My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 274

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Episode 274: Dream in the game becomes reality

59. New rules (4)

I was worried.

Will I be worthy of this childish bragging, or will I just go at my own pace and enter the conference hall, leading the people of Arcia and the Duchy of Lawrence?

If I want to show off the power I possess, I am confident that I will show off with a splendor that overwhelms the leader who enters first.

But there is a problem.

The point is that my personality has a low tolerance for such cringy behavior.

“hmm… … .”

After thinking about what to do for a while, I decided.

Let’s not act like a clown.

If the Rondel leaders killed the spirit of the people of Earth, I plan to kill the spirit of all of them.

This is to ensure smooth meeting progress.

“uh? “What is it?”

So it’s time for my entrance.

The show has begun.

“It’s night.”

“What’s happening again?”

Suddenly, the sky turns dark, and people who feel anxious start muttering.

But no need to worry.

The light in this area was temporarily taken away, but other areas remained as usual.

A dark space where not even the street lights work.

The black dragon Branguiche appeared in that space.


The black dragon that appeared in the dark was bound to be hard to see, but its entire body had a soft glow, giving off an unrealistic presence.

And at the next pier, people fell to their knees, and the huge body of the black dragon, large enough to cover the entire soccer field, slowly lowered its altitude.


It doesn’t end there.

Following Branguiche, the Demon Lord Ark Scarlet appears and comes down from the sky, sporting red glowing demon horns and four pairs of red wings.

Heavenly King Igniel, whose aura contrasted with hers, spread out four pairs of white wings with an angel ring floating above his head and followed Branguiche alongside Arc Scarlet.

“What is this?”

And Arc Scarlet’s power, Blood Mary, and Igniel’s power, Angel Fall, unfolded.

The powers of the two people were almost similar, from visual effects to functions.

Blood Mary fluttered red petals, and Angel Fall fluttered pure white feathers.

If you touch the petals and feathers, abnormal conditions and injuries will be restored and diseases will be cured.

“iced coffee… … .”

Such a beautiful sight.

People who touched the petals and feathers let out exclamations of exclamation as they overcame the fear caused by the dragon bloom.

There will probably be an uproar later as it will become known that the chronic illnesses and injuries of the citizens who flocked to COEX have disappeared.

Although most people gathered to heckle the Rondel people, many of their expressions softened immediately after witnessing the miraculous sight.

This was visible because Blood Mary and Angel Fall’s recovery ability brought their condition to its peak and even relieved people’s stress.


After a while, the dragon, the demon king, and the heavenly king set foot on the ground.

Arcia and I floated in the air and got off the dragon’s back.

Branguiche, who transformed into a human with a golden light, stood behind me along with Ark Scarlet and Igniel.

I quickly looked around.

People swallowed their saliva and became nervous at my actions.


After receiving everyone’s attention, I clapped my hands in the air.


Then, in an instant, the darkness disappeared and light returned to the world.

Next, we slowly walked towards the conference hall.

Although I didn’t show off any magic weapons, including Gigant, I was already introduced as the best wizard in Rondel.

But now, the perception will change to someone who can control dragons, angels, and even devils.

“Your ears are red.”

Ark Scarlett, who was walking behind me, said something.

Of course.

Because I lacked tolerance for situations like this.

Still, the show should be considered a success.

Among the people who initially booed me, there were some who even showed awe at me.

Those inside were probably very nervous.

Control of the baseline was certain.

* * *

President Kim Min-guk was nervous.

This is because none of Rondel’s leaders made an ordinary entrance.

“You’re saying it’s going to kill me.”

“In the end, they are also politicians.”

Weapons that did not exist on Earth appeared one after another, and their power seemed unusual.

Enough to feel that if Rondel decides to invade Earth, he will be at an overwhelming disadvantage.


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Although they knew that they should not be overpowered from the start, Earth’s leaders implicitly placed their opponents above them, and Rondel’s leaders looked down on them to the fullest.

However, the reaction of Rondel’s leaders was not much different from that of Earth’s leaders when Adrian’s entrance ceremony began.

The sight of him riding a dragon and leading angels and demons came as a huge shock.

“Is it true that Prince Lawrence commands a dragon?”

“Something is coming down again?”

“Elyos and demons?”

“Wait a minute, four pairs of wings?”

“So, do you really mean that they are the Heavenly King and the Demon King?”

“I’ve never heard of the Heavenly King, but doesn’t the appearance of that female demon match the Ark Scarlet from 1,200 years ago?”

“… … .”

“Isn’t this just a threat? “They are the real King of Heaven and the King of Demon.”

“Prince Lawrence is unusual in many ways, but he is not a person who lies and puts pressure on others.”

In contrast to the serious reaction of Rondel’s leaders, Earth’s leaders tilted their heads as they did not quite understand how amazing that sight was.

“Is it great?”

So, President Kim Min-guk asked Count Rayers, who was attending as a Rondelian and leader of Earth.

Count Rayers, who was avoiding the cold gaze of his former master, the King of the Kingdom of Walter, with an embarrassed expression, nodded.

“If the woman scattering those flower petals is really the Demon Lord Arc Scarlett, then it has to be serious. “She was the one who once drove Rondel to the brink of destruction.”

“Okay… … “Did you?”

Earth leaders could not help but be agitated by Count Rayers’ detailed explanation.

