My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 271

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Episode 271: Dream in the game becomes reality

59. New rules (1)

The reason for bringing together the national leaders of Rondel and Earth is to break the structure of Rondel vs. Earth and create an opportunity for individual cooperation between countries regardless of planet.

But my main goal is to create an international organization that unites the two worlds.

If we create an international organization that encompasses both worlds, we can form an investigative organization to respond to international criminal acts, including terrorism, and we will have the means to prevent unnecessary armed conflicts.

In addition, I think that the current confusion will be put to rest to some extent, as the countries of the two worlds will be able to provide a forum for discussion where they can understand and interact with each other’s differences.

Now Rondel and Earth have become an inseparable shared destiny.

Going forward, efforts to understand each other were absolutely necessary.

So, I want to be a somewhat forceful guide to quickly adapting to the two worlds.

“We need to create a broadcast program that introduces the culture, society, and lifestyle of the two worlds so that they can become familiar with each other.”

“I would like something like a drama where a nobleman from Rondel and an ordinary girl from Earth meet and various events take place. Then we can naturally introduce each other’s cultures.”

“Haha, is it because Arcia watches a lot of dramas? “Good idea.”

“And it would be great if we could integrate the online platforms of both worlds.”

“Well, I have all the foundations in place.”

I nodded, expressing interest in the idea Arsia came up with.

Now it was Arcia who pointed out the parts I was missing.

“If the online environments of the two worlds are integrated or can interact, it will feel like a revolution for Earth.”

“Virtual reality?”

“that’s right.”

If the two worlds are integrated online, the person who will benefit the most will be none other than me.

In addition to dominating Rondel’s online world, they have been developing artificial intelligence to operate on Earth’s online world for a long time.

The artificial intelligence that Bug was cultivating on Earth was now in a fairly plausible form.

‘Once again, I think Archduke Lucas is amazing.’

The Hollywood system based on virtual reality is the same, and the reason why Rondel has an advantage over Earth, such as Vanguard and Sky Fortress, is because of the things he developed.

Strictly speaking, the bug that can respond to Earth’s online environment was also an artificial personality derived from the Hollywood system, so it can be said to be the work of Archduke Lucas.

Today, I have the ability to create or enhance items similar to those made by Archduke Lucas, but when I was in the 9th Circle, it was considered impossible to demonstrate such creativity and development ability.

Even now that he has become a god, I can only admire his genius.

“First, let’s send an official letter to each country, and then we’ll go to the underworld and come back.”


Thinking of Archduke Lucas, I remembered that I had made an appointment with his reincarnation, Lord Exceed, to see him later.

So, I headed to the Underworld to talk to him.

In the past, we could have entered the Underworld with Kang Min-hee’s help, but there were no problems for Arcia and I, who had become gods.

* * *

Destruction of IS and Al Qaeda.

Two terrorist groups, which were not easily swayed by the alliance of numerous countries, disappeared into the back of history in the form of annihilation by just two people.

Of course, there are still traces of IS left here and there, but it would be correct to say that there is no longer any room for them to step forward now that their head has been destroyed.

Moreover, the battle between Prince Lawrence and his wife, who destroyed the two groups, was spread all over the world through YouTube, causing great shock and arousing both awe and fear.

“What should I do with this?”

“Damn it.”

“How can that be a human being?”

In particular, the video instilled a sense of crisis close to mental breakdown in one group: American military companies that secretly provided weapons to IS and Al Qaeda through middlemen.

At first, when the Chase Kingdom’s governor stationed in Egypt was blown up, they thought that their plan to instill fear of terrorism in Rondel would succeed.

However, when Adrian, who had been known on Earth before, and not the Chase Kingdom army, came forward, the situation was resolved with trivial ease.

At first, it was hoped that the video was a fabrication, but in reality, IS and Al-Qaeda had been destroyed, and according to the testimony of surviving witnesses (ordinary people), it was not difficult to confirm that the video posted on YouTube was not a lie.

He cut down a mountain with a single sword, filled a city with fire and lightning, and caused no harm to ordinary people.

It was the worst news, making me wish it was all a fabrication.

‘The scary thing about Rondel is that it is not a product of science and technology like Vanguard and Sky Fortress, but a small number of strong humans.’

We knew that this story had been delivered to the ears of the President of the United States through the mouth of the President of the Republic of Korea, but no one expected it to be at this level.

“I realized that the Sky Fortress and Vanguard are weapons of a much more human level.”

“Can we catch them if we use a nuclear bomb?”

“No, I don’t think it will be easy.”

“Hehe, I think so too.”

“Is this perhaps a good thing? “I don’t think it will end if we pull it out when our plan fails and an investigation comes in.”

Looking at the UFO-like sky fortress and the vanguard equipment reminiscent of an Ironman suit, it is easy to mistake Rondel for a science fiction world, but looking at this video, it was clearly a fantasy world.

It is a fantasy world where the beings in creation myths actually exist.

“It would be nice if we didn’t think that there might be someone behind the two organizations… … .”

So they calmed their pounding hearts and thought about their future response.

The same method cannot be used anymore.

It was a time when we had to think about the preservation of life rather than the preservation of the company.

But then.


“Don’t move! If you move, I’ll shoot!”

“Kneel on the floor with your hands up! ”

The door to a secret space where the owners of a prominent American military company gathered was violently torn off and SWAT (police special forces) broke in.

