My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 276

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Episode 276: Dream in the game becomes reality

59. New rules (6)

“hmm… … .”

If there is no contact, it can be considered a temporary disappearance.

“What about a search?”

“I’m doing it, but I haven’t found any traces yet.”

“Where was the last time they were seen?”

“It’s a minotaur hunting ground.”

Does that mean he went missing within the hunting grounds?

I nodded and answered.

“I will ask my subordinates who are not present to search. They’ll probably be able to find it quickly. However, since I will be deploying my own troops, I ask for the Korean government’s understanding.”

“Because of the monsters, it is not easy for our manpower to search the hunting grounds. On the contrary, I am just grateful.”


If it’s a Minotaur, it’s almost impossible to kill it with a personal firearm, and you’ll probably need to use anti-tank missiles or tank smoothbore guns to kill it.

However, there are bound to be difficulties in searching while fighting a war with monsters.

Rather than the heavy firearms of Earth’s modern military, the Vanguard, which cuts down all enemies in front of it with a single sword, is more suitable for searching.

If you send Blue Moon’s agents, including Gregory, the knights of the principality, and the two demon kings, Dark Square, and the Road Stream, they will easily find clues or the person themselves.

“I’m sorry for bothering you while you were busy.”

“no. “They are the people who were mobilized for the experiment I proposed, so it is natural for them to share the situation.”

“Thank you for your understanding.”

After the personnel of the Republic of Korea government left, I gave simple instructions to my subordinates.

And then I participated in the meeting again.

“… … .”

But why?

I know this meeting is very important, but I am concerned that the experimental team has suddenly disappeared.

It feels like something is going to happen.

It may be that Major Lee Geun-seok’s squad was the only one moving, but the party also included Young Jae-won’s characters, who were decorated with top-class artifacts.

Since these people have gone missing without any contact, one cannot help but feel something unusual.

‘Has a new system emerged?’

That may be so.

Because no one knows what the goddess is thinking.

* * *

“Ha, my situation is pitiful.”

Demon Lord Dark Square sighed and said to himself.

After being captured by Adrian and spending time as an idol manager, something I had never even thought of, he somehow helped me regain my strength, and now I end up being used as I please, like an errand boy.

So, I couldn’t help but lament about my situation.

“I’m not that bad, am I?”

Seeing Dark Square like that, Lord Scream, who had lost his horn while trying to trick Adrian in Tokyo, shrugged his shoulders.

Thanks to this, Dark Square, who is often mistaken for a woman due to her beautiful appearance, frowned and showed an uncomfortable look.

“You and I are in different positions! While the demon kings of Earth were annihilated by the goddess’s trick, the demon kings of Rondel are still alive and well!”

As Dark Square said, thanks to becoming Adrian’s subordinate, Lord Scream was able to escape the incident of annihilating the Heavenly King and the Demon King.

Although she gritted her teeth when she thought of Lord Exceed, she no longer had any ill feelings toward Adrian.

“When they found out that I had regained my strength, the demon world kept urging me to help Kangrim, but it felt like death.”

In response to the sight of Dark Square expressing his dissatisfaction, Lord Scream, wearing a rider suit that clearly showed off his unique body, raised both hands and physically expressed the answer, ‘What should I do?’

“Then what are you going to do? If Adrian, who has become a god, catches the eye, whether he is a heavenly king or a demon king, he will not be able to pray.”

“that… … . yes.”

“And wasn’t it because of their prank that you got caught by Adrian and suffered this humiliation? Then you should rather blame them. “Why are you helping me?”

A road scrim with no mistakes.

Thanks to this, Dark Square had to nod his head while placing his palm on his forehead.

“That’s right. Damn it.”

“So stop whining and just proceed with the search as Adrian told you.”

“Do you think you like Adrian?”

“It’s nothing bad, he’s handsome and strong.”

The devil, who values ​​military power, has no reason to hate the strong.

It wasn’t wrong.

In the end, Dark Square swallowed its complaints and continued its search.


About 10 minutes after I started exploring.

Dark Square discovered a space that exudes cancer-like energy.


“I think so. “Isn’t the atmosphere unusual?”

Given the circumstances, there seemed to be no suspect as strong as this dungeon in the disappearance of the experiment team.

So, the two informed Adrian’s unit, including Gregory, of the existence of the dungeon and went straight inside.

“The entrance is insignificant, but the inside looks substantial.”

“That’s right, this is the first time on Earth I’ve seen a space with such a high concentration of mana.”

“Did you feel it? “There is something sleeping deep inside that cannot be ignored.”

“okay. “What were you made to do with something like that?”

Of course, it was an energy that could not reach the two demon lords, but at least there was a prey sleeping that a human with the gift could not even dare.


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I don’t know why this space was located in the middle of Seoul, but it was enough to attract the attention of the two people.

“Ah, those idiots who lost contact.”

And after a while.

The two found a shield surrounded by monsters.

A protective shield that looks dangerous as if it could break at any moment.

There were eight terrified people gathered inside.

* * *

I thought Circle 8’s defense shield would be enough to hold out until Lich and Spatoy caught up.

However, perhaps because of the commotion, the Rondels in Major Lee Geun-seok’s party turned pale as they noticed a monster located deeper and slowly walking out.

“D-Death Knight?”

