My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 272

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Episode 272: Dream in the game becomes reality

59. New rules (2)

“Does that mean the goddess has prepared everything for me?”

There is a question that has come to mind recently.

The point is that in a changing world, I seem to gain greater benefits than Archduke Lucas, who joined hands with the goddess.

This is impossible without the goddess’s consent.

If an Irregular like me, who has great power, was set up to oppose the goddess, it would inevitably be a bother.

Since I helped the reincarnated Archduke Lucas and contributed to the unification of the two worlds, the goddess officially acknowledged that I had the power of a god in exchange for the task of keeping peace.

In addition, he even promised the next time by saying, ‘I will see you again in the future.’

But if all of this was a plan in one flow, how should I accept the current situation?

Even the great man of Rondel, Archduke Lucas, is just a means, and the birth of such a great man was all for me?


Of course, questions are bound to arise.

Why is the goddess doing this and what does she want from me?

“Of course, the goddess did not give a complete explanation through her own words. However, after analyzing what has happened so far, I had no choice but to make that judgment. “In the end, I was just a chess piece, and the reason I was needed was all for Adrian.”

“So, are you showing courtesy by saying a polite word right away?”

Whether it’s Miu or Gou, I am the one who was saved by his actions.

Because of this, he always humbled himself in front of Lord Exceed, the reincarnation of Archduke Lucas.

He also took my actions for granted.

“It has to be that way.”

“Uhm… … .”

However, if his guess is correct, it may be natural for him to treat me with respect.

Because it meant that I am someone who is considered special by the goddess.

“If what Lord Exceed said is true, what is the reason?”

“I guess we can roughly think of three possibilities.”

The possibilities he mentioned were as follows.

“The first possibility was that it was an assumption to adopt Adrian as the coordinator for balancing the two worlds.”

“The second is the possibility that the goddess will make Adrian her successor or a new god to replace Caius (the god of Earth).”

“The third is the possibility that Adrian is Caius himself or a descendant.”

First, it means that I must have planned with my current role in mind from the beginning.

However, if this is the case, I think it doesn’t have to be me.

All you have to do is take an obedient Heavenly King and give him a mission.

The reason seems weak compared to the effort put into it.

Although the second and third items are completely understandable why so much effort was put into them, they inevitably seemed unrealistic.

“Personally, I highly value the third possibility.”

“What is the reason?”

“Rather than attracting a being from another world whose identity we don’t know, it seems most plausible given the circumstances that it is one’s own child or descendant.”

Archduke Lucas was summoned from Earth to Rondel to leave behind an arrangement called Giyeon, and I was also summoned from Earth to Rondel to sort out the Giyeon.

Therefore, the third reason had to seem more appropriate than the second reason.

Actually, I think so too… … .

If you’re looking for someone to become the goddess’ successor, wouldn’t it be easier to find one in Rondel rather than on Earth, which has many restrictions?

“There is a possibility that I am the god Caius himself or a descendant… … .”

If I am the reincarnation of the supposedly dead god Caius… … .

It means that Goddess Sepia is my mother.

In other words, I have three mothers.

I shook my head loudly.

“Of course, this is all speculation. I can’t be sure. “Only the Goddess knows the truth.”


If the guess is correct, the scale is excessively large.

The situation is becoming more complicated.

I’m just satisfied right now.

I didn’t want to get involved in God’s work any more than necessary.

Even if it were true that I was Caius himself or a descendant, I don’t think it would affect me that much.

Because now I’m just Adrian L. Lawrence.

“My head hurts.”

“I wonder if the goddess will tell us the truth at some point. “This is just my guess, so please consider it only as a reference.”

I still think so.

He had a lot to argue with, but it was all in vain due to his unexpected remarks.

I sighed, scratched my head, and asked Lord Exceed.

“If that guess is correct, what does the goddess want from me?”

Return as Creator?

Or a happy life as a family?

Just as I was lost, he also shook his head, saying he couldn’t predict anything.

“I’m not sure about that. But I don’t think you need to worry too much.”


“I have a feeling that the Goddess cares for you, Adrian.”

I hope so.

Having nothing more to say, I got up from the table he had prepared for me.


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Then, after saying a word to Lord Exceed and the newly born Heavenly King as his lover, he left the underworld.

“There were a lot of incidents, but you had a difficult reunion, so be happy.”

“Haha, thank you.”

* * *

[Adrian L. Laurence Rondel, Chairman of the Peace Organization. Proposal for a general summit of leaders from 21 Rondel countries and 162 countries on Earth.]

[The two sides share information with Rondel and Earth, saying that they need to understand each other for the future of the two worlds that will live together in the future. It becomes possible to easily search for information about Rondel on the Internet.]

[Chairman Lawrence: The meeting is scheduled to be held one week from now. The first morning meeting will be held in the Republic of Korea on Earth, and the second afternoon meeting will be held in the Duchy of Lawrence of Rondel. If possible, I hope that leaders from each country will actively participate. Countries that do not participate are likely to face disadvantages in the future.]

Rather than wrapping my head around the shocking stories I heard from Lord Exceed, I spent my time doing my own thing.

Nothing changes anyway.

Isn’t the peace of the two worlds what the goddess actually asked of me?

So, I just carry on with my daily life.