“Doesn’t the entity known as the Demon King often appear in games and novels on Earth? You can think of it as similar to that. The Heavenly King is the opposite of the Demon King. “He is the so-called king of angels?”

“Huh, Chairman Lawrence, who showed up with those two like subordinates… … .”

“If you ride a dragon and control the king of heaven and the devil, you can no longer be evaluated by human standards. “It means that if you put your mind to it, you can destroy the world or dominate it.”

I didn’t know it because we had been chatting casually for a while, but it was a moment when I felt directly how great Adrian was.

“In some ways, this is a blessing for the Earth.”

“Why is that so?”

As Count Rayers spoke, President Kim Min-guk and the U.S. President, who was quietly listening to the story next to him, looked at him intently.

“At least His Highness Lawrence is not leaning towards either Rondel or Earth, and is maintaining a neutral position, isn’t he?”

“What do you mean?”

“It means that there is a high possibility that you will become a shield for the Earth.”

The reason why the countries of Rondel showed off their national power was to lead the meeting to their advantage.

But now I had no choice but to look at Adrian’s notice.

* * *

As I entered the conference room, the reactions of people looking at me were sharply divided.

There were looks of resentment on Rondel’s side, and looks of goodwill and interest on Earth’s side.


Thanks to that, I cleared my throat and moved to the head table with the Secretary-General of the United Nations, an international organization on Earth that had become obscure.

The COEX conference hall had desks arranged in a large circle, divided exactly in half, with one row on the Rondel side and seven rows on the Earth side.

Since the number of heads of state in the two worlds differed by a whopping seven times, it was inevitable.

In the front row on the Earth side, powerful countries including the United States, South Korea, Russia, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom were placed, followed by countries that had applied to participate in the conference regardless of national power.

An invisible wall separated Rondel from the Earth leaders.

“Before we proceed with the meeting, I have something to tell you.”

Sitting at the head table with the UN Secretary-General, I decided to make one thing clear first.

With tables arranged in a circle, cameras were placed in the empty central space to relay the situation in real time.

When I raised my hand and spoke, all cameras focused on me.

When I made an unexpected move before the meeting even started, the leaders all expressed their doubts and expressed a strange sense of anxiety.

I pointed to the three people sitting next to Arcia on the chair behind me.

“Mr. Brangiche, Mr. Arc Scarlet, and Mr. Igniel will participate in the meeting on behalf of the dragon race, demon race, and elyos, respectively.”

The conference room was filled with silence.

Not only the people of Rondel, who knew well what dragons, demon kings, and heavenly kings were, but even the people of Earth, who belatedly understood the situation after Count Layers’ kind explanation, could not express their anger.

The Rondel side was shaken from the moment Ark Scarlett’s name was mentioned, and the Earth side was embarrassed.


But my point does not end here.

In order to lead today’s meeting neutrally, there must be a reasonable reason.

“Goddess Sepia asked me to coordinate and make peace between the two worlds. “Rondel will be a little disappointed, but we will strive to achieve a fair result with a completely neutral stance.”

Black Dragon Branguiche notarized my words like this.

This shows that it was true that sepia was mentioned.

People were shocked by that.

Since he received a favor from the goddess, depending on the interpretation, he could be understood as an apostle of the goddess.

Even the leaders of Rondel, who were close to me, were massaging their temples in pain, and the leaders of the district, including President Kim Min-guk, were swallowing dry saliva and sighing.

* * *

Adrian’s experimental party, including Major Lee Geun-seok, was continuing the hunt even as the general summit was in progress.

His party was a rare party made up of a mix of Earthlings and Rondelians, but since everyone had good personalities and didn’t have any quirks, they got along and made up for each other’s shortcomings without any major problems.


There are three groups in Adrian’s experimental party.

Group 1, to which Major Lee Geun-seok belonged, included four Korean gift owners, a knight from Rondel, a wizard, a spiritist, and a priest.

Perhaps thanks to balanced manpower, these parties were able to hunt after hunt without much risk, and as a result, they became the best party with the highest magic stone collection rate in Korea.

However, the reason they were able to grow like this was thanks to Adrian’s support of the magic stone.

Thanks to Adrian, he quickly grew to the level of a 5th Circle high-ranking wizard, but it was not the result of their efforts.

“Whew, so what time does it take to grow to the next level?”

Currently, they are reaching a standstill very quickly.

The reason is that the limit to raising one’s abilities by absorbing magic stones given by others was only at the 5th circle level.

From then on, I had to collect and absorb magic stones on my own to become stronger, but it wasn’t as easy as I thought.

Major Lee Geun-seok’s party, who was sighing at the sudden slow growth, swept through the hunting ground as if taking out their anger on the Minotaur.

So they went deep into the hunting ground.

There, I discovered a cave cleverly hidden between the trees.

“What is that?”

As if answering someone’s question, a hologram message window appeared in front of their eyes.

[The ‘Lion’s Tomb’ dungeon has been discovered. Would you like to enter?]

It was a new system that I had never thought of.

[By discovering the Lion’s Tomb for the first time, the magic stone drop rate increases by 3 times and the magic item drop rate increases by 3 times for a day.]


The appearance of a very game-like dungeon.

Since there was no information about the dungeon yet, I couldn’t even predict what would happen if I entered.

However, Major Lee Geun-seok and his party members, who had been stagnant, immediately focused their attention on the dungeon entrance when they heard that the drop rate of magic stones would increase threefold during the day.


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