My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 278

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Episode 278: Dream in the game becomes reality

60. Age of Adventure (1)

I actually questioned the National Intelligence Service agent who asked about the difficulty level of this dungeon.

“Do you know what level the ogre is?”

“I know a little bit. Orcs can be killed with personal weapons, but ogres must be killed using tanks or combat helicopters. “I heard that when monsters were pouring out of Dokji the other day, there was an ogre that turned three tanks into scrap metal even after being hit by 10 120mm smoothbore cannons.”

“If the combat power of such an ogre is 1, the Death Knight is 10, the Elder Death Knight is 100, and the Cerberus we just caught is 1,000.”

“her… … Is that so?”

“Ah, of course, just because the difference in combat power between ogres and Cerberus is 1,000 times, it does not mean that 1,000 ogres can fight on par with 1 Cerberus. That is to say, even if ogres attack in droves, they will not be able to catch Cerberus.”

This means that the difference between combat power of 1 and 10 cannot be made up simply by gathering 10 times as many people.

Anyone who has played strategy simulation games will easily understand this.

In actual combat, a person with a combat power of 1.2, which is only 20% higher than 1, can kill two people with a combat power of 1.

“Then I guess you roughly understand the difficulty of this dungeon.”

“Chi, thank you for your kind explanation.”

I tapped the NIS agent on the shoulder and looked at Major Lee Geun-seok, who was very scared.

Perhaps because he was guilty of endangering the party members today, or because he was simply scared, he lowered his gaze and avoided my eyes.

I shrugged and looked at the items Cerberus left behind when he died.

No matter how big a magic stone is, it is still a magic stone.

As the monster it slain was strong, it contained corresponding magical energy, but it did not spit out any special magical crystals like Dragon Heart.

However, the leather it shed and its forearm-sized fangs were so excellent that they could be compared to dragon material.

So, I gave the magic stone as a gift to the National Intelligence Service agent and took the leather and fangs.

“Are you okay?”

And I looked at the last sword that came out.

The sword was a magic item, and considering that the drop rate of magic items is around 0.1%, I can only say I was lucky.

[Demon Sword Gigantes]

-Cerberus’ fangs were mixed with a small amount of adamantium and processed.

-All types of energy can be processed and released in the form of an aura blade.

-The size of the blade can be increased up to 5 meters.

-Dark attribute material causes additional damage to light attribute enemies.

The magic sword is a fairly good sword whose grandiose name makes sense.

If you really think about it, it can be said to have a similar effect to the holy sword that Arcia and I possess.

It was an item that would be of interest to Arcia, but since she already had a hundred swords better than this one, I had no hesitation in handing the sword to Major Lee Geun-seok.

“Are you giving it to me?”

“It’s a sword that allows you to unleash attack power at the level of an Aura Master. It is a weapon of the same level as the item called a holy sword in Rondel. If we use this, the experimental team will grow faster. “Make sure you use it well.”

“thank you!”

He was so moved that he even shed tears, which was incongruous for his size.

I threw everything on the Korean side except for the material items and looked up at the huge door.

I feel an unusual energy inside.

Cerberus alone is a problem, but it was not made for anyone to clear.

Of course, my colleagues and I can clear it as much as we like, but the people who will use this dungeon will be gift users such as Major Lee Geun-seok, or practitioners and mercenaries from Rondel.

Those people can pierce Auror Master-level Death Knights, Grandmaster-level Elder Death Knights, and Quasi-Dragon level Cerberus?

It seemed absolutely impossible unless about 100 years passed.

“Could it be that you are forcing your way into a space that was meant to be kept away?”

Dark Square’s guess.

It made a lot of sense.

But I shook my head.

It’s not like the goddess is unaware of my existence, so she must have fully expected intervention.

“Well, we can gradually check whether this place is special or whether other dungeons are also like this.”

I said, holding my hand out in front of me.

“Let’s go in.”

Then the huge door began to slowly open.

Now I’m starting to wonder how spectacular it really is on the inside.

[This boss room is very dangerous. Would you still like to try?]

The kindly ringing notification feels like a game.

I nodded and walked forward, and soon the dark boss room became brighter.

[You have entered the boss room.]

And we could see the enemy.

[Ark Doppelganger appears. Ark Doppelganger duplicates the attack team.]

* * *

High-level Elyos Miel.

She is a member of Rondel’s heavenly world and came to earth to investigate after the heavenly king Heriel lost his life to Adrian and his party.

However, should I say that the day I go is a market day, or should I say that it is just adding insult to injury?

She continued her investigation carefully while hiding in order to avoid being discovered by the descending Demon Lord, but she became caught up in the unification of Rondel and Earth.

Fortunately, it was not a life-threatening crisis.

However, due to the appearance of Earth, ushering in a new era, she became a troubled person in heaven.

[Why on earth is the investigation so slow?]

[Check out Adrian L. Lawrence.]

[Please upload detailed information about the world called Earth.]



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The stress of being pushed around by the kings of heaven was not enough.

In the end, such an order was even issued recently.

[Head directly to Earth, examine that world, and seize the opportunity for the coming of the Heavenly King.]

What can I do?

If the King of Heaven criticizes me, I should criticize him.

She was only a high-class Elyos and did her best to follow the orders of the Elyos.

That’s how she hid among the people on Earth.

Miel is an Elyos with a power of Circle 8 or higher and Circle 9 or lower.

If I wanted to, I could travel from Rondel to Earth in an instant by moving through space, but I couldn’t do it for fear of getting caught by Adrian.

We had no choice but to be careful because we had already confirmed several times that Adrian was a monster that deviated from the 9th Circle’s standards.

Otherwise, you will follow in the footsteps of Heriel, the Heavenly King who went first.