“As expected, the response was very enthusiastic.”

Rondel and the district made a lot of noise about my proposal on broadcast programs and in the media every day.

Some people became angry in response to the one-sided meeting date and the threatening comment, ‘If you don’t participate, you will face disadvantages in the future,’ but others calmly supported the ‘General Summit’, saying it was a good proposal.

“I can’t help it even if it’s noisy. “If we don’t semi-compulsorily prepare a place like this, it will be a year before we can all gather in the same place.”

“That’s right.”

I had a conversation while looking down on the city of Seoul from above with Count Elfrid, a representative of the Brigham Empire and advisor to the Rondel Peace Organization, who was visiting Earth.

“The Rondels are drooling over the lands of Earth, and the Earth is concerned about the Rondels’ military might and the power of their single sect, but I think the problem lies elsewhere.”

Count Elfrid said this while looking at the dynamic citizens of Seoul with interest.

Issues she worries about besides territory, military power, and religion.

I could easily guess what it was.

“A political system on Earth where feudalism has fallen?”

“you’re right. “Now that the countries of Rondel have superiority, they won’t care about Earth’s political system.”

“But you think that the situation may change as peace takes root and exchanges between the two worlds increase.”

“I guess so. Until now, there has been a strong perception in Rondel that the republican system is an inefficient political system, but on Earth it is the exact opposite. Then there are bound to be people who express doubts.”

Still, it won’t be easy.

Unlike Earth, money was not the only thing held by those in power in Rondel.

However, a country cannot be governed by force alone.

I don’t know what will happen if time passes by like clothes getting wet in a light rain.

“What does your Majesty the Emperor think of my proposal?”

“You think it’s not bad, but… … .”

“You seem to be very dissatisfied.”

“That’s right. “They are strongly hoping to advance to Earth.”

The advance to Earth that the Brigham Empire hopes for will never be peaceful.

Their military power was more than twice that of the Reinharts Empire, to which the Duchy of Lawrence belonged.

Nevertheless, the invasion is tolerated.

The reason is because he understands me better than anyone else.

On the other hand, countries that lag behind in their analysis are still working hard to advance into the global market.

“You don’t intend to tolerate the advance of weak countries and only block the advance of powerful countries, right?”

It would be more correct to think of this question as Emperor Brigham’s, not hers.

“It’s not like that. “I plan to take back all the land they acquired.”

“Fortunately, the. However, complaints continue to flow from the Rondel countries that they are only looking out for the convenience of the Earth. Please take note of this.”

That’s right.

I nodded, saying I knew.

Count Elfrid smiled at my reaction and changed the topic.

“Is it them?”

Soon her gaze turned to a hunting ground not far from the downtown area.

There, a party of 9 people was hunting the Minotaur.

It was an experimental party made up of soldiers who had recently been rescued from an ogre hunting ground.

They grew with my full support and became capable of fighting the Minotaur in a short period of time.

“Yes, he is getting stronger very quickly.”

By using magic stones obtained from hunting grounds on Earth, you can strengthen not only gifts, but also auras and magic.

So it was natural that she would be interested.

“The hunting land issue will probably be one of the main agenda items at the summit.”

Hunting grounds have yet to be discovered only on Earth.

That’s why the countries of Rondel want more land on Earth.

Naturally, the nations of Earth would want to protect their hunting grounds, and the countries of Rondel would want to secure their hunting grounds.

It was a troublesome problem of its own that the goddess passed on to me to coordinate.

“Can I find out to what level my abilities have developed?”

“First of all, gift users were originally at the 3rd circle level. But in just 5 days, it grew to the level of 5 circles.”


The difference between the 3rd and 5th circles is two levels, but the level of force is more than 10 times different.

Therefore, it was natural for Count Elfrid to be surprised.

Then, her eyes turned cold as she looked at the party in question.

It was judged that the existence of the hunting ground could pose a threat to Rondel.

“But that’s it.”

“What if you say that’s all?”

“Before, I could easily power up with magic stones given to me by others, but not anymore. There are limits to growth with external support. From now on, they must grow by hunting and acquiring magic stones themselves.”

Of course, if this is the case, the growth rate will inevitably slow down.

It seems that the goddess thought of balance in her own way.

“Currently, the largest monster that the party can hunt is an ogre. However, even if you catch an ogre and absorb one magic stone, there will be no significant change. The conclusion was that in order for them to reach the 6th circle level, they would need to obtain and absorb about 1,500 magic stones on their own. “It will take well over a year.”


You can still become stronger faster than a wizard or knight who continues regular training, but the speed is not as dramatic as the growth I have experienced through games.

“How do wizards and knights grow when they absorb magic stones? Is your level improving? Or is it only the power of magic or aura that improves?”

“The level is improving.”

“Does that mean you can become an Aura Master or Archmage just by hunting?”

“That’s right. Of course, it won’t be easy since we have to continue fighting for our lives.”

Still, it would be better than becoming an archmage in the traditional way.

Being able to grow through hunting at least meant not relying on talent.

“Whoa, it’s not some kind of game.”

When I saw Count Elfrid shaking his head as if he was lamenting, I shrugged my shoulders and said I agreed.

The emergence of hunting grounds meant a complete change of era.


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