“Are you a strong guy?”

Naturally, Major Lee Geun-seok couldn’t help but ask about the level of the newly appeared monster due to the reactions of the Rondel people, including Nicole.

“Are you just saying that you’re strong? If you’re a knight, it’s an Aura Master, if you’re a wizard, it’s a 7th circle level monster. “If you have that level of power, you can be granted the title of earl and land no matter which country you go to.”

The power of a gift is often compared to magic and is expressed as 1st circle level or 2nd circle level.

Therefore, the moment I heard that it was a 7th circle level monster, I was able to guess the level of the enemy.

“Isn’t it dangerous?”

“Yes. From the Aura Master, you can compete 1:1 with the Sky Fortress. Just think of it as a sky fortress compressed into a human form.”

Everyone swallowed dry saliva as the Death Knight wearing black heavy armor pulled out a sharp sword filled with fear from his waist.

And soon, a red auror blade appeared on the Death Knight’s sword… … .




It caused a very small damage to the 8-circle shield with an impact sound that was incomparable to previous monsters.

Although the incontinence was only about 3cm, it had one meaning.

That meant that if the Death Knight continued to attack, the shield would break at any time.

-Quaaang! Quaaaang! bang! bang! bang!

-What a mess! Jump! Jump!

The fears of those who were shocked soon became reality.

Not only was the Death Knight continuing to swing his sword, increasing the cracks in the shield, but his attack speed was gradually increasing, and it seemed like he would break the shield at any moment.

“Uh, Grand Shield!”

So Nicole quickly deployed a new shield before it broke.

Instead, we chose to increase the density of the shield by reducing its size compared to before.

“How many more times can I use that shield?”

“Number 1 from now on!”

The 8 Circle Grand Shield can be said to be a tremendous treasure simply because it can be used three times a day.

But now the prevailing thought was that even that was not enough.

No matter how much the magic was expanded or the size was reduced and compressed, it was bound to break as the number of times the Death Knight swung the sword increased.

In other words, it was just a waste of time.

“It’s about to break again!”

“shit! Grand Shield!”

Now all they have to hope for is a miracle.

It was a miracle that the rescue team arrived in about a minute while this last shield held out.

-What a mess!

“Oh, no.”

Just like that, the final shield cracks.

As the cracks began to grow, the party members fell into despair.

“You are Major Lee Geun-seok’s party, right?”

But then.

In a situation where the defense shield seemed to be about to break at any moment, a carefree female voice that did not fit the atmosphere was heard.

Although we don’t know who the owner of the voice was, Major Lee Geun-seok’s party responded as if shouting loudly.

“you’re right!”


Unfortunately, is it too late?

Ironically, the shield broke at the same time as their shouts.

Thanks to this, the party members closed their eyes tightly and waited for death.


but… … .

For some reason, no pain came.

No, more than that, the surroundings were suddenly filled with silence.

Everyone carefully opened their eyes.



Then what caught their eyes.

It was a scene where the powerful Lich and Spartoy were reduced to dust and scattered, and the death knight was struggling in the air with his neck being held by a woman in a rider suit.


When a woman with wrists so thin that one wondered if she could properly swing a sword grabbed her hand, the Death Knight’s neck broke and the movement stopped.

Then, everyone looked at the Death Knight being thrown to the floor like trash and had a dumbfounded expression on their faces.

Treating that fearsome Death Knight like catching a bug.

And when I saw a large magic stone that I had never seen before rolling around on the floor, I couldn’t help but swallow my dry saliva.

“I came to the rescue. “We are Adrian’s henchmen, One and Two.”

And when the woman who caught the Death Knight approached, jokingly speaking, Major Lee Geun-seok’s party felt both relief and embarrassment.

Even a Grand Master cannot kill Deathlight like that.

I had no idea how great Adrian would be in commanding such strong men.

“Sleep, then let’s go back.”

Lord Scream, a woman in a rider suit, picked up the Death Knight’s magic stone that had fallen on the floor, threw it at Major Lee Geun-seok, and walked away to escape the dungeon.

However, Lord Scream had to stop shortly after seeing Dark Square standing still and staring into the dungeon.

“What are you doing? Our mission is all about rescue. “It’s not like clearing a dungeon.”


Dark Square reluctantly turned his head towards the dungeon entrance.

“The greeting was late. “Thank you for saving me.”

Major Lee Geun-seok bowed his head to Lord Scream, who was spreading unnecessary lust.

But the answer that came out of her mouth was cold.

“Okay, go back and get ready to get scolded by Adrian.”

“yes… … .”

It was an answer that made me fearful of what would happen next.

* * *

While the summit meeting was in progress.

The news that Major Lee Geun-seok’s party was rescued and the existence of the dungeon became known.

And soon after, news came that dungeons had been discovered all over the world.

Accordingly, the hunting ground-related meeting agreed to batch process the day after the dungeon investigation had progressed to some extent, and succeeded in accomplishing one task first.

“Then, as of the current time, we will launch an international union encompassing Rondel and Earth. The first chairman is I, Adrian L. Lawrence. “Do you have any objections?”

They succeeded in creating an organization that integrated the Rondel Peace Organization and the United Nations.

The owner of the first world president is none other than me.

Since he was the orchestrator of the two worlds chosen by the goddess Sepia, it was a natural result.


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