the Egyptians remained silent in shock.

Hundreds of rays of blue light shot up into the air.

The governor, Count Eiros, and the Vanguard of the Knights of the Kingdom of Chase stepped forward.

[It’s pretty good.]

However, Vanguard’s attack could not reach Ra and evaporated in midair.

But, just one line.

The Auror Blade emitted from Count Eiros’ Force Sword did not evaporate but extended straight toward Ra.

An attack that combines Force and Auror Blade.

It was an attack at the speed of sound that pierced even the alloy outer armor of the sky fortress, which was only 5 meters thick.


Still, it didn’t work for Ra at all.

With a light swing of the staff, Count Eiros’ attack was deflected in a different direction, and the knights’ vanguard evaporated without a trace in the golden rays pouring from the sky.

[The crime of daring to point a sword at this body. Pay with death.]

Count Eiros avoided death from a single attack by covering the Auror with his entire body, but he was no longer in a state to fight.

“Fuck, damn it!”

All of his artifacts, including his Force equipment, were destroyed in one blow and became unusable.

If the same attack continues, you will be killed next time.

In response, Count Eiros spoke as if he was cursing the other person.

“If you kill me, you and this land will not be safe.”

[How cruel.]

Although he had the head of a bird, Ra’s voice sounded as if he was mocking Count Eiros.

However, contrary to Ra’s attitude, a huge golden light came together in the sky.

The air shook and the ground shook accordingly.

-Go go go go!

A different scale than before, a different energy than before.

It was a sight that made you feel the will to kill him this time, as if he was angry at Count Eiros for not killing him at once.

“I’m crazy.”

And the problem is that if something like that falls, not only will you die, but Cairo will not be safe either.

It was inevitable that there would be unnecessary casualties.

I couldn’t understand whether this was an attack to punish the invaders or to vent their anger.


Then, a huge golden sphere fell like a meteorite towards the center of Cairo.


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The citizens were scared and ran away, but it was all in vain.

If that attack lands, a radius of several tens of kilometers will be devastated.

Therefore, Count Eiros closed his eyes tightly and waited for death to follow.

“… … .”

But the disaster he thought did not happen.

For some reason, it remained quiet even after a while.

So I cautiously opened my eyes, and the surrounding scenery and sky did not change, as if something had happened.

And after a while.

[What about you?]

The question of the sun god Ra pierced the minds of everyone in Cairo.

Only then did Count Eiros discover the two people floating above his head.

A man in a gorgeous white robe and a woman in a knightly uniform that appears to be a set.

“His Majesty Prince Lawrence!”

It was Adrian and Arcia who flew to Earth directly in response to an urgent story from the King of Chase Kingdom.

The power of the attack that had just fallen was at a level that was impossible to even measure.

However, the fact that the attack disappeared meant that Adrian and Arcia had dealt with it.

Count Eiros swallowed dry saliva.

‘You erased such an attack without a trace?’

Although it was only for a moment, it was enough to feel the level of Adrian and his group.

That they are on a different level from you.

Originally, Count Eiros did not have very good feelings toward Adrian.

Even though the government-general’s subordinates were killed in a terrorist attack in the past, it was impossible to take revenge directly due to his pressure.

But now Adrian seemed like a savior.

“What is that?”

Adrian’s question was directed to Count Eiros.

“He introduced himself as ‘Ra’!”

“la? Are you referring to the sun god of Egyptian mythology?”

I could no longer answer Adrian’s questions.

He didn’t know about Egyptian mythology.

However, the golden attacks filled with intense heat that he faced reminded him of the sun, so he thought the name Sun God really suited him.

“A human body with a hawk’s head. And the outfit reminds me of Egyptian mythology.”

Ra responded to Adrian’s self-talk.

[Yes. This body is the sun god. He is the master of this world.]

“Why did a mythical being suddenly appear?”

[To correct the wrong!]

A short conversation.

However, the other person’s reaction was too extreme to resolve anything through conversation.

Therefore, the start of the battle was immediately announced, and the sky of Cairo was once again dyed in gold.

“I’ll come back. “Please protect the ground.”


Adrian flew high into the sky like a missile, and Arcia approached Count Eiros and treated his injuries with an artifact.

“Are you going to be okay?”

Arcia tilted her head in response to Count Eiros’ question.

Although it looked unseasonably cute, Count Eiros shook his head and looked up at the sky where gold and silver colors collided.

“He is a being who calls himself God. No matter how great His Majesty Prince Lawrence is, is it okay for him to be left in charge of the battle alone?”

Despite repeated questions, Arcia calmly pulled out her sword and swung it toward the empty space.


Then, just before the golden sphere fell to the ground, it turned into sparkling powder and dispersed.

Unless you were an idiot, it wouldn’t be difficult to figure out that she was preventing damage on the ground.

“The opponent is strong, but at best he is at the level of a heavenly king. No problem.”

At most, he is at the level of the Heavenly King. Isn’t the Heavenly King on the same level as the Demon King?