“oh! “There are other women your age, right?”

“Oh, my age. A 100-year-old woman who looks young on the outside.”

“Due to the difference in race, the age standard is different, but she is not a grandmother! “By human standards, I’m about 20 years old!”

So Miel went into hiding among the personnel dispatched by the Rondel countries occupying Earth’s territory.

Infiltration was not that difficult, as only a few people had to be brainwashed.

However, one problem arose in the process: I ended up hanging out with strange women.

A fox beast with powerful spirit power and a human whose soul and body are strangely out of balance.

The two women became attached from the time the dispatched personnel were gathered, and after that, they followed her wherever she went.

Miel, who had a lot of work to do, couldn’t help but feel annoyed.

“ah! Why do you keep following me!?”

“I feel some kind of kinship with you.”

“that’s right.”

“A sense of kinship?”

“My name is Marignan, this is Bug.”

What followed was, for some reason, a self-introduction.

The faithful Miel also had to give his name.

“This is Miel. So you’re saying it’s a sense of kinship?”

“You’re like that too, right?”


“A person who secretly smuggled to Earth without belonging to the Chase Kingdom.”

To be precise, we arrived on Earth using teleportation, so it would not be correct to call it smuggling.

But now I couldn’t complain about the fox beast Marignan’s words.

To my dismay, he recognized my situation and spoke to me.

If Marignan and Berg make their presence known, the clandestine Brass will become difficult.

So Miel thought that if it was possible, he would have to kill them both.

“I don’t know what family she is, but she looks so noble. It even seems like he’s learning powerful sacred magic, so it’s a no-brainer. “Actually, we are in the same situation.”

“… … .”

“We are also fellow smugglers.”

Miel expressed his bewilderment at the story of Marignan and Berg.

Now I see that the two of them also secretly came to Earth.

The reason was also absurd.

“I heard there are many amazing things on Earth, so I came to have an adventure. “Are you like that too?”

They came here for an adventure, but they seemed like nothing more than a bunch of immature girls.

Miel stared at the two women with a shit-chewing expression and wondered what to do.

Then I suddenly felt that Marignan and Berg looked familiar.

“But where have we seen you before?”

“Maybe you saw it on TV?”

“A broadcaster?”

“I briefly worked in the entertainment industry because of Adrian. “She was famous in her own way, so she was bound to feel familiar.”

Miel froze in place.

The reason is not because the two were active in the entertainment industry, but because the name ‘Adrian’ was mentioned.

“Adrian? “You mean Prince Lawrence?”

“Yes, we are friends.”

It was a time when being a friend of Adrian was better than being the highest elder of the Elysian Alliance and the earl of the Duchy of Lawrence.

So Berg and Marignan raised their chins as if showing off, and Miel lost his will to fight for a moment.

It was obvious that if you touched them wrongly, something terrible would happen.

“good bye.”

Mielle tried to run away from the two people, but Berg and Marignan followed her persistently.

* * *


It is an evil spirit monster with the ability to replicate.

It is a high-level monster that perfectly replicates the abilities of an Aura Master and a 7th Circle Archmage.

The monster that can be said to be the higher compatibility of such doppelgangers is the ‘Arc Doppelganger’.

The Arc Doppelganger is a complete form that complements the weaknesses of the existing Doppelganger, which has limitations in replicating abilities up to Auror Master and 7th Circle.

In addition, he was very difficult to deal with because he had the analytical ability to think and improve problems differently from the irrational general type.

“Fuck it!”


-Quaaaang! bang! Quang!

Thanks to this, when the battle with the Arc Doppelganger began, the party fell into chaos.

The Heavenly Kings and Demon Lords struggled repeatedly with the same abilities as themselves, and since copies of Arsia and I also existed within them, if we were to be picky, we could have gone to the goal.

The National Intelligence Service agents and Major Lee Geun-seok, who were exploring the dungeon together, were completely like a candle in the wind.

If even a single fragment of the attack scatters, you will die without being able to utter a sound.

“Adrian! What are you doing!? Without actively fighting!”

“That’s right, we’re going to die! “Please save me!”

The situation was unfavorable for us.

The reason was obvious, as I was just blocking the enemy’s attack while tilting my head.

And it wasn’t much different for Arcia.

Only the demon kings and heavenly kings who had become my subordinates were being divided.

“okay. “Don’t fuss.”

So I smiled and raised my hand in front of me and grabbed it as if I was holding on to something.


Then, the movements of the Ark doppelgängers who were attacking the group stopped all at once.

“W-what is it?”

The companions looked like they didn’t know what was going on.

The Arc Doppelganger, which is said to perfectly replicate any ability, was unable to move.



Although it may seem simple on the surface, it was not easy to stop their movements.

Therefore, I asked Arcia to attack, and all the doppelgängers were cut into pieces by her sword strike.

[Arc Doppelganger has been defeated.]

[Dungeon clear rewards are given.]

This is the end of the battle.

I spoke to the group with dumbfounded expressions.

“I guess it would have been difficult to perfectly replicate our abilities.”

The Arch Doppelganger showed a level of power that even the Demon King and the Heavenly King had trouble with, but it did not reach the level of Arsia and I, the gods.

This means that their cloning ability also has limits.

It may be natural.

As we became gods, we absorbed some of the Creator’s power.

If you replicate this, you are crossing the line with the topic of creation.

I answered with a mischievous smile as the Heavenly Kings and Demon Lords glared at me with exhausted expressions, asking why I didn’t kill them earlier.


“Well… … .”

“Look at your personality.”

After being jeered by my subordinates, I turned my attention to the box that appeared in the center of the boss room.

I wonder what was hidden that made them put so much effort into it.


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