My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 281

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Episode 281: Dream in the game becomes reality

60. Age of Adventure (4)

Berg and his group approached Machu Picchu floating in the sky, emitting colorful lights.

The light emitted by Machu Picchu was imbued with divine power, and what felt strangely foreign seemed to be fundamentally different from Rondel’s divine power derived from the goddess Sepia.

This kind of energy was something that not only Rondel, but even Miel, who was from heaven, had never felt before.

So the existence of Machu Picchu became even more mysterious.

It gave off a strong feeling of being a ruin from another world.

“It feels like a proper adventure?”

After safely climbing onto Machu Picchu, their eyes sparkled as they looked around.

Miel, who had found Berg and Marignan annoying at first, was now completely assimilated and explored Machu Picchu with an expression of interest.

But soon I had to scratch my head.

Contrary to the appearance, the inside was not as special as expected.

In the ruins of Rondel, treasures such as mithril, orichalcon, and adamantium can be found, but in Machu Picchu, everything was stone.

“You don’t have any treasure?”

“It’s all just stones.”

Because of this, Berg and his group expressed regret.

It’s something that can’t be helped.

The environment was completely different between the mythical era of Rondel, which was full of transcendental beings, and the ancient era of Earth, which was a place for human development.

This difference occurred because the gods who created the two worlds had different ways of thinking.

While Rondel was a world created from the beginning by transcendent beings who deeply inherited the power of the goddess, Earth is a world that was built through gradual development centered on humans.

So, in the eyes of the Rondel people, the ancient ruins on Earth could not help but feel boring.

“But there is something at the center of the ruins. “The problem is that you can’t get closer.”

But only one place.

I couldn’t get close to the center where the unknown divine power was being spread.

So even though Machu Picchu was boring, I couldn’t consider this facility inferior.

I simply thought that other people had taken all the treasures because Machu Picchu was a ruin that had been open to the public for a long time.

“Where do we go now?”

“Now that I know roughly the pattern of divine power here, wouldn’t it be okay to look for places that give off similar energy? Then you might discover unknown places.”

“Oh, really?”

“They say people on Earth don’t have this ability, so maybe we can really find a treasure.”

So they decided to continue their adventure in the Inca civilization.

But before you go anywhere else.

Since I had recently been chased by surprise attacks here and there, I decided to spend the night in this peaceful place for a long time.

A way of thinking that an average person would not do.

However, those who did not know much about the Earth considered the bizarre Machu Picchu to be nothing more than a sanctuary.

At Rondel, ‘sanctuary = safety’ seemed like an obvious formula, so there was no resistance.

Berg and Marignan took out a large bed and furniture from the subspace and set it up, and soon a cozy resting area was created under the tent.

It was a demonstration that just because it was an adventure, it did not necessarily mean growing up on a hard floor.


Washing up was a simple matter of using artifacts, and the food was lightly prepared with Rondel’s preserved food.

It was a preserved food, but it was made for the nobility, so it was a high-quality food that the common people could not even dream of.

Afterwards, the girls rolled around on the bed talking about various things, and Miel, who had looked at Berg and Marignan disapprovingly, spent the day comfortably without the pressure of heaven for the first time.

“good night!”

Even if Berg was a fake human wearing someone else’s skin, even if Marignan was an 8th-circle spiritist, and even if Miel was a high-ranking Elyos, it was natural for them to sleep.

Sleep is essential for maintaining not only physical strength but also a healthy mind.

When I close my eyes and fall asleep like that.



Suddenly, a strong tremor occurred in Machu Picchu.

“W-what is it?”

Startled, they jumped up and soon realized that something strange had happened to Machu Picchu.

The vibration was not like an earthquake.

The light at Machu Picchu, where I had previously had to use blinding magic to sleep due to the bright surroundings, had faded, and at the same time, the scenery was slowly changing.

“It looks like it’s falling?”

At Miel’s words, Berg and Marignan hastily threw the bedding and furniture into the subspace.

“Could it be that the Sanctuary is angry because of us?”

“Then the owner of this sanctuary must be quite narrow-minded.”

Soon, the Machu Picchu they were standing on crashed to the ground.


Those who easily escaped the disaster were momentarily speechless as they looked at the shattered ruins.

“… … .”

“Well, it’s really not because of us, is it?”

From their perspective, it was a disaster that occurred out of nowhere and out of their sleep, but from the perspective of an Earthling, they would have known something was wrong from the moment Machu Picchu was floating in the air.

Therefore, the fall had no choice but to be taken for granted.

“Let’s run away.”

So I decided to leave quickly.

Miel’s eyes were fixed on something and he couldn’t move.

“What is it, new colleague? what’s the matter?”


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In response to Bug’s question, Miel pointed his finger into the dust.

[It’s cruel.]

Soon, the dust disappeared as if being sucked through a ventilator, and a golden being appeared in front of the three.

There are various myths all over the world.

The famous Greek and Roman mythology, Norse mythology, Egyptian mythology, Korean mythology, etc… .

From myths based on facts to myths that appear to be nothing more than fiction, there are myths tailored to the characteristics of each region.

The Inca, called the ancient golden empire, was no exception.

In the Inca, it is said that the creator Viracocha created the universe, including humans, the sun, the moon, and the stars, and there was a myth centered around him.