The owners of the military supply company raised their hands in the air with dumbfounded expressions and followed the instructions.

Because I didn’t understand what was going on.

However, the moment I saw the person who entered the room, my face fell into a frown.

The FBI director was looking down at them with cold eyes.


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“We are arresting those of you who gave weapons to IS and Al Qaeda and encouraged terrorism.”


Following the FBI director’s words, the owners of the military company were able to understand the situation.

The president, who had been ignoring the situation until now, has cut himself off.

“Huh, do you think you’ll get away with this?”

“What are you going to do if you’re not safe?”


“Your sins are heavy. Moreover, considering his relationship with Rondel, punishing him in an ordinary way would likely incur a backlash.”

The level of lobbying that military companies give to the U.S. government is astronomical.

That is why the United States does not prevent the general public from purchasing guns, even though many people lose their lives in gun accidents every year.

For the benefit of military companies.

As such, the relationship between the U.S. government and military companies was inseparable.

“So I’m thinking of asking Chairman Lawrence how you should be punished.”

However, breaking that relationship and ridding themselves of the U.S. government means that after tapping the calculator, they realized that Rondel was more important.

In other words, it can be interpreted that the United States surrendered to Adrian.

Thanks to this, those who had been having a secret meeting lowered their heads with a mesmerized expression.

“Arrest everyone.”

But they didn’t know.

The fact that their arrest was not due to the president’s decision, but due to coercion from those around the president.

Naturally, the people who forced it were those who had previously benefited from Adrian and lined up for him.

In this way, the case was solved on its own in a place unknown to Adrian, even though he did not pay attention to it.

* * *

Demons live on Rondel’s Mars, and Elyos live on Venus.

However, both the Demons and Elyos of the Earth Sphere belong to the Underworld, and this Underworld is not located on a single planet, but in a special space called the Earth’s shadow.

The Underworld is an organization that manages the reincarnation of life on Earth.

Originally, the kings of the Elyos and Demons were sharing the work, but after they were exterminated in a past incident, Lord Exceed, who was reborn as a god, is managing it alone.

Thanks to this, it was expected that the underworld would disappear before long.

Now the owner of the Earth is Goddess Sepia, and she will also manage the souls of the Earth people.

Lord Exceed is a temporary manager who manages the underworld until the systems of both worlds are completely overhauled.

“You’re here.”

Road Exceed clearly has a lot of information that I don’t know.

I went to the underworld to meet him, and when I saw the man greeting me with a kind smile, I had to question it.

“who are you?”

“Haha, it’s me. Road Exceed. No, should I just say Manuel Lucas?”

The pale-faced young man who gave off an alien aura had changed into an ordinary white man who could be seen anywhere.

I had to tilt my head in confusion at the changed appearance of Lord Exceed, but soon realized that his impression was similar to that of Grandpa Hoho in my memory.

“Could it be from a past life?”

“you’re right. “This is what Manuel Lucas looked like when he was young.”

I arbitrarily decided that it might be because I miss the past.

But the questions did not end there.

This is because there was a young woman who must have been 20 years old, hiding behind him and looking at me cautiously.

“This is my wife, Mary. “Well, hello Mary.”

“Oh, hello.”

“hello… … .”

A very cute-looking woman with a girlish look.

But don’t be fooled by appearances.

The energy she contained was that of the King of Heaven.

I understand that the Heavenly King and the Demon King of Earth are all dead except for the subordinates in my hands.

But since I was seeing the King of Heaven for the first time, I couldn’t help but be curious.

“This is my lover from a past life who died. “That’s why I had no choice but to help Goddess Sepia.”

Only then did I understand the situation and nodded.

Archduke Lucas belatedly realized that the reason he had no choice but to cooperate with the goddess was because of his lover.

‘Now that I think about it, I’ve heard the name Mary.’

When looking through Archduke Lucas’s personal archives, it was a name that appeared sparingly.

“Does he also have memories of his past life?”

“That’s right.”

“Well, no matter how much I miss my lover, I can’t bring her back to life regardless of her will.”

Isn’t it quite noble?

I was able to reduce some of the antipathy I had been feeling towards his story.

“I had a misunderstanding about you.”

Of course, I don’t like betraying and killing my colleagues for the sake of my own goals, but I thought his wish was very humane.

At my words, he smiled broadly as if he had put something down.

Perhaps because the face changed, the atmosphere completely changed.

Is it like seeing a retired grandfather?

‘But that is that and this is this.’

Soon I changed my mood.

I wiped the expression from my face and forced him to tell me all the information I needed to know.

“Still, I wanted to let you know when you visit this time.”


Soon his story began.

“Adrian, what do you know about me?”

What he’s talking about probably isn’t his appearance as Lord Exceed.

So, I expressed my feelings about Manuel Lucas.

“The genius of the century, the possessor of an intellect that no one else can dare to match. The equipment developed by Manuel Lucas greatly improved Rondel.”

But what followed my answer was an unexpected truth.

“I can’t say it’s entirely my ability. “These are all talents given to us by Goddess Sepia.”


“From my crossing over to Rondel to achieving the 9th Circle, it was all the goddess’s plan.”

I massaged my temples.

It was natural that his remarks destroyed the information that had been accumulated so far.

Additionally, a hypothesis came to mind.

That’s it.

“Making an arrangement called Giyeon and delivering it to one person. “It’s to fulfill that role.”


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