There was a time when Rondel was almost destroyed by a single demon lord, so it was not a correct expression.





With various explosions of light decorating the sky as if heaven and earth were changing… … .

[Pfft! Yes, this guy!]

A powerful impact sound as if the world was splitting apart rang out, and the sun god Ra flew like a missile and crashed into the Rile River.

At the same time, Adrian slowly lowered his altitude.

A clean-looking appearance without a single scratch.

However, Adrian’s expression was as stiff as possible.

The reason he makes that expression is simple.

This is because the opponent was stronger than expected.

Of course, it is weaker than Adrian.

However, unlike Rondel, where there were many dragon-level transcendents, there were no such transcendents on Earth.

However, when a mythical being with great power appeared out of nowhere, I couldn’t help but understand it.

“In the end, is this also the goddess’s will?”

From hunting grounds to dungeons, to the appearance of characters from Earth’s mythology.

What on earth is the goddess drawing?

Or is he simply trying to balance the power of the two worlds?

“What should we do with that guy?”

Adrian was worried.

If the intention was to place a mythical being on Earth like Rondel’s dragon in consideration of the power balance between the two worlds, it seemed that it should not be killed carelessly.

After thinking for a while while dealing with Ra, who was threatening to kill him, Adrian finally came to a conclusion.

“Let’s bring it back into submission for now.”

Like the demon kings and heavenly kings under his command, he decided to tame the sun god.

First, make her listen well, then ask the goddess for a meeting and hear her situation.

Afterwards, he decides whether to kill the sun god Ra or not.

This was Adrian’s decision.


The problem is that for this to happen, the sun god Ra must be completely subdued.

So Adrian boosted his energy to the fullest.

Then, the silver-colored magic spread in all directions like a wave of search magic.


Adrian absorbed some of the Creator’s power and became a being that surpassed even the Heavenly King and the Demon King.

Now, when using magic, you can manifest it only with will without casting, there are no distance restrictions, and if you have enough magic power, you can manifest magic in 10 or 100 spells at the same time.

But his true power is not the use of magic outside the rules.

True ability is power.

It is an ultimate skill filled with the unique characteristics of the Heavenly King and the Demon King.

“It’s a hassle, so let’s finish it quickly.”

Adrian’s power is ‘control’.

Indeed, with the power of a title that suited him, he was able to completely dominate a space within a certain range and place it under his control.

When Adrian used his power, the sun god sensed something strange and tried to leave.

But I couldn’t escape.

It was as if my whole body was being held captive by invisible hands.

No matter how much I raised my energy or used my abilities, it was no use.

The sun god Ra was immediately bound by Adrian.

“Come on, follow me.”

Moreover, his ‘control’ of power is not limited to controlling space.

In that case, it would have been classified in more detail as ‘space control’ rather than the grandiose name ‘control’.

Adrian used his power to subdue the spirit of the sun god.

It was his power to control even the minds of others.

[Ugh! Yes, you… … .]

The sun god Ra resisted Adrian’s mental attack.

As expected from a mythical being, it had excellent mental defense abilities.

But what Adrian wants is not complete obedience.

Even if you keep your will, it is enough to limit your actions.

“That’s it.”


In the end, ‘Sun God Ra’ was completely subdued by Adrian.

Adrian smiled and walked up to the golden giant who was three times taller than him and tapped his leg.

Despite this stimulation, the sun god, who was trying to destroy all of Cairo, calmly stood in his place.

“What kind of situation is this?”

Thanks to this, Count Eiros of the Chase Kingdom Governorate, who almost flew away with the city, had to throw a stupid question into the air with his mouth wide open.

* * *

Following the dungeon, a new system arose.

I had no choice but to judge the appearance of ‘Sun God Ra’ in that way.

And as if to support this idea, new reports have been coming in from all over the world.

A person calling himself ‘Shiva, the God of Destruction’ has appeared in India, and there is a story going around that a being presumed to be Hwanung was seen wielding a hyeonmu and a blue dragon at a hunting ground near Mt. Baekdu.

In addition, a strange phenomenon in which hundreds of lightning bolts rained down on the ruins of the Temple of Zeus in Athens has continued for several hours.

Light pours down from the sky like pinpoint lighting on the Hill of Tara in Ireland, which is said to be the birthplace of Celtic mythology?

‘The sun god is just the starting point.’

For some reason, it seems like many myths will awaken on Earth in the future.

So, at a brisk pace, I climbed the Goddess’ Path located in the sacred city of Everhill.

To talk to the goddess.

Saint Ivril was already waiting at the top of the Goddess’ Path.

“Then I will say a prayer.”

“Please do me a favor.”

It is said that only saints and saints can walk on the path of the goddess, which is a sanctuary.

But I’m already on my third climb.

At this level, he is no longer an ordinary person.

Perhaps that is why the Rondel people considered me an apostle who carried on the will of the goddess.


As the saint began to pray, a dazzling light from the sky encroached on the surroundings and the scenery changed.

Goddess Sepia accepted my request for an interview.


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