[I am Viracocha.]

A golden being using the name of the mythical creator god appeared.

However, the expressions of Berg and his party looking at the golden god were different.

Miel, an Elyos sensitive to divine power, was embarrassed and wary, while Berg and Marignan tilted their heads and approached the golden god without hesitation.

[I am Viracocha.]

And Berg and Marignan smiled brightly and stretched out their hands to Viracocha.

“what is this!?”


[It’s cruel.]

[I am Viracocha.]

A golden god who repeats the same words like a recording doll.

He was the perfect size to hold and had a fierce-looking, strange face that looked like something from a mural.

I can’t say it was cute, even in good terms, but the more I looked at it, the more I became familiar with its appearance.

Thanks to this, Berg and Marignan lifted the golden god and took turns holding it in their arms.

[I am Viracocha.]

Miel opened her mouth in confusion.

“Hey, you idiots. Even though it looks like this, the energy it contains is greater than that of the highest level Elyos!”


Just because he was a god didn’t mean he had the power of Sepia.

If I were to really judge the level, I would say it’s higher than a dragon or lower than a heavenly king.

Although it was far below Adrian’s level, it was the appearance of a transcendent being not easily seen on Earth.

However, Berg and Marignan did not care about Miel’s advice.

“Do you seem nice?”

This is because the golden god in their arms was very calm.

* * *

“Then, I hereby declare that the first Rondel and Earth Summit, which lasted for two days, has ended.”

The summit has finally ended.

Today, we had to properly sort out the issues raised on the first day, so there were frequent shouting and emotional fights.

However, the two worlds were able to safely conclude a large-scale agreement, and future exchanges will proceed based on this.

There are three major decisions made at this meeting.

The first is the problem of Rondel’s invasion of Earth.

The second is the hunting ground and dungeon issue.

The third is political, economic, and technological cooperation.

From a neutral perspective, I think it was decided fairly without any one-sided benefit, but seeing the leaders of each country having a serious conversation with their aides after the meeting, it seems that they are not completely satisfied with the result.

“Congratulations. Now you run two worlds.”

However, when the Emperor of the Brigham Empire approached me and said something sarcastic, I had to cancel the idea that no one gained a unilateral benefit from this meeting.

Because I was there.

“I plan to remain neutral and faithfully carry out the mission given to me by the goddess.”

“Whew, this is it… . “Now that you have taken control of your personal force, the power of your forces, and even your faith armed with faith, the leaders of all countries will now be wary of you.”

Is it because the Emperor of the Brigham Empire’s voice is so loud?

The leaders of each country who had not yet left the conference room all looked at me with expressions of agreement.

I shrugged my shoulders at that.

The Emperor of the Brigham Empire seemed so big in the past, but now he had no fear at all.

So I answered like a snarky snake.

“I am always on your side. When difficulties arise in the world, we will take action. I hope His Majesty the Emperor will support me as well.”

The justification was that it was for the benefit of the world, not for personal gain.

At that, the Emperor of the Bringham Empire turned around with an insincere laugh, and as if taking his place, Michael, the Emperor of my home country, the Reinharts Empire, approached.

“It seems that the Emperor of the Brigham Empire is very upset that he was robbed of his position as the most powerful person in the world. But not me. “I will always support Chairman Lawrence.”

He supported me as always.

Of course, I know that this behavior itself is his own calculation, but we get along so well with Michael that we have never once deviated from him.

So I smiled comfortably and shook his hand.

“Then let’s go back now. “I need to organize my thoughts about what was decided at today’s meeting.”

“Yes, please proceed carefully.”

Although he is technically my superior, there is no longer a superior-subordinate relationship between us.

He knew that well, so he greeted me politely.

As the Emperor of the Bringham Empire and the Emperor of the Reinharts Empire left the conference room, they approached me one by one.

“We who follow the orders of the Goddess can now be considered a community of destiny, right?”


“Now there are no obstacles between us.”


“I turn 18 tomorrow. I’m officially an adult now. “Making excuses by avoiding me just because I’m young won’t work anymore.”

“Seo, saintess?”

“I heard that you are planning to climb the Goddess’ Path tomorrow. “I will dress up nicely and wait.”

Although there were some greetings that made people feel cold, like Saint Ivril, most of them just gave greetings in a casual way, asking for the best of luck in the future.

Although everyone’s inner feelings are completely different.

“I guess I’ll have to teach sometime.”


“Saint Ivril.”

When all the leaders left, Arcia came up to me and massaged my shoulder, saying I had a hard time.

But I had to laugh awkwardly at her comment.

“Do you know how important the saint is to Rondel?”

“Sure. Do not worry. “As much as Adrian cares for her like his own sister, he will never kill her.”

“That’s a good thing.”

Arcia, who looks innocent but gets angry every once in a while, is truly scary.

Next, we walked slowly through the magic academy used as a conference hall and moved to where the car was parked.

But then.

“Chairman! Chairman Lawrence!”

At this meeting, the King of the Chase Kingdom, who had been prevented from invading Earth by Rondel and was forced to reclaim Egypt, which he had acquired for so long, came running with an urgent look on his face.

He was in his 30s and was one of the younger leaders, but even so, the king had physical strength, and it was not easy to see him running in a public place.

Thanks to this, I was able to sense that something had happened again.


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