My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 273

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Episode 273: Dream in the game becomes reality

59. New rules (3)

Count Elfrid looked at the party struggling against the Minotaur with interest.

They eventually won against the monster, and an exclamation of exclamation flowed from Count Elfrid’s mouth.

But her admiration isn’t because the party put up a good fight.

This is because the scene where the monster drops the item and turns into powder and disappears was so unrealistic.

The drop item was a magic stone slightly larger than a ping-pong ball, with minotaur horn and leather.

There were no magic items with extremely high drop rates, but if those horns and leather were processed at Rondel’s Magic Tower, they would be reborn as a new material with a strength greater than that of Earth’s carbon fiber.

It was a scene where I thought it would be a good idea to advance the Lawrence Magic Tower to Earth, as the prospects for the material business using drop items from hunting grounds looked good.

“Now that I think about it, I heard that the magic stones obtained through hunting can replace mana stones.”

“that’s right. “I think that in the near future, when commerce between the two worlds becomes full-fledged, Earth’s magic stones will flow into Rondel in large quantities.”

“Considering the price of the mana stone, it must be quite a temptation, right? “There will be more people selling magic stones for profit rather than self-enhancement.”

“Well, it’s each person’s choice. haha.”

Magic stones are not only a substitute for mana stones, but can also produce electricity through processing.

However, selling magic stones to Rondel would yield higher returns than using them as an energy source on Earth.

‘At Rondel, mana stones can be traded for the same weight of gold.’


We must advance the Lawrence Magic Tower to Earth.

It seems necessary to dominate industries related to hunting grounds.

“But most of the gift owners on Earth are military personnel, so is free trade possible?”

“That’s true, but most of Earth is a democratic country, so the military’s binding power is weak. “If professional soldiers want to be discharged, the government cannot hold them indefinitely.”

“her… … .”

I know why she reacts this way.

A policy that seems irresponsible must be absurd.

But this is only because she is used to feudalism.

This is because feudalism has a strong tendency to prioritize the interests of the nation over individual human rights.

I smiled and continued.

“Once the Rondel people are allowed to travel freely to the hunting ground on Earth, many mercenaries and knights will probably flock there.”

“That’s true too. “Maybe this hunting ground could become Earth’s main industry.”

I think the same thing.

What the goddess gave to the people of Earth was not just this ability, but a new industry itself that would respond to Rondel’s magic engineering.

After a while, we flew over to the resting party.

“Ro, His Majesty Prince Lawrence!”

The party leader, Major Lee Geun-seok, who discovered us like this, saluted with a very nervous expression.

Since I was not part of the Republic of Korea, there was no need to salute, but everyone in the special forces squad, including him, regarded me as their superior.

Rather, the people from the Duchy of Lawrence’s Gifted Center who formed the party with them welcomed me comfortably and showed respect without being excessive.

I was greeted with a light raise of my hand and asked Count Elfrid.

“Do you have any more questions?”

She nodded as she stared at the party members.

“Do you have any magic items that can be obtained by hunting monsters?”

In response to her question, I reached out to Major Lee Geun-seok, and he quickly handed me the OPG he was wearing.

[Ogre Power Gauntlet]

-50% increase in strength

-30% increase in power of special abilities (gift, magic, auror, spirit, etc.)

-Fear (Ogre and lower stats drop by 10%)

It’s a pretty good item.

Unless you are someone like Arcia and I who is obsessed with treasures, anyone can’t help but be greedy.

And that seems to be the same for Count Elfrid as well.

After discovering the function of the item through magic, she widened her eyes and looked surprised.

“Indeed, it’s like this.”

“There are items with general magic, and there are also items like this that increase abilities and have additional effects. Basically, stronger monsters drop better magic items. However, the acquisition rate is very low, so this item has a 0.1% chance of being dropped by an ogre.”

One for every 1,000 Ogugeo.

For these people, it is a breathtaking number.

As it is an item obtained through hard work, it can be said to be a 6th circle item when comparing OPG’s abilities to magic.

However, unlike typical 6th circle artifacts, it has rare additional effects, so the price may be more expensive than an average 7th circle artifact.

So, it was natural that she, an archmage, would be surprised.

I returned the OPG back to its owner.

“Let’s go back to the castle.”

He then left a message for them to work hard and used teleportation to move to Rondel’s Lawrence Castle.

“For some reason, I don’t think the summit meeting of the two worlds will be resolved easily.”

“There is definitely a big presence as a hunting ground. However, there is a mediator at this meeting, so one side will not suffer losses.”

Of course, that mediator is me.

“Then how shall I report this to Your Majesty?”

The reason she visited Earth and looked around the hunting grounds was to check the Earth’s situation and verify whether the information given to them was true.

The commander is Emperor Brigham.

Now, he could go back to his own country and report what he saw and felt, but I didn’t understand why he was asking for my opinion.

“What do you mean?”

“From coercive nuances to conciliatory nuances, I will deliver news from Earth to Your Majesty the Emperor as you wish.”


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Of course she would know what I want.

Nevertheless, the reason he asked this was to appeal to me that he was following me that much.

I cleared my throat when I saw her expressing her favor more and more these days.

“If possible, oil painting would be better. “The purpose of this meeting is to cooperate rather than suppress.”

“All right. “I will handle it that way.”

Just by looking at her actions, I don’t know if she is a subject of the Brigham Empire or the Principality.

“Thank you for personally guiding us.”

“no. “Because I was free.”

“I think I will have to stay in the Empire for a while. “I guess I’m busy preparing for the summit.”

She is the head of the Brigham Empire’s intelligence department and is also an assistant to the chairman of the Rondel Peace Organization.

Since the work of the peace organization had been prioritized over matters within the empire, he had to stay by Emperor Brigham’s side for a while to maintain power.

I think I’ll probably see her again at the summit.

* * *

The shrine where gifts are given is surrounded by poisonous paper.

Dokji is an abnormal terrain that appeared on Earth with the first great disaster, and was pointed out as the cause of the epidemic at the time.

In addition, plants that could be used as treatments for various diseases, including infectious diseases, were discovered inside the pond, but collecting them was not easy because monsters called poisonous insects, which had mutated from insects, interfered with the internal activities.

Even after the two worlds were merged, poisonous soil is still found throughout the Earth, and now not only materials for new drugs but also Rondel’s precious minerals such as mithril and ether are created.

Although it is dangerous, it means that it is a place where money can be made.

However, what represented this philanthropy was not the ingredients of a new drug, poisonous insects, or rare minerals, but the existence of a temple.

The gift-giving temple made the people of Earth reconsider Dokji as a treasure trove.

The number of gifts that can be obtained from the temple is 100.

It is a facility that can create as many as 100 people with superpowers.

Of course, it is considered a facility where gifts run out and that’s it… … .


“W-what is it?”

Additional hidden new features were discovered.

When I brought the magic stone to the temple, a blue pillar of light rose through the poisonous fog, and at the same time, this message appeared.

[Please select your desired travel area.]

-Earth Local Shrine

-Rondel area temple

It was a teleport gate function that connected temples to temples.

American researchers who were experimenting with the temple were thrilled by the newly discovered function.

It could be used for exactly the same purpose as the teleportation gates spread throughout Rondel.

No, considering the efficiency and price of being able to travel between two worlds, it is not comparable to existing teleport gates.

Now the restrictions of distance have disappeared.

* * *

News of the temple’s teleportation gate activation spread quickly.

Despite the arrangement revealed by the goddess, I thought the hunting ground alone was somehow inadequate, but I had no idea that teleport gates would be installed free of charge throughout the Earth.

I can’t help but shake my head at the goddess’s overflowing consideration.

However, it is not free to use.

To use the temple teleport function, you had to consume one Orc-grade magic stone.

However, even this was a very cheap price compared to Rondel.

And although the price is pricey, it was not difficult to see that this would bring about various changes to the Earth.

‘The only problem is that the temple is in a private area?’

Purification is essential for safe use, and Rondel can solve this problem.

You can negotiate hunting grounds using poison purification as a weapon.

‘It’s a connection between temples… … .’

For reference, there is no unmanned temple in Rondel that gives out alms and gifts.

Maybe that’s why the Sepia Church’s general temple was connected to the Earth’s Dokji Temple.

In other words, the Holy Land would manage the movement of Earthlings around the planet from now on.

In that case, the countries of Rondel will not be able to intervene in the movement of people on Earth.

All temples of the Sepia Church can be said to be extraterritorial.

Since all of this is the goddess’s decision, the church naturally has no choice but to follow it.

However, when we think about the religious issues currently taking place on Earth, Rondel’s Sepia Church has a high possibility of becoming a target of terrorism, so we have no choice but to become sensitive.

Thanks to this, the Sepia Church, which had intended only Saint Ivril, who was close to me, to formally attend this summit, had to hurriedly dispatch a large number of people.

Not only saints, but also saints and kings decided to participate.

[23 leaders from the Rondel side and 140 leaders from the Earth side will attend this summit.]

[The Pope of the Vatican also decided to attend, but Muslim countries are boycotting it all together.]

[In Rondel, all three leaders of the Holy Land are treated as heads of state. Are you planning to start suppressing the religions of Earth?]

With the news of the visit of the three leaders to the Holy Land, the local media was abuzz with religious issues even before the meeting began.

He reacted sharply by asking, “It is good to regard a sacred place as a nation, but is it really necessary to treat saints and saints as national leaders when there is a saint king?”

However, this is because the people of Earth do not understand the special nature of the Holy Land.

So I ignored the complaints, saying there was no problem, and acknowledged the simultaneous participation of three people.

Well, isn’t there a much larger number of people on Earth?

In the end, the countries and media on Earth, who were dissatisfied with my firm decision, had no choice but to shut their mouths.

Amid various controversies, the ‘General Summit’ that I had announced was held.

“This is President Kim Min-guk!”

“Mr President! What do you think about this meeting?”

“Please look this way!”

In front of COEX in Seoul, where the first meeting was held.

The entrance to COEX was crowded with reporters from all over the world and citizens of various races, becoming a place of chaos.

As they foresaw this situation in advance, Earth’s security personnel and Rondel’s knights spread an impenetrable human barrier to protect the leaders of each country.

First, the American president and the Korean president, familiar to people on Earth, entered side by side.

-click! click!

Although I was the proponent of the meeting, Korea was the host country for the first meeting, so Earth leaders took the stand first.

In the end, Islamic countries did not participate, and the leaders of the remaining 140 countries entered with their entourage about 30 seconds apart.

Even though the entrance time was long, the coverage was hot.

It was natural, as summit meetings of this magnitude were rarely held even before the integration of the two worlds.

Thanks to this, it took as much as an hour just for the Earth Realm leaders to enter.

However, the real protagonists of this meeting can be said to be the leaders of Rondel, the inhabitants of another world.


“Go away!”

When it was Rondel’s leaders’ turn to enter, boos suddenly poured in.

Citizens from all over the world may have gathered for this purpose in the first place.

Reactions bordering on protest.

But that only lasted a moment.

When the emperor of Rondel’s G1 country, the Brigham Empire, appeared, there was a lot of booing.

-thud! thud! thud!

Was it an attempt to take the lead?

Ten new weapons of the Brigham Empire appeared, guarding the emperor.

The new weapon, which was 7 meters tall and weighed 150 tons, could only be seen as a robot.

It was a gigantic version of Vanguard, Gigant.

The sight of the sleek Gigant walking with flexible, human-like movements immediately caught the eye and made us once again recognize Rondel’s technical and military power.

Every time the heavy gigants took a step, roads and sidewalk blocks were destroyed and the ground dug up.

However, the magicians who followed the emperor restored the ground to its original state, so it did not interfere with the positions of those behind them.


Starting with Emperor Brigham, who changed the atmosphere with a powerful stance, the national leaders of Rondel began to take their stance.

“It looks like everyone came with a purpose in mind.”

And when I saw the scene that followed, I had to make an astonished expression.

As if they had planned it in advance, the national leaders of Rondel brought out all kinds of unusual items.

The Chairman of the Elysian Alliance built a small Sky Fortress called the Spirit’s Tower and rode it.

The President of the Republic of Prius appeared with two giant snake-shaped golems equipped with Force devices, which seemed to be new weapons.

The emperor of my homeland, the Reinharts Empire, like the emperor of the Brigham Empire, appeared with the Gigant that Lawrence Magic Tower had developed and deployed this time.

While the Gigant of the Bringham Empire, called the Black Knight, was a matte, muted color, the Gigant of Emperor Reinharts was called Lionel and had a gorgeous golden appearance.

“This is so… … .”

Rondel leaders seem to have mistaken this place for a weapons fair.

Thanks to this, I, who was trying to enter with Arcia normally, had to think hard.

The atmosphere felt like something needed to be done.


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